Helpful Hand Ch. 02

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I drove quickly away. I was thinking about Mary. She told me just before she died that when I’d meet someone it is her wish for me to be happy. And then ovarian cancer took her from me. I wanted to die that evening. Now I am happy I didn’t. Holly sat on passenger side. The very seat she used to sit. And we were going my place.

“Are we there yet?” She kept asking through whole way there.

And after 15 minutes I parked outside the house.

It wasn’t big. It was just ordinary cottage. It had white walls and oak door. I got out of the car and walked in front of the hood towards the passenger door. I opened it and helped my girlfriend. Next moment we stood near the entrance as I was looking for the key to open the door.

When I finally opened the door she kissed me once more. This time it was different. This time it was better. It was like she wanted to tell me by that kiss how much she desires me.

We came inside and I switched the lights on.

“Nothing much. I’m planning redecoration, but I just moved in. The bedroom is over there, and the bathroom is right here if you must go there. I’ll bring the wine, wait for me in the living room,” I said closing the door and going downstairs to basement.

When I came back with wine five minutes later, Holly was watching photos in living room.

“Is this your wife?” She asked pointing one of the pictures hanging over the fire place.

“Yes. It was taken just after our weeding.”

“She was gorgeous,” said Holly taking a glass from me.

“She was. And so young. Too young. She was only twenty-two when she died.”

“Forgive me, but what cancer was it exactly?”

“She died from ovarian cancer. But now I don’t wish to talk about it. There are so much other subjects for us to talk about.”

“I see. And what would you like to talk about?”

“Well… let’s see… what do you want to talk about?” I said with contrariness filling her glass with wine.

Holly drank a bit of wine and looked me directly in my eyes.

“How it comes, that such a handsome man like you were so long single after… you know what.”

“Me? Handsome?” I laughed.

“I don’t know, but if you’d ask me, then tall men with short dark hair, brown eyes and broken nose looks kind of handsome,” she answered drinking rest of her wine at once.

She came closer. Now she stood so near me that I could touch her. And I did. Just after short moment my hand was touching her long curly hair. It was soft and smooth. It was so long time I touched woman’s hair for the last time. I felt my trousers became too tight. Holly did hug me. And I knew she felt it. She looked there and smiled timidly.

Her smile was so nice and warm. She was so innocent, but also so sexy.

“We came here to visit the bedroom, so why are we still standing in living room?” she whispered into my ear and I felt excitement.

I wanted this so badly I could take her right where we stood. She didn’t tell this directly, but I understand. She wanted me to be her first. She still was virgin and wanted me to change that. I wished this also. But I just didn’t know if it is good idea.

I even didn’t know if I’m ready. And if she is.

But Holly knew. She was ready. She started to unbutton my shirt. And I started to touch her body in the special way.

“So you told, witch way’s the bedroom?” She said just before her warm and wet lips touched my dry lips.

“This way,” I told bringing her towards the correct door.

She opened the door and walked in. She sat on the bed taking her sweeter off.

Under it she has nothing but bra. It was holding two tiny breasts. She quickly undone bra and let it fall. Her breasts were really tiny and firm. They were perfectly round. The nipples were small and light. I watched this show feeling that the trousers were definitely way too tight.

I was torn between wish to touch her young, virgin body and the belief I shouldn’t. And she began to remove her dress. Under it she had plain, white panties.

“Stop right there,” I told loudly.

“Something’s wrong?”

“No, but I’d like to take them myself… when the time would be right.”

“So what do you want me to do?”


“Nothing?” Holly repeated sadly.

“Yes, I want you to do nothing right now. But don’t be sad. Let me,” I whispered coming closer to my own bed.

She sat over the bed just in her underwear and nothing else. I desperately wanted to touch her young and smooth güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri skin. So I touched her. She got gooseflesh.

I carefully took her in my strong arms and laid her in the middle of the bed. My hands ran up and down her body. And our lips joined in a passionate kiss. We kissed so long and so deeply. I didn’t think she used to kiss someone this way ever before.

“Is this really what you want Holly?” I asked with a quiet whisper, just a tiny bit louder than silence looking profoundly in her beautiful green eyes.

She didn’t answer. Not with words. She just nodded her head in agreement. I was still not sure if I should.

“I know what you’re thinking,” she whispered.

“So, miss mind reader, what I’m thinking?”

“You’re afraid. Afraid, that you’re not ready, and I’m not ready. You are afraid of my virginity. Don’t be. I waited my whole life for you. Now I know. Now I’m ready.”

I kissed her once again and again. And while still kissing her I gently touched her breasts. They were truly soft. I just have forgotten how woman’s breasts can feel to the touch. And the nipples were hard. It was the only thing I could think of in this moment.

She closed her eyes. And I started to kiss her neck while my fingers massaged her breasts. I felt her hand on my gentlemen’s area. She put her little hand behind my pants and touched my penis. The feeling was so good that I through I’d cum just because her touch. I tighten the muscle as strong as I was able to.

I was still touching her breasts while my month moved towards her navel. I started to kiss it and she began to moan quietly.

Oh god, how long I waited to hear that again after this many years.

“I wish you inside,” she said.

“Not so easy. Not so fast, my dear. I haven’t waited so long just to make it as quickly as possible,” I answered touching her pubis.

Her moan became louder.

I licked her thigh and slowly removed her last part of underwear. I slid it slowly down her pubis and took look at her pussy for the very first time. All the skin that now became visible was darker then rest of her body colour. Its tone was between red and brown.

I touched it. It was extremely soft and wet. I unfolded her outer lips and there was it, exactly where it should. Her inside was protected by the hymen. It has many small holes over whole vagina opening. There was the proof she was the virgin. She hadn’t never have sex before. She had the kind of hymen that is called fraud-proof or halt hymen, because this shaped hymen don’t let anything to enter the vagina without cause any damage to the hymen. And I would be the first one in her entire life. Hopefully the only one. This was proof she had never done anything that could tear her hymen and also hadn’t got any tampon inside.

I hold her lips open and took her clit into my mouth. She moaned even louder. I started to lick her. Lick and suck. Then I roll my tongue around her clit and began to give her pleasure she didn’t dream of.

I started to massage her lips with fingers and still taking care of her ‘fringe’. Now sigh joined to her moan. I gave her pleasure until I realized that she would have an orgasm soon. I continued making her come with my lips and tongue. Finally she came.

When she came I left her pussy alone and get my lips back to her own. I kissed her. And I keep kissing my Holly during her climax. When it was over she looked at me. Our eyes met and I saw this in her eyes. She was ready to begin. Ready not to be virgin anymore.

I undressed myself quickly and stood over her completely naked. My penis was in full erection. It was more ready for that than I was. I was going to be the first one for the young virgin girl I just met this afternoon.

But was it something new for me? No. I knew Mary just as long as Holly when we made love for the first time. And she also was then a virgin. So what was I afraid of? I was no idea at all. I wanted this to happen, so she did. The problem was I think because of Mary, just a week after we got married we got to know about the ovarian cancer. It was too late for do anything. The doctor removed her right ovary and fallopian tube, but it was way too late for her to live.

This was going to be different. She’d not die. So what was wrong? She wanted this. I wanted this. We both wanted this to happen.

I couldn’t just stay naked over the lovely, petite girl that was ready for me to deflorate and not doing anything. But güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I wasn’t ready to go into her. I wanted this, but I was just still not exactly ready. So instead I kissed her in her warm lips. She gave my kiss back. I put tongue in her mouth and started to wrestle with her own tongue.

My penis was pulsing all the time as hard as it was never before. This nice girl was the one. I knew it. It was destiny. This very girl was written for me to spend rest of my life with her together. I just had to find her, and the two previous one was for me to get ready for this to happen.

“Promise me something, Holly,” I whispered directly into her ear.

“Anything,” she answered immediately.

“Promise me, that no matter what, you shall never harm me.”

“I promise you. I will never harm you, and I count that you won’t either.”

“Never. I know already that I do love you,” I said silently kissing her once again.

“Did you just told you love me?”

“Yes, I did. I realize we know each other even not for single day right now, and still I do love you Holly. This is just like I felt with my wife.”

And then I kissed her entire body. Starting with forehead, going through ears, chicks, nose, lips once more time, then neck, shoulders, again breasts, stomach and navel, avoiding her pubis and pussy through her thigh and finishing with foots. And then once again in the other direction. And again. And again.

After quite some time I kissed her pussy in all the way down. Next I focused with my lips and tongue on her clitoris so long that she had another orgasm. And just after it passed she started to beg me to break her hymen finally.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m absolutely sure. I waited for that eighteen years. And now finally is the time. Just do it. I trust you.”

As I stood with my penis in front of her opening I realized something.

“Honey, I just thought about it. I don’t have any condom, it wasn’t needed as I had no sex with someone else since Mary died, have you got any?”

“No, I have not,” she answered after long while.

“So what? I don’t want you regret anything. We should wait, I’ll get rubber tomorrow and then we could finally do it.”

“No, just do it.”

“You’re sure with this?”

“Trust me Alex. It’s what I want.”

So if it is what she wishes, then who am I to refuse? Just before I finally broke her hymen I got a pillow and putted it under her bottom.

“What’s that for?” She asked curious.

“It is for help. The pillow shall raise your intimacy higher and arrange it better angle for defloration. And besides there is possible deeper penetration if girl’s bottom is raised.”

“Do it finally,” she said it so silent that I knew what she told just because I could read form someone’s lips. “Please.”

So I neared my hardware to the membrane that for last eighteen and a half year protected her inside so its tip was touching her hymen.

And then she grabbed my ass and pulled it towards her. I started to put tension at her hymen. Gently pushed it stronger and stronger. It should let go any second. Her shape hymen is known to cause pain and much blood when broken. And also it was probably most difficult hymen to tear apart.

“I know my hymen will cause pain and most likely it won’t give up easy. Keep going,” she spoke softly but convenient.

But suddenly as she said that I withdrew.

“What’s the matter? You don’t want to do this?”

“No, but just before there is something I’d like to ask for. I shall understand if you disagree, but I wish to take a photo of your hymen just as it still exists.”

“Be my guest. And if you want to know, I have photos of my hymen since I was born. My father took it. And then in my every birthday. Since I was four I keep my labia spread out by myself. And since I was twelve I took the photos myself,” she whispered. “You’ve got a camera?”

“Wait a minute, I’ll bring it in no time.”

I ran out the bedroom and two minutes later I was back holding my Pentax K20D with telephoto lens with macro function. As I just stood in the door I took the first picture. And then came to the bed photographing her vagina and pubis with spread legs waiting for me to tear the hymen apart. I took about a hundred photos from all the different angles and different magnify not only her intimacy. Last few with my penis slipping into her inside. And finally put away the camera on the night table.

“Are güvenilir bahis şirketleri you definitely sure that you want to do this tonight? Without any condom?”

“Yes, I am. Just trust me, would you?”

“Of course,” I whispered kissing her lips.

And so now I was finally truly ready. I keep pushing my penis against her hymen. Strong and confidently.

And after a minute or two it finally gave away under the pressure of my instrument.

It was so painful for Holly that she started to cry and the bloody pattern on the pillowslip grown bigger and bigger. I will keep it safe, and in our weeding night we’d have sex once again with her pubis raised with pillow in the very same slip.

The force was so great that I submerged entire penis into her deep. Even through her vagina was so tight, but also extremely wet. I pulled it out of her kissed her softly. I was kissing her lips again and again until she kept crying. And when I finally moped her tears, then I licked her pussy for the one more time before I started to have sex with my girlfriend again.

Her inside was unordinary narrow and now when I wasn’t forcing into her I was for the first time in my entire life problem with coming into women’s pussy.

“Relax Holly, you ain’t virgin anymore. Now is time to finally learn what it really means to have sex. Don’t clamp your pussy, let me show you what it means to be loved by man.”

But the inside remained so tight it was not easy to move in here. So I pulled once again and this time I put my middle finger in her pussy. It was wide enough just for one finger. I bent it and soon found the point named after German doctor Ernst Gräfenberg. I knew all to be known about the G-Spot and knew how and where to search for it. And also I knew what could happen if this magic spot would be stimulated. But Holly wasn’t for sure ready to squirt. She probably even didn’t know about this the most beautiful and mysterious reaction of female body. And I didn’t want that she got to know in that way. No. I definitely should tell her everything about female ejaculation before we’d try to reach that goal.

I gave her another orgasm, after witch her muscles finally loosen up and now I could put my long into her vagina and at last start the proper action. So I entered her again and this time her still close inside allowed me to move.

I was moving slowly and deeply. Right till the balls hit her labia. And again until just a tip stayed between her pussy lips. And again slowly to the end. And again and again.

After some time she asked me to speed up my movements. So I did as she requested. Now I was penetrating her faster and faster. Not so later I was sliding into her pussy as fast as I just could.

All the time I was inside her I kept my muscle tighten and breathed deeply as I learned. And I was thinking through the last problem I had to resolve during new engine development for guys from Lotus. And all the time looking very deep in Holly wide opened green eyes.

Then I stopped being all inside her and kissed her as I felt that the point of no return is coming. I laid without move kissing my just deflorated girlfriend until the pressure didn’t drop. And when it did I started to penetrate Holly again. This time in equal rate, slower than before but strong.

“I want you to come deep inside me,” she whispered devilishly into my ear, so quiet that I just hardly heard it. “Since ever I dream to feel the semen in my pussy.”

OK. Now I was ready to give my beloved Holly anything whatever she wished. So I would cum inside her vagina, but not just now. Not yet.

After five more holding for the point of no return to pass I decided that now I’d go till the end. But now I abandoned the thinks about work and started to think only about Holly. Still breathing slowly and deeply but even through now the point of no return came near immediately.

I penetrated her quickly and strongly until the point of no return was passed. And just after doing it I stopped as deep as it was only possible for me to get and very soon I began to ejaculate just outside her cervix. The spasms were long lasting and powerful. And also exhausting.

When I started to pomp my sperm into her pussy she got another orgasm. The feeling was extraordinary as her vagina shrank itself over and over again surrounding my penis.

All the time we both had orgasms we kissed very passionately. And when all my gathered sperm was already inside her I felt immensely tired. I took my pillow from under Holly’s bottom and put it under my head as I exited form her pussy. I kissed her one more time and we embraced each other.

“Good night my beloved Holly,” I whispered to her ear.

And I fell asleep exhausted after first ejaculation since nearly four years.

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