He Walked Out and She Walked In

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Big Tits

If you’re the type of reader who is expecting the characters to be having wild monkey sex by the third paragraph, you may want to skip this story. If you have a little patience, I really hope you’ll keep reading.

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***Many thanks to NickJBella for editing this story for me!***


Good riddance! My ex-boyfriend, whom I had dated for two years, is finally completely out of my life. He picked up the last few remaining items without causing any drama. There isn’t a single thing left of his in the apartment that we once shared. I’m convinced he has dragged the moving out process as long as possible in hopes that I would change my mind and ask him to stay. While one problem has walked out the door, another problem has walked in. I’m now stuck living alone with a lease I can’t afford. I had placed an ad in the local paper the day after I told him I was sick of his shit. That was two months ago and I had yet to receive any responses. I am going to be so screwed if I can’t find a roommate.

I am a college student who works full time at a local store. I have very little time for a private life which means even fewer opportunities to find someone that I personally know to move in, even if it is temporary.

I’m sitting in the break room one afternoon when one of my coworkers notices I am looking a bit frustrated. I’m not even trying to hide my desperation anymore. It has reached a point where I am going to have to start packing my own things and find a cheaper place to live. My ex tried so hard to convince me that I financially needed him and that I would crumble once he left. As much as I know he is correct, I am adamant to not let him know that he is rapidly being proven right. I dread the thought of having to move into an even smaller place. My current apartment is a cozy yet roomy two-bedroom on the third floor of my building and my neighbors are good at minding their own business. No small children running around making noises and everyone seems to be polite enough.

“What’s the matter, Julia?” Brian asks as he pulls a chair up next to my table.

I let out a huge sigh, place my elbows on the table, and throw my head in my hands. I am fighting back tears with everything I have. “I need a roommate as soon as possible or I’m going to have to move. I’m quickly running out of my savings ever since Ben left.”

“You haven’t had any luck at all? No friends who need a temporary place to stay or anything?”

“No, I have asked nearly every person I know to see if they could think of anyone looking for a place with cheap rent. I’m only asking $400 a month. It’s close to campus and outside the hustle and bustle of town but close enough to run to the store if you get back to the apartment and realize you forgot something like the milk,” I explain.

Brian looks like he’s deep in thought and my hopes lift slightly at the sight of him actually making an attempt to help me. It’s certainly more than I have gotten from anyone else so far.

“Are you comfortable living with someone you don’t really know? I mean, wouldn’t you want to get to know them first?” He asks.

“Typically, yes. But I’m desperate and running out of time,” I plead.

“I have a cousin who mentioned something the other day about hating her current roommates and was insisting on moving out. Now, I don’t know if this was just a big fit of drama or if she was serious, though. I’ll find out for you. She’s a sweetheart, has never been in trouble with the law, doesn’t party or do drugs; she definitely isn’t a wild child by any means.”

“I would really appreciate it,” I say with a glimmer of hope.

A few days pass and, while sitting in my sociology class, I receive a random text message on my phone. It states:

Hi! My name is Alex. My cousin Brian told me that you are looking for a roommate. My current living situation isn’t working out as well as I had hoped. I’d really like to meet you and possibly check your place out to see if it will be adequate for me. Either text me back or let Brian know so we can all meet up sometime.

Finally! Someone who might just be the answer to my prayers! I am so excited that I barely make it through the remainder of my class. I head straight to work after leaving school even though it means I am going to be an hour early. I’m eager to catch up with Brian to get the ball rolling with his cousin.

I had texted him while I was on my way and he’s eagerly awaiting me in the break room when I get there. I tell him I would like to have him present when I meet her just to make things a little more comfortable. Even though he and I have worked together for over two years and he highly recommends her, I am still leery about the idea of possibly living with someone that I don’t know.

“Ok, so the plan is to pick her up and take her to your apartment building this coming weekend. If all goes well, the two of you will have to meet with the apartment manager to add her to your lease, correct?” He asks.

“Yup, casino siteleri that’s correct,” I agree. Rather than texting her all of this info, he calls her to see if everything will work well with her schedule. I can hear her voice as he speaks with her and she sounds very excited.

“So, what other info should I know about her?” I ask when he finishes talking with her.

“She’s 24 and has recently graduated from a university downstate. She’s currently working as a teacher’s assistant in a first-grade classroom until she decides she’s ready to start teaching her own classroom. She’s been dating the same guy on and off for the past year and a half. I’m not quite sure why they can’t just take the plunge and move in together but their inability to make up their minds is working in your favor. If she decides she likes your place, that is.”

“What kind of personality does she have? Is she outgoing? Homebody? Private? Snobby?” I ask.

“She’s a social butterfly. She does like her privacy but not to the point where you’ll be uncomfortable around her or feel like she’s always hiding something. I’m sure she’ll keep to herself a bit but she’ll open up after she gets to know you.”

“Sounds wonderful,” I say as I clock in for the evening with a big smile on my face.

Saturday arrives in a flash. I try to keep myself as occupied as I can to make the time go as fast as possible. I am anxious and hopeful that this will be the end of my stress and worry. I have cleaned my apartment like a madwoman over the past couple of days. I’m a clean and organized person to begin with but not to the point where someone will feel like they are in a museum when they come to my place. I just want this to be inviting with a hint of desperation in hopes that my apartment will be appealing to her.

I decide to sit outside on one of the benches that are near the front door of my building. The sun is shining and there is just enough of a breeze to keep it from being scorching hot outside. Besides, I’m nervous so the fresh air might do me some good.

Brian pulls his car into a parking space that is right in front of where I am sitting. I can see a silhouette of her in the passenger seat but I am completely blown away when she climbs out of the car.

She is thin with long, dark brown hair and wearing a cute little sundress with flat sandals. Actually, she looks like a slimmer, sexier version of me. The dress flows around her every time the wind blows even the slightest. She is absolutely stunning in a girl next door kind of way. Her tiny waist, longs legs, and the huge breasts sitting on her chest are breathtaking. My goodness, what a beautiful figure she has. I find myself clenching my thighs together and the feeling of butterflies begins to arise in my stomach.

“Hey Brian; hi, Alex, I’m Julia,” I manage to squeak at her when she finally approaches me. ‘Must keep eye contact and not stare at that amazing cleavage of hers,’ I mentally remind myself.

“Hi Julia, it’s very nice to meet you. I’m thinking this location is great already,” she says with a hint of glee in her voice.

“Come on inside and I’ll show you around,” I say as I walk towards the main door. I let out a huge sigh as soon as I turn my back to them and force myself to keep some composure. I type in my lock code and lead them both through to the elevator.

My apartment is a pretty basic setup and is located on a back corner of the building. On the left side, there is the dining area and the kitchen separated by a fairly high bar with stools. On the other side is the living room with a walk-out balcony. Behind the living room is a spacious bathroom complete with “his and her” sinks. The two rooms at the end of the hall are the bedrooms. The doors are straight across from each other and both have access to a shared balcony on the back of the building. My room is on the right and located next to the bathroom.

“If you choose to stay, basically all you will need to move in is your bedroom furniture. You are free to use everything else I have here. I’m asking $400 a month which is half of what I pay. I don’t mind you having guests as long as they don’t stay here more than three nights per week. That’s the management’s rule; not mine,” I say with a smile. I hope I’m not coming off as being a stickler with a bunch of picky rules. “The washing machines and dryers are located down the hall so there’s no need for taking trips to a laundromat.”

She has been taking in everything with great detail and seems very interested in my cozy little living space. I am so excited to see that. She makes random remarks about how quiet it seems, how secluded the building is from town, how she thinks everything is cutely decorated.

“Let me think it over and I will have an answer for you shortly,” she says as we make our way back to Brian’s car. “I appreciate you taking the time to show me. I’m really happy with it but I have to make sure I don’t leave any loose ends if I am to move out of my current apartment now.”

“Completely understandable,” I agree. “Take canlı casino your time and let me know either way you decide.” On the inside, I am screaming for her to just say she’ll go home and start packing.

Two weeks go by and I’m happy to say she has been added to my lease. It’s a wonderful sight watching and helping her carry her items into what has just become our apartment. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I am more than happy to help her move her stuff in. She certainly doesn’t have a shortage of help and I am pretty sure her beauty is what has helped her get what she needs. There are four very capable men helping her; one is her boyfriend, Greg. He’s a handsome man; quite tall, lean, and obviously full of energy.

We celebrate her moving in with a bottle of wine and some good laughs as we get to know each other. I’m pretty sure I’m going to like her and that we’ll get along just fine.

Over the next month, we have gone without a hitch. She’s only had a couple of friends over and they’ve never stayed more than a few hours at a time. Greg has visited here and there but she hasn’t allowed him to stay the night yet. I’m wondering if they are having one of their down times that Brian had mentioned before she moved in.

But, boy have I been noticing her, though. While I’ve only been with a couple of girls for a few bouts of fooling around, I still consider myself as bi. I notice one gender just as much as the other but I’ve only had serious relationships with men. This isn’t something I’ve shared with many but I’m having a very hard time ignoring my attraction to her. The way she carries herself blows my mind. She’s sexy but sweet and I can’t help but think about what she looks like underneath her clothing. I fantasize about sucking on those huge tits of hers and burying my face in between her legs.

I’m constantly asking myself what the hell I am thinking. I’m going to make myself obvious if I’m not careful. I’m pretty sure she notices the times I have to pry my stare from her chest. Or the times I check out her ass when I think she isn’t looking. But she hasn’t made it known if she has caught me staring or daydreaming about her.

During breakfast on a Saturday morning, she looks a little a hesitant but finally gets the nerve to ask, “how come you haven’t started dating yet? You and your ex called it quits nearly four months ago and I haven’t seen anyone come around.”

“Well, I don’t really know why I haven’t. I’ve been busy with work and focusing on school so I guess I haven’t really been looking for anyone,” I respond.

“Would it bother you if I let Greg stay the night tomorrow? I don’t want to make you uncomfortable at all.”

“Of course not,” I say with a smile. Inside I’m groaning just a little. One reason is because I haven’t had any sort of sex with anyone since Ben left. My pussy feels neglected and toys just don’t satisfy quite the same as a real dick. And another reason is because I’m worried hearing the two of them fucking in her room will send me over the edge.

I get home from work that evening at 8:30. I hate working random weekends but I don’t have much of a choice. Maybe when I actually get my college degree I’ll be able to get a 9-5 Monday through Friday kind of job. Until then, I must make unpleasant sacrifices.

“Hi, Greg,” I say as I walk through the door. “Nice to see you again.”

“Likewise,” he replies.

“Don’t mind me, guys. I’m just going to go shower and settle into bed with a good book. It’s been a long day and I’m tired,” I inform them.

“Are you sure you don’t want to watch a movie with us? We rented a nice little comedy,” she says.

“Thank you, but no,” I reply with a simple smile as a friendly gesture. Am I actually feeling a twinge of envy? The sight of him with his arm around her and playing with her hair is enough to cause me to hurry to my bedroom to gather my pajamas.

I quickly jump into the shower hoping to wash away all the dirty thoughts and feelings I started having as soon as I walked through the door. I stand under the hot water, lean my head back, and close my eyes. My hands wander to my chest where I start pinching and pulling my alert nipples. I squeeze my tits together and my pussy clenches. I gasp, my eyes spring open, and I immediately stop touching my breasts as I push the thoughts away. What is wrong with me? I have got to stop thinking about bending Alex over that couch and licking her delectable pussy from behind along with the thoughts of him having his way with her tonight doing the things I want to do to her. I sigh, shake my head, and reach for my razor. I make slow, long passes up my legs but each stroke sends a shiver through me. If I’m having this kind of reaction now, what’s it going to be like shaving my mound? I make sure to take things nice and slow. If I get one off in the shower, they’re most definitely going to hear me since the couch is right on the other side of the wall. I should have brought a dildo in and suction cupped it to the wall but I don’t think they would appreciate hearing kaçak casino my ass slam against the shower wall. Damn it!

As I lay in bed with my book, my mind happens to wander everywhere but the story I’m trying to focus on. I realize I have “read” 5 pages without having a single clue what it is even about. I close the book, toss it on my nightstand, and reach for my earbuds. I give up. Maybe my soothing relaxation app will help calm me down and help me fall asleep.

I doze off but wake up around 11. When I remove my earbuds, I strain my ears and realize I can’t hear any noises. Thank goodness. Maybe they had a little spat and Greg went home after all. I toss and turn but I can’t get comfortable. A quick trip to the bathroom for a drink of water might help. I slip through my bedroom door and I instantly freeze. Her door is cracked open and when I accidentally peek through I can clearly see her sucking his cock. The head of her bed is against the same wall as the door and I’m looking straight at her. She’s making long sucking strokes up and down his impressive length and taking him in quite far; also impressive. She teases the tip of his cock with her tongue; flicking and twirling it around the head. I can hear him quietly moaning as she takes his balls into her mouth. She crawls up and straddles his hips. Those luscious tits of hers are staring at me and I can’t look away. Her nipples are hard, very alert, dark, and they’re big. Just the way I like them. She lowers her bare pussy down onto his cock and takes him all the way in. He reaches up and plays with her nipples. Oh, how I want to suck one of those bad boys into my mouth.

I reach my hand down and slip it between my legs. My pussy lips are slick and swollen. My clit is hard and very sensitive. When I insert a finger, my pussy is so wet that I can hear it slide inside. My breathing quickens as I watch her tits bounce while she rides his cock; her long brown hair flowing down around her chest making it a fun game of peek-a-boo with her breasts. As she comes, she lets out a quiet scream followed with a smile. She suddenly looks in my direction and I quickly step back away from the crack. Shit! I’m pretty sure she saw me. I quickly dart into my room, quietly close my door, and lean my back against it. My heart is pounding and I can’t believe what I was just doing. I’m convinced she saw me. Fuck! That was so stupid!

I jump into my bed, put my earbuds back in, and hide under my blankets. I try to imagine I am anywhere but in my bedroom while my roommate is still fucking right across the hall.

I am sleeping soundly when I am suddenly awakened by the lamp on my nightstand being turned on. I rapidly blink a few times as I adjust to the light and remove my earbuds. I slowly start to roll over to face that side of the bed when I feel someone sliding under my covers. I instantly stop moving and keep my back towards the light.

“What are you…?” I say as Alex climbs in next to me.

“Shhh,” she interrupts as she snuggles close. “I know you were watching me suck Greg’s dick. Did you like what you saw?”

My heart instantly starts pounding hard. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to watch. I thought he decided to go home and I didn’t realize he was still here. I was just going to get a drink of water,” I stammer.

“It’s ok,” she giggles. “I left the door cracked open on purpose. I love knowing that I’m being watched and I knew you wouldn’t be able to help yourself.”

“You did?” I spit out.

“I know you’ve been looking at me differently lately. I’ve seen you staring at my boobs with a silly grin on our face.”

“Yes, I have. I can’t help it. You are so fucking sexy,” I blurt out.

“Have you ever been with a girl before?”

“It’s been a long time,” I admit.

“Have you thought of fucking me? Licking my pussy until I come hard? Sucking my nipples?” She teases.

“Yes,” is all I’m able to speak just above a whisper. My pussy is clenching at the thought of doing all of those things to her.

“Roll over towards me. I want you to touch me,” she begs.

I slowly roll onto my back and notice that she’s resting on her elbow. The blanket is pulled down to her waist leaving her entire upper body exposed. She’s completely naked. We’re laying eye to eye with her hovering over me. I reach up with my hand and start caressing her soft, warm breast. Her nipple is hard and begging to be pinched. I circle it over and over with my thumb making it harder before lifting myself up to suck it into my mouth. The feel of twirling my tongue around her nipple sends a rush through me. She starts gasping as I suck hard. Finally!

“Take your shirt off. I want to see you,” she says as she lifts herself away from me. I sit up and pull my nightshirt over my head. Once it’s tossed on the floor, she takes my face in her hands and kisses me hard. Her lips are soft on mine. Her tongue invades my mouth and playfully teases my own. I lay back and she remains upright so she can admire my body. She straddles me and starts kneading my breasts lightly. She tweaks my nipples and pulls on them gently. I run my hands up and down her thighs. Her pussy feels so hot against mine. As she leans down to kiss me, I place my hands on her chest again. I feel the weight of them before they are smashed against my own.

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