Hero’s Life Ch. 12

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Lisa’s soft brown eyes had a hungry look as I drew towards her. Her mouth was hanging open slightly. Just inside, her tongue twitched like she was trying to will me to do what she wanted. Her small, fair-skinned, befreckled body was wrapped in a white bath towel and she was stretched out on my couch with her legs splayed – so splayed that one of her tiny feet was resting atop one of the back cushions. Her slender thighs were completely bare. She’d drawn her towel up just above her crotch to reveal what she had just sweetly described as her “honeypot.” Its pink inner petals peeked just outside of her outer lips.

The rest of the girls were upstairs soaking in a bubble bath and Lisa had just talked me into a bit of oral satisfaction on the couch. Remarkably, she’d been the one to teach me how to eat pussy 10 years ago. On her girlfriend. The one upstairs in the tub with my girlfriends, in fact. I looked forward to showing Lisa my progress since her first lesson.

As I drew closer, I reflected on how little I knew about her, this adorable brunette pixie who’d stepped in for Tracy to make me a man that night in Bangkok. Only barely eighteen like the rest of us back then, she had been so steady and sure in her role as a carnal pinch-hitter for her hesitant friend. They’d said they had never done a three-way before that night. I wondered if they’d ever repeated it after. Were there other men who’d been given the same treatment? Who now dreamt of orchids and double kisses and moans and moonlight?

These were tender thoughts and they made my slow advance on Lisa gentle. I touched both of her knees and traced my fingertips up her thighs then cupped the curve of her small hips. Her eagerness was as plain on her face as the adorable freckles that decorated each cheek. I had barely touched her and she was already breathing more raggedly, licking her lips as I drew closer to her drooling pussy.

Eye to eye with her sex, I only then noticed that she was pierced. A tiny silver barbell was lanced sideways through the hood above her little button. I’d never seen one before and I paused to admire it. It was so delicate and pretty against the tender flesh it ran through. The stud suggested that Lisa was what she was – a feisty little sexual firecracker, a vigorous bedmate.

“Pretty,” I commented, looking up at her. She caught her lower lip between her teeth and nodded. In her eagerness, she wasn’t talkative. I wondered if she had gotten it before getting married or after. Either way it didn’t matter. Having it done while married or keeping it after she was married would have, should have, sent the same signal to her husband – “FYI, I’m kinda kinky.” Lisa’s hubby either didn’t understand the message, ignored it, or didn’t care. My estimation of his negligence would rise accordingly.

It had been several months since I’d put my tongue to a woman other than Samantha or Heather. For the most part, I knew their respective buttons – the where’s and when’s of kissing, licking, and teasing them to best effect. Lisa was uncharted territory and the novelty of what we were about to do was exciting. My cock stiffened in my pants.

I brushed my lips gently against the smooth delicate skin of her outer petals. When she sighed immediately I knew this was going to be fun. I worked the tip of my tongue on her little button experimentally. The tiny barbell at her hood prevented me from applying the side-sweeping licks that Heather adored and I was hoping to try on Lisa. It was impossible to roll her little button under my tongue to do it correctly. I resorted to a basic up and down motion with a gentle tongue snap that Samantha enjoyed sometimes.

Lisa groaned happily. Still, this was…. boring. Little Lisa, my first lover, deserved better.

It had been awhile, but I sucked briefly on my own tongue to dry and roughen its surface then circled around her now swollen clit. Rotating across the underside of her clit, the rough topside of my tongue would feel intense. Transitioning along its sides and the top, smoother parts of my tongue would be touching her – a complicated mix of angles and textures. I could also pause to tap downward on her little barbell from above. I looked up at Lisa and she nodded, still nibbling on her own lip. Her nostrils flared and her hips squirmed working against me in the opposite direction.

I crinkled my eyes in a smile. I’d forgotten Lisa was left-handed. I reversed to swirl on her counterclockwise. Why? Ask a left-handed girlfriend. The reversal was kind of like inserting the correct key into a locked door. Lisa panted through her nose and her hips popped upwards, eagerly pushing her pussy into my mouth. Each of her hands clutched at the couch, gripping the cushions tightly. She eked out a cry of encouragement, “Just like that… don’t stop…”

I continued circling her clit, pausing to tap on her little silver charm. A quick downward dip of my tongue confirmed that her opening was already dripping with excitement. escort ataşehir Sliding back to her clit, I brought a hand up to toy with one finger at the small slippery hole of her pussy.

“Yea-ess,” Lisa’s moaned halfway through her own urging word.

As I worked one finger into the hot, dripping mouth of her cunt she gasped and went rigid. Less than a minute later, she twisted into orgasm. It was over before we’d even really gotten started.

“Already?” I looked up at her, an eyebrow arched. She was panting and her face had flushed a deep red.

“Sorry, I guess I was really excited. I sort of gave myself a head start while I was in the shower too,” she admittedly bashfully.

A vivid image of Lisa’s touching herself in the shower came to mind. “Bet you can go again…”

“Definitely. I was hoping you would offer. Actually, could you lay down on your back? I’d like to be on top this time. There’s something I’d love to do with a fella. Your five o’ clock shadow will feel nice.” She cleared off the couch to make room.


She waited for me to stretch out on my back, then swung a leg over to straddle my head facing my feet, and supported by her knees on the couch. I watched as she lowered her still-wet sex towards me and I reached up to take her hips and guide her downward. I lapped at her clit when it got close enough to reach and she giggled, still sensitive from her first come.

She settled herself down onto my face a little more fully than I anticipated. It was a good thing she didn’t weight much. It felt like she was sitting on my chin. She rocked a little against my chin, pressing her smooth mons into me until I felt her pubic bone beneath. I felt the scruff of my stubble scratching against her. I guessed it was the feeling she was after because she groaned happily. “Okay if I rub against you a little like this?”

“Absolutely,” I confirmed from beneath her crotch. I resumed my circular licking at her clit and let her hump against me the way she obviously craved.

Eventually, she rolled her hips forward and paused to let me lap at the soft pink inner petals of her pussy and collect the wetness there before she rolled her hips further forward. I lathed her ass crack as she slid it up my mouth until she centered me on her ass. I met her silent request by flicking back and forth across her rosebud repeatedly with my tongue. She panted a bit more heavily as I licked and teased at her little ring.

“Inside a little?” I heard her moan.

I pressed the tip of my tongue solidly against her ass and felt it begin to yield, her delicate rear hole wiggled sideways as she fidgeted above me, eager to have her own ass penetrated. My mouth began to ache as I kept my tongue rigid for her to hump her ass against. Finally, her ass began to give way and my tongue eased just barely into her. “It’s in… your tongue is in my fuck,in’ ass… ” she groaned. She sighed above me, lifting away briefly only to bounce back down gently and wedge her ass further onto my tongue.

Without warning, she rocked her hips backwards again to return me to her little clit. I understood the point of her diversion when one of her hands slid down her back and down her ass. She brought her largest, middle finger downwards to circle her backdoor several times. I paused my licking, momentarily distracted, as she slid that finger slowly, gently into her own ass – withdrawing it slightly a few times only to continue pushing it inward until it was buried in her ass.

She noticed my distracted pause. “Hey…” she murmured.

“Ooops, sorry. That was kinda hot to watch.”

I heard her chuckle sadly. “Thanks, Hero. When I had a go at this with the hubbie, he ran screaming from the room.”

Eager to take her mind from that sad memory, I resumed lapping at her little button. She responded by gingerly working her butt with her finger.

“When I do this, it feels like my ass and my clit are connected.” She explained. “Crikey, it’s so good – feeling it working in my bum while you eat me and your stubble’s a bit scratchy up front.”

“I’m glad. This is fun for me too, Lis’. I’m kind of getting a kick out of having you parked on my face. Take your time, okay? “

“Don’t mind if I do.”

She did. She used me like a couch-mounted sex toy and I loved it. She pumped her crotch against my mouth, my chin, or my nose as it suited her. She rolled her hips around to put my tongue where she pleased. I lost track of time, yielding myself to the singular goal of satisfying her tender pink flesh while stroking the smooth freckled skin of her thighs. All the while, she delicately sodomized herself with that one finger. It was intoxicating. For both of us.

She stretched it out for both our sakes but it couldn’t last forever. Eventually, her movements became more erratic. I felt her legs tense beneath my hands. She wobbled above me as her orgasm loomed. Finally, her body seized and she ground herself kadıköy escort down into me, greedily seeking as much contact as possible. I continued assaulting her clitoris as I felt her the mouth of her cunt twitch against my nose. I watched her backdoor clutch and spasm around her finger. “Eeeeaaaaaah,” she groaned as she reached her climax and rode it out on my face.

As she came down, I resumed stroking her thighs. Still out of breath, she levered upright onto her knees to look down at me. “You get an A-plus,” she panted. She unsteadily swung her leg around and moved off to sit on the floor in front of me.

“Thanks, teach.” I kissed her forehead when she rested her cheek on the couch in front of me. Her face was flushed, her cheeks and nose were a bright red and her eyes were shut. She smiled when I ran a few fingers through her still damp hair. When she’d caught her breath, I gave her a quick smooch on the cheek. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m going to go wash my face for a sec.”

She sniffed quickly and pouted. “That bad?”

“No!” I chuckled, shaking my head. “That good. I know everybody is supposed to be okay with this but I just don’t want to rub the girls’ faces in it.”

She snickered giddily.


“Interesting choice of words, considering I just rubbed your face in it.”

I rolled my eyes and laughed with her as I ducked into the kitchen and washed my face.

I needn’t have worried about time. It was another hour before Heather, Sam and Tracy dragged themselves from the tub and came back downstairs to join us. By then, the room no longer smelled like sex and Lisa had composed herself – the bright red blush across her face had faded.

Sam came down clad in her much-adored black satin robe. Peaches wore her matching cream one. Tracy was wearing a soft grey cotton pajama set – a camisole top that bared her smooth shoulders was paired with slender pants that made her legs look as long as they were. The girls were all a rosy, fresh-from-the-tub color.

Thankfully, none of them commented as they joined us, so I assumed Lisa and I had been sufficiently discrete. That is, until later when Peaches, casually perched on my knee, gave me a peck on the cheek in response to a comment I made during our five-way conversation. She followed with a quick sniff and eyed me suspiciously. She dropped her voice so only I could hear, “How come your face smells like dish soap? Something you had to wash off hastily?” My eyes zipped over to Lisa and betrayed me.

Heather only smirked, her smile letting me know that she was far from mad. She leaned in to whisper “I guess that’s fair, you missed some fun up in the tub too. Tracy is very talented. Sam and I are thinking about keeping her for the all-girl’s team. She might be wasted on boys.”

I pictured the three of them writhing, covered in bath bubbles and the image made me groan softly. This was more torture. I’d pleasured both Peaches and Lisa without relief, now I was being subjected to my own visions of a soapy lesbian three-way. Could a 28 year-old man get blueballs? I hadn’t had a case since my early teens.

Heather patted my head reassuringly as our conversation continued. We repeated the previous night’s agenda: drinking, laughing, sharing, bonding. Eventually, the subject of Tracy’s virginity came up. Heather and Tracy had already become close enough that she felt free to sass Tracy a bit, “You might have considered finding someone with an average width dick for your first go round. He might kill you.”

Tracy cringed, giggling, but Lisa’s head whipped around to look at her friend. “You haven’t TOLD him?!” Then she scanned the rest of the room. “You haven’t told any of them?!”

Tracy just winced and shook her head. “I was honest. I told him that I’d never been with a guy…”

“Fine, I’m telling them. I’m definitely telling them.” Lisa took a big breath. “OK, picture this. It’s my wedding day. We’re half-way through the reception. I had just slunk out onto the front porch of the reception hall for some fresh air. Nobody warned me that wedding dresses were so damn hot. Anyway, I’m standing out there and I look over. Here comes Tracy stumbling towards me in her lavender bridesmaid’s dress. She’s crossing the parking lot, clearly tipsy, and waving this pink dildo in the air.”

“She starts yelling from about 30 yards away: ‘Hey honey, I’ve got your special wedding present!’ “

“I can’t let her in the reception hall like that! I can’t even let her on the porch – I’ve got three nuns in my family! So I ran over and pushed her into one of the wedding limos motoring outside. It was a big stretchy thing with plenty of room inside and, thank God, a solid partition between the back and the chauffeur.”

“I shut the door behind us and start yelling: “I. Don’t. Need. A dildo. For a wedding present.’ ” We wrestle for the dildo and I get it off her.”

” ‘No… wait…’ Tracey slurs and she reaches under maltepe escort bayan her dress to pull her panties down to her knees then hikes up her dress.”

“I just look on, speechless, while she reaches out to pull that fake dick still in my hand towards her. She holds her legs up and brings the end of it to her little wet puss. ‘This is your wedding present. I want you to be the one to break me. Please?! I love you! I want this so bad. I want it to be you. Tonight. Please? Just do it for me?’ “

“Her purpley eyes were huge and soft. She was so sweet and happy and sad and vulnerable all at the same time. I promised her that my marriage wouldn’t get in the way of us and we would still be together. Then I did what any best friend-slash-lesbian lover would do. I wedged that pink sucker right up in there! It was good in a way, she was pretty liquored up and didn’t feel much pain. I gave her a good poking in that sweet little muff of hers until she came and passed out. It took a little while though, so when she was finished I kissed her on her boozy lips and yanked her underwear back up and fixed her dress. Then I begged the chauffeur to take her to the hotel and went back to the reception where everybody was already looking for me. I spent the reception trying not to think about the fact that I’d just busted my girlfriend’s cherry. I had to hug my Aunt “Mother” Patricia with virgin blood on my hands,” Lisa groaned.

“Oh no, that’s not the best part,” Tracy rolled her eyes. “I woke up the next morning in a strange hotel room with a splitting headache and dull pain down below. I reached between my legs and… she forgot to take the damn dildo out.” Tracy slapped Lisa’s shoulder playfully and they both giggled. We joined them. My side was starting to hurt.

“Well, I was a little distracted. It was my wedding!” Lisa finally managed to choke out, “The whole thing in the limo got me so hot I fucked my husband senseless that night.”

“Hey, do you still have that dildo?” Lisa finally asked with a sentimental half-smile.

Tracy’s smiled. “Nah, still have the panties though. Souvenir.”

We laughed again. When we’d finished though, and moved on to talk about something else, I caught Tracy looking wistful.

The drinking and story swapping continued. Tracy disappeared at one point and was gone long enough that I slipped away to check on her. I found her on the other side of the house in the living room. She was nursing the last of her whiskey glass of straight tequila. She’d made a beeline for the Porfidio Anejo bottle as soon as I opened the bar earlier that night. I had gladly poured her three solid fingers of the fragrant yellow liquid and watched with interest as she gleefully took a large sip and groaned happily. Not many women have a taste for straight aged tequila – in my biased eyes it was more proof that Tracy was something special.

At the moment, she was looking at a framed hanging picture of Sam, Heather and me. It was a candid, un-posed photo of us in a bar surrounded by a mob of pretty young coeds. The three of us were in a circle holding up fluorescent green shots of Jagermeister, the girls around us cheering us on.

I winced when I saw Tracy looking at it. Was the picture too immature? It was taken at a local bar just off Heather’s college campus. Sam and I had driven up to surprise her on one of her first few weekends when Heather had sounded homesick over the phone. I had expected a steamy night or two of hotel sex. Sam had a different and ultimately better idea. We ended up inviting Heather’s entire dormitory floor out for drinks. Sammie and Heather flirted and bribed the underage women past the bouncer. It turned into a very fun night that also instantly secured Heather’s already rising popularity.

Sam had the picture of that night framed and hung it up as a gag.

For me, the picture was something more. It was evidence of just how good Sammie was at looking into people and figuring out what they needed. That weekend, Heather may have needed us, but she also needed help connecting to her new surroundings. With her impromptu drunken outing, Sam had given her that – helped me give her that too. The sweet memory brought a tickle to my throat.

I watched as Tracy reached up to touch the photo and it made me wonder what she thought. Before she caught me spying, I made my way over to stand next to her so that we were looking at the picture together. I slipped an arm around her waist. “Pretty silly pic, huh?”

“No,” she croaked softly. It was a short word but the way it came out told me what I needed to know. She’d been on the verge of tears. She swallowed loudly and continued. “I like the photo. You look so happy together.”

To give her a moment to collect herself, I described the evening to her. It piqued her interest. Her voice was steadier when she asked, “Do the other girls, Heather’s dorm mates, know? About the three of you?”

I shrugged. “I don’t think so. We kept it platonic that night. I’m not really sure how much Heather has said at school. I suspect she keeps it to herself because she dates a little while she’s there. Sam and I made her promise not to turn eligible boys away for our sake. Dating is part of that whole experience.”

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