Hide , Seek

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He had thought he was going to surprise her, showing up like he did.?

?And maybe he had. But from her reaction, and what she was wearing, he doubted it.??

It was late summer and the night was still pleasantly warm, but there was the smallest hint of chill, a sign of the coming fall. She was sitting outside on the patio, drinking a beer. She had the outside fireplace going. Her hair was wet – like she had just taken a shower. She wore a white cotton nightgown. Between her wet hair and the nightgown she looked very young in the light of the fire. Maybe even innocent.??

Or not.??

“Well, look who’s here,” she said. She smiled at him.??He was pretty drunk, but since he was good at holding his alcohol, he figured she probably couldn’t tell. Yet.??

“Hey,” he said, smiling back at her.??

“Grab a bench,” she said.??

So he did.??

“Are you surprised to see me?” he said.??

“What do you think? Of course. I never thought you’d actually come over. I’ve only been asking for a year,” she said.??

“Come on. It hasn’t been that long,” he said.??

“I wouldn’t argue with me on this fact. I’m more likely to have been counting. Or I was more likely,” she said.??

Hm. He wasn’t sure he liked the sound of that.?

?”What is that supposed to mean? Was?” he said.??

“Oh, I’m over you. I decided this week,” she said.??

“Oh yeah?” he smiled. Smirked was more like it.??

“I know you don’t believe me. That’s the beauty of being over you. I don’t care if you don’t believe me. It doesn’t matter,” she said.??

She took a drink. He was starting to believe her.??

“There’s real beer in the fridge if you want to go get one,” she said.??

He did. He opened the refrigerator and saw a six-pack of his favorite kind of beer. But she wasn’t expecting him???

He went back outside.?

?”So what made you decide this?” he asked.??

He was never really sure what to make of her obvious feelings for him. But now that he thought they were gone, he realized he wasn’t happy about it.?

?”I think I just realized that you aren’t attracted to me. And what you are attracted to is someone I never want to be. So you put those two things together, and I’m at peace with you not being into me. Prefer it at this point actually,” she said.??

He wasn’t about to correct her, but he was into her. Sometimes. He just didn’t show things like she did. But he was more concerned about what else she had said.??

“And what is so awful about the girls I’m attracted to?” he said. She could tell he was sort of annoyed. And sort of drunk. And she didn’t mind either one. He’d said things that sort of annoyed her many times over the many months without batting an eye. ??”Oh they’re fine. If you like little girls. Little girls who play games and are there and gone half the time you turn around,” she said.??

“Little girls who fuck with your head, but most of the time not with any other part of you. Who you enjoy ignoring and enjoy ignoring you. And I can understand. About 20 years ago, I could, anyway,” she said. ??He didn’t say anything. She was pretty sure he was annoyed. She expected that. Just like she expected him to come over. And she didn’t really care if he left pissed off. Because she was over him.??

She leaned back on her hands on the stairs. Her body pushed against the cotton and he realized she was naked under the nightgown. He could see the outline of her body. Her nipples against it.??

It made it a little harder to think she was being a bitch. She’d never talked to him like this before. Just listened affectionately while he told her about his various entanglements with girls and the ups and downs.??

“Me, I prefer to not waste time on that shit. If I am into someone, he knows it. You of all people should know that by now,” and she was right. He sure did.??

She’d made no mystery of that. She moved over to sit next to him on the bench. He was looking at her. Listening.??

“If I am into someone, I want to hang out with him, have a good time,” she said. He was looking at the straps of her nightgown, seeing how easy they were to push down. Looking at her, knowing the thin cotton was all that kept him from her naked body. He was still half listening. ??She turned to face him now, putting her hand on his face gently. ??”And while you may enjoy fucking with these girls’ heads, and vice versa, I’d much prefer you to spend your time fucking me in other places,” she said, quietly.??

He felt his body reacting to what she was wearing and what she was saying.??

He leaned toward her a little more. Closer to her mouth with his. ??”Oh yeah?” he said. ??”Oh…yeah” she whispered back.??

Moving closer to his mouth too, she kept whispering.??

“It is really too bad you enjoy playing games with these little girls more than what I could have given you,” she said. Her mouth was so close to his now.?

?”And what was that,” he asked, whispering now too.??

She moved her mouth to his ear, and his hand moved to her side. She felt warm through the nightgown. pendik escort His hand was resting just below her breast. He moved his thumb back and forth against her body, subconsciously reaching toward it. ??”Well first of all, you missed out on the best blow job you’d have ever had. But I told you all that. You just didn’t pay attention. Or didn’t want it. And now it is too late,” she said.??

But her mouth was moving toward his neck. His other hand moved to her other side. Her legs had dropped to each side of the bench. He pulled her body toward his and his hands met at the small of her back. Her arms moved around his shoulders and her hands moved into his hair. He closed his eyes with her mouth working on his neck.??

“Its really too late?” he whispered.??

She moved her mouth till it almost touched his. ??He wanted to taste her mouth. It was so close. ??”It is,” she said.??

He knew it wasn’t. He could feel her heart beating. He dug his fingers into her back and pulled them up and forward on her a little. Her breathing into his mouth got faster as his hands moved toward the front of her nightgown. He knew this was something she really wanted.??

He also knew she was full of shit about being over him.??He kissed her mouth now. He knew that was something else she wanted badly too. He could feel her shaking a little. ??She pulled her mouth away. ??”Well, on second thought. Maybe we can work something out,” she whispered.??

He smiled. ??”Oh yeah?” his hands had reached her breasts now, and through her nightgown he held them in his hands, moving his thumbs across her nipples.??

She struggled to maintain control but she was starting to lose it. She tried to keep the gasp that escaped her inside but failed. She had to stop now if things were going to go as planned. So far, so good. ??He felt her nipples getting harder under his back and forth thumb movements and he wanted to see them. Wanted them in his mouth. He was getting ready to push the straps down of her nightgown. Getting ready to push the bottom of it up. He moved to pull her closer to him, further onto his lap and she knew if she felt the pressure of his dick against her pussy it was over.??

She pushed him away.??

“Not that easy,” she said. ??”How about we play a game? You like games,” she said??

He smiled at her. ??”I do,” he said.??

“How about hide and seek?” she said.??

He laughed softly. ??”Seriously?” he said. ??His hands were still moving, teasing her nipples. He could see it was getting harder for her concentrate on what she was saying.??

“Yes…seriously. Here are the rules,” she said. Finally, she pushed his hands away and moved back to sit on the table in front of him. He was at knee level with her. This was not helping him.??

His hands found her knees and he said, “Go ahead.”??

“I hide in the backyard. We pick a home base. Each time you catch me before I get to home base, you get to do one thing you want to me. Then I hide again,” she said, smiling.??

He was surprised, or not surprised, really, that he liked this idea. He was sure he could run much faster than her. And he was also sure that after he caught her the first time, it would be game over. And she was right. He did like games. Although normally they were mental. ??”Don’t I get to hide?” he said, smiling at her.?

?”You’ve had your turn. You’ve been hiding and I’ve been seeking for a while now, don’t you think?” she said.??

He laughed. ??”Okay,” he said.??

He stood up. ??”Then let’s go,” he said, holding out his hand.??

“Wait,” she said.??

“Don’t you want to see what you are playing for?” she asked.??

His heart did jump a little then. He caught his breath but covered it well.??

Not well enough for her to miss it, though.??

The top of her nightgown had buttons. She opened them slowly, one at a time. Each button let her nightgown fall further down her shoulders. Watching her being revealed so slowly, he wasn’t sure he’d be able to have enough patience to play this game. ??She got half way down.??

“Is that enough? Or you want to see more?” she said, smiling.??

“More,” was all he could say.??

She arched her back and let her nightgown straps fall to her elbows, and he saw her then. Saw her breasts, full in the moonlight, her nipples he had felt through the nightgown. They were hard, so hard, so dark, and pink and looked delicious. He bit his lip without thinking. ??He could see faint sparkles on her skin in the moonlight.??

“What do you have on?” he asked.??

“I always dust with honey powder after a bath,” she said.??

“It tastes yummy too,” she said.??

She lifted her breasts in her hands, holding them to him.??

“Want to try it?” she said, her fingers close to her nipples, lightly squeezing them, making them harder.??

He closed his eyes. He was going to break. But it was against the game rules. He liked rules. ??”I will. In about five minutes when I catch you,” he said.??

He regained his control.??

“Am I playing for anything maltepe escort else?” he said.??

She smiled, buttoning up her nightgown.??

“Yes,” she said.??Her fingers went to the hem of her nightgown, and she slowly pulled it up.??

She got it to her hips and keeping her eyes on his, she opened her legs on the table. Opened them wide.??

His eyes left hers and knowing he was looking at her made her so…??”Wow. You are really wet,” he said.??

He could see it. He didn’t even need to touch her. ??She saw him lick his lips and knowing he didn’t even realize he did it made it worse. She was about to call off the game. But she had come this far. Making him wait would make it so much better. Making him chase her even more so. ??She of all people could attest to that.??

“So wet,” he said. He was hypnotized for a minute.??

“Are you sure you want to play this game? Because, right now…,” he trailed off. His hands clenched into fists. ??”What?” she said, smiling at him. ??”Right now, we could move past any games. Move past anything else,” he said.??

He moved closer. Dangerously close. She was so open. ??”And we can do what I came here to do. What you want. Which is for me to fuck you. Fuck you like you want it,” he whispered.??

She closed her eyes tightly. Long enough for him to get even closer to her, to her knees again. He could see her wet pussy, so close to him now. She opened her eyes to his touch and saw him still looking.??

“Haven’t you been waiting long enough,” he said, saying her name.??

She pushed his hands away as much as it killed her.??

“Yes, but you haven’t,” she said, smiling.??

He laughed.??

“Fair enough. But you better run fast,” he said pulling her off the table until she was mouth to mouth with him, holding her hands behind her back.??

“Because I’m not waiting much longer,” he said.??

She led him up into the backyard. It was big and dark. Lots of trees but open area too. And the moon lent some light. There was a shed.??

“Shed is home base,” she said.??

There was some yard furniture and other things. But he sized up the yard and thought she had no chance of out running him. ??”Ok. Close your eyes and count to 20,” she said. She kissed his mouth, warm and wet, finding his tongue, and pulled away.??

“Good luck,” she said, smiling.??”You’re the one who needs luck,” he said, smiling back at her.??

He closed his eyes and counted in his head to 20, and started walking the yard. He held his breath when he could to hear any noises. Naturally, he heard them. This was going to be the easiest game he ever won.??

He followed the sound of the cracking sticks and branches saw part of her nightgown move through the trees.??

“Gotcha,” he said to himself. But she heard. And ran. Laughing. She headed toward the shed. But he easily caught up and cut her off. He didn’t touch her yet. Just stood in her way. ??She tried to move one side, then the other, but he blocked both directions. While they were both laughing, there was an element of prey and predator in it. ??Which was hot.??

“Now what are you going to do?” he said.??

“Well, you didn’t catch me yet,” she said.??”I can in one second. But I’ll give you another chance. Go ahead, run again,” he said. This was good.??She backed off. Ran in the other direction. Once again, he easily caught up, but this time, he caught her and spun her to the ground, on her back.??”I caught you that time,” he whispered. ??She was breathing fast.??”Yes, you did,” she said.??”So I can do anything I want?” he said, ??She nodded, unable to break from his eyes.??”Hmm….,” he said.??He pulled away, and ran his hands up her legs, and she bit her lip, and arched her back slightly in the grass. “So many choices,” he said, smiling, knowing she was waiting, wondering. ??He reached the top of her nightgown, and his fingers moved toward the buttons. ??Opened one at a time, slowly. Her chest rose and fell quickly with her breathing.??He pulled her into a sitting position in front of him and let her straps fall, looking at her. He didn’t say another word. Just pulled her to his lap, and with one rapid move had her in his hand and pulled her nipple into his mouth, working it with his tongue roughly.??

He could taste the sweetness of the honey powder on her skin but it made no difference to how luscious she felt in his mouth, feeling her back arching in his palm, her head back, her warm breasts at his mouth, feeling her nipple get harder under his tongue, feeling her legs wrap around him, her fingers in his hair, holding him to her. It would have been delicious either way.??

His mouth moved to her other nipple. This time, he held her breast in his hand and reached out for it with his tongue, barely touching it, teasing it, before taking it into his mouth, wet and hot, and she came then. Holding onto him, feeling his warm body against her, in the dark, after chasing her, taking her down, taking what he wanted.??She came again as she felt his hands squeezing her hips, feeling his hand move up to kartal escort work her other nipple with his fingers until finally she pushed him away.??

“That’s it. One turn. Ready to go again?” she said.??

He thought he had her going so she’d forget the game at that point. But if she wanted to go another round, he’d give her one. Especially since he was sure she’d be pretty weak in the knees after that one.??

And he was right. Her shaking fingers buttoned her nightgown as she tried to get to her feet. He smiled, reaching out his hand to help her up.??

“Ok, go count,” she said.??

He walked away and closed his eyes and counted to 20. This time, she was quiet. She learned her lesson.??

But still, he moved from tree to tree. And the white nightgown gave her away, becoming luminescent in the moonlight. He saw her hiding under the table of the lawn set.??

And she saw him coming, and tried to get out but made it in time only to be trapped behind it, with him in the way of home base.


She moved from one side of the table to the other, and he did the same, blocking her escape each time.??

“Give up?” he said. ??”Not yet,” she said. ??Back and forth they went a few more times. ??”Go ahead. Make a run for it,” he said. He was smiling at her. It made her already weak knees weaker.??

“You’re a little slower this time, I’ll bet,” he said.?

?”Have you already thought about what I’m going to do to you next?” he said.??

“Don’t,” she said. ??”You should. Because I’m going to catch you in about a minute,” he said.??

“Have you thought about where I’m going to touch you? Or make you touch me?” he said.??

Her knees got weaker.??

“Makes it harder to concentrate, right?” he said.??

“You’re cheating!” she said, laughing.??

He took advantage of her moment of distraction, scaled the table in a second and she was caught again.??

“I’m not cheating,” he said, pulling the bottom of her nightgown up and pushing her onto the table.??

“I’m winning,” he said. ??She felt his hands move down her thighs, fingers teasing her, touching her.??

“You know what I think? I think you’re making it easy for me on purpose..,” he said.??

“I think you like being caught more than you like playing the game,” he said.??

She shivered as his fingers moved deeper inside her.??

“You are so wet,” he said.??

He pushed her further back on the table, and pulled her hips to him, licking her, opening her with his tongue, touching her still with his fingers.??

“If I make you come once more, you’re done with that game. I know you are,” he said.??

“Nope, not done yet,” she whispered. But she wasn’t sure.??”We’ll see,” he said.??His tongue worked her, fingers opening her, licking her clit, and she felt herself going, feeling the hard wood against her back, her nipples hard from him and the night air, she smacked the table with her palms, trying to find something to scratch.??His tongue got deeper, moved up to her clit, and his fingers slid quickly inside her, determined to make her give into the orgasm she was fighting, faster and faster he worked her pussy.??”The next time I catch you, no more of this bullshit,” he whispered.??”You better run really fast if you want this game kept up,” he said, as his fingers fucked her faster, faster, faster. She was holding tightly onto the edge. Almost falling.??

“Because the next time I catch you,” he said, saying her name, leaving her hanging, waiting. ??”The next time I catch you, I’m going to fuck you,” he said.??

That was it. He smiled as her back arched high in the air and she came violently, lifting herself in the air, wrapping her arms around him with the strength of it. Then kicked him away from her.??

“Stop, stop,” she said.??

“Just let me catch my breath,” she said. ??”You done with the game?” he said.?

?”Fuck no,” she said.??

“Next time, it’s going to be a lot harder for you to catch me,” she said.??

“Oh yeah?” he said.??

“Yeah,” she said.??She stood up and held onto the table.??

“Just give me a second to get myself together,” she said.??

He smiled. He was pretty sure this game would be over in about five minutes.??

“One. Two. Three,” he started counting.??

“Wait!” she said. ??”Four, Five…,” he said.??

“Close your eyes at least!” she said.??

He closed his eyes, still counting out loud until he got to 20.??He opened them and listened.??

Heard nothing.??

He walked around for a few minutes but saw nothing. He started to get impatient. But he had to admit he liked looking for her. Liked that she was hiding, knowing she was probably nervous, thinking of what was going to happen, breathing heavy.??Waiting. Waiting for him to find her. Chase her. Catch her. Take her.??Just then, he heard the snap of a twig. He moved quietly in the direction of the sound. Careful to not make a sound himself. ??And he saw her. She didn’t see him. She was crouching behind a wooden barrel in the woods, further out than she had been.??He moved quietly toward her. Sneaking up on her like a hunter stalking his prey. Which was really what he was doing, wasn’t it???He waited until he was close enough for her to hear his voice, smiling as he saw her trying to peer around the barrel.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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