Haven from the Storm

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Warning: Although I am placing this story in the First Time category, it could have as easily been put into the BDSM or Group Sex categories. If either of these bother you, seek out another story.

Disclaimer: All characters in this story are fictional, and over the age of 18.


An hour past sunset on a Friday night, I was driving towards my parents’ home out in the country, the wipers struggling to keep up with the pouring rain, when my engine went clunk-alunk-CLANK, then started to grind apart. Half the warning lights on my dash went off, and the power steering went out, too. I struggled to pull over to the side of the road, hoping not to wind up rolling over in a ditch.

I tried turning off and restarting the engine, uselessly. ‘Could this day get any fucking worse?’ I asked myself. I looked at my cell phone, and saw zero bars, predictably. It had been miles since the last town, maybe 15 until the next one and 30 until Georgetown, where my parents lived, and I seemed to be the only car on the road, given the weather. I tried calling AAA anyway, but the call wouldn’t go through. Yup, worse. I would have walk to find a phone. In the rain. I reached for the glove box to grab the umbrella I usually keep there, and it wasn’t. Shit! I’d left it at work. Or at least where I used to work, before today.

Okay, I was going to get soaked. That or just sit here with the hazard lights on, hoping someone came by. I chose walking. Stepping out of the car, I looked ahead, and thought I saw a light in the distance. Maybe it was a house? It couldn’t be that far away, if I could see it through the rain.

The walk turned downhill to start. I felt soaked through even before I got out of sight of my car and its blinking hazards. I’d also lost sight of the light I’d seen ahead. Thankfully, it wasn’t all that cold, being May instead of December.

I periodically checked my phone for a signal every 5 minutes, and it was maybe 20 minutes, as the road turned uphill again, when the trees on the other side of the road showed the light of an approaching car. I turned behind me, and started waving my arms when I saw the headlights. It was a minivan, and the driver spotted me, and pulled to a stop right beside me.

The passenger rolled down the window, and a female voice yelled, “Are you alright?”

I walked closer, and said to the woman, “My car broke down back there. You probably saw it.” Looking through the window, there appeared to be three women in the van.

“Yup,” said the one next to the window. “We stopped to see if anyone was there, and figured there might be someone walking ahead of us, so we kept an eye out, and here you are. Daria, open the door, and let him in out of the rain.”

The passenger door slid open, and I climbed in. Daria scooted over to the other side of the bench seat, and I climbed in and pulled the door closed behind me and sat on the bench, trying to slick my hair back so I could get the water to stop running into my eyes. Daria reached behind the seat, and handed me a towel. It was a bit crusty, but I wasn’t complaining, as I wiped my face and passed it along my hair to get most of the water out of it.

“Thanks. Daria is it? I’m Sam.” I shook her hand, once I’d dried mine. I could barely see her, from just the instrument lights.

The driver introduced herself as Kim, and the front passenger as Mindy. “So, where were you headed, Sam?” Kim asked.

I answered, “My parents live in Georgetown, about 30 miles from here, I guess. I thought I saw a light from a house up ahead, but I haven’t seen it again since I left my car.”

“That’s exactly where we’re headed,” Kim said. “Our friend Eliza’s house. She’s at the top of this next hill, and when it’s not raining you can easily see the house from the top of the hill before, which is where you broke down, but in between you’re dipping into the valley between them, and can’t see either hilltop until you climb out again. You’d have been there soon, even if we didn’t come along.” She turned to put the van back in gear and started forward again.

I nodded, and asked, “Do you think she’d let me use her phone? My cell’s worthless out here.”

“I think she can be persuaded,” Mindy said. “If you can meet her price.” Daria giggled beside me.

‘What did that mean?’ I thought.

It was only another couple minutes of driving, before I could see the house, the exterior lit up brightly by several spotlights. “Does your friend always run this many lights?” I asked.

“No, Eliza only turns on the spotlights when she has guests coming, so they don’t drive right past her,” Daria said.

Kim pulled into the gravel driveway of a large one-story farmhouse that had the appearance of being added onto several times, with a fairly new 3-bay garage attached at one end, and honked her horn twice. A few seconds later, the door to the garage opened, revealing a pickup on one side, a BMW in the middle and an open space on the other.

As we pulled into the garage, the light from the opener and the car lights canlı bahis brightened the interior of the garage and car, so I got my first good look at Daria. Hair that I initially thought was black was instead a dark auburn, shoulder-length. She looked about 30, and she was stacked, with at least D cup breasts under a blue silk blouse with a blue bra I could just glimpse as she leaned forward slightly to say something to Kim that I couldn’t make out.

Looking ahead, I could make out that Kim was a long-haired blonde, in a grey blouse and Mindy a curly-haired brunette in a white polo shirt. But the seats blocked any real view of their bodies. As Kim turned off the engine, the spotlights turned off and the garage door began going back down. The door into the house opened, and a petite short-haired brunette stepped through. She was gorgeous, from head to toe, in tight jeans, and a tight red tshirt I could see her nipples poking through.

She asked, “Who the fuck is this?” pointing towards me, as Mindy opened her door. I opened the sliding door next to me and stepped out, making room for Daria to get out as well. Now standing beside her, Mindy matched my 5’9″ height, and was built more solidly than Daria or Eliza, but really cute overall. As Kim came around the van, she was about 5’6″, Daria about 5’8″. Kim was midway between Daria and Eliza in terms of curves. None of these women were a clone of the other, for sure.

Mindy said, “This is Sam. He broke down on that last rise before the road dips into the valley, saw your house lights and started walking. We happened upon him before he got here. Which is apparently a good thing, considering how you just greeted him. Chill out, Eliza, he’s not Jack.”

“Sorry,” she said, extending a hand to shake mine. “Eliza Kurtz. Welcome to my home. How can I help you, Sam?”

“Sam Kaminsky,” I said, shaking her hand. “Can I use your phone, to call AAA, and my parents?”

As she let go of my hand, she said, “Yeah, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up about AAA. There’s only one tow company that serves this area, and the owner had his other driver quit, so he’s operating solo. I heard on my police scanner that there was a big accident about an hour ago near Georgetown, five cars needing tows, and the truck will be tied up by that for hours, and any other crashes in this storm. A measly breakdown this far out of town? It could be tomorrow before he can get to it, if not longer.”

The door from the garage opened onto a mudroom, where we all took off our shoes, and then passed into a large kitchen that must have been part of a recent remodel, as all of the appliances were very modern, and the countertops looked like marble. Eliza directed me to a wall-mounted phone, and handed me the local phone book.

I got the same story from the tow company receptionist, apparently the owner’s wife, and on top of that, when I told her where I had broken down, she told me that particular road toward Georgetown had been closed about 10 miles from there, because most of the road had washed out, and they wouldn’t be able to get to me until it was open again. When I informed Eliza of that, she said, “It doesn’t sound like your parents are going to be able to pick you up, since the detour adds 50 miles. Please accept my invite to spend the night. I’ll drive you myself in the morning, okay?”

“Are you sure? I don’t want to intrude.”

She laughed. “No way I’m tossing a cute guy back out into that storm to walk the rest of the way to Georgetown.” I felt myself blush, and her eyes picked up the reaction. “This is a 5 bedroom house, you won’t even need to sleep on the couch. Plus, we can see if some of my Dad’s clothes might fit you, so you can get out of that wet stuff and run it through my dryer.”

“Your Dad won’t mind?” I asked.

Her smile faded. “Dad died two years ago. I haven’t cleaned out his stuff, yet.”

“I’m sorry.” ‘Why do I always say the wrong things?’ I thought.

She shrugged, and said, “Thank you.”

“No moping, Eliza,” Mindy said, hugging her from behind, and nibbling at her ear, which made Eliza squirm. “Just because it’s stormy outside, doesn’t mean it gets to be gloomy inside. We’re going to have fun tonight, aren’t we, Sam?”

“Sure,” was all I could think of. These girls were friends, but were they more than that?

I called my parents to let them know the situation, and told them I’d see them the next day, if I could.

“Let’s go get some clothes for you, Sam,” Eliza said after I hung up, her smile back in place. She walked me through the dining room, then down a hallway that looked to be an older part of the house, past four bedrooms and a bathroom, grabbing me a towel, to the largest bedroom, and then to a closet half-filled with clothes. The shirts were all flannels, the pants all jeans, and all one or two sizes too small for me. At the end of the rack, there was a flannel nightshirt in a 2X, where he probably fit in a medium, and a couple pairs of 2X sweatpants. I fit in a large, but these seemed to be the only clothes that weren’t bahis siteleri too small for me.

When I pulled them out, Eliza laughed. “I bought him those for Christmas when I was 10, and totally thought he needed a 2X. He refused to take those back to the store, though, because they were from me, and he wore them every Christmas Eve after that. He looked ridiculous, of course, although they ought to fit you a little better. I’m still horrible at guessing sizes, if I thought you’d fit in his regular clothes. I’m sorry about that.”

“Baggy beats wet, any day,” I said. “I’m grateful even for that much.”

She gave me a smile that reached into my heart, and said, “Go ahead and strip, towel off, and put those on as best you can. I’m going to check on the girls, to see how dinner’s coming along. The washer and dryer are in the closet next to the bathroom. Just toss your wet stuff in, set it for 40 minutes, then join us in the kitchen.” She left, closing the door behind her.

I spotted an empty plastic laundry basket on the closet floor, and used it to hold my wet clothes, as I disrobed. The towel soon joined them. I pulled on the sweatpants, and tied the drawstring tight. Then I slipped the night shirt over my head. I needed to roll up the cuffs on both pants and shirt, they were so big on me. I could only chuckle at how they must have looked on Eliza’s dad.

I took a moment to look around the room, and noticed several family photos framed on the wall. Except for a wedding photo, Eliza was in every one, from a baby on up. Ones with a woman I assumed was her mom stopped around the time she was 10, then there were just ones with a man I took to be her dad. In the last, he appeared sick, so I guessed it was about 3 years earlier. In all of them, Eliza had very long brown hair, and I wondered what made her go to the short style she had now.

Before tossing my clothes in the dryer, I stopped at the bathroom, to squeeze some of the excess water from them into the sink first, and toss the towel into the hamper there. I loaded and started the dryer, and walked to the kitchen, barefoot. I suppose I could have searched for socks, but I felt I was imposing enough already.

Pushing the swinging door to the kitchen open and stepping through, I was stopped in my tracks by the sight of Mindy and Daria making out, and the other two women looking on, holding hands, each with a wine glass in the other. I froze there, as the door returned to whack me in the butt.

Kim noticed me, and came to stand in front of me, drawing my eyes from Mindy and Daria. “To answer your questions, yes, we do. But we all like men, too. Are you going to be okay with that?”

“I… I… I…. okay,” was all I could manage.

“Cat got your tongue?” she asked, looking me deep in the eyes, drawing me into hers. “That’s not quite it, is it? You were talking just fine with us in the car. You get shy when the subject is sex, don’t you?”

“Not… exactly,” I said. “It’s… it’s when I… think about… a woman… in a sexual way. I freeze up, say… the wrong things. If… if I can keep those thoughts out of my head, I’m fine.”

“Sam, how old are you?” Kim asked.


“And are you still a virgin?” she asked. The only sound was the rain on the roof, as they all waited on my answer, my shame.


“Would you like to change that, tonight?”, Kim asked, her tone light but clearly serious.

My mouth was dry, my brain locked up, and all I could manage was a nod, before her hand caressed my cheek, a sweet smile on her face.

“Breathe, Sam, breathe,” she said, as she realized I’d been holding my breath, and was about to black out. I let it out in a gasp, then sucked air in.

“We need to get you to relax, before that can happen,” said Eliza, handing me a glass of wine. “Drink a little but not too much, have dinner with us, then we’ll watch a movie, and see what happens after that. Okay, honey?”

“Okay, Kim.” God, was this going to happen? Or was I going to manage to fuck this up, too? I took a sip of the wine, determined not to gulp it. Kim kissed me on the cheek, and turned back to the stove.

I couldn’t make eye contact with anyone, until I forced myself to look up, and found Daria looking at me, a smile on her face, and mischief in her bright green eyes. ‘Don’t stare at her breasts,’ I thought. It was tough not to. She had the largest of the four women, Eliza the smallest, with Kim and Mindy both looking like B cups, I guessed, although Kim was the smaller of the two in height and build, so they looked bigger on her.

I had to make this work, and the only way was to stop thinking about it for a while, to calm down. “Is there anything I can do to help?” I asked.

Eliza said, “Food is almost ready, but you can help Daria set the table.”

I grabbed the stack of plates Eliza pointed out, while Daria grabbed silverware, napkins and water glasses. As the two of us set the table, she asked, “Are you scared, about what Kim said?”

I sighed. “It isn’t so much fear as nervousness. bahis şirketleri I stammer, my thoughts freeze up, and I generally mess up.”

“You’re not stammering now,” she said.

“I’m not imagining you naked, now.”

“Oh, were you?” Daria teased.

“Ye… yes! See? Your body’s… back in my head… and I’m tensing again.”

She walked over to me, nearly my height, and said, “I’m going to kiss you now, and I’m not going to stop until you relax into it.” She put her arms over my shoulders, and kissed me, pressing her body to mine, and holding the back of my head. I couldn’t control a momentary flinch, and started yelling at myself in my head, the exact opposite of relaxing.

I took in a deep breath through my nose, and tried to slowly blow the tension out, and focus on the feeling of her lips on mine, her breasts against my chest. Let it be good, let it be okay. Her lips were soft, but pressing mine hard. I felt her tongue pushing on my lips, and I opened to let her in, then began pressing with my tongue in return.

I wrapped my arms around her, squeezing her breasts into me tighter, as my cock pressed into her stomach. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was kissing her, and the nerves weren’t stopping me. She broke the kiss, looked at me and said, “See? You can do it.”

“You didn’t give me much choice,” I said.

“Maybe that’s the issue,” Daria said, as I noticed Kim, Eliza and Mindy watching us from the kitchen door.

“What is?” I asked.

“I think you might be a submissive,” she said. “May I ask a few questions?”

“I suppose,” I answered hesitantly.

Her smile broadened. “That kiss, it didn’t feel like it was your first, although it didn’t indicate a lot of experience, either. When was your first?”

“I was 17, playing spin the bottle at a high school party”, I answered.

“Did you kiss her, or did she kiss you?” Daria asked.

“She kissed me,” I said, remembering Sally. “But I had a couple more turns where I kissed her and another girl.”

Daria asked, “And were you deciding to do it, or did the game tell you to?”

“The game told me, of course.”

“Since those times, have you found it harder to initiate a kiss when you had to make the decision, versus being told to, or asked to by the woman?”

I thought back, and realized something. “I’ve never been the initiator. Every time I wanted to, I froze up, and it didn’t happen. All of my kisses were initiated by the women.”

“That’s what I would have guessed,” Daria said.

Mindy broke in, saying, “Alright, you two, let’s continue this discussion over dinner, okay?”

We sat down to a great dinner of lasagna, caesar salad and garlic bread. Conversation was light, and didn’t resume the discussion about my sexual past, for most of the meal. I learned the girl’s full names, and ages. Eliza Kurtz had already introduced herself and she was 30, Mindy Scott and Kim Hooper were 29, and Daria Starr was 28.

“My compliments to the cooks, this was great,” I said, putting my fork down, and sipping the last of my wine. I received four thank yous, as each had a hand in something I had eaten.

Mindy was the one who returned to the subject of my shyness or possible submissiveness. “So tell me, Sam. If the four of us had not been forward with you tonight, would you have made a move on your own?”

I considered it a moment, then said, “Probably not, although I’m feeling particularly skittish right now.”

“Why’s that?” Eliza asked.

“I’d rather not say,” I replied.

“No, that’s not good enough,” Mindy responded. “If we’re going to help you in understanding why you have trouble with women, you can’t leave out the failures, just because they might be painful to talk about.”

I sighed, before talking. “It happened at work. There is a cute woman named Charlotte in my department, and I tried to let her know that I was interested in her, but I screwed it up pretty badly. I handled the aftermath even worse, so badly, in fact, that she lodged a sexual harassment claim against me, and I was fired over it this afternoon.”

“Oh, Sam, that sucks,” Eliza said. “Couldn’t you explain what happened?”

“I tried. My supervisor Grace didn’t like me, even before that. She has a reputation of not liking men, and was running off all the men who were on her team after she was promoted, before management forced her to accept me onto it, when she had a woman already in mind for the job. I think this was just an excuse she used to get rid of me. But it’s still because I failed with Charlotte. If I had kept quiet, I’d still have a job.”

Daria, who was sitting to my right, took my hand. “While I don’t think trying to find a girlfriend at work is the best idea, our hearts and attractions don’t always follow that kind of ideal. But you should not have been treated that way just for saying you were interested, even if you said it badly.”

“What’s next for you, then?” Kim asked.

I ran my left hand through my hair before saying, “I don’t know how I’m going to make rent at the end of the month, and that was before my car crapped out on me. That’s why I was going to visit my parents tonight, either to beg for a loan, or have to move back in and try to do my next job search from Georgetown.”

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