He and She

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She waited for Him by the door that bitterly cold winter evening, dressed only in black lace–top thigh–high stockings, a black lace balcony bra two cup sizes too small for her DDs, and the robe to her black lace peignoir. She stood at the window, fidgeting as she watched for Him, caressing and squeezing her breasts, reaching down to check that her cunt was wet and hot, anxiously waiting for the moment when all the sexual tension and frustration of the last month they’d been parted would be eased by His warm, thick, stiff cock, and His skilled fingers and lips. She had been in a state of constant arousal for the past week, and no amount of masturbating or telephone sex with Him had eased the tension. She needed Him.

She groomed herself carefully for this evening, bathing and dressing with all the attention to detail of a woman so tightly wound with need and lust that she feared she would shatter from the strain. She shaved her legs and outer labia, but left the thatch of coarse, springy hair at the apex of her thighs natural, and smoothed her skin with perfumed body oil, only allowing herself to masturbate (but not cum) once during her ablutions. She sat, naked except for the stockings, at her dressing table, twisting and pinching the nipples she had darkened with self–tanner as she pinned up her hair in a style that would be easily pulled down, applying only such make–up as would stand up to the activity she anticipated for the evening ahead. Reaching for a crystal perfume bottle, she carefully applied the scent behind her ears, at the hollow of her throat, across each breast just above the areola, along the top edge of her muff, behind her knees, at her wrists. Places she hoped He would explore as He satisfied her craving of Him as much as she satisfied His need and want and lust for her.

Finally, she saw Him as He rounded the corner of the block, and she opened the front door to Him, the blast of frigid air of that bleak January further tightening her already–rigid nipples and cooling the flush of arousal that blushed across her face and breasts. She stood framed in the doorway, heedless that anyone else might see her, her thoughts and behavior centered only on Him. He took the last few steps up to the door two at a time and, with a last shiver from the wind that whistled around the frozen landscape, entered the house and wrapped Himself in her warm, soft, perfumed embrace. After a slow, warming, welcoming kiss she removed His woolen scarf, leather coat and gloves, and took His hand to draw Him further into the room, closer to the flames – the flicker of the candles scattered about the room, the logs burning in the fireplace, and the heat of her passion.

Lacing His fingers through hers, He drew her hand up to His lips and kissed the inside of her wrist, licking gently, and then crossed her arm behind her around the small of her back, pulling her back into His embrace as He buried His free hand in the silk of her hair, disturbing the hair pins and sending them pinging to the floor. He nuzzled His chin into the soft, scented, exquisitely sensitive spot just below her ear, the bristle of His five-o’clock beard razoring across that tender flesh as He seared a trail of hot, wet kisses down her throat and across her shoulder. She shivered and moaned softly, trying to straddle His hips as they stood, her belly drawing tighter as she threaded the fingers of her free hand through His cold hair. He crowded her closer, curving His spine in order to keep as much body contact as possible while He dragged His face across her breasts, backing her up, eventually pinning her between the cold plaster of the exterior wall and the hot length of His highly charged, heavily aroused body. He teased her with His lips as He lightly brushed them back and forth across hers – feathery kisses that never fully made contact – while the fingers of His left hand stroked her cheek, her lips, her eyes, gliding across her collarbone and around her shoulder. A fingertip slid inside the edge of the cups of her over–full bra, flicking her already taut, aching nipples and then across the swell of each soft, pillowy breast, His lips trailing after His fingers, kissing and licking and nibbling everywhere His finger had touched. Another soft moan escaped from her lips, goading Him into kissing them with the intensity of a drowning man – a man drowning in the scent and feel and sight of the woman He had been without for the past month – His tongue demanding entry into her mouth, thrusting and withdrawing in a imitation of mating, claiming her and tasting her and driving up the level of desire for both of them.

Breaking away from that incendiary kiss with a gasp, she took a ragged breath and pushed Him away, ataşehir escort sliding around Him, pressing her breasts and thighs and hands against Him as she went, leading Him with a smile to the place she had prepared for them in front of the fire. The enormous sheepskin rug was there to cushion and warm the hardwood floor, providing space for them to enjoy each other, while a basket of body oils, blindfolds, cuffs, cock rings, dildoes, and clamps – anything that might appeal to Him in the pleasuring of Himself and her – also stood close at hand. Pillows and quilts were ready, and a chiller of champagne was positioned at the head of the rug along with two glasses, although she doubted she would need anything more intoxicating than the sight and sound and smell and feel of Him this night. She felt light–headed already just from His kisses and caresses; she didn’t need alcohol.

As they walked by the leather wing–back chair, she pressed Him into the seat, and crouched at His feet, removing His shoes and socks, and then rose to her knees to slowly unbutton His shirt, drawing the tail slowly out of His trousers, tugging a little more firmly as it tangled with His hardening cock. As she slipped the shirt off of His shoulders, He reached for her, His hands caressing her bound breasts on the way to sliding her robe off her shoulders and pushing it to the floor, where it landed with a soft Hiss. She rose, standing between His legs, her hands roaming over His chest and ribs and belly, and bent over Him to kiss the hollow of His throat and nibble along His jaw line, her lips finally covering His in a kiss laden with need and passion. He reached up and grasped and squeezed and caressed her breasts, using His fingernails to scratch at the engorged nipples through the delicate lace, each breast too large, even bound as they were, for Him to completely enclose in His grasp, and then slipped His hands around her back and released the hooks of the bra. Her breasts tumbled out of the restriction as He eased the fabric from her body, the shear weight of them as they struck His chest surprising and arousing Him as always, the darkened nipples so hard and erect they might have been locked in nipple clamps.

She reached down to His belt and unhooked it, continuing on her journey to unfasten the button and zipper of His trousers, stopping to run her hands up and down the ridge that marked His erection – caressing and teasing and stroking. Finally, with a groan, He pushed her hands away and stood, removing His trousers and undershorts, revealing the glory of His cock. As He leaned down to raise her to her feet, reaching out for Him, she settled the palm of one of her hands just on the tip of His cock, capturing the droplet of precum that rested on the eye, and caressed it in small circles around the head of His shaft. His cock twitched and jerked away from her hand as though an electric shock had passed between them.

Smiling His most charming and wolfish smile, He took her hand and led her to the fur rug, drawing her down to Him as He lay back against a large wedge–shaped floor pillow, His knees bent and spread with His feet flat on the floor, hungrily watching those extraordinarily heavy breasts swing and sway as she crawled up His body to kiss Him, her tits hovering over His upper torso, the sensitive nipples dragging and catching against His chest hair. And then He sighed with satisfaction as she came to rest against Him, kneeling between His thighs, groin to groin, her breasts flattened against His chest. He wrapped His arms and legs around her, stroking her back and buttocks, squeezing and caressing as He went, running His fingers along the tops of her stockings and up inside her thighs. Reaching around and between her legs to stroke her smooth labia. Sliding His fingers in and out of her hot, wet cunt. Teasing and tormenting her throbbing clit with His fingers. Kissing her until she was breathless.

She pressed both hands flat against His chest and broke that demanding kiss, gasping for air and sanity, her lips swollen and red and luscious from the demands of His mouth on hers. He cupped one hand at the nape of her neck, forcing her head back down to His, parting her lips with His tongue and tracing the fullness of them, nibbling at the corners, gently sucking on her lower lip. He moved one hand between their bodies and resumed teasing her clit with His thumb while sliding two fingers in and out of her slippery cunt, His whole hand wet with her juices, as He murmured against her hair, describing to her how He had suffered without her for the past month, how He wanted to see her in the throws of a great orgasm, teasing her and begging her to cum in His hand.

Listening kadıköy escort bayan to His words and feeling the tension build from the sensations He was arousing in her body with His fingers, she thrashed in His embrace, seeking and eventually finding the release that was only the first of many orgasms that would rock her that night, the muscles of her vagina clenching around His fingers, His thumb tracing a pattern around her clitoris as she ground her pelvis against His hand trying to get closer, tighter, harder, faster. Her fingers clutched at His shoulders, as she threw her head back in ecstasy, arching her back, thrusting her breasts out, while a low, guttural groan rose from deep in her chest – the audible sign of her pleasure. He drew His fingers out of her tight, hot, wet passage and licked them one-by-one, savoring the flavor and the fragrance that was uniquely her. She collapsed against Him, shivering with the last spasms of her orgasm, dragging in great rasping breaths, trying to steady her heart rate and her breathing, as He stroked her hair, and kissed her eyes and neck and nibbled on her earlobes, all the while murmuring in her ear, telling her how beautiful she was when she was out of control.

She finally eased back onto her knees, and was reaching for the basket of sex toys when He shook His head and told her that He didn’t think they needed any of those. Tonight He just wanted her. But then He noticed the chained nipple clamps He had given her for her birthday among the items. He reached into the basket and brought out the clamps and reached for her breasts. Claiming one, He gently slid the clamp around the large, erect nub and let it squeeze, pulling gently to seat the clamp against the double nipple that Nature had blessed her with. He repeated the process with her other breast, tugging and gently jerking the chain with one finger as He gathered her heavy breasts in His hands and then letting them drop, the full weight of them as they bounced and swayed dragging on the nipples and chain, watching her face as the sensations from her breasts skittered all the way to her clit and cunt.

Pushing her onto her back, He slid down her body, kissing and licking as He went until He came to her muff, breathing in great breaths laden with her perfume and the perfume that was her. He positioned His head between her thighs and began to lick her labia, driving deeper with His tongue into her cunt, again imitating with His tongue the act of mating. As she writhed and shuddered against His face and tongue, her arms flung out to her sides seeking purchase in anything to grasp against the rising tide of her release, He pinned her body with His arms, licking and sucking on her clit, plunging His tongue into her cunt, lapping up the essence that was her, drinking in the intoxicating fragrance of His woman when she wanted Him. Raising His head so He could watch her face, He once again slid two fingers deep inside her, using His thumb to gently rasp against her swollen, aching, and throbbing clit, His other hand reaching up her body to tug gently on the chain connecting those exquisitely pinching clamps. It only took a couple of tugs on the chain and corresponding surges of His fingers in her passage to make her cum again in His hand, this time with greater intensity, with the spasms of her uterus and vagina expelling her cum into His hand, leaving her arching, twisting and writhing with the agony of exquisite pleasure, and then sagging back to the floor in temporary exhaustion.

As she regained her composure, she pulled Him back to His former place against the floor pillow, and kneeling at His side, took His turgid cock in one soft hand and His balls in the other, gently cradling them, rolling them, teasing a groan out of Him as He dropped His head back onto the pillow, glorying in the sensation of His woman pleasuring Him. She leaned over to kiss the head of His cock, dragging her lips lower to nibble gently at the juncture of His penis and balls, then licking her way back up to the tip, wrapping her tongue around His member and licking it like a child would lick an ice cream cone. She licked and sucked Him, all the while teasing, and gently caressing His balls, pushing and stroking his anus with one finger, until she felt His balls start to rise in her hand. She let Him go, and rose up onto her hands and knees, placing her body around Him like a frame as she kissed His neck and shoulders, taking His nipples one-by-one into her mouth and licking, sucking, nibbling and teasing them until they were has hard and erect and sensitized as hers.

Grabbing the pillow He had been leaning against, He sat up and pulled her across the high edge of the wedge escort maltepe onto her hands and knees, raising her buttocks in the air. He moved around to position Himself between her legs, nudging her knees as far apart as she could manage, spread her outer lips with His fingers and pushed the head of His cock into her with the gentle rocking motion of mating, His groin connecting with her bare buttocks with a slap, His balls swinging against her clit, His hands locked at the sides of her waist in order to pull her back onto His erection. She struggled to accept the full length and breadth of His cock, but soon her pussy snugged around His member like a soft, warm, wet glove. The steady jarring motion of their mating made her unbound breasts sway and swing wildly in all directions, her nipples dragging against the rug, the pleasurable friction and tug of the clamps becoming nearly unbearable as He increased the pace of His thrusts, forcing a whimper of desire from her. Reaching around her waist He found her clit with His fingers again and twisted and teased, and she came for the third time, driving her cunt back onto His cock with all her might, the frenzy of her release reddening her face and neck as she groaned in ecstasy and gasped for air.

He grabbed her by the hair with one hand, and with the other tossed aside the pillow, then flipped her over on to her back, and settled Himself between her straddled legs, burying His face in her soft extravagant breasts, jerking off the clamp surrounding her doubled nipple in order to replace it with His mouth. Pulling, and dragging at that exquisitely sensitive body part, He took as much of her breast into His mouth as He could, teasing, and biting, sucking on her breast as if He would draw milk from her, finishing with one breast and moving on to the other, removing and replacing the nipple clamps as He moved back and forth, pleasuring first one breast and then the other over and over and over again until she begged. Begged Him to stop, begged Him to let her rest, begged Him to bring her to her release. All the while He told her how beautiful and desirable and exciting she was and how very much He wanted her. Wanted to bury His aching, twitching cock into her hot, wet snatch. Wanted to thrust into her again and again, plunging and driving in as far as their bodies would allow and then pushing just that much further to complete the joining.

At last He could wait no longer, but positioned His cock at the entrance to her cunt, and drove Himself into her body in one long, smooth thrust, forcing another groan from both of their lips as her vagina struggled to accept the breadth of Him, eventually encasing and enveloping Him with her heat and wetness. He slowly withdrew until His cock was almost completely outside her body, and then drove back into her, His thrusts becoming heavier and more and more savage in proportion to His spiraling need. She wrapped her legs around His waist, tilting her pelvis up to Him to grant Him more access to her body, allowing Him to plunge deeper and harder into her wet, hot passage. He began moving in that ancient mating rhythm, their pelvises grinding against each other, their breathing becoming ragged and short, every nerve on fire with passion and desire and heat. He reached again for her clit and brushed against that throbbing, engorged nub, driving her to the hardest and most violent orgasm she had ever experienced. On and on, they came, spasm after spasm, joy upon joy, her eyes closed in rapture, her head thrown back, thrusting her breasts into His chest, her wordless groans and clutching fingers and grasping vagina driving Him over the edge and into the throes of His own orgasm.

His shout of release was muffled against her breast, as He drove heavily into her again and again, each thrust pushing her across the rug with its force, His cock throbbing and jerking, pumping His cum deep into her, the spasming walls of her vagina milking Him dry and demanding more until He, at last, collapsed into her arms, spent and gasping for air, nuzzling her breasts as he released them from their clamps, rubbing His face in the softest of lover’s pillows, all the while murmuring her name over and over again until they both fell asleep as they lay, joined, spent by the force and pleasure of their orgasms.

A short time later, He woke enough to pull her with Him as He rolled on to His back. He reached over and drug a quilt over them to protect them from the chill of the winter evening. As He withdrew from that warm, wet heaven, her vaginal muscles clutched at Him one last time, reminding His cock of why He was there in the first place. He settled her against His chest, wrapping one of her legs across His thighs, the combination of His and her cum blending and mingling, dragging out across His thigh in a luxurious and loving moisture. He wrapped one arm around her shoulders, clasping a breast in His other hand, and resting His cheek against her hair, fell asleep.

Satisfied at last.

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