Hero’s Life Ch. 05

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Author’s Note: As some of you may have figured out by now, I’m preoccupied with a few things. One of them is having to wait for something and how that waiting makes the something even better as a result.

A few minutes before noon the next day, Heather and I were lounging together in the loveseat on my front porch when Samantha pulled into my driveway in her sporty little black two-seater. She stepped out carrying a small travel wardrobe bag. Her long straight dark hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she was wearing a t-shirt and shorts like the rest of us. It was mid-July and it was already hot. This “casual Sam” looked funny to me at first. I’d only ever seen her at work in business wear. Her shorts showed off her lean little dancer’s legs well though. We hung her bag inside and piled into my larger car for the local park. Once there, we spread an enormous blanket under a shade tree. Heather poured white wine she’d concealed in a cooled thermos into dixie cups (to avoid park rangers hassling us) and I spread out a picnic lunch.

We talked while we nibbled. No one mentioned the raunchy interlude the night before in my office but Sam began a brief explanation of how Heather had been steadily wearing her down all summer. “She just stopped in my office first thing every morning and cheerfully asked the same exact question: ‘So, are we going to lunch today?’ ”

“It took about a month,” Heather grinned, patting Sam’s thigh. “She’s stubborn. But, it only took her two weeks to kiss me though.”

I raised an eyebrow.

Sam blushed. “After we had lunch a few times… and I don’t know… maybe she picked up on something… she started asking me a new question over and over again every morning…”

“Yup,” Heather nodded, “I started asking her ‘So, are you going to let me kiss you today?’ “

“It worked,” Sam admitted, “I caved.”

“She gave me a hot, wet smooch as a present for my 18th birthday,” Heather leered. “From there, my daily questions just kept getting dirtier.”

When we’d digested lunch a bit, I pulled a frisbee and a football from a backpack. We played in the sun. As it got even hotter, Heather watched enviously as Sam pulled her t-shirt off to reveal that underneath she wore just a bright green string bikini top on her slender little dancer’s body. The top covered Sam’s perky B-cup breasts and its green picked up her nearly hazel eyes. “Awww, I’d knock myself unconscious if I tried to run around in just a string top,” Heather grumbled, looking at her huge chest. Beneath her t-shirt and bra were giant round breasts that I hadn’t yet seen despite our advanced sexplay.

“Those perfect superboobs aren’t getting much sympathy from me,” Sam sassed her.

Perfect boobs aside, we soon identified one of Heather’s few flaws – she couldn’t throw a frisbee worth shit. I chased down her horrible tosses while Sam coached her on proper form. Sam soon saw the problem. “I think it’s her tits,” Sam marvelled, “look, she can’t curl her arm in right.” We laughed together at the diagnosis.

“So what do I do?” Heather asked.

“Breast reduction,” Sam teased, “It’s tits or frisbee. You’ll have to decide.” Sam’s good humor made me smile. This was a happy Sam. One we’d hoped was in there somewhere.

For her part, Heather soon redeemed herself with the football. Her spiral was even tighter than mine. Peaches continued to prove that she was more than a pretty face with a hot cartoon-like body. “Dad and I played catch a lot in my hardcore tomboy days,” she explained, hurling another 20 yarder with practiced ease.

When we’d had enough, we collapsed back on the blanket in the shade. As we passed around a large bottle of cold water, Sam stretched her feet out, pointing her toes this way and that. She’d been running barefoot while we played. I pulled one of her feet into my lap and began massaging her sole. Sam’s eyes narrowed with pleasure. Heather scooched over and did the same with Sam’s other foot. “Uh, that’s good,” she groaned and laid back to enjoy. It gave me a tantalizing view up her shorts. Something lacy, black and pretty was under there. Heather caught me looking and smirked indulgently at my immaturity. At length, she softly asked, “Soooo, how are things going canlı bahis with Danny?”

“Shitty,” Sam sighed, “same as usual.”

Curiousity got the best of me. “How did you guys meet?” I blurted out. Heather darted her eyes at me then looked away.

“I thought you’d have heard by now. It’s a sordid story. I figured it had made the rounds at the office or that Heather would have told you.”

I shook my head.

“It’s your business honey,” Heather said simply.

“The short version is this: Danny was best friends with my last boyfriend, Stephen. Stephen and I dated all through high school and into college. Before that, we had been best friends growing up. He was the first boy I kissed, the first boy I saw naked, the first boy I slept with. He was my first love – we were soulmates. We did everything together. Stephen had quite the imagination. God, the things he did to me. The things he let me do to him.” She swooned a little. “I’d need several drinks before I described them.”

“What happened?”

“Stephen was killed four years ago,” Sam’s voice tightened, “Car accident. On his way home from dropping me off one night after our date a drunk driver crossed the divider and plowed into him. He was killed instantly. Just like that, he was gone. Wiped away.”

“And Danny?” I asked softly after a moment.

Sam sighed. “Like I said, Danny was Stephen’s best friend. He hung out with us a lot. On the first anniversary of Stephen’s death, we hooked up after a night of crying and drinking. I moved in with him. I think we were both still missing Stephen. Things were bad from the start though. Danny just isn’t Stephen. It’s probably not fair for me to ask him to be. We still have a connection, but it’s thin and getting thinner. For one thing, he’s more interested in beer, watching sports, and playing video games than spending any real time with me.

“You deserve better you know,” I said, meeting Sam’s green eyes with my own for a long moment.

She fixed me with an intense look, almost peering through me, and smiled. “Is this better Hero? Is that where this is headed? Are you better?”

“I don’t know if I’m better,” I scratched my head, “Different maybe, but…”

Heather silenced me with a slap to the shoulder. “Don’t listen to him. He’s better. I’m better too.”

I sighed. “Look, for what it’s worth, I think you need to bail out. Even if it it hurts him and you. There will be more pain later if you don’t.”

Sam nodded. “I know. And trust me, I’m not afraid of hurting people when I have to.” I saw something dark and feral shift behind Sam’s green gaze. “I’ll do it when I’m ready. But right now, he’s all I have left of Stephen and it’s still too hard to let that go.” Sam studied me intently again for a moment, “How about you Hero, you ever hurt anyone?”

Wow, that was a good question. She might as well have banged a tuning fork and held it next to my head. She’d shared something personal, though, so I returned the favor. “Sure,” I admitted, “my first girlfriend. Got her pregnant when a condom broke. She didn’t want a baby so it was off to planned parenthood. I went with her. When they put her under to do it, I begged the doctor to stay. Told him it was my fault. He let me. It was terrible. We broke up soon after. Not much I could do. She needed to move on and to really do it she had to leave me.” I took a drink of water. “It’s how I got this tattoo,” I gestured at my bare shoulder.

“Yeah, what does that say anyway?” Peaches asked.

“It’s Hebrew isn’t it?” Sam guessed, reaching up to trace her fingers over the ink.


“But you’re not Jewish…” Peaches puzzled.

“If I was, I wouldn’t be allowed to have the tattoo now would I?”

“So what does it say?” Sam repeated Heather’s question.

“It says B’al Tashchit – ‘Do not destroy.’ It’s a law against breaking or hurting stuff, including people. One of the nurses at the clinic told me that I had B’al Tashchit in my heart, that I was a good boy.”

“So you looked it up and had somebody tattoo you with it?” Sam wondered.


“My big softie,” Peaches gushed. She pulled me into a tight hug and proposition me. “I’d do you right here in the park bahis siteleri if I thought we could get away with it.”

“And I’d watch.” Sam wiggled her eyebrows.

“Promises. Promises,” I said, “Come on, let’s head home. We can take our time cleaning up for dinner.”

We gathered our things and drove back to my place. On the ride home, Peaches was nibbling my neck. She clearly had sex on the brain. Sam teased her from the back seat, calling her a horny little slut.

When we were home and putting things away in the kitchen, it was Sam who prompted Heather again. “So, do I get to watch you guys do it or…”

“If it’s up to me you can join in too if you like,” I offered.

“We’ll see…” Sam rose onto her tiptoes and kissed me softly on the nose. Her sweet gesture distracted me and I didn’t notice that Heather had knelt down until her little hands slid into the waistband of my shorts.

“Right here in the kitchen, Peaches?” I asked as my shorts were abruptly yanked down and my already half-mast erection popped free.

“And what’s wrong with the kitchen?” Heather replied as she bent her head and swallowed most of me into her small mouth in one gulp.

“Absolutely nothing,” I moaned

Heather sucked and twirled her tongue until I was fully hard then released me. “That’s what I thought,” she smiled as she pulled me down to the floor with her. She wriggled out of her shorts until she was naked from the waist down and laying on her back with her legs spread lewdly in invitation.

Sam moved a few steps away and sat on a barstool by the kitchen counter, her eyes on us the entire time. She looked on as I rubbed my spit-slickened end along Heather’s perfectly bald little slit and pushed into her. We groaned together and began screwing happily on the tile floor.

“Little help here Sam?” Peaches soon asked between breaths as we fucked. “Would you take off my bra? It’s all tight and sweaty from running around outside.” Sam rolled her eyes but came over and knelt above Heather’s head. She skillfully reached through the armhole of Heather’s t-shirt to unhook her bra and they both worked to pull it off and out the armhole. Heather sighed happily when she was free of the confinement. Sam stayed kneeled by Heather’s head watching us make love.

“Hey Sam?” Heather asked, fixing on me with her soft blue eyes, “Take off my shirt too, would you?”

Sam glanced uncomfortably at me. She knew that Heather had been shy about this – that I’d never seen her naked from the waist up. “You sure?” Sam asked gently.

Heather kept looking at me and just smiled. The expectation was probably written all over my face. “Yeah, he’s ready. I am too. Do it extra slow Sam. Hero’s been waiting for this for awhile.”

Heather raised her arms above her head and Sam did as she asked. It was like watching a perfect sunrise. The bottom of Heather’s t-shirt crept up her flat, smooth belly. Her barely visible little ribs moving beneath her beautiful skin were uncovered next. The anticipation made me stop pushing into her when the hem reached the bottoms of her boobs and rose over their large curved undersides. Then the shirt’s bottom crested and hit her mid-boob. A pair of perfectly matched, little pink nipples popped into view. They were puckered and hard with her excitement. The t-shirt slid up the upper slope of her chest and Sam pulled the t-shirt over Heather’s head and off. Heather was finally completely nude beneath me and the wait had been worth it. She was gorgeous from head to toe. Her newly revealed breasts were large, round, firm and definitely real. The skin stretched tightly over them, barely containing their mass in a gravity-defying way reserved for young, teenage girl boobs. Like the rest of her, they were lightly tanned. They had little pale triangles just around her nipples that matched a similar triangle at her crotch. Peaches may not have been able to run around in a small bikini, but she certainly tanned in one. If she was tanning at home in that kind of outfit her Dad and brother were either saints, gay, or taking prescription sedatives.

“See, I told you he’d like them,” Sam quipped, echoing what Heather had said about Sam’s fantastic ass the night before.

Just bahis şirketleri then I realized that I’d stopped fucking and resumed, my eyes glued to Heather’s chest rocking up and down with our movements. It was only a few minutes before I stumbled out a request, “Can I, uh…. do you mind if I…”

“You want to fuck them don’t you?” Heather grinned. I just nodded dumbly.

“Sure, they usually have that effect on guys. If Sam holds ’em together for you, my hands will be free to touch myself. That would be a nice change, actually. For once, I’d be able to get off while doing this.

I gently pulled out of Peaches and scooted up her body to straddle her flat belly. I’d never done this before and was unsure how to proceed. Sam came to my rescue, leaning forward to lick the valley between Heather’s breasts. Heather’s arms slid under me and she began to masturbate slowly. When Sam was done wetting Heather’s chest, she gave my cock a long tantalizing lick then took it in her hand and pressed it down between her friend’s tits. She pushed first one boob then the other over me and together to form a tight, warm tunnel that completely surrounded me. I began to rock in and out of Heather’s cleavage slowly. The entire scene was erotic as hell. Heather’s eyes were closed and she’d caught her bottom lip between her teeth as she pleasured herself. Her blonde hair was spread out on the floor. Sam was still fully clothed and she was crouched over a completely nude Heather. Sam’s tiny hands were cupping her friend’s overripe adolescent breasts. She egged Heather on periodically by swirling her thumbs over Heather’s nipples, making her pant a little louder each time.

I started moving in and out off Heather’s cleavage faster and we both moaned. Heather’s nubile body seemed tailor-made for granting male fantasies. I watched my cock slide in and out and grunted with the pleasure.

I think it was the way Sam cocked her head that caught my attention. I glanced up to see that she was looking intently at Heather. After a long moment, she leaned further over Heather’s body to whisper softly in my ear, “No Hero, not like this. Not the first time she’s shared this with you.”

I craned my neck to look down at Heather. She looked like she was resolved to her fate as a boob-fuckee and was enjoying herself.

“Just trust me, go back to fucking her. In fact, fuck her extra hard,” Sam murmured. She paused a second before continuing, “If you make her come, I’ll let you have my ass again tonight.” She licked my earlobe wetly.

My heart skipped three beats. Was she serious?! This was like waving a bowl of candy in front of a kid that was already eating a slice of cake and then telling him he couldn’t have any candy until he was done the cake. You weren’t introducing a requirement – he was already going to eat the cake – you’d only succeeded in telling the kid what was going to happen next.

With a grunt, I slipped myself free from Heather’s chest and scooted back between her legs. I drove into her hot, moist depths in one thrust. Her eyes opened wide at my entry. She redoubled the strumming of her clitoris and rose her hips up to meet me at every push. I fucked her wildly, holding my breath until I saw signs of Heather’s impending orgasm. I came, gushing inside her, as she heaved with her own orgasm.

“You’re the first to give up the boobs,” Heather panted, still quivering and looking up at me.

Before I could credit her, Sam patted me gently on the chest. “Like you said, he’s ‘better’… than the average fella.” With that, I was instantly in Sam’s debt. Her small deception on my behalf and her compliment gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

“Of course, he is. He’s my hero,” Peaches beamed and pulled me down for a kiss. She glanced at a clock in the kitchen and looked up to Sam, “Wanna shower together?” She offered slyly.

“Absolutely.” Sam grinned.

We got to our feet and the girls linked arms to head up to the shower. It looked a bit silly because Peaches was stark naked with my cum rolling down one thigh and Sam was fully clothed. When I moved to follow them, Peaches stopped me, “Sorry stud, girls only now. Sammie didn’t get any fun and I’m feeling helpful. I’m going to show her your shower massager.”

I sighed as they disappeared upstairs and I heard the shower turn on. When Sam’s loud moaning finally died down 15 minutes later, I gave the girls another 15 minutes and joined them in the master bathroom.

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