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help to understand
He was 55 big bellly black daddy walking in the park

i was out smoking weed hidden from mom and dad, late night smoking in the park near the house

I was in my bleue pijama pants and white shirt hidding between bushes in the park smoking before going back watching tv like i do most nights

”there you are”

the chubby black daddy walking towards me

”i followed the smell. i have some cash can i smoke some”

he was names Peter was getting back from work

we smoke my 1st spliff talking about me and he looked happy to know i was 20

”i woudnt want to smoke with someone too young i guess”

”my car is over there we could smoke some more a bit more private”

5minute later i was on the back seat with him putting on music

smoking in his nice Ford SUV,

”you go out in pijama alot like this? its cute you know”

”i dont i was going back inside i just wanted to smoke away from the house”

”its ok boy i understand”

”this is some good weed”

his hand was on my legs rubbing me slowly

”this cute pijama so smooth , you feel good in it i bet”

looking at his hand spread my legs one by one, his big hand rubing my legs towars my crotch , taking time rubbing my little nuts

”sir im not sure ”

”just relax , i love how smooth you are”

”that little cock tell me you love this”

the little bulge in my pijama grabbed by him

”ohhhh fuckkk”

”so cute here look, its ok im getting hard too”

my eyes focussing on him getting his pants down his fat bbc up and drooling juice

”omg you are so big , i never wow ,,,,,”

my little hands helped grabbing his cock in a slow dominating way

stroking up and down up and down

”thats it, good boy stroke daddy cock ”

”good boy, make my cock feels good”

looking at his hot casino siteleri dark cock made me so horny , it was so nice stroking it up and down

he stood up on his knees watching me stroke him

”i know you want this, open up boy”

taking my hands away
rubbing his big tip on my mouth

making its way between it, taking my mouth slowly open looking up at a gentle black daddy feeding me his cock

”like this slow and good in that cute mouth, your doing good , you would make a great cocksucker you know”

pumping slowly in the young boy mouth , making wet sucking sound , smilling down at me trying to do my best

”damn you are cute, i love watching you suck on my cock ”

i dont know why, but i felt so good sucking his cock, it was so big , so warm , sliding in my mouth filling it to completion, like it was made for it

i was help on the floor naked between his big strong legs

his fat cock all for me , smoking a cigarette watching the little boy slurp on his cock

”you love this dont you, sucking my fat black cock in secret ”

just sucking the cock too shy to admit it

”no no no , this cock is for good little cock sucker, answer me”

”you love sucking my black cock ”

”……yes i love your black cock”

and i got slap not too hard not soft just slapped in the face

”you love sucking cock, now say it ”

”yes yes ok , i love sucking your black cock daddy”

”there , its not that hard , go ahead suck my cock ”

i was trying to be a good cock sucker , my face hurt not wanting to be slap again

taking his cock out letting me breath

”say it, this is yje last time i ask ”

”i love sucking your black cock mmmmmm”

sucking deep until he pushed me too much and i gag

breathing , about to be slap

”i love sucking canlı casino you black cock mmmm i love daddy cock mmmmm”

desperatly not wanting to be slap his hand falling down but to pet my head

”good little white boy , your doing a great job”

sucking up and down , my hair rub by him helping me keep the rythm

”you feel good like this i cant tell when my boy love daddy cock”

noddind ”i love your big cock daddy”

getting it back in my wet cocksucker mouth

by the time i realised why he took my pijama and tied my ankled with each legs of the pants

i was ass up looking at him help the bottom part under me
keeping me legs up , spread him taking place between my legs rubbing his cock on my hole

”im gonna cum so quick”

squirming under his poking of the tip in and out

my small ass in his hands , legs up , looking at him grunt and cum in me , going deeper and deeper help by the warm load of cum

moaning helpless on the back seat, fucked full of cum

”omg i cum so much, you are fully open now”

pumping in and out , all of it

i coudnt talk or say anything, i was moaning under his cock ,pumping all the cum in me

learning to take cock , looking at him fuck me like he wanted

”so tight, i love that boy pussy alot, you take it good ”

talking about me being a good bitch boy
as he fuck me more

”little white cock boy like you are the best”

making me so weak , feeling ashame at how bigger he was

my small lil clit flapping under his thrust

”you are so cute, i love you lil cock, its so cute and small”

he fuck me calling me cute girly name until he cum

i was lost and drooling cum legs up in the back of a stranger daddy suv

”time to go home and put my babby to sleep”

i tried to plead him but i went home with kaçak casino him

i cried when he lock me in the pink cage and padlock me

listening to him say i will never need it anywais

since i love big black cock so much

before shaving me in his shower , controlling me like a doll

speaking with conviction i would be better shaved lock and living as his secret sissy girl

i felt so own walking i heels in my little skirt and pink camisole

i had my own room it seemed

walked to a girly room ass up on my new bed

”this is your room cindy its late we better sleep”

i was put in a cute colar with glittering fake diamong

dappy making me disapear under the cover

his fat cock even not hard filling up my lil mouth so good

”click click”

my colar tied to his waist or something
i coudnt move

my head eas lock down on his cock

drooling and breathing by my nose trying to ask what was he doing

the light was turned off

my head was pet over the draps

”good night cindy”

falling asleep , daddy cock in my warm mouth for the night

waking up in the middle of the night daddy asleep his cock fully hard

no choice but to suck him empty, too big to fall asleep until i sallowed him all in his dream , the same thing happening 2-3 times during the night

his bbc always getting hard , leaving me to suck and swallow all night

when i woke up i was untied and sleeping in his arm

i felt so good

we got down and i cook pancake in new panty from my room drawer

my lil cage rightfully at her place inside smooth girly panty

daddy waiting drinking cofee watching his pet cook him food

”you like being a girl , its so cute to see you liking it”

i served him pancake and disapear between his legs for my breakfast

”good girl , you cook very good baby, mmmmmm and suck like a girl more and more”

”you will love being here , cindy gonna be a happy white slut ”

i swallowed him and he went to work ,leaving me at school , my belly full of cum, in panty under my boy cloth , caged and owned

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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