He’s Growing Up

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The first time Sean had seen Tina they were both seniors in High School. Sean had been the average young football player, 6′, 178 pounds, one of the “in crowd” and a serious fool. With blond hair and blue eyes Sean was one of the schools hunks.

Tina was the exact opposite, 5’7 and 240 pounds she was considered the official fat chick at Carver High School. Far from the “in crowd” Tina was one of the Freaks, the kids who dress as they want and ignore the rules. Tina was smart and funny to her friends but the rest of the school considered her weird because she did not hide her interest in the arcane, her nick name was “Witchy” and she was the favorite target for scorn from the “in crowd.”

Sean had spent all of his young life desperately trying to fit in, to be one of the guy but he had as secret that he thought would ruin any chances he had. While all of his buddies were lusting after models and skinny babes Sean could only think of fat girls, but having seen how his friends treated anyone different from them he was afraid to show it. Sean had always considered Tina with her flame red hair and pale soft skin beautiful, he sat behind her in two classes and always wondered what it would be like to stroke her plump body. Though he had never openly insulted her he had stood by and laughed as his friends did, Tina occasionally gave him a look while this was happening as if she could read his mind and knew how torn he was and despised his weakness.

Living in a small town there was few things to do on a Friday night for young people so nearly all of the high school students hung out at the last drive-in theater in the entire state. Different groups divided the place up, the “in crown” dead center with the Freaks in the far back corners. Sean’s Camaro was always parked in the middle of the eight row near the snack bar, surrounded by the rest of the football team and cheerleaders.

Two weeks before graduation Sean was waiting for his snacks when he saw Tina walk out of the back of the snack bar and suddenly all he could think of was that he was going away and he would never see her again. Grabbing his snacks he headed after Tina.

He called to her, “Tina wait. I have to ask you something.”

Tina turned around and fixed him with her dark gaze, “What do You want?”

“I, ummm, I wanted to ask you about the assignment in Ms. Gowings class. I umm, well I can’t remember the pages.” Suddenly all of his intentions to apologize for standing by while his friends insulted seemed caught up in his throat.

“236 to 279 then write an essay. Is that all you want?” Again Tina was giving him that look as if she could read his mind.

Sean stumbled over the words, “Well you are good in that class right? I was wondering if you would help me, I need a, well a tutor or something I have to get my grade up in there. I mean you could come to my place and study with me. It would be a big help.” Sean felt himself reach out to touch her arm.

“Is that what you really meant to ask me Sean? Somehow I thought you had something else in mind.” Tina’s voice flowed over him like warm honey.

Suddenly a voice from behind them rang out loudly, “Oh yeah like he wants to ask you out Tubbo. I mean what do you think fat chick, that a football player would want anything to do with a scrounge like you?” Sean turned to see the captain of the football team and two of his team mates and their girlfriends standing behind him. “Tell her Sean, she is delusional if she thinks you want her for anything, go on tell her.”

Tina looked at Mark Sumpter as if he was a bug. “I was not speaking to you Dumpster, if Sean has anything to tell me he will.” Mark gave Tina a shocked look, and Sean knew that no one had called him Dumpster Sumpter since kindergarten and Tina had not known them then.

Mark looked livid, “Shut up you fat bitch. Sean go on and tell this fat cow what you really think of her. Unless of course you are some sort of freaky chubby chaser.”

Sean wanted to scream at Mark to shut up, to tell them he thought Tina was beautiful. He knew that in less then a month he would be living half way across the country and never see any of them for years if at all. But as much as he wanted to he couldn’t, peer pressure was too strong and he found him self saying the words he would regret for the rest of his life. “Oh chill out Mark I was just asking her to help me with old lady Gowing’s class, hell I figured I could get her to do the work for me, you know how fat chicks are if you smile at them, they will bend over backwards for you. I mean you can’t really think I would want anything else from someone like her.” He turned toward Tina, hoping she could tell that he was lying and the look on her face chilled him to the bone, her face was perfectly serene but he would swear her eyes were boring through him like a knife.

Mark laughed and slapped him on the back. “Imagine a pig like that thinking you would want anything more from a fatso like casino oyna her. Come on dude let the fat bitch go pig out on her goodies back in the dark where the freaks belong so we don’t have to talk to her.”

Turning away Sean thought he heard Tina whisper, “Be sure you don’t choke on your words someday.” But he couldn’t be sure cause right at that moment Mark had shoved an entire handful of popcorn in his mouth and began to choke violently, coughing and wheezing, grabbing at his throat. Everyone began slapping him on the back which only made the coughing worse. One of the other players got behind him and wrapped his arms around his chest squeezing.

Mark finally stopped hacking but when he went to speak he had no voice. The whole group took Mark to the hospital where the dr. told him he had hurt his vocal cords and could not speak for at least 4 weeks.

Tina’s words came back to Sean but he told himself he imagined it. A couple times at school he tried to be alone with Tina to apologize but he never could, she was always with someone. Finally graduation came and went and he thought he would go by her house and finally tell her how sorry he was. The door was opened by her aunt who told him that Tina had left to study in Europe and didn’t intend to ever come back to Carver.

Through out university Sean began to feel more free, the first girl he dated was kind of plump and after her he went out with a girl who was actually five pounds over his own weight. A year later he dated a girl who was almost the size of Tina the last time he had seen her, and for years after this he found himself dating redheads who ranged from 190 to 250, all of whom reminded him of Tina.

After graduating he took a job in New York at a brokerage firm and by the time ten years had past he was still handsome and strong and now weighted all of 210 pounds with just a little softness to him. Still after all this time he dreamed of Tina and she stayed the same in his mind so that when he accidentally bumped into her at a deli he was first shocked to see that she was at least 340 pounds now and surprised to realize that he found her so mich more sexy then before. Suddenly he realized that all of the women he had dated that he thought had looked like her were only pale copies.

He watched her across the room and decided that he had let 10 years pass and that he had to tell her how sorry he was. As he walked across the room watching her eat a thick chocolate desert he found himself totally aroused. He stopped by her chair and waited for her to look up.

“Ummm, Tina? I don’t know if you remember me or not, we went to school together.” He stuttered.

She looked up and said in a voice like silk, “I remember you Sean, sit down.” Sean was shocked at how calm Tina looked.

“Tina I have spent 10 years wishing I could take back everything I said right before graduation.” The words tumbled out of Sean’s mouth.

She looked at him with that cool, calm look and reached out to brush his arm, Sean felt a tingle go through his whole body. “Go on Sean, I want to hear why you did it.” As she spoke the waiter came over to make sure everything was alright.

Sean looked at the huge chocolate dessert in front of Tina, layers of pastry and chocolate cream with a huge scoop of dark chocolate ice cream, all covered in fudge sauce. Even though he had just eaten a full meal Sean realized he wanted one and told the waiter to bring him what the lady was having.

Waiting for the food Sean began to stumble through his explanation, first about how he had been so stupid back then and how he had given in to peer pressure. When the dessert came Sean took a bite and then another and suddenly telling Tina the truth was easier. The words poured out between bites of chocolate until he finally admitted to her that he had had a crush on her in high school and that he hadn’t known how to handle it. As Sean got to the end of his story he realized that he had devoured the entire dessert in only a few minutes.

“Tina, I can’t say it too many times, I was so stupid, once I got into collage and away from Carver I began dating larger women, I haven’t dated a small woman since my first month at collage and I have thought of you all along.” Sean had run the spoon over the bottom and sides of the bowl to get every last drop of chocolate.

Tina pierced him with a look, “Sean you were a coward but then most teenagers are, the thing is you have no idea what it is to be fat and on the outside, you have no idea how people treat you. I am willing to give you a second chance to make it up to me but it will not be easy, you are going to have to prove to me that you are sorry and that you understand better what I go through. I will let you start by taking me to dinner tonight, my choice. Dress casual.” Sean was so thrilled that he could barely speak as he agreed and got her address. Tina told him to pick her up at her apartment at seven and not to be late.

The rest canlı casino of the day at work Sean could barely think of anything else and even thought he knew they were going out to dinner he found himself nibbling on snacks all day, each bite seemed to make him think of Tina’s lush body. Finally seven came and Sean had been waiting outside of Tina’s apartment for ten minutes just to make sure he would be on time. He rang the buzzer and Tina came down the stairs, Sean was shocked at how beautiful she was in black slacks and a scarlet top.

Tina opened the front door and reached out for his hand, “Seven on the dot, I like a man who is on time. I hope you are hungry, I want to go to Hunan House about 5 blocks away.” As she touched him Sean felt that same tingle run through him and he felt very alive and very hungry.

When they reached the restaurant Sean realized it was a huge Chinese buffet. As they got seated and Sean smelled the food his stomach ached with hunger. Tina and he walked down the buffet and Sean heaped his plate full of food. They got a table and began to talk about their lives since school as they ate. As Sean told her about his university days he savored the General’s Chicken’s tanginess and the sweet taste of Sesame Chicken, bite after bite he devoured four large egg rolls enjoying the texture and feel of them in his mouth. Sean watched Tina eat and told about how he had got into being a broker as he finished off the entire plate of food. Just watching Tina eat was exciting him and making him more hungry.

Tina suggested they get more before she told her story and Sean began to fill his plate with Pepper beef, Kung Pow Chicken and beef, more egg rolls and some deep fried sweet and sour pork. Finally he gave in and filled another plate with a few crab legs and a bunch of deep fried shrimp. Sean could never remember eating so much or being so hungry, as soon as they sat back down he began to eat his fifth egg roll.

“I don’t know what is wrong with me Tina I am usually not this hungry, Please tell me what you have been doing since school.” Sean took a bite of the fried shrimp and enjoyed the crisp texture of the oily batter.

“Don’t worry Sean I love to see a man eat a lot, I find it very sexy.” Tina went on to tell him how she had gone to university in Europe to study history, specializing in the arcane and spiritual rituals of people around the world and how she now worked for the museum acquiring arcane artifacts. Listening to her Sean had finished off half a dozen Crab Ragoons and had begun to eat the various beef dishes on his plate.

Finally they had both caught up on their basic pasts and Sean was so full he could barely move, his belt felt very tight. They walked out and got in the car, Sean gave a huge sigh as he settled in to the drivers seat, “Oh I think I ate too much.”

Tina reached over and began to gently rub his belly, “Nonsense Sean, I think it is sexy when a man eats.” The pressure in his stomach had lessened but another part of his body began to fill the pressure as she touched him. Sean leaned over and kissed Tina’s full lips as she continued to rub his belly, each stroke making him feel more comfortable and more aroused.

Tina pulled back and told him she had better get home since she had to be at work early to await a shipment. “But we can go out again tomorrow, I know a great Italian place we can go to, you will love the pasta.” Sean couldn’t believe that after the meal he had just finished he would want to think about food but the thought of eating with Tina was thrilling.

The next night Sean was at her apartment again at exactly seven o’ clock and they drove across town to a small Italian bistro where they were served huge plates of pasta and buttery garlic bread. Sean ordered the Pasta Alfredo with extra cheese and some Italian beef in cheese sauce and enjoyed every gooey bite as he watched Tina eat Chicken Picata. The way she ate had him so aroused he was surprised he didn’t moan out loud as the rich and fattening food pasted his lips.

Again they sat in the car and Tina rubbed his full belly and her touch relived the pressure while making him hard as a rock. At her door he kissed her long and hard wishing that he did not have to go home.

After that the next two weeks was spent going to different restaurants and to movies where they would load up on a huge containers of extra buttery popcorn and all kinds of goodies, Tina would nibble the popcorn he held in his lap but it was usually Sean who ate most of it. Sean also found that he was hungry during the day and spent a lot of time munching as he worked. After two and a half weeks Sean got on the scale and realize that he had gained eleven pounds, he had had to start using a different notch on his belt and he could feel a little softness around his belly.

When he met Tina that night he told her he thought that they should not go out to eat so much since he was gaining weight. Tina grinned at him and pressed kaçak casino her soft round body against his, “You are? Oh I don’t know why but I think that is so sexy.” She began to kiss him hungrily and suddenly Sean could care less if he gained a little more, his hunger was so intense.

This time they went to a different Italian restaurant and Sean found himself eating even more as Tina flirted with him. The spicy sauce tingled in his mouth as the tender pasta went down his throat and the Chicken Parmesan tasted like heaven. This time it took even more to get that amazing full feeling that he knew would feel so good when Tina rubbed his belly.

They stood in front of her apartment after the restaurant and Sean told her he wished he didn’t have to go home tonight. “Sean you have been great but you still have a lot to prove to me and I don’t think you really understand yet what life is like for me. Give it time Sean I think you still have some growing to do.” Tina kissed him again before going in the building.

Sean was determined to prove to Tina that he had grown up and that he understood better what she had gone through so he very patiently waited as they would go out and eat or go to an art exhibit then picnic in the park. Sean found that the more he ate and the more he was around Tina the more hungry he was when she was not around. Sean had never kept snacks in the house and now he found himself buying bags of chips and boxes of ice cream bars at least once a week.

By the end of a month Sean had gained twenty-four pounds and his belly had grown large enough that he could run his hands under it, it seemed as if most of the weight he had gained was in his belly though he could feel his thighs thicken a little as well. He kept telling himself he would just not eat when he wasn’t around Tina but he always did. His pants were no longer fashionably baggy they had begun to fit enough that he no longer needed to wear a belt but he found that he liked the way it felt.

People at work had begun to notice that he was gaining and as he walked around a corner and stopped at the water cooler he over heard two of the men he worked with talking about him. “Can you believe Sean man? I mean he has really been putting it on, he is turning into a fatso.” One of them said.

The other guy was someone Sean had considered a friend. “Yeah I know what you mean he is turning into a real pig, I don’t know how anyone can treat their body like that it is disgusting.”

Sean had never had anyone criticize the way he looked before and it actually hurt his feelings and made him wonder what it had been like for Tina being insulted every day of her life in school. The secretary of the woman in the next office had always flirted with him, making comments about how much she admired football players and loved that strong muscular look. Sean had not paid attention to her lately since the only woman he was interested in was Tina but he began to notice that she no longer had a special smile for him and basically ignored him when she saw him.

That night he found himself spilling all of this out to Tina and again he was begging her forgiveness. “I never realized what it was like to be insulted or ignored just because of how you look.” He said as they ate Cajun fried Chicken and red beans and rice. “I had no idea what you went through and here I gain just a little and people are slamming me. I see now how hard it must have been for you, I know it was a hundred times harder for you growing up.”

“So you are finally starting to understand a little.” Tina smiled and continued to eat.

As they sat in the car in front of her apartment Tina rubbed his belly while they kissed and suddenly Sean realized that her hand had strayed lower and was rubbing him through his pants. “Sean I want to make dinner for us at my place tomorrow, I am going to make some yummy things. I want to fill you up with good food and make you feel better, plus it will be nice to be alone with you.”

Sean spent the entire day thinking about dinner with Tina and it seemed like every time he took a bite of food during the day he became slightly aroused. At lunch he found himself eating a foot long subway sandwich with extra everything and as he ate he thought of Tina and the way it felt when she rubbed his belly. Thinking about it he became so hard he couldn’t stand up for ten minutes. Sean began to think that Tina had bewitched him and he just wanted more.

That night when he went to put on a pair of jeans he had worn just nine days before he found that they were getting really snug and he thought about changing them but as he sat down and they tightened around his waist and thighs he found that he really liked the feeling. Sean stopped by the store and grabbed two bottles of wine, one red and one white since Tina would not tell him what they were having for dinner.

Tina buzzed him upstairs and as he neared her apartment he could smell the most wonderful foods. Tina let him in and Sean stood looking around the room in surprise at all the artifacts and the over whelming smells coming from the kitchen. Following Tina into the kitchen Sean handed her the bottles of wine.

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