Have You Ever Had A Really Big One?

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Big Tits

The party was winding down. A noisy group was gathered in the doorway, too busy talking to get on with leaving. A woman named Pauline who came to the party with my friend Martin helped me carry the glasses and plates into the kitchen and put them in the dishwasher. We were alone in the kitchen, and when I turned from the open dishwasher to get more plates, Pauline grabbed my belt buckle, pulled me up to her and gave me a kiss.

“I hear you have a really big one, Bud. I’d really like to see it sometime.”

Pauline was drunk. Here we go again, I thought. Another thrill-seeker. We had all had a fair amount to drink and were feeling happy, so I wasn’t entirely surprised by her boldness. It’s just that things had been quiet in that department for a while, so Pauline’s proposition was unexpected.

“Pauline, I appreciate your interest but I think someone is giving you bad information. My thing is quite unremarkable.

“That’s not what I hear.”

“I’ll tell you what, Pauline, if I ever find a bottle with a genie in it, I’ll ask for a big one and I promise you’ll be the first one to see it.”

Pauline laughed. ” Can’t I just take a peek, Bud? I’ll be nice.”

“I’d be embarrassed and you’d feel you had to lie. You’d say, ‘That’s OK. Size doesn’t really matter’ and I’d have to strangle you. Sorry, but I don’t have what you’re looking for. Who told you this tale?”

“I won’t tell you, but she said she knew because she’d seen it. She said it was BIG.” Pauline held up here hands like someone telling a fish story.

“That big? And how did you get into this subject with her?”

“Well, girls talk, you know, about sex like guys do. Someone asked her if she’s ever had a big one and she said she had and it was yours.” She reached out and tried to grab my crotch, but I avoided her.

“So there were other women present during this description? Does that mean I am going to get popular?

“Oh please, Bud. I think she was telling the truth. Just let me have a little look.”

Fortunately Pauline’s date, Martin, lurched into the kitchen at that moment and announced that he was going to take her home right NOW. He wrestled her into her coat and as she was being hustled out the door she called over her shoulder, “I hope you find that genie, Bud.” Then she was gone.

I should have been used to it by now. I had been dodging propositions like Pauline’s most of my life. When I hadn’t dodged them, word got out and thrill seekers began to arrive looking for a big cock. That’s why I lied to her. She had the right information. I am, as they say, well hung. Some people inherit their father’s nose; some their mother’s legs; I inherited large equipment. I may have inherited it from my father but I never knew him. He left my mother shortly after my birth. Perhaps his large equipment led him astray. When women have sex with someone like me they often tell other women about it. I am one of those secrets that is enjoyed most when it’s shared. Then those who hear the secret get an itch to see what it would be like to take on a really big one. Pauline belonged to that group.

I honestly didn’t recognize that I was any different from other men until I had my first sexual experience, or almost had my first sexual experience. One day I had been making out on the living room couch with a young lady named Tiffany and we got to the point where she took off her panties and opened her legs. I then took off my pants and pulled out my hard-on. When she saw it she began to say ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod. Then she said “I don’t think can do this” jumped in her panties and ran off leaving me very unsatisfied and pretty confused. I tried to understand. Tiffany took off after I pulled out my hard-on. My cock was the problem. My cock frightened her. The light bulb blinked on. I must have an unusually large cock. Tiffany had never seen anything like it. This idea came to me as a total shock. One minute I had been happily ordinary, and now I was sexually unusual. Instead of congratulating casino siteleri myself on having a large penis, I stupidly began to worry that other women might also bolt when my cock came into view. This was a problem!

I didn’t worry long. I soon discovered that not a few women were eager to experience a big penis. Tiffany’s friends began to seek me out and indicate that they were quite eager to pass the test that Tiffany had failed. A few just came right out and said they wanted fuck me. Then they would tell a friend, as Tiffany had surely told them, “I just fucked this guy with a huge cock!” and soon another thrill seeker would appear. Though I was just a beginner at sex and wanted to enjoy my penis’ celebrity, I decided after a few trial runs with Tiffany stand-ins, I had better zip up and keep to myself. I started learning how to turn down opportunities as gracefully as possible. Saying no was hard, but it was easier than being a freak. It was not until I reached college that I had a satisfactory sexual experience.

That experience was with an older woman. Harriet was in her thirties; I was nineteen. She taught my section of Psychology, and I met with her frequently during the semester, because I struggled with statistics. Harriet was patient, very helpful and very pretty. She was also recently divorced, though I didn’t know it. Harriet was lonely. After I passed the course, she said I should come for dinner to celebrate. I accepted.

I don’t know what I expected. I guess I hadn’t really thought about what the evening would be like, but when Harriet met me at the door I knew something was going to happen. Harriet was dressed, not like a teacher, but like a young woman who wanted to be attractive. I could see the curve of her breasts under her silk blouse. She wore a very short, clinging skirt and perfume. We sat on the couch in front of the fire and had wine. The room was dark and there were candles. Soon she was in my arms and we were kissing with her tongue exploring the inside of mouth, and I had unbuttoned her blouse and unsnapped her bra. She purred when I touched her breasts and pulled my head down so I could kiss them. Gently I sucked her nipples into my mouth and my hand went down to her thighs and then upward. When her legs opened for me, I pushed her panties aside and felt the delicate softness of her pussy. Harriet was on fire. She moaned and whispered yes’s in my ears. I was excited and I pressed on. When my finger parted her lips and touched her sensitive button, she jumped as though she had been given a shock.

“I think we had better go into my bedroom right now,” she said in a serious voice.

We did. She turned down the bed, then came to me and kissed me hard. “I want you to make love to me, Bud.” In the semi-dark bedroom we undressed, watching each other and when we were naked we slid under the sheets and she came to me and pressed her nakedness against me. Her hand went down and touched my cock. She stopped for a moment. She didn’t say anything, but her hand went up and down my hard-on as though she were measuring it to see if it really was as big as she thought. Then she threw back the covers and without any hesitation she took me in her mouth. Her right hand gripped my hardness and her mouth and tongue explored my knob. When I put my hand on her back and touched her hair while she sucked me, I could feel her trembling with excitement. This foreplay didn’t last long because Harriet wanted more.

” You’re big and I’ll be more comfortable if I can get on top.” I had no objection. Whatever way she wanted was fine as long as I got inside her. Harriet straddled me, bent forward as she reached back between her legs and took my cock in her hand. She guided it to where she wanted it to go and I felt it nestle into the opening of her warm cunt. She pressed herself back on it and the head went in.

Harriet was ecstatic. “Oh! It feels so good, Bud. It feels so good.” She lifted up just a little and then pushed back again and I went canlı casino up inside her about half way. Harriet was breathing hard. She came down to me and kissed me gently over and over. She told me how sweet I was and how good she felt. While she held herself against me, I began moving inside her, not thrusting, just moving where I was, gently back and forth. Harriet began to rock with me and little by little I slid deeper inside her. I had been inching up inside her this way for awhile when she paused.

“Oh wait. Oh wait just a second.” Harriet sat up and pushed herself down on my dick and I felt it go all the way in. That felt really good.

“Oh Bud, I’ve never felt this way. You’re going to make me cum. I know it.”

While I lay still Harriet fucked herself slowly on my rigid erection and made happy noises. When she slowed, I took over and fucked her as she crouched over me. Sometimes she just sat down on me and I ground myself inside her as hard as I could. Harriet liked that. She gasped and moaned, pressing herself against me. She turned herself around as she sat on me so that could see my dick coming out and then going back inside her. I could see her hairiness and her tight brown hole. I liked that.

But I was tired of lying on my back. I was feeling good and getting hot.

“Harriet, I want to get on top and fuck you.”

She got off me instantly, lay on her back, opened her legs and I got on top. She helped me find my way and in a moment I as once again deep inside. She got very excited and grabbed me so hard it hurt. But I hardly noticed because my cock was clasped tightly in her hot silky cunt and my cock was taking charge. We began to fuck seriously. I pushed myself hard up inside her and gave her short snapping thrusts. We rutted. Each time I drove into her she said “Oh!” and her voice went a little higher. “Oh! … Oh! … Oh!” I leaned on her and roughly pushed my big dick deep inside. We went on for awhile and then she said in a breathless, quiet voice, “I’m going to cum, Bud.” And she did cum. Wildly she began to fuck me back as I thrust into her. “Oh, Bud! Oh, Bud YES! Oh YES!” Now I felt my own cum rising and I was in a hurry reach that feeling. I began to fuck Harriet really hard. Our bodies smacked together.

“It’s getting bigger!” She couldn’t believe it.

I came and the first jet was so long and exquisite I nearly fainted. I came again, and then again and again, going faster and harder because I felt so good. I thought the feeling might go on forever as long as I continued fucking her, but then my last squirt was spent and I was done. We rolled on our sides and Harriet held my face and gave me silly little kisses while my heartbeat returned to normal. I was still pulsing deep inside her. Though I wanted to move, I was afraid that if I did I might slip out, so I lay still. The post-fuck bliss began to set in. I was getting sleepy.

“Harriet, we forgot to eat dinner.”

“How about breakfast in the morning?”

“I’d like that.” I fell asleep.

When I woke it was still dark except for the light coming from the bathroom. The shower was running. I wandered into the bathroom because I needed to.

“Come take a shower with me, Bud. I’ll make you all clean and sweet smelling.” And then we were together in the steamy shower stall and Harriet put her arms around me and kissed me while she rubbed soap on my back. She moved behind me and her soapy hands were on my cock. My balls were gently and carefully washed. Then I stole the soap from her and massaged her breasts before I lathered her pubic hair. I made her raise her arms so I could wash her armpits and then I washed the crack of her ass rimming her little asshole with my soapy finger. As a child I had always liked it when my mother washed my hair so I washed Harriet’s dark curls and when we emerged from the shower I dried her with a big towel. She kissed me.

“It has been a long time since someone has taken care of me.”

We went back to bed and she kaçak casino turned on the bedside lamp. She asked me to lie on my back and she sat cross-legged on the bed next to me. We could look at each other. She was a beautiful woman. I thought she looked very adult and intelligent and I found it exciting to be with her. She was a new experience. Her breasts were soft with pointed nipples. She had large, dark, warm eyes and a quiet voice.

“Relax, Bud. Now I’m going to take care of you.” Her fingers touched my cock and she took its softness in her hand and stroked it. I groaned because her warm hands felt so good. Her fingers went up and down the length of my penis and down to my balls. Harriet didn’t hurry. “A lot of women must want this cock, Bud.” I nodded. “I suspect it isn’t always easy for you with women though because it’s big.” I nodded again. She was a perceptive woman. My cock was beginning to stir and rise to her touch. “It’s beautiful and big, Bud. I wanted to have the light on so I could look at it. I loved having it up inside me. You made me feel wonderful. But I want you to know, big man, that I was interested in you. Your size was just a sweet surprise.” I groaned again. She laughed. ” You’re getting hard. Am I making your feel good?” She knew how she was making me feel. I put my hand up to her face, touching her lips with my fingertips. “Are you wondering what’s going to happen next, Bud?” she said kissing my fingers while she continued touch me.

“I think I know what’s going to happen next, Harriet.” She laughed again. Oh, her hands were so smooth and so gentle.

“No, Bud. I meant what’s going to happen after tonight, after tomorrow morning between you and me. I want to tell you. You are going off to be a student again and I will be a psychology teacher. If you want to see me again you will have to call me at home and tell me. I’ll be happy to see you as often as you like, but only if you call me. I won’t ever call you or stop you and ask why you haven’t called. I promise whatever happens between us will remain private. I won’t tell anyone. It will be hard for me not to come after you because I have been lonely, but I won’t follow you around. That’s the way it’s going to be.” I nodded and touched her face. She took my forefinger into her mouth and sucked it.

My cock was now hard and I was beginning to think about how I’d like to fuck Harriet again right now when she stopped and got some oil out of the bedside table. She poured some on her hands and rubbed them briskly, warming the oil, and then the hands returned to their work but this time not so gently. Her slippery fingers made themselves a tight oiled cunt that held my cock in a hard embrace as it went up and down. I was in agony because it felt so good. I had difficulty lying still.

“Oh Harriet, I want to fuck you again.” I touched her breasts.

” Not now, Bud. Not right now.” Her oiled fingers went on and on. I closed my eyes and tried to relax and let her take me. While her right hand jerked me off, her left hand played with my balls. And then her oiled finger was sliding down my crack and pressing against my hole. I had never had this done to me before and I was surprised how good it felt. I wanted her to put her finger inside and she did. Her finger went in and she began to massage me from the inside. The pleasure was intense. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. If Harriet knew, and I believe she did, she did not show it by hurrying. She continued to patiently push me up to the edge and then she pushed me off.

“Oh! Fuck!” I announced. A great arc of my stuff shot into the air. A second shot hit Harriet and gleamed on her belly. She pulled hard on my dick, inciting a third white eruption. Harriet pulled again and a great flood of creamy ooze streamed out, running down her hand and pooling in my pubic hair. “Oh Harriet! Oh Harriet!” I shivered as the pleasure swept through me. Harriet leaned forward and put my cock in her mouth, squeezed, and sucked out of me the last drops of my spunk. I could feel my sphincter happily squeezing her still-inserted finger.

We spent the rest of the night happily curled together. I was hungry at breakfast. I told her I wanted to see her again tomorrow night, and she said she was free.

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