Heatwave Ch. 03

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Again, thanks for your support for my previous stories. If you haven’t read parts 1 and 2, please do. You might be interested in how Chloe’s adventure started…

However, you don’t need to have read them to enjoy this story.

Hope you like it…


The pounding beat of the music hit Chloe the moment she walked through the door. As her eyes became accustomed to the seductive dim lighting, she looked out onto the already crowded dance floor.

What was she doing here? The events of the night before played out in her mind as she watched the club goers blindly. She had let a complete stranger kiss her, snaking his tongue into her mouth as he pulled down her top to grab and suck her breasts. She blushed as she remembered how he had stroked her pussy and pushed his insistent fingers up into her cunt until she came hard. In public. Right outside the club, where anyone could see. He had asked her to come back tonight. All she knew about him was his name. And that he had very talented fingers…

She felt her face flame as she thought about what he had done to her. She didn’t think she had ever come so hard. It was even better than the time in the library …

Chloe felt herself get wet as the erotic memories whirled through her mind. The last few weeks had been a complete revelation to her. She had never been a prude, but her sexual experience up until then had been fairly lacklustre. She guessed she’d had an average number of lovers for a woman in her early thirties. A few long term relationships where the sex had been good but gradually just became cosy at best. Half a dozen short term flings that were fun, but which fizzled out. A couple of one night stands which she thought she should experience. They had served to boost her confidence but were nothing special.

None of her experiences had come close to the two she’d had recently. And last night had been particularly special. Not only had she loved what he had done to her – her pussy had been on fire from his ministrations and the thought of being caught had made them all the more intense; but there was something else about the experience. A charged chemistry she had not had with anyone else. Chloe had sensed a connection between them.

But despite that, she still wasn’t sure what she was doing here. As she continued to look out onto the sweaty dancefloor, her heart pounded. She really wasn’t sure whether she was ready for what might happen…..


James was sitting in his office, his hands laced behind his head as he sat watching the screen. Although he worked club hours he didn’t usually have time to watch the goings on of the club, but tonight he couldn’t concentrate on his paperwork. The security camera was trained on the dancefloor. It was a heaving; the heatwave strangely bringing people into the club to dance and get even more hot and sweaty. The heatwave was obviously making people horny, he thought wryly. What better way to relieve some sexual tension that to get up close and personal? Although in James’ case, it tended to just build tension rather than relieve it. He saw it as a form of foreplay. Clearly, he wasn’t the only one. There were more than a few pairs of male hands wandering over delectable female asses out on the floor.

James had no problem with that. He liked to see his customers enjoying themselves. He had no problem with people having fun; As long as it didn’t get out of hand. He was a legitimate businessman and didn’t want the club to become a brothel. He had a reputation to uphold.

However, he also wasn’t stupid. He knew that sex – or at least the promise of it – sells. He had personally designed the club so that it was intimate and sensual. It was decidedly masculine. Dark wood floors, dark red walls and low lighting. He had created a number of areas that seemed hidden from the dance floor and main bar which encouraged intimacy. Of course, they were also covered by security cameras. Whilst James did not consider himself to be a sleaze, but he had to admit he had observed a few erotic encounters in those corners. Some of the customers seemed not to realise they were being watched, but for others it was an added incentive!

Whatever the reason, the recent takings showed that the club was popular. James worked really hard and he was reaping the benefits. But sometimes he felt that he worked too hard. Ironically, he had created an environment where people could relax and have fun, but he didn’t experience much of that himself. He’d work long hours in the club, go home and sleep and then come back. He often worked 12 hour days, sometimes more.

He reasoned that was why he was finding it hard to concentrate. Pure tiredness. Yet he didn’t feel weary. If anything, he felt restless and strangely alert. He finally admitted to himself that it was last night’s events that were causing him to forget his paperwork.

His cock twitched as he remembered how good it had felt to squeeze her big tits. He had loved pushing them up so he could suck her big, hard nipples. ataşehir escort How hard he got when he heard her little moans and shoved his fingers into her sopping wet cunt. His cock was more than twitching now as he thought about what he else he had wanted to do to her. He had held back, wanting to savour the experience and build the tension….

Would she come back tonight, like he asked? She had agreed, but he could tell she was a little shocked by the whole experience. If he was honest, he was equally surprised by the power of his reaction to her.

Whilst admiring the various female customers, he had never even hit on one let alone do what he did. He wasn’t a sleaze and didn’t usually like to mix business with pleasure, but with this woman he hadn’t been able to help himself. Simply put, she had blown him away. Oh sure, she had a sexy body. Big tits. Curvy ass. Small waist.

He loved that she was willing to play the slut. He was pretty sure she would have let him fuck her right there outside the club. Let him back her up against the wall, push her legs apart, rip her panties to the side and ram his dick into her tight pussy until she screamed….

God, he had to stop! His dick has hardened as his imagination worked overtime. Just at that moment, he happened to glance at the camera trained on the entrance and saw a familiar brunette walk through the door….


Chloe was thinking about leaving.

She had walked around the club a few times but hadn’t seen him. They hadn’t even agreed a time! Rationally, she thought it wouldn’t be a good idea to hang around too long.

‘This is madness’ she thought as she turned towards the exit purposefully. She was just about to about the door to leave when one of the security guards stepped in front of her and put out his hand to stop her going any further.

Annoyed, Chloe tried to sidestep him but he just moved in front of her. She looked up at him angrily. He stared back, a bland expression etched on his face.

“Can you move out of my way please?” she stated firmly, trying not to let him see that her legs were starting to shake. He was big, intimidating and unmoveable. What had she done?

Without saying a word, he took her arm firmly and marched her towards the back of the club.

“What are you doing?” she spluttered, struggling to pull her arm away.

“You need to come with me ma’am” he stated firmly.

Despite her rising anger, Chloe knew it would be futile to argue with him or struggle further. He was huge and strong. He knew where he was going so she thought it best to just go along with him. She could rant at whoever he was taking her to. Besides, she was embarrassed enough. Her pride stopped her from increasing her embarrassment by struggling further.

He walked her up a staircase which led to a balcony overlooking the dancefloor and an office. She guessed she was going to meet the club manager. But what on earth had to done to warrant the treatment she’d received?

As the security guard knocked on the door, she got ready to give the person behind the door a piece of her mind…..


James heard the knock. His heart pounded and his cocked twitched as he anticipated what was to come.

He had seen Chloe turn to leave and radioed Tony, the head of security, to stop her leaving. He couldn’t let her get away. But he guessed she wasn’t exactly going to be happy about it.

“Come in”

Tony came in first, pulling Chloe in behind him. He briefly took in her shocked expression before he turned to the security guard.

“Thanks Tony. You can go now”

Tony looked surprised.

“Are you sure boss? Only I thought you-“

“No. It’s fine Tony” Chris cut him off before his said anything else. Giving Chloe a frown, he walked out of the office and closed the door.

James remained in his chair as he silently appraised Chloe. On the outside, he knew his look was calm, perhaps even arrogant to her eyes. But inside, his mind was racing. What to do now?

He watched as a dozen emotions seemed to flit across her perfect features. Shock, confusion, anger, and was he imagining a hint of lust? His eyes moved over her face to take in her big green cat like eyes and her long brown hair, caught up high on her head like it was the night before. They moved down to take in her strappy black dress which only just managed to hold in her big tits and skimmed over her curvy ass. She was as gorgeous as he remembered.

“Hello Chloe” he said softly, as he caught and held her gaze. Even looking at her got him hard. God, he wanted to fuck her!


Chloe was rooted to the spot. She should be shouting at him around about now for not telling her who he was the night before. For letting her be dragged across the club. She was angry godammit! She had been about to leave but the decision to stay had been made for her. She didn’t like decisions to be made for her.

But she found she couldn’t think of kadıköy escort bayan what to say. And she couldn’t help the kernel of excitement that was growing in the pit of her stomach. Last night she hadn’t had a chance to get a close look at him. She had been kind of swept away by events and pretty embarrassed, hardly able to look him in the eye most of the time. She was a grown woman and not naïve enough to deny the fact she had been totally turned on by his actions. But that didn’t stop her feeling embarrassed about what she had done.

Looking at him now, she also couldn’t deny how sexy he was. His dark hair and smouldering blue eyes attracted Chloe like she’d never been attracted to anyone else before. From what she could see through his shirt, he was well muscled with broad shoulders. She wondered what it would feel like to run her hand over his shoulders and chest; to play with and suck his nipples…

She shivered uncontrollably at the thought. He must have seen, because she saw a smirk touching the edges of his mouth. She watched as his eyes moved slowly from her face downwards, lingering at her breasts. Biting her lip, Chloe had to stifle a moan as she saw the look of lust in his eyes and felt the rush of liquid leave her pussy to coat her white lacy panties. He noticed her action and his smirk grew. She had a feeling he knew how wet she was becoming. The thought turned her on even more.

His gaze moved down over her flat stomach and curvy hips which flared out from her narrow waist.

“Come here” he commanded, his voice no more than a whisper.

She couldn’t take her eyes from his as she moved slowly towards the desk. What on earth was she was doing? She only knew that she couldn’t help obeying his command. She had a feeling she would do whatever he asked…

She stopped in front of the desk, her heart pounding, wondering what he was going to do next. She was so wet already and he hadn’t even touched her!

He continued to wordlessly undress her with his eyes. As he gazed at her big tits, Chloe felt her nipples harden and start to rub against her push up bra.

“Stroke your tits for me, Chloe” he ordered.

‘He must have read my mind!’ Chloe thought. She had been desperate to touch them.

She slowly raised one hand and gently brushed her knuckle over the centre of her breast, making the nipple stiffen even more. She couldn’t stifle the small moan this time. It felt so good!

She turned her hand over and started to palm one tit gently, looking at James the whole time. He leaned back in his chair, watching her every move. She could see the large lump in his pants growing.

Emboldened by his obvious desire, she bought her other hand up to play with the other tit, massaging it gently.

“Harder Chloe!”

His soft but firm tone was really turning Chloe on, and she couldn’t help but do exactly as he asked, kneading her breasts hard.

He groaned softly as she pinched her nipples. The combined effect of her action and his groans, sent a pulse through her pussy. When she saw him stroke his dick through his pants, the pulse got stronger.

She could tell it was straining against the confines of his pants and she so wanted to release it. She made a move towards him.

“Stay where you are Chloe” he warned.

It was then she understood what he wanted. She was to do exactly what he told her to. She was going to be his play thing. Her pussy started to throb at the thought.

“Lift your dress up”.

She bent over, giving him a view of her ample cleavage. She would do what he wanted, but she was going to make it torture for him! She knew the bra she was wearing barely covered her nipples. So when she bent down she knew her big tits would hang down, full and round, practically popping out of their prison.

She smiled to herself as she heard him gasp. It was having the desired effect! She let her fingers lift the hem of her dress slowly. Her slim, toned legs were slowly revealed. His eyes followed the progress of her dress as it rose closer and closer to her ass.

She slowed her actions as she reached her upper thighs. Did he want her to lift it over her head? Or drop it back down?

“Keep going” he commanded.

She gathered the dress in her fingers as she lifted it up to her full ass. Her lacy thong pulled up high on her hips was just visible under the dress.

His eyes on her crotch were driving her crazy. She could feel her clit growing. She desperately wanted to touch herself. Not being able to help herself, as she lifting her dress higher, she brushed her fingertips over her panties covered pussy.

He didn’t miss it.

“Did that feel good Chloe?” he smirked as he directed a question at her for the first time, leaning forward to hear her answer.

“Yes!” she gasped, as the sensation in her pussy radiated warmly around the lower half of her body.

He laughed as he leaned back in his chair. ‘He is loving this!’ she thought, a hint of indignation colouring her lust. escort maltepe Not enough to affect it though. If she was honest, she had to admit she loved being his toy!

“I want to see your pussy in those sexy lace panties Chloe. Lift the dress right up.”

Chloe lifted the dress to her waist, showing James her white lacy thong.

“Mmmmmm….” He murmured “Are they wet baby?”

“Yes” she whispered.

“Pull them up so I can see your pussy against them”

She reached for the waistband and pulled them gently upwards, making the material rub her clit.

‘Oh Jesus!’ she thought. ‘That feels so good!’

She looked down and saw that her actions had caused the soaking wet material of her panties to dissect her pussy, the puffy lips pushed out to the sides and her clit now clearly visible.

She pulled up harder, wanting to tease him like he was teasing her. Over and over again she pulled up the lacy scrap of material so that her engorged clit was clearly visible. His heated gaze never left her crotch, but his hand was starting to move harder up and down his pant covered dick.

She could see that it was now rock hard, long and thick. The thought of it ramming into her cunt made her groan loudly. She closed her eyes and leaned back, gripping her hands on the waistband of her panties and grinding her pussy into the material.

“Mmmmmm… that feels good doesn’t it baby?” he whispered

“Oh God yes!” she whispered back, keeping her eyes closed.

“You want to touch your pussy don’t you Chloe?”

“Oh yes!” she moaned.

“Beg me to let you!” he whispered, his eyes glittering menacingly.

The sensible voice inside Chloe screamed no. She was turned on by everything that had happened so far, but begging would be just too humiliating.

“Come on Chloe”, he taunted, “you know you want to rub that hot wet pussy; feel your clit get bigger, watch my big dick get bigger as you do it…”

This was too much for Chloe.

“Please!” she burst out.

“Please what?” he teased

“L-let me touch my pussy!” she moaned.

He laughed.

“Do you want to stroke your pussy Chloe?”


“Do you want to frig your clit ’til you cum baby?” he taunted some more.

Chloe groaned. “Oh Jesus. Yes, yes!! I want to cum James! Please!!”

“Hmmmm….I don’t think so Chloe. Not yet”.

She almost collapsed in disappointment. She was so desperate to cum she thought she might explode with even the slightest touch.

She’d get him back for his teasing….


James had never experienced a hard-on like the one he had right now.

Watching Chloe was mind blowing. He couldn’t wait to actually touch her!

He had never reacted so strongly to a woman before. He had taken all his self-control to stop himself from grabbing her, ripping off those delectable panties, eating her out and then fucking her!

He wanted the teasing to last. He was enjoying this game immensely and knew she was too.

But the time had come to move it up a notch. He wanted her out of that dress.

“Come closer Chloe”

He watched as she slowly walked right up in front of his chair, those cat like eyes of hers burning into his. She stopped right in front of him.

“Take off your dress” he commanded.

He saw the hesitation in her eyes. Was she having second thoughts?

James recognised that things had moved very quickly between them. He could tell she wasn’t used to the intensity of the situation. Hell, neither was he!

He desperately didn’t want it to end, but he wasn’t going to stop her going if she wanted to. He wasn’t a rapist.

But that didn’t mean he’d let her go easy!

She seemed to make the decision to stay as she reached up towards the straps of her dress.

James was mesmerised as she slid one strap down her arm and shrugged out of it. The top of the dress fell to reveal one perfectly rounded globe, pushed up and out by the bra she was wearing. He felt pre-cum leave the tip of his dick.

She shrugged out of the other strap and he watched as the top of the dress dropped completely to reveal her big, round tits practically bursting out of her bra. He could tell that with a bit of encouragement, her nipples would pop right over the top of the lacy constraints. He had loved feeling them the night before, but he hadn’t had a chance to look at them from a distance. Man, they were perfect! He guessed that she must be at least a D-cup.

He could tell she was enjoying teasing him. She kept eye contact as she slowly slid her dress down, pushing out her luscious tits out as she did so. She pushed the dress down to her small waist. As she pushed the dress lower, her tits bulged out towards the edge of her bra. Oh, what he wouldn’t give to lean over and pull it down!

But not yet.

His eyes moved lower as he watched her slide the dress over her hips, revealing her high leg panties to his gaze. She slowly rose up to her full height and stood waiting for his next instructions.

‘She is magnificent!’ James thought as his gaze moved down to take in her slim legs.

“Turn around” he muttered hoarsely, wanting to see her ass.

She looked down as she slowly swivelled on her black heels and showed him her back.

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