Heat Wave Love Ch. 02

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Adriana Chechik

I wasn’t sure if I ever would go back to this story. I had written about three other drafts of this chapter since I wrote the first one. I hated all the directions the story would go. This one felt right and I have received a lot of comments and email about this one recently.

I am wrapping up chapter three of Lessons Learned too but I was torn between making it three and four or just a really long chapter. It’s a long one and over 12000 words and growing. It should be done in a week or so I hope.


It was three days of what should have been hell, but I had AC, a smoking hot new bedroom playmate and a pile of takeout menus. That kinda changed the perspective of the whole situation of a heatwave. Tess made it all pure bliss, even when the box of condoms ran out. We ended up settling for whatever crappy B-horror movie we could find on the various streaming services Tess had an account to use. I wanted to use my Shutter account, but I had that logon at home. Rick wasn’t in the mood to help me after the cooler incident.

After calling two dozen delivery places, we found one or two still open despite the sauna beating down on the city. We only left the bed for bathrooms and to sign for the next food delivery. What started out as just sex ended up feeling a bit like more. I grew a bit attached over the few days in her room.

I wasn’t surprised when the heat broke into a massive rainstorm as the humidity finally turned around. What did surprise me was the phone call twenty minutes later. Now that the heat was gone, real-life was to resume or so my boss was calling to inform me. Work had been forced to close due to weather and the fact our AC barely functioned. It took some of the office staff passing out at the start of the heat for them to shut us down. You got to love corporate greed sometimes.

Tess genuinely seemed sad for me to go, and truth be told, I wasn’t happy to be going home to my kinda shitty roommate. Rick was in rare form as we both worked together, and he wasn’t pleased about going back to work. Sarah, across the hall, took some talking to as since I was gone Rick had managed to piss her off so bad she was ready to call the landlord. I never got the details about it all, and I had no intention of asking either. I just did my best to cool the situation, so he didn’t land us out on our asses. That was the last thing I needed right now. I wasn’t going to ask my parents if I could move back home for a while.

Work was hectic, but the highlight of my day ended up being the text messages Tess sent me throughout the day. Her work schedule was pretty random, so by noon, she was usually sending me messages. They got pretty wild too. I was expecting that first day back for them to be the usual “How’s work?” but I learned quickly that Tess was anything but conventional.

Tess- I am bored, so I went shopping.

Me- Must be nice. I am buried in paperwork. I’ll be lucky to get home by eight.

Tess- Poor baby. I know what will cheer you up.

Me- What’s that?

The next thing I know, my phone was loading a very not safe for work image. Tess was on her bed wearing nothing but a white lace teddy with a plunge in the front that went all the way to her crotch. I quickly hid my phone as I gawked at her while trying to keep a straight face. No girl had ever sent me anything like that before. Sure, once I had a drunken girlfriend send me a clumsy boob photo, but that was nothing like this. Tess had planned and set up her picture before she texted me.

Me- Holy shit! How did I get so lucky?

Tess- Whoever said being a bad boy pays?

Me- I am a good boy?

She didn’t respond again with any text, just another photo and then another. I got a slide show of Tess inch by inch, removing her teddy. First one shoulder and then the other. She held arm across her well-endowed bosom as the bottom of her teddy vanished. Eventually, she lay naked on her bed, legs spread but hands still covering the naughty bits. Needless to say, this show took my whole lunchtime, and Tess finished it with the pièce de résistance. A photo of a decent-sized dildo with her comment, “I’ll be thinking of you this afternoon, big boy!”

Me- You dirty cock tease!

Tess- Yup! Bye!

I thought that teasing would be the end, but it wasn’t at all. The next day, Tess sent me photos of herself in a red bra, panties, garters, and matching fishnet stalking with high heels. They showed her spin for the camera then sit in one of her kitchen chairs. She straddled the chair and slowly peeled off garments photo by photo until the back of the chair blocked her breasts, and one hand covered her slit. Then the dildo returned with her acting like she was about to stick it in her mouth. Tess again said, “Thinking of you!”

If I told you that my phone and my hand didn’t have a date every night with these photos, I’d have a nose as long as Pinocchio. Any man would have been jacking it thirty seconds after getting these dirty messages. I did get a little pissed though, Her camera shows happened all week to me, and when I suggested that maybe I could stop by on my way ataşehir escort home or even perhaps spend the night, she shot me down.

Tess- Good things happen to those who wait.

Me- Yeah, but you are killing me!

Tess- Deal with it!

She then proceeded to give me another show in a bikini and a towel. Again I never saw anything except her almost naked. I lamented that even if I didn’t ever see her again, these photos were something I would hold on to until the day I died. I backed them up to the cloud, I’d have been crazy not to do that.

Rick had started to doubt Tess was real since he had not seen her yet. He accused me of spending the heatwave at my parents or my sister’s place. I showed him one of Tess’s photo barrages, with her permission, but he still thought I was lying. I didn’t really blame him, I would have thought the same thing if the tables were turned.

Friday afternoon, Tess confirmed she would join me on Saturday for our planned cookout as my date. She said she would be fashionably late since she had a last-minute tattoo job scheduled by one of her biggest clients. I, of course, told her that was fine, I’d be waiting for her with her beer in hand. I also couldn’t wait to rub it in Rick’s face as soon as she walked through the door. I didn’t like being that guy, but Rick kinda had it coming. For a lot of different reasons, some going all the way back to elementary school. I don’t hold a grudge though I also believe in payback.

Saturday came with a lot of stress. Between Rick and I, we had invited about two dozen or more people. None were from work, but I invited my sister Christine and her long-time girlfriend, Ariel. Before you ask, Yes, Ariel has flaming red hair, and her parents love the Disney movie. She and Christine had been together since Sis finished graduate school for her masters in Psychology. Ariel had been a freshman then, and my sister did like them young. Don’t ask me, Christine has always beat to a weird drum. I also invited a few friends from back in school.

As people began to arrive, I became aware of who Rick had invited. The damn idiot had invited twelve women and two or three of his least attractive male friends. He couldn’t have made his goals more apparent, he had looks but no brains or tact.

“So Carter,” Christine began as I dug her and Ariel beers out of a cooler. “I hear you have an imaginary girlfriend.”

“Yeah,” Ariel added. “Rick is under the impression you spent that heatwave at our place or at your parents.”

“I am going to fucking kill him,” I said, pulling out my own beer. “Tess isn’t a girlfriend yet, just someone I am seeing.”

“Reeeaalllyyy,” Christine said in that way that always meant trouble. “Any photos?”

“Yes, but nothing you can see,” I answered after a long pull of my beer.

“Oohhhh,” Christine said with a grin I didn’t like. “Now, I got to see them.”

“Tickle time!” Ariel cried as she dove in for her attack. She was a tiny little red-head full of curls. It was like being attacked by a small little leprechaun woman.

While distracted by the mini-carrot top, Christine came at me from behind. She pulled my phone out of my back pocket like a well-practiced thief. I almost dropped my beer in the commotion of it. This was not a new tactic for my big sister. She had used that kind of trick on me since grade school. I should have developed a maneuver to get away, but Christine is a wily one.

“Ooooh,” Christine said as she swiped to unlock. Note to self, please set up thumbprint and code you fucking dumbass. “Wow, little bro, I am impressed.”

“Wait, how hot is she?” Ariel asked as she dropped her attempt to tickle me. “Carter usual lands himself a good five or maybe a six if he is lucky.”

“Just give it back,” I told them. “Those are private photos.”

“Hell yeah, they are!” Ariel said as my sister passed her the phone. “Damn, Carter! She is a solid ten. You’re in the big leagues now, buddy.”

“Funny, haha,” I told her now, actually pissed off. “Just give it back.”

Ariel handed the phone back to me with a pouty face. “Here,” she said, sticking out her tongue. “You are too easy to tease.”

“Yeah,” Big sis agreed. “I can say we are both impressed. She is super hot. How did you land that?”

“Cuz he is a fartknocker and a liar,” Rick chimed in as he walked into the kitchen with us. “Pass me two beers, fartknocker.”

I pulled two out for him reluctantly, if nothing else, but to get him out of the room. He was getting to three sheets to the wind, and the party had barely started.

“What makes you say that?” Christine asked him with a look that said, “I will fuck you up.”

“Those photos aren’t real, he downloaded those or something,” Rick explained as he opened one bottle and tucked the other under his arm. “No chick that hot would ever go after him. I mean, where is she? She should be here.”

“I’d be inclined to agree with you, Rick,” Christine said with a small head nod. “But he did get them from a text message. I am inclined to believe him.”

“Yeah,” Ariel agreed.

Just kadıköy escort bayan before things got even weirder or stressful, the doorbell rang. Without thinking, I made for the door. The only person left to show up was Tess. That was my cue.

“I’ll take that,” I told Rick as I passed him. I pulled the in opened beer from his armpit. “Be prepared to eat your words, my friend.”

“Uh-huh,” he replied with a smug look.

I twisted off the cap with one motion and opened the door with another. Not letting me down, Tess stood at the entrance, a big grin on her face.

“What are you excited to see me or something?” Tess joked as she took the bottle from my hand, and she stepped inside. She kissed me hard then whispered in my ear. “Tonight, we ruin your sheets instead of mine.”

“Fine by me,” I shot as quickly as she said it.

Her look tonight was very different. Tess had changed her hair color to a shade of light pink and wore a bright white sundress and matching shoes. The fabric of the dress was very light, and some of her tattoos could be seen except where she wore a slip underneath. The pink hair was pulled back by a big white bow that held her hair into a poofy ponytail.

“Wow,” I told her, having now taken her visage in fully. “You changed your hair.”

“Well, I have to keep you on your toes,” she taunted then leaned in again. “I am wearing something you should be very familiar underneath,” she said, where only I could hear.

“Oh shit!” Exclaimed Rick as he had been following me to the door. “She is real. How much is Carter paying you to be here?” His eyes checked her out in a not so subtle way. It gave me a bit of a skin crawl.

“You must, Rick,” Tess said and gave him her hand. As he went to take it, she twisted his arm slightly and pulled him, so they were face to face. “You are as unpleasant as I expected. Keep your comments and hands to yourself. Then I won’t have to humiliate you. You should be grateful someone like Carter even puts up with you.”

“Ok, ok,” Rick cried as his eyes began to water in pain. “I give!”

“Now run along,” she said and shooed him away. I was very impressed as he ran away with his tail between his legs.

“Nicely done,” I told her as I put an arm around her waist.

“I squash men like him all day,” she said, making a sweeping gesture at her shoulders like swatting a pest. “That was nothing, he comes back, and I will give you something to watch.”

“Now I would pay money to see that,” Christine said as she and Ariel now followed up sir crapping his pants. “I don’t think I have ever seen someone make him cry before.”

“Yeah,” Ariel said as they both sized up Tess. “He is usually to Cro-Magnon to understand he is even being told to go away.”

“Well, Hello,” Tess said, looking at myself and then Christine. “Guessing you are Carter’s sister? I can see a striking resemblance.”

“Christine, and this is Ariel,” she replied back. “You must be the mysterious woman everyone is gossiping about.”

“Tess,” Tess said, offering her hand to both women. “I hope it is all good gossip.”

“The best,” Ariel said, look at me with a head nod of admiration. “I think Rick will be jealous for a very long time.”

“So Yeah,” I said, trying to chime in and interrupt the obvious women clearly ignoring me. “This is Tess.”

“We know,” Christine said, looking at me like I was a complete idiot. “Don’t you have some grilling to do?” Ariel followed my sister’s comment with a hand gesture that said, move along. “Let me and Ariel show you around.”

Tess kissed me on the cheek, patted my ass, and then waved goodbye to me. She and the two destroyers of lives vanished into the crowd. It was getting to be time to start cooking, so I did at least start the grill out on our patio. Rick wheeled me out a cooler full of meat to my surprise.

“Hey,” he told me as he patted me on the back. “Sorry if I was a royal douche. I am just not used to you having a better game than me.”

“It’s cool,” I said, pulling out a few burger patties to test. “I am used to your douchebaggery.”

“Hahahaha, Yeah,” he said as he sipped his beer. “I just want to tell you well done, my friend. Tess is like crazy hot. I’d ask more, but I know you don’t kiss and tell.”

“Thanks,” I told him as my focus was now on feeding the apartment full of people we now had partying.

It only took about twenty minutes for burgers to start coming off. Rick did me a solid and start setting up the table of condiments and buns. I added some chicken and steaks to the emptying spots.

Sarah, our neighbor across the hall, wandered over with an empty plate. She was reasonably pretty with curly red hair and a smattering of freckles. Since kicking out the boyfriend, she had made it clear she had an eye for me. I liked Sarah ok, but after hearing her and the Ex fight, I didn’t want any piece of that drama. She had a few issues those fights made me well aware of, as well as a tendency to throw things in anger. No, thank you.

“How much longer on the chicken, Carter?” She asked sweetly.

“A escort maltepe few more minutes,” I told her as I poked at the most done looking one. “Glad you could come. I hope Rick isn’t driving you crazy.”

“He’s not awful today,” she remarked and then point around to the various women about. “He has more prey today.”

“Yeah, that’s all him,” I explained as I poked another piece of chicken. “I only invited my sister and a few others.”

“Yeah,” she said with a frown. “I saw the pink-haired girl who you greeted at the door. None of us other girls seem to be getting the same looks like her. Is she your new girlfriend?”

“We have been seeing each other for the past week or so,” I told her, hoping not to jinx myself. “I hesitate to call her my girlfriend yet.”

“So I still have a chance,” she mumbled almost inaudibly, but I was pretty sure that’s what I had heard. “She seems nice,” Sarah said louder.

“I enjoy her company,” I agreed and pulled off a piece of chicken to add to her plate. “Let me know if you want more.”

“Oh, I will,” she said and disappeared into the party with the others.

A few more people approached me for various tasty meats, and I obliged them. Playing host was fun, and I watched as Rick actually did a decent job backing me up. He kept the beer flowing and brought me stuff when I needed it. Overall everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

“So Carter, man,” Asked Lucas as he came up for a second helping. “What is your secret?”

“What secret?” I asked back, confused.

“How do you get all the ladies?” He clarified.

Lucas was one of Rick’s friends, I only knew him from a few late-night poker games we had last year. He was kinda dorky in with dark-rimmed glasses. Not ugly but not handsome in any way. The dude could definitely use a makeover or new wardrobe.

“I don’t get all the ladies,” I said honestly. “I have been lucky as of late,” I told him as I pointed in Tess’s direction. She was still chatting with my sister, which was making me worried.

“Yeah, man,” Lucas agreed. Then pointed as a few of the other girls around us. I was kinda oblivious to them, to be honest. “They have all kinda been checking you out all afternoon, man.”

“I don’t know,” I told him with a shrug. “Just a coincidence, I guess.”

“Lying bastard,” he said and punched me in the arm lightly. He was smiling and just messing around.

“Go talk to some of them, dude,” I said, putting a pork chop on his plate. “Quit wasting time with me.”

“You have a point,” he said as he made his way to the condiment table.

Two hands placed themselves over my eyes. I felt a familiar pair of breast squish against my back as I took a small step away from the grill. A voice I could clearly tell was Tess chimed, “Guess who?”

“Really,” I teased back. “Do I need to give you an answer.”

I heard the sound of someone blowing raspberries then, “Fine, I guess that’s not much of a challenge.” Tess removed her hands.

“So, having fun?” I asked her.

“Yeah, your sister and her girlfriend won’t leave me alone, though.”

“Sorry, she can be like that,” I lamented. “I am sure mom and dad will get a full rundown tonight, and I will get a call in the morning.”

“Would seem likely,” Tess agreed. “So Rick invited way too many women to this shindig.”

“You think,” I mocked.

“Does he really think that by inviting this many, he increases his chances?”

“Yeah, he thinks by inviting more, it gives him more opportunities to get laid,” I told her, trying to explain his logic.

“Well, it is backfired on him then,” she told me. “Your sister and I have talked to more than a few of them. They each think that the other is somehow in a relationship with him. None of them will make a move on him now.”

“Tonight will be fun then,” I told her.

“Will it now?” Tess said with a raised eyebrow.

“He can cry himself to sleep while you and I make him listen to what he is missing out on,” I said jokingly.

“I like the way you think,” she told me. “Actually, I have an idea. Can you get away from this grill for a few minutes.”

“Sure,” I said, waving Rick over to my direction. “What’s up?”

“Just do it and meet me around in the kitchen in five minutes,” Tess told me. With a brief kiss, she then vanished among the others.

“Hey,” Rick said as he approached me. “What did you need, bro.”

“Think you can cover me for a few,” I said, wiping my brow. “I could use some AC and a cold glass of water.”

“No sweat, take a break,” Rick said as he winked at one of the passing girls. “Might help my game.”

“Cool,” I nodded and passed him my long spatula. “Watch those steaks. They are almost done, and I like mine, medium.”

“I got this, bro,” Rick exclaimed and puffed up his chest. “You need some more, baby?” He asked a girl who was looking for something at the nearby condiment table. She nodded her head to him, and I took my cue to leave.

I got to the kitchen, which was empty except for a few people I didn’t know. A guy, I vaguely recognized from somewhere, I knew he was someone Rick knew and a tall blonde who looked vaguely European, maybe Swedish. The guy was trying to chat her up, but she was clearly not interested. She actually seemed more interested in the other woman who was right behind me as I walked in.

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