Helping out a Friend

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My best friend Jeff and I have a lot in common and have shared many things but this was a first. We actually have ‘dated’ the same woman twice. Neither of us had long term relationships with Cindy or Chris, they both had open door policies so to speak so more accurately we both nailed them same as most of the guys around and not much beyond that.

I met Jeff’s current girlfriend and they seemed happy together and it looked like they were going to be together for a while at least. Now Jeff is a tall guy 6-4 and 195 pounds so Noreen at 6-2 tall and 225 pounds wasn’t such an odd match, Jeff had developed a thing for the big girls and Noreen was pretty and seemed nice.

So one weekend there was a pool party at Noreen’s apartment building, they have a large outdoor pool and they invited me. We were having a good time in and out of the water. The sun was going down and I was in the pool with Noreen and we were kind of bumping and pushing in the water, just horsing around. Besides being playful Noreen had on a simple one piece blue swimsuit that couldn’t hide the fact that she’s got huge tits, a thick solid body and long strong legs. Jeff’s girl or not Noreen is easy to notice and hot. I’m a big guy myself 6-1 tall and 250 pounds so with Noreen being quite strong our playing moved us along one side of the pool until our shoulders were just about under water and we were away from the crowd.

Noreen hugged me under the water and ran her hands around inside of the waistband of my shorts saying, “Ummm I like the feel of a big guy in my arms.”

I just figured we were playing so I hugged Noreen close around her waist and said, “I like the feel of a hot woman wherever I can get her.”

Noreen kept her hands inside the waistband of my shorts behind my back patting me on the ass and said, “You know Jeff said he wanted to indulge one of my little fantasies would you be interested in helping us do that Kurt?”

The closeness of our situation gave me an idea just what that might be but I asked anyway, “What might that be Noreen?”

As Noreen smiled she ran her hands around to the front of my shorts and reaching in to grab my stiffening dick said, canlı bahis “I want to have fun with two big boys is that what you’re up for? It feels like you are.”

Well Noreen had my answer in her hand as she jerked me off under the water but I reached around to grab her big butt with both hands and said, “If Jeff wants to show you twice the good time I’ll be more than happy to oblige.”

Still stroking my now stiff cock Noreen asked, “Would you like to fire the first shot now or wait until we get upstairs?”

I patted Noreen’s ass and said, “Well would you rather have it to enjoy or just spill it in this pool?”

Noreen stopped her hand, thought for a second then pulled her hand out of my shorts and reached around to grab my ass and answered, “You’ve got a good point there Kurt. If I could breathe water through my ears I’d go under and get to it now but I’d rather wait a couple of minutes and do you on dry land.”

So I said, “Then let’s get to your place and get to it.” We quickly moved to exit the pool grabbing Jeff along the way.

We were barely in the door of Noreen’s apartment and she was slipping out of her swimsuit. As she kicked it off her foot Noreen wrapped one arm around me and led me to the bedroom while pulling Jeff with the other hand. I was thinking, damn she wants it bad, and damn she did.

Noreen pushed me on the bed and pulled my shorts off in one motion then proceeded to climb on the bed and go down on me. I settled in as Noreen was on her knees sucking my dick. Jeff stripped down and knelt behind Noreen and began fingering her pussy. I was more than enjoying myself as was Noreen on both ends as Jeff massaged her big butt and worked two fingers in her pussy. Noreen paused her efforts on me when her body shook from Jeff making her cum before he rolled a condom on his stiff dick and knelt behind her to give it to her doggy style.

As Jeff pumped his 10 inches into Noreen’s pussy I shot my load which she swallowed easily tipping her head back. Noreen steadied herself on her hands and knees as Jeff fucked her from behind. I regained my senses and got on my back and slid under Noreen to play with her fat tits which bahis siteleri were hanging and swaying under her big body. Oh what a treat to have such an abundance of breast to fondle, squeeze and suck. Noreen has huge flat nipples that filled my mouth along with the peak of her fat jugs.

Finally when Noreen’s tits stopped bouncing I knew Jeff had stopped and was shooting his load. I looked around Noreen’s body as Jeff leaned back and slapped Noreen on the ass saying, “Damn what a sweet ride.”

Noreen grabbed a condom, dove on top of me and began stroking my already hard cock and said, “And here’s my next cowboy ready to get in the saddle.” Then after she slipped the condom on my dick Noreen rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide. I scrambled around to get in position and slid my cock halfway into her wet pussy on the first stroke.

I was taking my time fucking Noreen working my cock deeper into her pussy with each stroke when she leaned up at me and said, “A lot of cushion needs a lot of pushing Kurt I need to get it big, bad and hard. Plant my ass deep into that mattress really pump it in there big boy.” So putting my arms around her thighs for support I put my weight into it and really pounded into Noreen and she loved it. Jeff came around and layed on top of Noreen crossways as they hugged each other tightly and kissed. I was hugging Noreen’s thighs as I really pounded her pussy and she humped her big butt off the bed back at me. Finally when I was ready to cum I sank my cock to the balls into Noreen’s snatch and she wrapped those long thick legs around my body. I came and Noreen shook in Jeff’s arms as she came.

Jeff and I needed a break but Noreen was ready to keep going. Jeff went to the kitchen saying, “I think I’m running dry I better replenish some liquids I’ll bring you guys something.”

I sat up against the headboard and had Noreen sit between my legs, hugging her close I began fingering her pussy and said, “So how’s the reality of your fantasy going Noreen?”

She snuggled I back into me and said, “Fucking awesome!! You boys know how to put it to me like I need it. I hope you guys can keep going because I am loving bahis şirketleri this.”

Continuing to work three fingers in her pussy I jiggled one of Noreen’s fat tits with the other and licked her ear saying, “Your fantasy might wear us out but you’re enjoying it so we’ll give it everything we’ve got.”

Noreen said, “And that’s what I want everything you’ve got.”

Noreen then yelled as her whole body shook in my grasp when she had a tremendous orgasm just as Jeff returned saying, “Damn you flipped her switch, have some water Noreen you’re all red.”

Jeff handed me a Gatorade as he finished his then he rolled on a condom and slid between Noreen’s legs to fuck her. As Jeff pumped his cock in and out of Noreen’s pussy I had my arms around her body, hugging her with my left and pinching her nipples with my right.

In familiar territory Jeff didn’t need any encouragement to fuck Noreen hard. He was giving Noreen all ten inches and pushing her back into me on every stroke. At one point Noreen wrapped her long thick legs around Jeff’s body and held on as he continued to fuck her good. Finally Jeff leaned into Noreen and shot his load.

After Jeff moved from between her legs Noreen sprang forward and got on her hands and knees, looked back at me and said, “I could feel that boner against my ass while Jeff was fucking me now climb on and give it to me.” After putting on a condom I was awestruck by the magnificent sight before me. Head down, ass up and legs spread Noreen is nothing short of incredible but I quickly got down to it, grabbing an ample hip with each hand I poked my cock into Noreen’s pussy and got started.

Wasting no time I was soon banging my body against Noreen’s fabulous ass while pulling her hips towards me fucking her harder than I had ever done a woman but it was just what she wanted. It was tiring but more than satisfying as I pounded my body against Noreen’s ass fucking her deep. When I was ready to cum I held Noreen around the waist and held her as I shot my load. She pitched face down on the bed with me on her back. I rubbed her shoulders and asked, “So how are you doing?”

She sighed and said, “It’s all good.”

All of us needed a break at that point so we had more to drink and rested for about and hour before getting back at it until dawn. It was one awesome experience but not that last I would share with Jeff and Noreen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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