Her intense analingus orgasm

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Her intense analingus orgasm
She lay on her stomach, dressed in a see-through blue negligee, which had pulled up in the back, exposing her smooth, soft ass. Her legs were spread ever so slightly, so that her inviting cunt was barely exposed. As I ran my hand across her back, over her ass, and down her thighs, I could feel slight chill bumps forming on her legs. As I ran my fingers closer and closer to her crack, I could feel her slightly tremble.

I gently brushed my fingers down the center of her butt, pausing ever so slightly to circle her asshole. She let out a little moan and opened her legs more. My fingers made their way closer to the bed and felt her small tuft of coarse pubic hair encircling her pussy. My fingers slide along her moist pussy to her clit. She moaned a little more. I began to rub more, back and forth through her wet lips, stimulating the clit with each pass.

While rubbing, I began to kiss the small of her back. I moved my lips down and kissed the outside of her hips. Kissed each ass cheek, going from left to right and back again. As I kissed I continued to stroke her soft, wet pussy. Her moans continued as she began to rock slightly on canlı bahis şirketleri my hand. My kisses moved lower. Down to the fold of her ass. I kissed each thigh and moved closer to the center. I kissed the inside of each leg and continued to move back up, kissing closer and closer to the center of her butt.

When I reached the top of her ass I gently placed my lips at the top of her ass crack and gently kissed as I stroked her pussy. She moved her left knee up, while remaining on her stomach, moaned slightly, and rocked her hips up, beckoning my tongue inside.

I licked. She moaned. I moved lower and licked again. She couldn’t contain her anticipation any longer and lifter her hips more, forcing her asshole up to my tongue. My tongue made a long slow stroke over her asshole. It was the first time she had felt this pleasure. Her moan was intensifying. My tongue continued to lap across her sweet hole as my fingers explored her slippery cunt. My tongue flattened over her ass and plunged in. Over and over it went. I licked faster and harder as she rocked and attempted to contain her pleasure. My fingers entered her pussy and pressed deep as my canlı kaçak iddaa tongue explored her ass.

When she could handle no more, she rolled, spread her legs, and beckoned my tongue to her juicy cunt. I licked her clit and buried my tongue deep into her pussy. As she rocked her hips, she slipped her foot between my legs to play with my stiffening cock. As her foot moved up and down my smooth cock, I lapped faster and faster on her cunt. I reached up with both hands to squeeze her big, round breasts, which has flopped out of her negligee.

She beckoned me up, as she wanted her mouth around my cock. As she thrust my cock in her mouth, I bent back down to taste her pussy once more. She forced my cock deep in her mouth. My pulsing hard-on growing as her lips wrapped around the head. I continued to lick, my nose nearing her ass. I placed a finger in her asshole. Gently circling it with slow strokes as she sucked faster and deeper.

Sensing my arousal, she pulled my pulsing dick from her mouth and pushed me to my back. She climbed on top and forced my arms under her legs, as she sat her pussy down on my face. She rocked her pussy across my mouth canlı kaçak bahis and onto my nose. She moaned louder and louder. My tongue hanging out of my mouth licked her from ass to clit over and over.

I reached up to her exposed tits and squeezed. She screamed and clamped her hands over mine asking me to pinch, tug, and pull on her hardening nipples. I pulled and pinched and she rocked harder and harder over my thirsty mouth.

She rocked until she could handle no more pleasure and slid down my chest to my cock. She gave it two quick licks and thrust my raging hard on into her cunt. She began to ride me, tits bouncing up and down. She continued to ride and ride, harder and harder, until I was ready to explode.

As she could sense my imminent orgasm she pulled off and quickly slid her face between my legs. She wrapped her mouth around my cock, sucking her pussy juice from my shaft. She only had to suck for a moment, as my cum exploded into her mouth. She continued to suck and I could hardly contain myself. I moaned out as she swallowed my load and sat up from my pulsating cock, still slowly stroking with one hand.

She looked at me with satisfied eyes, wiped a drop of cum from her lips, and lustily sucked it off her middle finger. She slid up my sweaty body and kissed me, hard. She climbed from the bed, slipped off her negligee and walked naked to the shower, leaving me breathless and sweaty, dying to do it again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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