HIS P.E.T. 21

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HIS P.E.T. 21


I was standing behind Chris as we entered the yacht harbor of Saint Maarten. Among his many talents was his ability to handle the yacht, which I found amazing given how seldom it was taken out, at least by us. I understood the corporation used it for entertaining, but they hired a pilot and full-service crew for those times. Our cruise was for our private enjoyment and that was best realized by struggling with the yacht by ourselves. That was what led to an interesting situation.

Sharon jumped up the ladder to the pilot-house. “Hein said you need to handle the bow tie-down when we come into the dock.”

I had done it back at the house and had some idea of what was expected. I turned around, “Okay.” She was holding out something that resembled some string and a very little triangle of flimsy cloth. “What …?”

She got that look on her face, “Hein said you should probably have something on when you jump onto the dock.”

“The bottoms to the Wicked Weasel?” I heard Chris laughing as he craned his head to check the various approaches to our assigned docking location.

Sharon was in shorts and a top. She was already going down the ladder, but giggled, “Oh, yeah … he said to remind you not to get it wet.” She winked, “You know what happens then.”

Yes, I knew what happened then. But, really, what was the difference? A very small bit of flimsy material that barely covered my slit and held on me by nothing more than dental floss string. I swore, the thing wouldn’t just become sheer, I was convinced it would dissolve.

I was waiting at the side of the boat with the gangway door open. As soon as we bumped the cushions, I jumped onto the dock and grabbed the rope thrown by Sharon. I knew something similar was happening at the stern with Hein and Raul. It seemed the bow was trickier and more prone to movement by the wind and wakes of other boats. Why they gave Sharon and me the bow was something of a mystery until the everything started happening.

I was running down the dock with the rope, my eyes on the largest dock cleat just past the bow of our boat. What was momentarily lost on me was my appearance. For all practical purposes, a naked woman would be seen running down the dock. The bottoms would be almost invisible from any distance and the bouncing of my breasts was reminiscent of riding the horse with Samantha.

There was a dock hand standing at the end of the dock, but he was going to useless. The poor guy stood there agape as this naked woman came rushing down toward him. Just then I felt a gust of wind blow across the dock and felt the bow drift further from the dock. It was, of course, the reason for moving quickly, to get the lines secured before the boat had a chance to drift away. It was going to be useless for me to try to just hold the boat once it started moving so I looped the rope around the cleat to stop its movement. Then, I released the line, planted my bare feet against the raised edge of the dock and pulled using a hand-over-hand rope pull technique. Chris had drilled the maneuver into me, but it was purely for exercise, something he had seen in a CrossFit competition. I knew my back muscles were popping out when from behind me I heard, “Damn!” Whether he was talking about my muscles, my butt and my legs, my breasts jiggling, or the whole package, I wasn’t sure.

I was going to have some words for Hein, though. But, after securing the line around the cleat so it locked on itself, I turned to a young dark-skinned man who was still staring, “Whew … that was close.” I smiled and walked back to the gangplank that was now in place. I decided to give him that strut the woman in the airport talked about. By the time I was walking up the gangplank, it occurred to me this was merely another of Hein’s little challenges. By the look of the number of people now watching from other yachts and the docks, he had managed to get me into public exhibitionism. I couldn’t help but smile. He was always thinking about ways to put me into new situations, even if I didn’t immediately realize it. How could I not love him? No sooner did that thought cross my mind and the image of the island, the heart, Hein’s heart came to me as I saw it as the two eagles carried me away. Why do I keep fighting it? Wasn’t that what the message was? I accepted his love with my own.

I walked in a daze onto the deck and wound my way toward the stairs leading to the lower deck and the cabins. Love. What do I want from it? Can I ask for it in return? Was I right in the interpretation of that last Journey experience?

I just walked past someone saying something … to me? “Laura, did you hear me?”

I turned. Hein. Even that question was not fully penetrating my consciousness. Love. But, he was there … in front of me. He was dressed in nice shorts, shirt, and sandals. I was almost naked. Normal. I look into his face, which showed concern or confusion. I took the two steps between us, put both hands on the sides of his head and crushed his mouth with mine. One hand slid behind his head, the other down to his upper back, pulling him even tighter against my body as I continued to kiss him, my tongue slipping out to touch his lips, his teeth, and probe inside his mouth. I shifted to suck on his lower lip, then kissing around his face before, again, attacking his mouth. My left knee had partially risen up his right leg, hooking it to press my body tighter against his.

I separated. I took a step back and scanned his face. He looked bewildered but intent on my eyes. Love. My mind searched my reaction, what I had just done. What I felt, I realized, wasn’t lust, wasn’t the consuming heat of sexual intent. This was different … this was soft … this was vulnerable …

“Laura!” I turned, startled. It was Sharon. “Did you hear what he said? Are you okay?” I looked at her, then at Hein standing behind her. My mouth opened but closed. She looked at him confused and uncertain. She came to me and turned me by the shoulders to the lower cabin area. “He has the case you packed, but you need to put clothes on for us to go to the resort.”

I stopped and looked at her. “Sorry, I …” I looked past her to him, embarrassed and blushing profusely and I knew my entire body reflected it.

* * * * *

The resort was a unique pet-friendly set up for adults. Instead of rooms or a continuous line of cottages along the beach, they had clusters of three cottages; each cluster separated by dense foliage, which created privacy. Hein had reserved three cottages together for our own cluster. There was a pathway leading out to the beach and ocean. The resort was clothing optional around the cottages and on the beach, but clothing required for the other areas of the resort.

The others smiled when we gathered outside the cottages and they saw what I was wearing. Hein had selected my outfit for dinner and the club afterward. It was the same dress I wore for the couples. While it hung loosely around me, the light satin material showed each curve it contacted, especially my nipples. It was the dress that allowed Hein to identify to the other couples my arousal meter … my clearly identified nipples. Under it, I wore light colored stockings and high heels. As always in that dress, I was feeling very sexy, especially since I knew the others were dressed nicely but not blatantly sexy. Sharon was wearing a very nice sundress with spaghetti straps and, for her, a short hem that dropped to about six inches above her knees. I loved how she was gaining confidence in her own skin and body. It couldn’t have hurt that Raul was much more attentive and touchy, as he was now, his hand lightly stroking her bare back and shoulder.

Our dinner was perfect. We sat at a round table, three men and two women. Sharon was between Raul and Chris while I was between Hein and Chris. It would have been interesting to be an observer like the other people in the dining room as we interacted at our table. It might have been difficult for anyone else to determine with certainty if there were any real couples involved among us. The talking, laughing, teasing, and touching among us was casual, comfortable, and intimate. I don’t think there could have been any signs of anything but five people openly and intimately sharing their evening.

Hein leaned into my left shoulder, “I love this. I love the way everyone has become more at ease and intimate.” His hand stroked down my bare back exposed by the loose, backless gown. I was a little surprised that in the dining room his hand continued down under the material to the very lowest part of my back just above my ass. His fingers moved in a circle there and with a voice low enough for us but not to carry too much further, “Harmony, peace, and hope.”

I turned my head to him, it takes a moment for the motion of his fingers and the words to connect. Before I could say anything to deflect the implication, though, Chris leaned into my right shoulder, “White Woman Who Knows Spirts and a****ls.” I looked back and forth between the two of them and they were smiling. Raul and Sharon must have picked up on what was happening because they were smiling at me, too. Chris continued a little louder to make sure Raul and Sharon were included. “Don’t try to tell us you haven’t noticed how much closer we all seem to be since you’ve returned from Arizona.” He scanned around the table for affirmation and received it with nods, “Because we have. None of what happened out there may seem rational. Spirituality, in whatever form, can only be experienced, not explained.”

“Laura,” Sharon called out to me. She was holding Chris and Raul’s hands on top of the table. “We are all very excited and intrigued to see and share with you where your experience may lead you.” She giggled and looked at the others, “Heck, where it may lead us.” They all laughed and nodded. Hein squeezed my hand.

There was no question how deeply they believed in my experience. Perhaps it was time for me to fully embrace my own experience. And, that would include the last part of the Journey … the part I was having the most trouble taking in.

The wonderful evening didn’t diminish after dinner. We moved to the club next to the dining room where our evening continued. Three men and two women, but I doubted that anyone sitting at the tables watching the dancers could easily discern who was dancing with whom. Even the slower dances had Sharon and me spinning and being handed off to the men. It may have seemed that we were never without a partner, but the partner didn’t remain constant for very long.

* * * * *

As I approached the cottage Hein and I were using, I found it dark. It was completely dark and quiet. I was about to step onto the two steps up to the porch that stretched across the beach side when I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye. I jumped three feet backward, caught my heel in the sand, and fell onto my butt.

“Sorry, I didn’t intend to scare you.”

I shook my head and laughed, then took his hand offered me after he hurried to me. With his help, I stood and brushed the sand off my bare butt. I gave him a playful slap on the shoulder.

“You did, though.” I giggled at the silliness of my fall. “I saw the cottage dark, and I know it is late, so I figured I might have to wake you up.”

He pulled me into his arms. I hadn’t noticed in the darkness, but he was naked, too. I didn’t need eyes to know that. He led me safely up the two steps and into the cottage to our bed. I snuggled up to him, my left leg d****d over him, my hand playing with his chest. We kissed.

He stroked my hair, then, “When you suggested you wanted to thank each of us in your unique way, I knew it would be late before you came to me. When I know you are going to be with me, every time, it is always with great anticipation.” We kissed. “But, it is not just the sex … the sex is great … but I miss you when you aren’t here. I want you with me.”

“Hein … I want to talk to you about something that has canlı bahis siteleri been on my mind …”

He put a finger to my lips to stop me. “Nothing heavy tonight, okay? I have a surprise for you tomorrow afternoon. It is supposed to be highly sexual. No a****ls, but it will be a surprise. You trust me.” It wasn’t really a question. It was more of a statement of our understanding.

“Of course.”

“So …” He kissed my forehead. “What do you have in store for me, tonight?”

I giggled, then kissed his chest. “Whatever you want, I suppose. But, if I had my way …” and he raised my chin to look into my eyes, “… you’d use every one of my holes and I wouldn’t let you cum until you had.”

“Hmmm … you think you can do that, huh?”

I turned onto his body and raised myself slightly to see him well. I smiled lustily, “I know I can. And, so do you.”

He chuckled, “But, Chris came over earlier and took the tube of lubrication.”

“I know. Trust me, you won’t be needing it.”

He laughed and kissed me. “So, Chris has prepared your ass. What did you do with Sharon and Raul?”

I kissed him and rubbed my still wet pussy along his firming cock. When we were alone and taking our time, teasing and the talk was as much foreplay as our lips, tongues, and fingers. “Sharon sat over my mouth and I used my lips and tongue to assist as Raul fucked her.”

He put his index finger gently on the tip of my nose, then traced it over my lips. He looked into my eyes, then kissed me. When we broke, there was something in his eyes, a question or concern, but he gave me a smile. “You’ve been busy, again.” He paused, watching me. “Do you ever … wonder … think … this might all …”

I looked at him hard, “Not if it is up to me. Only if you get tired of me. I love what has happened, the idea of what might happen. I love being with the boys, with Sharon and Raul, with Chris, and I love being here … especially here, alone with you. But, it has to be mutual …” He put his finger back on my lips, then covered them with his mouth.

“It’s mutual.”

I slid down his body until my mouth captured his now hard cock. I was good to my word. I used my fingers, mouth, lips, tongue, ass, and pussy to stimulate and arouse him. I stayed acutely aware of his body’s reaction to my action. Despite my orgasmic body cumming, I restricted him from climaxing until I was ready. I didn’t know how long I had prolonged his torture, but when I gave in he was pleading for his climax, attempting to drive himself into one of my orifices with enough force to carry him into climax. He complained about the tightness of his cock and balls, that they were aching in his need.

I had sucked him, taken him anally and vaginally. I moved into a sixty-nine to continue to taunt his poor cock with my mouth and tongue. He forced four fingers into my pussy, ramming them into me, his thumb bouncing off my clit. I came for the second time and that frustrated him even more because he was in no position to alleviate his own desperate need.

I turned around and saw the anguish in his face and eyes. “Which hole do you want to cum in?”

I wasn’t sure his eyes could focus properly anymore. But the words came from his mouth between moans and sighs, “Your … pussy … milk me … like … you do …”

I crawled over him, took his cock in my hand, and placed it at my opening. As I began lowering my pussy over his throbbing cock, his mouth gaped open and his eyes shut tight. He was throbbing so hard I wasn’t sure I was going to reach the bottom before he came. I stopped and moved an inch at a time, maybe less than an inch. His body arched high as it attempted to seek its own penetration, but I was in control still. I raised up with my thighs to control his penetration. In exasperation, he flopped his hips back to the bed, his eyes pleading with me. I leaned forward, his cock slipping a little out of me causing a groan of frustration from him. I kissed him hard and long, teasing him a little more by pulling up along his cock.

I sat up, watching his face. His mouth was open, his eyes shut tight, his breathing ragged. His body was still as though he had given up with the idea of forcing, somehow, his climax. I gave a wicked smile he couldn’t see through his shut eyes. I squeezed with my pussy on the head of his cock, then dropped quickly and without warning down the length of his cock. His unfocused eyes shot open, his mouth opened wider in a silent cry … and he came in huge spurts like I have never felt from him before.

* * * * *

The taxi stopped in front of a quaint looking little bungalow on a small, quiet street. It seemed like an odd place for an appointment. I was expecting a small shop on a busy street or a strip mall type location. The house matched the address, however, so Hein paid the driver and we stood at the curb surveying the house and surroundings.

Just then, the front door opened and an old woman appeared on the porch, a man about the same age then appearing behind her. He waved to us and indicated we should come.

Hein leaned next to me, his hand on my elbow to guide me toward the cracked concrete walkway leading to the house. He had explained to me on the drive over that after I had described the Spirit Journey and the insights I had, he had wanted to find something for me to experience from another culture that might add to that experience. He had to pull some contacts, but this was presented to him as the only thing remotely close.

I stopped after a couple steps, still looking up at the house and the old couple waiting. “Caribbean voodoo. What you came up with was Caribbean voodoo sex? Is it more d**gs, Hein? You know I am not a person into playing with d**gs.”

“I know.” He chuckled, turned and held my shoulders. “You don’t need d**gs, or even alcohol, to drop inhibitions.”

I laughed, “I have inhibitions?”


We continued up to the little porch and were led into the house. Sitting with the couple in their little living room, I was able to see them much better and slowly decided they weren’t nearly as old as I had originally assumed from a distance. In fact, their appearance reminded me a lot of the people in the tribe in that regard. The struggles of life had etched into their faces and skin more years than they probably had lived. I now guessed they were about 60 years old but showed signs of much more.

They described in a heavily accented English the service they provided. They did this only after quizzing Hein about how he had heard about them and found them. The ‘service’ they provided might not be considered completely legal by some with the use of the d**g and the focus on providing sexual pleasure. The d**g was explained to be another non-addictive substance that is more similar to marijuana in effect. Its use is to allow the person to relax and be relieved of inhibitions so they can experience sexual release the way the body naturally intended for it to feel. They assured me that it would be safe, that Hein would be beside me the entire time, but that they have evolved the process to include a blindfold and noise-cancelling headphones to focus the remaining senses on the experience.

They looked at me, then Hein for our understanding and approval. I nodded and Hein indicated we were ready.

They stood and signaled the door off the living room. The man led the way in with Hein behind him. The woman lightly held my arm and with a gentle squeeze assured me, “This isn’t going to be like anything you’ve experienced before. This is part of the practices my grandmother used many years ago before the government began stopping rituals they considered pagan.”

“If you can’t be open about this, how do people find you?”

“Word of mouth? They just come. People who need help find a way. Do you have difficulties, my dear? Is that why you are here?” I just smiled at her and patted her arm. I decided to let her draw her own conclusion from that action. It was all I could do to avoid laughing.

The room I was shown into was darkened and filled with figurines and images providing a strong impression of the occult. Along several walls were tables and cabinets. They used this room for more than what I was going to experience. They still practiced other voodoo rituals ranging from finding a mate to alleviating a variety of illnesses. In the center of the room was a padded table very similar to a gynecologist’s examination table complete with stirrups. The table had straps. I was reassured that Hein would always be nearby and the straps were used to enhance the experience.

The woman, again, patted my arm, “Most people’s experience is more intense than they have ever anticipated. They have a tendency to what to curl into a ball and resist anymore. We will rely on your man to indicate when enough is enough.” I nodded. I looked at Hein and he was looking at me. He shrugged his shoulders and I had to agree. With me, was he going to be able to know when enough was enough? As we had previously laughed, I don’t normally have a problem releasing my inhibitions so what will this experience release from me?

The man brought a pipe to me that was already smoking. He instructed me to draw in breaths and to hold the breath for five seconds each time until he had me stop. While this was happening, I watched the woman retrieve a wide variety of toys from the cabinets above the table on the side. A variety of vibrators and dildos were accumulating on the table. I refocused on the pipe as I began to wonder when and how I might start feeling anything new from smoking it. He took the pipe from me and I was still feeling fine. He then gave me a shot glass filled to the top with a bluish liquid. He instructed to take it all at once, which I did, just like taking shots at a party.

I looked at Hein and his smile seemed funny. No, his entire image seemed funny. I saw his eyes dropping to my body and it was only then that I realized the woman was removing my sundress from me. I was naked underneath, of course. Her hands slid over my body and my eyes followed her hands. It was as though I was watching her touching someone else, but the feeling from my body was very real.

I was assisted onto the table and gently strapped in place, my ankles and thighs strapped to the table sections supporting them. The blindfold was put into place and it became completely dark, not a bit of light or shadow. Then my ears were covered by the noise-cancelling headphones and I was inside my own world. I could see or hear nothing but the soft hum of white noise coming from the device. Instantly, every other sense searched for something to identify and I realized the great benefit of isolating the senses we normally rely on so much for our input.

* * * * *

Hein watched from the end as the man and woman carefully and gently strapped his naked lover onto the table, then spread the leg attachments and raised the knees and feet. She was completely exposed and vulnerable, but she was quiet and trusting in her composure. He knew deep in his heart and bones she would entrust her body and safety to him and allow anything to happen to her for this experience because he was there. He also felt in his heart that if anything went wrong, she might never forgive him, he might lose everything they had forged in the time they were together. So, nothing could go wrong. In his own, non-religious way, he prayed this would be an experience she would find something new from. He knew from her explanations of her recent experience in Arizona that something was being held back, there something she had some reluctance in divulging. He hoped this might break through whatever that was.

He watched the man and woman begin by taking positions on either side of her, softly caressing her naked and exposed body. They slid their fingers over her arms, sides, and breasts like feathers. He watched as she arched her back, her mouth opening into a sigh, a soft expulsion of air pushed out with the sound of a gasp. The man and woman worked in tandem on her body. Their tipobet fingers shifting to her calves and thighs, moving gently and slowly up to her abdomen and stomach, purposely avoiding her pussy for now.

All the while they talked to Hein, indicating what they were doing just before they did it. That effort on their part reassured him even more about this. The woman talked softly about trust and intention.

“We are able to get a sense of a person and what it might take to give the person the release and experience they desire from us. Some need to be more forced and intentional. Others need softness so they are not intimidated and scared. The intention is to achieve a sexual release, an orgasm, that lays the foundation in the body’s memory of what is possible. Many people are then able to enjoy increased sexual release without tricking the body.”

Hein saw her raise one finger and the man stopped, lifting his hands at the same time as hers. She turned to Hein. “Your woman is different.” She checked with her husband and he nodded. This old woman was clearly the main practitioner. “See how her body responded to simple touches. She is not one who has problems with orgasms is she?”

He smiled at her. She said it as a pronouncement more than a question. “No, she is quite orgasmic. I think she always orgasms when engaged in sex … at least once.”

“Then, why have you brought her to us?”

He smiled, looking down at his naked and exposed lover. He could see her pussy pulsing as if winking at him, as if enticing them to give her more. He could imagine her mind working out the sensations she just received and was anticipating what might be coming.

“She recently had an experience that opened her to more fully understand herself. It also incorporated sexual experiences. But, I sensed there is something she is still holding back. I hoped this might release that part and allow it to be recognized.”

She looked at her husband and spoke to him. “It is an understanding of herself, then. It is not a sexual experience, then?” She had turned back to Hein.

He smiled, taking in the image of the woman he cherished spread out in front of him. “She is a very complex woman.”

The woman nodded as if she was agreeing with him. Hein didn’t pretend to understand the beliefs of the various cultures around the world, but his discussion with Chris had led him to accept that those beliefs, even if they might be thought of as primitive, had a foundation in life and experience that couldn’t be easily discounted.

Whatever they had silently concluded from that exchange, they began, again. They began with applying lubrication to various dildos and vibrators of different sizes and shapes in preparation. They woman’s caressing became more focused on breasts and lower abdomen as the man prepared the toys. Hein watched intently both at the toys in anticipation and at the fingers working over the body spread in front of him. When the woman allowed her fingers to slip between the thighs and play over the clit and pussy lips, he watched as the hips rose, the back arched slightly, all in recognition of the stimulation.

The toys were used by both the man and woman. A small vibrator eased onto nipples and clit as larger dildos and vibrators eased inside the pussy. The toys and application were changed and rotated frequently, sometimes the man and others times the woman would work her pussy or stimulate other erogenous zones. He watched as her breathing quickened, her body tensing, and her moans became more frequent and loud.

It was curious to him that she spoke few words. Her mouth was uninhibited normally, but the loss of her hearing and sight might have created a sense of not using her words. It did nothing, though, to minimize the groans, moans, and gasps flowing from her.

When they finally brought her to orgasm, her body arched off the table, kept in place only by the bindings. Hein saw her toes curl, her fingers clench, her arms and legs strain against the restraints. When the dildo was removed from her pussy, it remained gaped open and leaked what could only be her own juices. Her breath was ragged, but she slowly showed signs of recovery as the man and woman considered what they had achieved and considered what they might follow with.

His attention was torn between the naked vision before him and the man and woman quietly conversing between themselves. The woman turned to him, her hands on her hips as if a determination of will was required.

“She responded beautifully. Yet, I sense from your reaction to it that it might not have been beyond what you have seen and experienced before.”

Hein nodded and returned his gaze on the pussy opening and closing, the stomach rising and falling with her breathing, the nipples on her breasts still hard and erect, and her mouth as it opened to lick her lips.

“No, not a surprising response. As I said, she is very orgasmic.” He looked between them. Then, “She seems to be attempting to wet her lips, may I?”

The woman smiled and poured some cold water into a container with a long straw attached. Hein took it, fed the straw to her lips, and watched her take several deep sips, then wetting her lips, again. After, her mouth moved into a smile, then formed the words for ‘thank you’, as if the inability to hear eliminated the facility to vocalize.

Hein remained at her side as the man and woman prepared to continue. Absently, Hein lightly stroked her arm and shoulder. Almost immediately, her body reacted, her back arching and a loud moan escaping her mouth. Only when Hein removed his fingers from her skin did her body collapse back to the table surface.

“My God! What did you do?” The woman only looked at the heavily breathing woman before her, but her words of recrimination were directed at Hein.

“All I did was stroke my fingers over her arm and shoulder in a gesture of reassurance.”

The woman and man sought to reassure themselves the blindfold and headphones were adequately functioning. They watched me stroke her arm, again. Then, they each performed the same action. Their touched produced almost no reaction, but each time Hein did it, she reacted strongly.

The woman expressed her perplexity, “I don’t understand. She can’t hear us or see us. Why would her reaction to one touch be so different from the other two?”

She took command by devising processes of experimentation involving all three of them, all for the purpose of proving, or disproving, what seemed to be an irrational response. After several series of touches by them, all with the same result, “It seems impossible on the surface of it.” She looked at her husband who leaned to her and whispered something to her. That led to a whispered exchange. It ended with the woman shaking her head vigorously.

“There can be no other explanation. But, first, a more dramatic experiment.” His eyes twinkled. Perhaps, part of the reason was he was taking charge over the woman. Hein was to stand by and watch as the man and woman used their toys and techniques to create another orgasm. Hein would record the time, then Hein would attempt to induce an orgasm through indirect stimulation. The times would be compared. He insisted this would determine if his theory was correct.

The woman shook her head, again. “Silly man. You are my helper in this. This is my realm, not yours. But, we will humor you. And, in the process, she will have more orgasms.”

Hein didn’t know what they were referring to, but the woman was correct that the intent was to give her powerful orgasms.

The woman was intent on proving the man wrong and her deliberateness in providing stimulation was clearly evident. The two seemed to apply every trick and gimmick they had at their disposal. Hein watched as a large vibrating dildo was pressed into her pussy, feathers used along her sides and the insides of her thighs, then a thin, long vibrator was pressed into her ass. He watched intently as she began to writhe within the confines of the bindings. Her breathing quickened and became ragged. The sounds coming out of her mouth became a steady stream of moans and groans and gasps. Then, he gasped, which drew the attention of the woman who merely smiled, a wickedly devious smile. Using thread, she tightly wrapped it around one nipple until it was protruding obscenely above the thread. The other nipple was bound the same way. It was clear to Hein that this was uncomfortable. Then, he saw what the woman had in mind. She went to the table and retrieved a thin, small headed pencil vibrator and applied the head onto the constricted nipple. He watched as her body arched and a loud gasp came after the vibrator made contact. The woman moved the vibrator from one nipple to the other. He saw the woman motion to the man who moved to the table for another vibrator. Hein gasped again as this was placed on her clit. Within ten and a half minutes, her body erupted in another powerful orgasm.

After the removal of the vibrators and releasing the nipples from their bindings, more water was given. The woman wanted to wait just a few minutes. Hein, absently, again applied reassuring strokes to her thigh. They were all taken aback when this light touch elicited cries and deep moans.

The woman told him he may as well continue and she set her watch to time it.

“I should cause her orgasm? That’s what you want?”

“Yes, and you are wasting time.”

He approached the spread-out body in front of him. He was fully dressed like the other two. He looked at the toys but made the decision immediately that if there was something happening here, it was between him and Laura … not the toys.

He stepped between her legs, this hands lightly moving up the inside of her thighs. He watched his hands more than her reaction. He purposefully skipped over her pussy, but even he couldn’t miss that her hips rose off the table seeking his contact. He leaned over her, stretching his hands out to her face, sliding his hands along her cheeks, to her neck and down her arms before returning back and circling her breasts, attempting to minimize actual contact with the breast tissue. Her back arched as if seeking the contact not given. With only a few minutes passing, he made deliberate contact with both nipples at the same time, a simple pressing down onto them with his index fingers. Her mouth flew open and a guttural sound escaped. He continued to press down onto the nipples, a simple pressing motion, and the sounds changed to moans. He looked up at the woman and this time it was his turn to smile. He took each nipple between thumb and finger, squeezed, and twisted.

Hein’s eyes were wide when he saw her explode before his eyes. She screamed until she gasped for air. Any part of her body not firmly bound to the table shook and twitched. He was standing directly between her legs when suddenly his slacks became wet. He, and the other two, looked down in disbelief … she was squirting. No penetration, no contact with her pussy or clit. Only momentarily intense stimulation of her nipples … but, by him.

The woman looked at the man with a look of resignation.

While Hein carefully watched as Laura seemed to begin recovering, he asked the question, “What happened? What just happened?”

The woman yielded to the man, whose theory it had been. “This ritual is said to be as old as people have been on the islands. It was intended to be a way to liberate a person to truly experience the fullness of sexual release when the mind and body are opened to it. However, it has also been said, only believed to be tales, that in rare conditions far more can be revealed, but only to those who are truly open. I think that is what happened here. You and she are connected and meant to be connected.” Hein looked at each of them. He was trying to fully comprehend what was being told to him. “I sense something more, but she is fighting it. The old woman has sensed it, too. She is just reluctant to admit we have stumbled into something like this.” He made eye contact tipobet güvenilir mi with Hein, “Your woman, she has experienced something very powerful recently.”

“Yes, with the Apache … a Spirit Journey she called it.”

He looked at his wife, then, “And, have you sensed that she is holding something back from you about that experience?” Hein nodded. “This is it. You are connected and I think she discovered that during her Journey. The Native People’s Spirit Journeys are very powerful. I have one more thing I want you to do with her.”

Hein heard it all, but his attention couldn’t be taken away from the woman in front of him. Her orgasmic response had just been greater than he had ever seen from her. He knew her as freely and easily orgasmic, but what he had just witnessed was well beyond all of that. u*********sly, in response to the admiration and feelings he felt for her and his own boiling desire, his hands were smoothly and gently sliding over the exposed body before him. Only moments after erupting in a squirting orgasm from his touch, her body was again shivering and arching under his gentle touch. There were so many feelings and thoughts flashing through his body, soul, and mind that he almost missed the next words.

“I want you to penetrate her.” When the words fully sank into him, he looked up sharply and curiously as if he didn’t think he heard the man correctly. “I know … you were told you would be a witness for her sake. There is something else happening here, however, something we cannot explain, something that needs to be followed to its conclusion.”

Hein looked back down. Her chest was rising and falling with heavy, ragged, gasping breaths; her skin seemed to ripple at his touch as her muscles underneath twitched; her pussy was gaping and closing, wet with her own fluids.

His mind made up, he was instantly lost to anything around him but her. His fingers moved to his belt as he leaned over her, pressing against her groin as he kissed a breast and she gasped. He raised his lips to transfer to the other breast, uttering the emotion inside him, unaware it was verbal not a thought, “I love you, Laura.”

The old man and woman each gasped as they watched her shake on the table before them, her breath sucked in and held as her limbs shook. They looked at each other in wonder and bewilderment. Before their eyes, they saw her orgasm by his words. Words she shouldn’t even be able to hear.

Hein recognized the same thing, despite the burning, bubbling desire rising inside him, he gasped at the recognition of what had just transpired between them. Without putting conscious, rational thought to it, he was almost nervous to penetrate her, if her response has been so dramatic to his touch. He had never intended for this to happen. He stood before her naked, his cock more rigid than it had ever been, even with her past ministrations. Her wet pussy continued to open and close, an action that for the life of him seemed to be a calling, a begging, for him to make them one. They said she had discovered that the two of them were somehow connected in a deeper, more meaningful way than either of them intended and now he was discovering it, too.

He pushed his cock down and brought it in front of her gaping, winking opening. He looked up her body, unaware now of the other two alongside them, only watching her body and face and pressed into her.

Her body instantly arched, straining against the restraints, her mouth opening wide and crying out in a deep, guttural, a****listic sound that seemed to come from a place much deeper inside her than her vocal cords. His eyes were wide at her reaction. In one smooth penetration, he remained still and watched as her body quaked and shivered. He pulled back slowly and pressed back into her slowly, almost afraid to thrust too hard, unsure of the impact of her reaction. With each slow movement, she spasmed, her back arching and her legs straining, the muscles of her legs and stomach taunt and flexing.

After only a few strokes, he felt through his cock a heat and tightness from her pussy he has never before experienced. The result was a loss of normal control as he felt a powerful climax building and ready to erupt inside him. The heat from her was felt even in his balls and he knew he will not be able to control or deny his body. He pulled out until he felt only the head of his cock inside her lips, then thrusts deeply into her, their pelvic bones colliding … and they both climaxed.

In front of him, she cried out with sounds that would cause him fear if he were able to consider anything beyond the overwhelming physical and emotional reactions of his climax.

He felt more, though. At first, his delirious mind was unable to distinguish what he was feeling, unable to separate the orgasmic from the pain emanating from his cock inside her. He feels an intensely hot jolt like a strong electrical shock or stabbing, searing heat starting at the head of his cock and traveling down and into his balls.

He pulled out from her, his climax not yet finished and his last spurt of cum landing on her immediately above her pussy and clit. Immediately, the sensation of searing hot and shock disappeared. He stared down at his cock head and her gaping, gasping pussy while wondering what had just happened. The heat and jolt on his cock had been so intense that the pain was real, but at the same time intensified his own climax and, apparently, hers.

His cum above her clitoris hood attracted his attention, but what he saw underneath was staggering. And only then did he hear the comments from the man and woman.

“What happened?” “You looked pained.” “Are you okay?” Then, their comments match his wonder as he stared at her lower abdomen. “What is that?” “What’s happening to her?” “Oh my God!” “Look!”

Hein leans down for a closer look and wiped his cum from her skin with a finger. Underneath, he saw forming on her skin, just above her pussy, the exact image from her back only at a 50% scale. It took only a minute or less for the entire image to develop in all the detail and color of the other side. It was an exact miniature replica of the circle and feathers.

He looked up at the man and woman who stood on each side with mouths and eyes gaping open.

* * * * *

I woke in darkness, alone in bed. Light, I presumed to be from the moon, was filtered into the room by the sheer curtains gently blowing into the room by a breeze through the open veranda door. My arms probed across the bed in search of Hein, but the bed was indeed empty except for me. I dropped my head back onto the pillow and considered how I found myself in this place.

I certainly remembered Hein’s planned adventure for me. It had seemed like a strange event, but after my experience recently in the Apache tipi, how could anything be considered too strange of a suggestion?

After my senses were isolated by the removal of my hearing and sight, I recalled tremendous orgasmic responses, increasing in strength to the point where my recollection of specific details and sensations were melded into a continuous and mind-numbing experience.

I only vaguely was aware of myself being moved afterward, but not conscious of how or when. The swaying curtains seemed almost ghostly in the filtered light from the partial moon outside. My mind focused on the movement curiously as if remembering or sensing a similar feeling in my body of crashing and ebbing arousal and climaxes. I swung my legs over the side of the bed and carefully tested my legs for stability, wary of the impact the experience of the previous day may have had on me.

I parted the curtains and stepped into the open doorway to find Hein sitting in a lounge chair on the open veranda, the moonlight shining on his naked body. He turned his head and put his arm out to me. He guided me to his lap, my feet off one side, and folded me into his arms. The instantaneous feeling was one of complete lovingly secure intimacy. I think I might have purred as my head rested on his shoulder.

“I need to tell you something from yesterday.” He was stroking my hair with one hand and my hip to thigh with the other, but his voice indicated something of importance.

I fingered the hair on his chest, “First, I need to confess something to you … something I have been holding back from my experience in Arizona.” I didn’t see it, but he smiled, a knowing, understanding smile, a smile that only he knew the source of … the old man and woman predicted this.

He pulled my head tighter into him, kissing the top of my head and hugging my shoulder reassuringly. “You need to tell me only what you want. It was your experience.”

I kissed his chest, my fingers still playing nervously with the hairs. “Thank you.” I gave him another kiss. “But, I want to. I think it has meaning for us and I want you to know it.” I went on to tell him everything about the ‘tentacles’, that the island was a beating heart, the tentacles actually the veins and arteries of the heart. Most importantly, I told him about the image in the heart as I was pulled into the sky by the pair of eagles … the image of him. I told him of my perception of it, the expression of love, of giving me his heart, of my desperation to return to it and accept it knowingly and gratefully.

He encouraged me to a sitting position. At first, I imagined that he was rejecting my perception of the island and the heart and what it meant. I raised my eyes to his eyes, though, finding a broad smile encompassing his entire face and eyes. His hands took my head in them, pulling me to his mouth. He kissed me with passion, but at the same time with delicacy and emotion.

“Let me tell you a story, now.” I swung my leg over his body and sat on his lap facing him. His fingers touched my lips, my neck, my nipples, and down my chest, stomach, and abdomen. His finger seemed to linger there, but my eyes were on his, watching and waiting as he seemed to gather his thoughts. He brought each of my hands to his lips and kissed the palms, putting them on his chest. “What do you remember of the session yesterday?”

I searched his eyes and face, finding only acceptance and gentleness. “Incredible sensations. I remember being brought to a powerful orgasm, then many more in quick succession. It seemed as if suddenly my body reacted to every touch. Then, there was another period of increasing stimulation until another orgasm. After that, though, my mind couldn’t fathom what was happening. Violent orgasms racked my body. It was as if they were agonizing pleasure rolling over me, each one delicious but increasingly mind-numbing.”

“Did you feel anything peculiar, supremely intense?”

“Yes … heat. Shocking jolts of … like electricity … then searing heat like a branding iron … it was inside me, not outside.” He was smiling. “What?”

“That’s when this happened.” He touched my lower abdomen.

I was about to ask ‘what?’ when I looked down to his finger. My mouth opened without any sound coming out. He described what happened and what he and the man and woman witnessed. He described the pain in the head of his cock and how it shot through him to his balls.

I shifted back to see this new image on my body and in doing so saw, and felt, that his cock had become quite hard. I leaned forward to kiss him, sliding my pussy over the length of his hard cock. My fingers played over the head. “You were burned here?” He nodded. “I’m sorry I did that to you.” He started to object, but I shushed him with my mouth on his. I raised my hips and raised his cock. Looking into his eyes, I sank down over his cock until it was deeply embedded inside me. My eyes twinkling, “Does that feel better?”

He smiled, “That always feels better.” We kissed. The passion rose and his cock became more rigid inside me. I slowly shifted on him feeling the deliciousness of us joined. He broke the kiss, his finger tracing my lips. “Laura …” I waited. If he didn’t say it, I was going to. “Laura … I didn’t intend this to happen. Our relationship was intended to be different, adventurous and playful.” I kissed him. I returned my gaze into his eyes and waited … hoped. “I love you.” He kissed me, then smiled and shouted it, “I LOVE YOU!”

* * CHAPTER 22: ENERGIZED will follow * * Thanks for reading.

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