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I like coming into work early sometimes. It’s the only chance I have to be by myself, and some days it feels good to just jerk off and be alone. It’s all about me that way; I don’t have to worry about anyone else’s feelings or getting them off too; it’s less stressful that way. This morning I was in early, nobody was here yet and it was a good chance to blow off some steam and relieve a little stress. I have a few porn sites I like and I’m lucky because my work doesn’t block anything on the internet, ha-ha, suckers. With my office door closed and my pants around my ankles it’s feel good time for me.

I am way too involved in what I’m doing to see your silhouette in my frosted door window. I hardly even hear the door open, it’s only when you say, “Good morning,” that I’m startled away from the pictures on my screen. Like a deer in headlights I freeze, not knowing what to do. You’re as cheerful as usual, dressed in your skirt suit, the pinstriped one, and a white blouse.

“I saw you were in early and I thought I’d swing by and drop off the files you wanted me to copy for you yesterday,” you say, smiling.

I relax a little, maybe you haven’t noticed. Taking my hand off my cock I push up close to my desk, and sit up straight. “Umm, great, thanks,” I stammer a little. Caught off guard I don’t know what to say. “Just leave them in the bin I’ll get them later, thank you.”

“It’s no problem; I got them this far I can bring them to your desk.” You walk across my office; I listen as your heels click with each step. Standing in front of my desk you set the bundle of papers on the edge of my desk. I look up at you, your blouse is open a little at the top and I can see the diamond pendent on your chain hanging into you cleavage. Your breasts are pushed together gently as if to create a nice cushion for the pendant to rest on. I look up to see your eyes looking down at me and I know from where you stand you see everything I’m up to. Using one hand you slip off your glasses and put the end of the temple between your red lips, “Hard at work I see.” You bend over my desk, resting one elbow on my desk for support and use your other hand to turn my screen around so you can see it better.

I swallow deeply, scared and not knowing what to do. I was totally caught out with my cock in my hand. I’m frozen, hoping in my head ataşehir escort bayan that you’d just go away and we could pretend this never happened, cursing at myself for leaving my door unlocked. You reach over to grab the mouse, your hand touching mine for a second as you brushed it aside to take control. While you scroll back to see all the pictures I had been looking at, your face rests so close to mine I can smell your perfume. The pendent around your neck was now hanging out of your shirt and almost touching my desk. Behind it I see down the front of your blouse, see how your breasts are contained by a lacy bra. I eye your skin, clear and soft, your hair is up and I look up your neck to your ears, your earrings match the pendant that was hanging over my desk. “Hmm,” you study the pictures while you suck on the end of your glasses. “So this is what you work on when you come in at seven.”

I stutter a little, trying to figure out what to say. Turning your head to look at me our eyes meet. You only look in my eyes for a second before you gaze down. I’m pushed up against the desk so you can’t see below my chest. Your eyebrows turn in a frustrated look and you put your hand on my chest. Tapping one of your long red finger nails on my tie clip for a second I watch you think about your next move. Then, gently, you push me back. My chair rolls easily, I’m too startled to resist, and my still erect cock and naked legs expose themselves from under my desk. “Oh my,” you say trying to sound surprised but it’s quite obvious you knew exactly what you were going to find, “you were hard at work.” You stand up, turn my screen back, and rest the hand that holds your glasses on your hip. “Don’t let me keep you then.”

I breathe out a long sigh of relief and close my eyes thinking you are finally going to leave and I can pull up my pants. I don’t know how I will ever be able to look at you around the office again I’m so embarrassed. But, when I open my eyes you aren’t leaving, instead you walk around behind my desk. Every click of your heels is like a thunderous pound in my head, my heart thumping wildly as you step across the floor. You stand behind me. I don’t turn around. “Go on,” you say, resting one hand on my shoulder, “don’t let me stop you.” Your hand runs down my shoulder to my arm. Wrapping your fingers escort kadıköy around my bicep you guide my arm so my hand lands back down on my penis. Afraid, I grip my cock; it’s even harder than it was before.

“That’s it,” you say. You move your head down so it’s close to me, I feel your breathe on the back of my neck, “Don’t pretend like you don’t know what you’re doing, we both know you can handle yourself.” As you gently guide my arm I slowly start to stroke my cock again; rolling my hand over the head and back down the shaft. My eyes close as I enjoy feeling your breath move from my neck to my ear. Your lips so close I can almost feel them. “There you go, that’s how you jerk your cock,” you whisper directly into my ear, looking over my shoulder down at my hand moving up and down over my long hard penis.

You glide your hands over my shoulders and down the front of my shirt. Your nails pinch my nipples and even through the fabric the tweak makes me jump. I moan and my hips buck a little as you touched me, “You like that huh?” You ask and I nod yes. “That’s good; stroke it for me a little faster then.” I comply with your order, moving my hand up and down my shaft faster. “Jerk your cock for me you naughty boy,” you whisper. Your soft sultry voice in my ear, your arms around me, touching me and encouraging me with every move and breath.

Pre cum swells on the tip then runs down the head and my hand quickly takes it and rubs it in as I beat. “Use your other hand for me now,” following your instruction I move my left hand down to grab my balls. “Good boy, squeeze those balls.” You press your lips against the back of my ear. I feel how silky they are as they move whilst you talk, “Feel that cum, it’s all slippery isn’t it,” speechless, I nod. Your hands flatten against my chest and slide down to my belly button. I can feel your breasts push against my shoulders. Your pendent hangs down to tickle the back of my neck, your head snuggles in against mine. “Faster for me now baby, I want to see you cum for me.”

“Oh yes,” I moan, my heart beating out of my chest, my breath heaving as I stroke my shaft faster. “I want you to cum, give it to me.” Your hands move slightly, massaging my front. “You can do it for me can’t you, go ahead.” My hips buck in time, fucking my fist hard, and my other hand clenched maltepe escort tight around my balls.

Your tongue reaches out to the back of my ear. Licking up from my lobe, its wet and firm, tasting me as you move it slowly. “I want you to cum for me,” you demand, “do it, stroke your cock and cum for me now.” You take my ear lobe with your tongue and pull it inside your mouth, sucking hard. Your finger nails clench into my sides as your arms hold me tight.

Your soft lips holding my ear is enough to make me explode. My muscles flex all at once as I let loose a stream of cum. It shoots up onto my shirt where your hands had been only moments before. Not able to hold it back I cry out, “Oh yes,” as a second blast erupts from my tip and falls down over my knuckles. My eyes blur as I cum, I can feel your smile on my ear and you moan in gratitude at my obedience. You let my ear go, “Oh yes, that’s what I wanted,” you say, “Squeeze it all out for me.”

My hot juices run over my fingers and down between my legs. It drips down onto the hand that still clenches my sack and I feel it seeping through my fingers onto the shaved skin underneath. My whole body relaxes; the last bit of cum pushing casually out covering the tip of my cock and running down the shaft and under my hand.

Your breath is hot and fast on my face; my eyes close as I try to recover a little from my orgasm. Before I do, you stand up, “You are a good boy, coming into work early all the time.” You reach over and grab the box of tissues that’s on my desk, and then walk around back in front of me. Your glasses are back on and you eye me through the thick rims. “A very good boy,” you add. You pick up the stack of papers you had put on my desk before and turn around.

I watch your ass wiggle as you walk away from me. “My copies?” I ask as you reach the door.

“Oh,” you turn your head over your shoulder to look at me. You smile devilishly, “These are something else: I haven’t done your copies yet.” You think for a second then add, “I’ll do them later and drop them off first thing in the morning tomorrow, okay?” You walk out of the still open door, not waiting for me to answer. Leaving the door open I watch you set the box of tissues on the reception desk outside my office then sway off gracefully down the hall.

I sit for a bit, watching your walk as if it was a dance just for me. Cum covers my hands and soaking into my clothes. I let loose of my bag and move my hand up, instinctively reaching for a tissue. I just realize what you had done, I yell after you, “Hey.” I can hear you giggle from down the hall.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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