Highway Pleasure

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Jason was pissed off as he drove home, pissed off and horny. Just four hours earlier he was heading in the opposite direction on the freeway, happily traveling the forty-five mile drive to his girlfriend’s apartment. With plans for a hot afternoon he maintained a raging erection for nearly the entire drive as he let his imagination visit the naked flesh of his girlfriend.

Jessica was hot and was crazy about the way Jason loved to go down on her, sometimes for what seemed like hours on end. The reason he was so good at eating her pussy was because he enjoyed it so much, so as he drove toward her apartment, he could almost taste her. He pictured the near perfect curve of her pussy lips, the way they opened to him as he slipped his tongue between the soft folds, and the way she wiggled just as he would pierce her with his tongue.

That was over four hours before and now Jason drove home with the image of Jessica’s parents suddenly knocking on her door just as he had slipped his hand into her panties. He recalled the mad dash as Jessica quickly pulled her shorts back on and Jason quickly sat on the couch, carefully crossing his legs to hide the bulge in his pants. Yeah, his sexy afternoon turned out to be a friendly visit with her mom and dad, who actually planned to spend the night, destroying even his faint hopes of a quickie before kissing Jessica goodbye. Instead, he had to settle for a quick kiss at his car and her wave in the rear view mirror.

What really drove Jason crazy was that as he headed home he couldn’t stay mad at the situation because the image of Jessica opening his legs to him kept spinning in his mind. Before long he all he could think of was how she casino şirketleri would wrap her legs around his head each time she came, how he would moan his name as her pussy quivered around his fingers, and how greedily she swallowed his cum when she turned him over and returned the “favor” to him.

Jason was still thirty miles from home and his throbbing cock began driving him crazy. It took him just a moment to deduce that the traffic at that time was very light and well, if he just unbuttoned his shirt he could run his fingers over his nipples as he drove. No, it wasn’t as good as when Jessica slid her tongue over his nipples, but it was nice. Yeah, it felt good, kind of nice lead in so when he got back to his apartment he’d really be ready.

After a few more miles his manipulation of his chest and nipples had his cock throbbing harder than ever. He carefully held the wheel with one hand, unfastened his belt and then, holding the steering wheel with his thighs, he quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Jason then eased his cock out of his pants giving him perfect access to tease himself a bit more as he drove. Yeah, when he got to his apartment he’d really be primed to flop on his bed, pull out his cock and blow his load.

He continued driving as he teased his nipples and his cock, picturing Jessica’s face contort in ecstasy as she came. He could almost feel the wetness as he pictured his cock slipping into her soaking wet pussy. Jason began stroking as the image grew stronger and stronger, realizing he was not teasing himself for when he got home, no, this was going to happen right here as he drove.

Glancing in his mirror and then looking all casino firmalari around he made sure there were no obstacles or vehicles to give him a problem if he strayed a bit off course as he drove. It appeared to him that there was nothing around for miles so he simply continued sliding his hand up and down the length of his shaft. Yeah, it was good, he was so worked up by then that almost immediately he began feeling the pleasure building in his balls and shaft.

Glancing down Jason noticed a bead of precum forming in the tiny hole and he paused his stroking to dip a finger in and touch the moisture to his tongue. The bitter taste reminded him a bit of the first tart taste of Jessica’s pussy each time he ate her. Jason started stroking his cock again as he unconsciously pressed a bit harder on the gas pedal. He began stroking faster and faster as his car sped up.

Jason worked hard to concentrate on the road as the waves of pleasure shot from his balls up the length of his cock and suddenly exploded. He lifted his hips slightly, arching his back as he came, his cock spurting his warm cum all over his chest as he was suddenly enveloped in a bright white light. He eased off the accelerator now as his cock spurted again and again, splashing the white fluid all over his stomach, hand and cock.

Strangely the white light turned red. It turned white and then red again and again. Jason glanced up to his rear view mirror and saw the flashing lights of the highway patrolman pulling up behind him. Slowing his vehicle down he tried to get his cock back into his pants but he heard the policeman on the loud speaker, “Pull your car over now!”

Jason pulled over, stopped güvenilir casino the car and quickly slipped his cock back into his pants. He was only able to zip up the zipper before he heard the policeman tapping his window with the flashlight. All he could do was roll down the window and let the policeman see his cum covered chest.

The policeman obviously spotted and most likely smelled the cum because he quickly shined the flashlight around the car. He then asked, “Are you alone?”

“Yes officer,” Jason replied.

The policeman giggled a bit and then said, “So you managed all this,” he shined his flashlight on the cum as it ran down Jason’s chest, “by yourself?”

“Yes sir, you see, I just visited my girlfriend and well, her parents…”

“Okay, I think I have an idea. You do realize you were traveling a bit erratically and at a high rate of speed?”

“Well, yes sir, I kind of pressed the gas as I… ah as I got closer… as I…”

“Okay, okay. Look son, I am on a task force looking for drunk drivers and your erratic driving, well, I figured you had been drinking, not ah… well, doing what you were doing. Have you had anything to drink?”

“No sir, I had a couple of sodas at my girlfriend’s but with her parents there I didn’t dare…”

“Well, I should give you a ticket for speeding, but I know very well the frustration you face. My in-laws simply… well, look I’m just going to give you a warning. But you clean yourself now and you better head straight home, with no speeding or anything else, you understand?”

“Yes officer,” Jason replied, reaching into the center console for some tissue. The police officer turned and headed back to his car as Jason quickly dabbed up the cum and buttoned his shirt. He then checked his mirror, put his car into drive and sped up, easing onto the freeway. Jason drove the speed limit the entire way home wondering when he could get back to see Jessica again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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