Harry Potter and Shrieking Shack

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Harry Potter and Shrieking Shack

(All events that are in this story take place during the 6th book, “The Half Blood Prince. Also, it is during the first term of school about October time.)

Harry awoke with a start. He had been having nightmares about Voldemort again. He found himself to be sweating so he got up and decided to go down to common room to cool off for a bit before going back to sleep. Just as he was about to enter the common room from the dorms, he heard two people arguing. He looked round the corner and saw Ginny and Dean, about 6 inches from each other with angry expressions on their faces.
“Look Ginny, you want it back, you’re going to have to do what I asked of you. I mean, it’s been 3 months and you haven’t so much as touched me!”
“So in order to get yourself off, you’re going to blackmail me! Well why don’t you go and fuck yourself, because that’s the only way you’re going to cum tonight!” Ginny had said this with such venom that Dean knew his plan had backfired.
“I don’t want to see you again! Get away from me!” Ginny shouted. Harry looked over his shoulder expecting a load of people to be coming down to investigate but luckily, there was no one there. Harry could see that more shouting was about to ensue so he stepped out from the dorm staircase and said,
“Right you two, calm down! Dean go to bed before you wake the entire house up!” As Dean trudged off, he glowered at both Harry and Ginny. When Dean had gone, Harry turned to Ginny to talk to her and saw tears forming in her eyes. Harry rushed forward and embraced Ginny so as to comfort her. Ginny leaned her head on Harry’s shoulder and started to cry. When she had finished she looked up at Harry.
“You were always so good to me Harry. I suppose you heard everything?”
“No, I don’t think so, but what I caught, it sounded as if Dean is blackmailing you to… well… do something for him.” Harry said tactfully.
“You could put it that way. He’s taken my necklace that Mum and Dad got for me. It means the world to me and that bastard has hidden it near Snape’s office and he won’t give it back unless I… did something for him that I am not prepared to do. Well, not for him anyway. We haven’t been getting along for a couple of weeks…” Ginny trailed off. Although Harry didn’t show it, he was feeling pleased with the nights events and had completely for gotten about his dream.
“Well look, I’ve got my invisibility cloak with me, so we can sneak down to Snape’s office and get your necklace for you.” Ginny hugged Harry tighter at his words and Harry reached up to Ginny’s face and wiped the tears from her now smiling face.
“Thanks Harry!”
“Let’s go.”
They both walked towards the portrait hole and climbed through. The Fat Lady was still sleeping. Harry got out his cloak from his pocket, which he always carried with him, just in case, and threw it over the both of them and they set off. They went down the stairs and started down the corridor to towards the Slytherin dormitory. Harry had been having a hard time keeping his dick under control when he was hugging Ginny for such a long time, but now that he was following her so closely under the cloak, it had become even harder. So had his cock. The smell of Ginny’s hair was intoxicating and staring at arse in her robes this closely was unendurable. As they walked along, Harry could feel his dick starting to rise and was sure that Ginny could feel it, but she said nothing. She didn’t stop and slap him or shout or curse him, but he was wary.
Just as they were to round a corner, Ginny stopped, and Harry walked right into the back of her with his dick standing straight out, hitting her between the arse cheeks.
“Surely she must have felt that!” Harry thought to himself.
“Filtch is just down the corridor and he’s coming towards us.” Ginny moved her hand behind her and grabbed the end of Harry’s dick and held it in her hand all the while Filtch moved passed them with his lit lantern. Harry’s breath caught in his throat when Ginny grabbed him, but she kept looking at Filtch as he walked towards them. Harry’s dick involuntarily pulsed in her hand but, she didn’t move.
When Filtch had gone they moved off and Ginny let go of his dick as they walked around the corner. They had taken but a few steps when Ginny stopped again and Harry walked into her again and felt his hard dick go between her tight arse cheeks. Again, without looking back, Ginny had reached behind her and took Harry dick in her hand.
“What is it? Is it Mrs. Norris?” asked Harry trying to see if Filtch’s cat was wandering towards them and drawing attention away from his cock in Ginny‘s hand.
“No. I just like feeling your cock in my hand.” Harry started at Ginny’s words and she turned to him and started kissing him passionately whilst rubbing Harry’s cock. Ginny was gently rubbing his bell end and moving backwards and forwards, up and down Harry’s dick and started shoving her tongue into his mouth. Harry reciprocated and very soon, they were writhing in each others arms, trying to tie a knot in each other’s mouths with their tongues. Harry moved Ginny to the wall and pinned her against it, his heart missing beats all the time, finally living his dream with the girl he loves most.
Harry’s left hand moved up to Ginny’s right breast and he started squeezing it through her robes, which yielded an appreciative moan and Ginny picked up the pace with which she was dry jacking Harry’s dick. Harry had found Ginny’s erect nipple and was pinching and twisting it, which made her moan even more and his right hand moved down to her crotch.
Harry lifted Ginny’s robes so that his hand could get underneath to her pussy and started to rub her soft sweet pussy outside of her underwear. Ginny’s hand came down and moved over Harry’s as she moved her underwear aside so that he could get to her now very wet pussy! Harry rubbed over her pubic region, which he found nicely shaven and gently rubbed over her clit, down her sopping wet lips and to her hole.
Harry slid his finger in and Ginny broke their kiss and threw her head back as if to scream, but no noise came out. She looked back at Harry’s face and he could see that she was in the midst of cumming very hard! The shock of Harry’s finger in her pussy set Ginny off instantly. Harry moved his thumb to Ginny’s clit and started rubbing in circles whilst still having his finger buried inside her. Ginny then started panting very hard and Harry could see that she was cumming again, biting her lower lip and looking dreamily at Harry.
When she came down from her earth shattering orgasms, Ginny let go of Harry’s member and pulled his hand from her pussy.
“Sorry. No one has done that to me before and I don’t want to pass out!”
“Don’t be sorry sexy!” Said Harry in surprise at his ability.
Ginny smiled wickedly at Harry and grabbed the sides of her underwear and pulled them down, kicking them to the side. She then grabbed Harry’s pyjama bottoms and pulled them down to his ankles. As she was standing back up again she deliberately put her face near Harry’s erect dick. She stuck her tongue out and ran it from the bottom of his ball sack going up to the base of his erection and then all the way to his now pre-cum sodden bell-end. When she got to the end, Ginny looked up into Harry’s eyes, both of them staring at each other with such lust, she grabbed his cock at the base and in fell swoop, she licked all of the pre-cum off of Harry’s dick.
Harry gave a big moan when she did that and thought that he would cum all over Ginny’s face, but he managed to keep it together. Ginny then looked into Harry’s eyes again and very exaggeratedly, swallowed the contents of her mouth. In the heat of passion Harry couldn’t help but utter.
“God you’re a dirty bitch!”
“Mmm, only for you!” Ginny loved being called that by Harry, it made her feel so sexy and naughty. Ginny then stood up, keeping hold of Harry’s rock hard cock and leaned back against the wall.
“Are you ready to fuck me? I’m so wet! My pussy juice is running down my leg!” Sure enough, as Harry looked down, he could see a line of clear liquid making it’s way slowly towards Ginny’s feet.
“Oh I think so!” was Harry’s reply.
Ginny then gave Harry’s dick a tug so as to let him know to come closer. Harry took the small step forward needed so that he could penetrate the girl of his dreams. Ginny lifted her left leg, putting all of her weight onto her right and rested her left leg onto Harry’s hip, where he held onto her. Ginny rapped her leg round his waist as much as she could and pulled Harry’s dick to her sopping pussy lips.
She gently touched his head to her hole and then just pulled him in her pussy to a point where Harry could take over and slide his dick the rest of the way home. Ginny let out a long moan and rolled her eyes. Both standing still for a second so as to enjoy completely what was happening to them, Ginny looked into Harry’s eyes once more.
“So. How does it feel to take my virginity?” Ginny asked.
“God! How does it feel to take mine?” Ginny looked stunned at the words coming out of Harry’s mouth.
“Really? You mean you’ve never… not even…” Ginny spluttered.
“No. You’re my first. Thank God it’s you! I love you Ginny!” The words escaped his mouth before Harry could stop and waited for the consequences. Ginny looked more stunned than before.
“I love you too Harry! I think I always have!” Ginny leaned forward and kissed Harry in a slow and loving embrace. As they were kissing, Harry started to thrust into his lover, both of them now moaning into each others mouths, enjoying the pure bliss of the moment. They broke their kiss but never stopped their movements, both trying to bore holes into each others eyes as Harry was boring into Ginny’s pussy. They kept staring as their breathing got faster along with their movements. They could both feel their release coming to them and Ginny jumped up and wrapped her other leg around Harry. He caught it in mid air and started slamming into Ginny as hard as he could. Ginny threw her head back again started her earth shattering orgasm that had been building quickly from the moment that Harry had confessed his love for her. Without a noise, Ginny was cumming harder than ever before and Harry could feel her squirting her juice all over his crotch and down his legs. As Ginny started coming down from her orgasm she looked at Harry and could tell that he was close.
“Where do you want it?” Asked Harry between breathes.
“Well you don’t want to leave a mess. You’d better cum inside me!” Ginny had that wicked look on her face again. As the words left her mouth, it had pushed Harry over the edge and he drove his dick as far into Ginny as possible and started shooting thick ropes of cum into her bare and unprotected pussy.
“Oh! Oh God!” Harry spluttered as he came in Ginny. They kissed each other again before they broke apart. Harry put Ginny back down on the floor and started withdrawing his deflating dick. When he had pulled his pyjama trousers back up he looked at Ginny’s pussy one last time before she got fully dressed herself and could see some of his cum starting to run down her legs.
“Oh wow! What a mess you’ve left me with.” Said Ginny playfully.
“Sorry. Let me help you!”
“Don’t worry, I’ll do something with it all.” And as she said it, Ginny wiped a large load with her fingers, looked at Harry, and put her fingers in her mouth and sucked the cum off.
“Mmm! Your cum tastes nice. I might have to have some more one of these days, but I think I‘ll get it from the source.” Harry just grinned stupidly at the thought of what this sexy girl could do to him. Ginny then picked up her wet panties and started rolling them back up her legs. When she had fully composed herself, they set off again in search of Ginny’s necklace, both still hiding under the invisibility cloak.
When they had got down near to Snape’s office near the Slytherin dorms, they stopped before rounding the corner to the short corridor that lead to Snape’s office. They both peered round tentatively and looked all about for the missing article. Ginny had spotted it hanging from one of the suits of armour that adorn the whole of the school hanging from one of the gauntlet hands. Before Harry had a chance to react, Ginny had thrown off the cloak that was around her and rushed forward to get her necklace.
As she picked it up and put it in her pocket, Snape came darting out of his office.
“Ah,” Snape said with malevolence, “Miss Weasley. What’s this? Out for a midnight stroll? You are aware that it is against the rules to be out at this time? But then you do spend time with Potter so I suppose his lack of respect has probably rubbed off on you. Not a personality trait that you would want to pick up.” Snape said all of this with such enjoyment, knowing that he could punish one of Harry’s friends.
Ginny was standing there with a look on her face that was pure anger, but before she could speak to explain, Harry had taken off the invisibility cloak and had come round the corner to explain for Ginny.
“Sorry professor. It’s my fault that Ginny and I are out, there’s no need to punish her, just me.”
“How noble of you Potter,” Snape said sarcastically, “ Well I was going to have Miss Weasley in detention in with me later tonight, but as you’re here as well and it’s, as you say your fault, I’ll have the both of you in… on Saturday.” Snape said with delight.
“But sir, that’s the Hogsmead weekend!” Harry cried with injustice.
“Well then, izmir escort bayan maybe that will teach you to wander around after lights out! But, knowing you Potter, I very much doubt it! Saturday! The both of you!” As Snape went back into his office, Harry was seething with anger. But before he could fully start hating Snape, he realised that he had got Ginny in more trouble, rather than saving her from punishment.
He turned to her and was about to apologise and try to save their fledgling relationship when Ginny turned to Harry and said.
“Thanks for trying to help Harry! You’re so sweet!” Harry stood stunned, having fully expected Ginny to never speak to him, but here she was thanking him.
“I don’t get it. I got you in more trouble.”
“Well that’s just Snape,” Ginny said as they started moving away back to the common room of Gryffindor. “He’s always been horrible! And anyway, I think he was going to put me in detention for Saturday and just said that so that I would get mad at you. But his plan backfired. I love you more!”
Ginny leaned in and kissed Harry passionately, trying to get her tongue down Harry’s throat. When they broke, Harry said.
“Umm… that’s okay.” They went back to the common room in silence after that under the invisibility cloak so as not to attract more attention.
When they got back, they went through the portrait hole and said goodbye and kissed once again. Harry watched Ginny’s arse as she went up the stairs to her dormitory and waved when she turned back and waved over her shoulder. Harry feeling very happy with himself, despite having a detention Saturday, went up to bed to dream dreams of a girl with fiery red hair that had just done some of the most wonderful acts that he has ever experienced.

When Saturday came, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny were all at breakfast together.
“So, shall we go down to Hogsmead after this?” Asked Ron of three people he was sat with.
“Umm, we can’t.” said Harry
“What do you mean “we”?” Ron gave a distressed look towards Hermione.
“Hermione can go but Ginny and I have detention with Snape starting after breakfast and we can’t go to Hogsmead.” Stated Harry.
“Why? What happened?” Asked Hermione.
“Harry and I got caught after dark around the castle by Snape.” explained Ginny.
“And what were you doing together wandering about the castle? Together!” Stammered Ron with anger.
“That’s none of your business! Suffice it to say, I had to get my necklace that Mum and Dad got me and Harry kindly helped.”
“Were you two snogging?” Ron asked angrily.
“That certainly is none of your business!” Ginny countered, giving away that they had.
“Wait! I thought you were with Dean?” Ron blustered.
“I was, but he’s a dick and I’m in love with Harry!” Ginny said before she thought.
“L-l-love? With Har…ry?” Ron stuttered and looked at Harry who nodded.
“Yes,” said Ginny uncertainly, but following through anyway. “Yes we are.” Ginny looked at Harry and they both grinned at each other. Hermione squealed and was congratulating them both when Ron piped up with,
“Well, I suppose you’re better than Dean.” Ron said begrudgingly.
“Thanks mate. I knew you’d understand!” Harry said, relieved. “Well, we’d better go.” Harry said to Ginny. They both got up, said their goodbyes to Ron and Hermione and left.
“Well then shall we go?” Hermione said to Ron. They both got up and left for Hogsmead.

When they arrived, they decided to go to the shrieking shack together as they had no ambitions to go to the Three Broomsticks yet and fancied being outside for a while. When they got to the shack, they were viewing it from afar as they always had. They both knew why the Shack had been thought of as haunted and knew that there were no ghosts in there, but that still didn’t remove the base fear that everyone had of the place. Ron and Hermione walked up to the wire fence that surround the borders of the land of the Shrieking Shack and lent against it. Hermione put her hand on the wire and without looking, Ron accidentally placed his hand on hers. The both froze and looked at their hands and then looked at each other.
Ron, feeling emboldened by Harry and his sister’s admission of their love for one another, decided that the time had come for admission. Rather than snatching his hand away like he would normally, he looked into Hermione’s eyes, the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen, and gripped her hand more tightly. Hermione was shocked by this act and didn’t know what was going to happen next.
“Hermione. We’ve been arguing and bickering for the whole time that we have known each other, and it’s been obvious why. It’s hard to tell someone that you like them, but, Hermione… I love you!” Hermione’s feet felt like they had been ripped out from under her. With the way that Ron’s speech had been going, she thought he was going to tell her he liked her, not loved her!
Ron was getting nervous now, because Hermione had not said anything for what felt like hours and kept dragging on until it felt like years, waiting for what she was to respond to his statement.
“Ron, I’ve… I’ve always loved you.” She said calmly, like it was the most natural thing in the world. They took no more time over it and threw themselves into each other’s arms and embraced as lovers, kissing passionately, like any second not performing this act was a waste of time. For minutes, they kissed, looking as if they would never split, when suddenly, Hermione pulled away.
“I’ve got an idea. Come with me!” And she ran, pulling Ron’s arm with her as she went. Ron followed her, all the way the Shrieking Shack, looking over his shoulder so as to make sure that no one was watching.

When they were both inside, Hermione lead Ron to the upstairs and into an empty room. When they were in the middle of the room, Hermione whirled around and was in Ron’s arms again, kissing as passionately as before. Ron’s hands went strait to Hermione’s arse and he was groping her cheeks, which yielded a satisfied moan from the lips of his new girlfriend. Hermione’s hands had gone on a different course and found themselves at Ron’s crotch, something she had been yearning to do for years. She grabbed his dick in her hands and could feel it grow. When Ron’s dick had stopped inflating, Hermione, instinctively, started rubbing back and forth on him, enjoying the feeling of his steel hard member gliding between her fingers.
They broke apart and Hermione looked into Ron’s eyes with pure lust. She winked at him and slowly started dropping to her knees. When she was resting in front of Ron, her face was level with his crotch, she looked up at him and then back down to his clearly hard dick that was still in his trousers, biting her lower lip.
Hermione reached forward and undid the clasp at the top of Ron’s trousers, slid the zip down and pulled both his trousers and his boxer shorts down until they were at his ankles. Before Hermione touched him again, she looked up at Ron and grabbed the hem of her jumper and pulled it up until it was off, revealing the top half of her body with just her bra on, enclosed within, her C cup tits. Still looking at Ron’s face, she reached behind and unclasped her bra, pulling it away from her body, she flung it to where her discarded jumper lay. She smiled at Ron such a smile that absolutely melted him. The only thing still erect about him was his iron rod cock.
Hermione now looked down to the task at hand, and held Ron gently by his balls in her left hand, and held the base of his cock in her right. She leaned forward, and without pretence, engulfed the head of his dick. Ron let out a moan so low that the first part couldn’t be heard by either of them. Hermione had drawn back until only the tip was in her mouth and plunged forward until she had as much as she could take, which just over half of his cock. She got a rhythm started and bobbed her head on Ron’s dick, back and forth, enjoying the feel of the thick veins on the side of his cock as they slid past her lips.
She could feel his cock really letting out his pre-cum at a high rate, which she enjoyed immensely. She let quite a bit build up on her tongue before she pulled all the way off, licking the end, and then looking up at Ron to show him all of the pre-cum in her mouth. When he saw, she closed her mouth and swallowed exaggeratedly and got back to the job of sucking the cum out of her new boyfriends balls. Ron could feel as Hermione ran her tongue around the head of his cock and then over his piss-hole, taking away the delicious pre-cum and swallowing it again.
She removed her right hand from the base of Ron’s cock and started playing with her tits, rubbing and pinching her nipples, feeling the goose-bumps roll all over her body. Ron watched with fascination as she sucked his dick with skill of someone twice her age. That wonderful wet feeling of her mouth and her tongue as she dragged it on his cock. Ron rolled his eyes with pleasure, and with dread certainty, knew he was about to blow his load. Hermione had already picked up on this as his cock, if possible, had got harder and she saw his eyes roll into his skull and knew what was about to happen.
“Oh shit Hermione, I’m gonna cum!”
Hermione didn’t stop her ministrations and pull away as Ron had expected, rather she carried on going, not stopping until she had a mouth full of his cream. She bobbed her head a few more times and then Ron let out a long moan, and that’s when she felt it. His first shot flew from his cock and hit the roof of her mouth, which she swallowed immediately, just in time to feel the second shot taking its place. Hermione struggled, but she got the second shot swallowed when the third and forth shot spewed from Ron’s cock and settled on her tongue.
Feeling that there wasn’t anymore sperm to hold, she gave one last tug on Ron’s dick to get last vestiges of cum and pulled his clean cock out of her mouth. She held her mouth close, sat back on her heels and smiled up at Ron with that smile that melts him and opened her mouth again to show the contents. Ron looked at his naughty woman and felt such love for her as she rolled his cum on her tongue before closing her mouth and swallowing the last of it.
As Hermione stood up, Ron pulled his wand out of his pocket on the floor, then embraced his sexy girlfriend and kissed her full on the mouth and explored her mouth with his tongue. Ron, fully expecting to be able to taste his cum was delightfully surprised when he couldn’t and drew back. With a flick of his wand, displaying a mastery of magic that had never been known of him before, Ron had conjured a shallow inclined padded chair and lightly pushed Hermione back onto it so that she settled as gently as Ron’s push and kissed her until she had leaned all the way back.
Staring into Hermione’s eyes, Ron stated,
“Time to return the favour!” Having never done this before, Ron had an odd feeling when he thought of what he was going to do because, any other time, he would have felt nervous, but he was surprisingly calm and confident in his ability. He kissed Hermione’s cheek and moved down her neck, planting loving kisses all of the way down her chest until he came to her wonderfully pert and sexy tits. He kissed her right nipple and then took it into his mouth and licked all around it whilst fondling her left breast.
Hermione let out a soft and approving moan as Ron stopped sucking her right nipple and went on to her equally tender and sensitive left nipple. After having his way with her tits, he kissed down her perfectly flat stomach until he made it to her jeans. Looking back at his love, pulled the strap of her belt out and undid it, followed by the clasp at the top of her jeans, and agonisingly slowly, slid the zip down like she had done to him. When her jeans were undone, Ron pulled them to her feet and pulled them the rest of the way off leaving Hermione in just the thong that adorned her waist.
“Very sexy! You look absolutely stunning!” Ron complimented.
Hermione absolutely beamed at his words. Ron then leaned down and kissed her pubic mound that was still covered by her thong, and breathed in the heady scent of this wonderful girl. Ron gently put his fingers into the thin band of material that serves as Hermione’s panties, and pulled them down her smooth legs until she was completely naked. Moving Hermione’s legs apart, Ron kissed down the sensitive inside of Hermione’s thighs until he reached her very wet pussy lips. As Ron planted a tentative kiss on Hermione’s lips, he suddenly drew back and looked in astonishment at Hermione.
“What is it?” Said Hermione worriedly.
“WOW! I love that you shave!” Ron exclaimed in appreciation.
“Oh. Thank you! I did it for you. I’ve been like this since I have been your friend, hoping that we would get to this point in time!”
Ron looked in awe of Hermione’s words, but rather than waste time, he looked back at her perfectly shaven pussy and dived right in, licking her vaginal hole, trying to get his tongue in as far as he could. Hermione moaned loudly and rolled her eyes into her head and for a split second, before her mind went to mush, wondered where Ron had learned how to do this. Ron was going at it with purpose, knowing that he had to outdo what Hermione had done for him. He removed his tongue and in a long slow stroke of the tongue, made his way up to where Hermione’s clit lay, tucked under it’s hood. Ron gently pulled Hermione’s pussy lips apart revealing her buzzing clit and licked all around it, listening to Hermione’s buca escort sighs as a guide for where to go next. As her clit was too sensitive, Ron pulled back from his onslaught on Hermione’s clit and started clicking just below where she could reap the benefits of his tongue’s ministrations.
Hermione could feel her orgasm rushing its way to the surface from the tongue lashing that she was experiencing from this rather extraordinary young man that had just confessed his love for her. Before she could say anything other than an incoherent gasp, Hermione came with the force of a tidal wave pounding the shores of a small beach. And just like the feeling of a tidal wave, Hermione gave one herself. Her pussy started squirting out clear cum that shot onto Ron’s face and doused the inside of his mouth.
Ron didn’t cough or splutter, but took this momentary shock in his stride and devoured what entered his mouth. He carried on licking Hermione’s pussy until all of her cum had been replaced with his saliva. Hermione pulled Ron’s head up and in a display of language never heard from her before, Hermione uttered,
“God I love you eating my Cunt!”
Before Ron could react to what he had heard, Hermione leapt up from her reclining position and started kissing Ron with all of the passion that he had shown in eating her pussy. Hermione could taste herself on Ron’s tongue and loved it, and kept going until she couldn’t taste anymore. When Hermione looked down, she could see that Ron’s once flaccid cock now stood to attention like a flagpole.
Hermione, still leaning forward, started to pull Ron’s shirt above his head until it was off. Ron stood up and kicked his jeans off until, like Hermione, he was naked, picked up his discarded wand and with another flick, changed the chair she was sitting on into a double bed. Hermione, again impressed with Ron’s magic, and his cock, started moving back on the bed until she had her head resting on the pillows behind her. Ron then moved onto the bed until he was above Hermione and leant down to kiss her soft lips once again. Ron moved between Hermione’s legs, which she spread out as wide as she could, giving him access to her sopping wet pussy.
“I’ve been saving this especially for you!” Hermione softly stated, glowing with an aura of lust and love.
“There would be no one else I would think of sharing this moment with other than you!” Ron answered.
Hermione grasped Ron’s cock and, never taking her eyes off of his face, guided his rock hard cock into her soft, wet cunt. Hermione removed her hand from Ron’s cock, and as she did, Ron slowly and lovingly slide the rest of the way home coming to a stop when their pubic bones met and Hermione’s sparse hair met Ron’s manly coverage. Hermione laid back deeper into the pillow and spread her legs a little further so that she could feel Ron’s balls resting against her tender and unused arsehole.
Ron started pulling his dick out until about halfway, when he slowly pushed back in, feeling no resistance. Ron found this strange as Hermione had just said that she was a virgin. Almost reading his mind, Hermione explained,
“I broke my hymen for you so that we could enjoy this moment without any pain. I took my hymen, but you took my cherry.” Ron leaned down and kissed Hermione without having to say a word.
He started again by thrusting in and out of this wondrous, Goddess of a girl, still going slowly, enjoying the feeling of her fresh tight pussy on his hard unyielding dick. Ron started going quicker, picking up the pace a little with each thrust, slowly building their orgasm together, thrusting together in unison, moving to that all important goal. Faster and faster they were going now, bumping and grinding, going further and further along the path towards orgasm, quicker and quicker until Ron’s humping was like a blur as he pulled all of the way out and slammed back into Hermione’s accepting pussy. They could both feel that they were getting to a point of no return, not that either would go back now, even if their live depended on it.
Closer and closer, Hermione could feel Ron’s dick, if possible, getting harder as he neared his ejaculation, and she could feel her lips quivering as sparks shot in her mind. Then with an almighty gasp, Hermione could feel that this was it, the culmination of their efforts, Hermione cried out in ecstasy as she, at the exact same time as Ron, let her orgasm take her to the heights of bliss that felt like heaven itself! Ron cried out at the same time and started shooting his cum into Hermione with wild abandon, shot after shot raining down in her tight vagina. Hermione’s pussy was squirting again, as much juice as Ron’s thick cock would allow to pass, and after she felt the twitching fade from her pussy, she could feel in an instant, Ron’s sperm shooting from his cock and splashing against her cervix.
As they came down from their high, their breathing was fast and ragged, their bodies covered in sweat, but this didn’t bother either of them as kissed each other one last time before they broke apart. When they finished kissing, Ron looked down to see that he had cum inside of Hermione’s fertile pussy without even saying a word, and the enormity of their actions suddenly hit him, and with mild panic he uttered,
“Oh God! I’m so sorry! I didn’t think!”
Hermione was looking confused when she asked,
“What is it?”
“I’ve just cum in you! Can’t you get pregnant?” Ron, worried that he had possibly just ruined Hermione’s tenure at Hogwarts was quickly calmed by Hermione’s calm and confident answer,
“Of course I can’t get pregnant! Part of being a student of Hogwarts, and having the trace on you is that a female student who is under the age of 17 can’t become pregnant. Haven’t you ever read “Hogwarts: A History”?”
“No. But I’m glad that you have! Imagine trying to explain to McGonagall what I had done to you! Or my mother!” Ron said with dread.
“Yes, it isn’t possible to get me pregnant but it does say to abide with caution, and obviously, the teachers are there to stop anyone doing what we did frivolously.” Hermione soothed again.
“I love how smart you are!”
Ron pulled away from Hermione and she noticed that his dick was still hard, and covered in cum. When he had pulled away completely, she rolled round and took his cock in her mouth again and cleaned their combined cum off of his head. Hermione got Ron to throw her thong to her so that she could get dressed. Ron picked up her panties, gave them a quick sniff and threw them lightly to her. Hermione, staying laying down raised her feet and pulled her underwear over her and slide them down her thighs. She then raised her bum and pulled her thong into place so that when she stood up, she could feel her boyfriend’s cum leaking out into her panties. They got dressed and left the Shack to enjoy the rest of the day together alone.

The next morning, Hermione, Ron, Harry and Ginny went down to breakfast together to talk of their day’s away from each other.
“So how was your detention with Snape?” Asked Ron.
“Well what he had planned was really shit, but just being with Ginny made it a breeze! We had to clean out all of the schools caldrons without using our wands. What did you two do in Hogsmead? Enjoy yourselves?” Harry asked inquisitively.
“Funny you should mention it, but umm, Hermione and I had sex in the Shrieking Shack.” Ron went a bit red and Harry and Ginny both looked stunned. Harry expected Hermione to look furious at Ron’s blunt explanation but when he looked at her, she just beamed and smiled.
“Yeah, we got to a point where I was tired of not having the courage to tell Hermione how much I love her.”
“Love her!” Exclaimed Ginny “You lo…” but Ginny trailed off and it was her turn to squeal and gush at the new couple. Hermione and Ginny clasped hands above the table and giggled at each other while Harry and Ron shared a high five.
When they looked up, they could see that the post owls had arrived and were swooping down on the tables. The owl that carried Hermione’s subscription of the daily profit landed in front of her and Hermione took her paper and paid the knut that the paper cost. The owl flew away and Hermione was about to fold the paper and put it into her bag when the headline caught her attention. It read,

Shrieking Shack Haunted Once Again!

Hermione was going to leave it, but the headline caused her to read on. When she had finished, she looked up, slightly red in the face and exclaimed,
“Oh My God!”
Harry, Ginny and Ron all looked round at the stunned Hermione.
“What is it?” Asked Harry.
“Umm… “There have been reports that the Shrieking Shack is haunted once more after the town of Hogsmead once thought that any remaining spirits had gone. On Saturday (yesterday), people had clearly heard the ghostly screams of its new spectral inhabitants sparking the rumour that the shack, that had been quiet for several years, is once again haunted.” That’s what it says here in the Prophet! Ron! That was us!” Hermione whispered the last part, but she still conveyed her distress.
“Look. There’s no reason to be embarrassed. No one knows it was us.” Ron soothed
“Except Harry and I.” Ginny said playfully. This broke Hermione’s tension and they all laughed.
They all spent the day outside, despite the cooling temperature of Autumn, so that they could gossip and discuss what they had done with each other sexually. Harry and Ginny admitted that they had given themselves to each other on the night before the Saturday in the corridors. They explained how they had had sex against the wall of one of the corridors underneath the invisibility cloak. Hermione and Ron on the other hand explained how Hermione had given Ron a blowjob and swallowed his cum before he reciprocated and ate Hermione out. They then continued on how they had finished, by conjuring up the bed and having passionate sex upon it.

The foursome got up and started walking back round the grounds of the castle so as to go back in, but before they got there they reached the Whomping Willow tree, which gave Harry a devious idea.
“D’ya know what Ginny? All this talk of our sex lives has got me horny! Do you want to go to the Shrieking Shack?” Harry asked with a wink.
“What? We can’t go there now! It’s too far and someone will see us!”
“Oh, I think we can find a way!” Said Harry expecting this reaction. He pulled his wand out of his robes, levitated a stick and got it to press the knot on the Whomping Willow that stops it from trying to hurt anyone. Harry grabbed Ginny by the hand, and pulled her to the hole at the bottom and lead her down the passage way there. Harry poked his head out, and called to Ron and Hermione,
“You coming?” Ron and Hermione looked at each other and grinned and said to each other,
“We will be.” They ran to the hidden passage and followed Harry and Ginny all the way along to the shrieking shack.
When they got to the hidden door of the shack, they peered through to see if anyone was there, forgetting the fact that the Prophet had just published an article speculating on how haunted the place was. They got up to the room that Ron and Hermione had used, and the couples faced each other. Ginny could see that Harry was excited by the whole affair as his boner was sticking out, holding his robes into a tent. Ginny walked forward and grabbed Harry’s dick through his robes and began to fondle him lustily.
“Oh yeah! You want some pussy don’t you!” Ginny mused sexily.
“Mmm, you know I want your arse!” Harry countered.
“My arse?” Ginny said releasing Harry’s cock and turning around so that she showed herself off “Maybe we can come to an arrangement!” Ginny’s words shocked Harry and Ron, Hermione just smiled and stepped forward and stood next to Ginny.
“Well boys, we’ve been talking, and this wasn’t meant to happen for a couple of days, but now’s as good a time as any!” Explained Hermione as her and Ginny looked at each other and started stripping. When the girls were down to just their thongs, they picked up their wands and conjured chairs behind the boys.
“Strip.” Ordered Hermione of the both of them. When Harry and Ron were naked next to each other, their dicks both standing out to attention, they turned to see the girl’s naked apart from their panties.
“Sit!” Ordered Ginny this time. Harry and Ron both sat in the chairs provided by the girls. Ginny and Hermione both flicked their wands and Harry and Ron were sat in the chairs with their hands bound behind them to the chair.
“Now’s the time for some fun!” Exclaimed Ginny. She turned to Hermione, pulled her towards her by the hand and they leant in and started kissing each other, in the same way as either of them would with their corresponding partner’s. The girls put their hands on each others hips and started rubbing each other, all the while kissing and trying to get their tongues down each other throats.
“That’s why you’re so good at kissing!” Realised Ron.
“Of course! Thanks Ron!” Beamed Hermione. Ginny had kissed her way down Hermione’s neck and was at her nipples, and started kissing and licking her. Hermione shuddered at the attention, but not as much as Harry who hadn’t seen Ginny tits yet. Now he was getting to see her get off with his best friend and seeing Ginny properly naked. Ginny had moved to Hermione’s other nipple and had got it all wet with her saliva. When Ginny had finished, she kissed back up to Hermione and they started kissing again. Hermione then started doing the same for Ginny izmir escort as Ginny had done to her, and when she was finished, the girls looked at the boyfriend’s with shining, soaking nipples.
Ginny and Hermione grasped their own tits and started rubbing their nipples against each others, smearing the saliva around. Whilst pressing their boobs together, they carried on kissing. Ginny and Hermione pulled away from each other and face the boys, put their thumbs into the waist band of their thongs and pulled them down to their feet. They kicked their underwear away and stood in front of Harry and Ron completely naked. Harry and Ron could feel their dicks getting harder.
“Wow! You’ve both shaved yourselves the same!” said Harry excitedly. Both Ginny and Hermione had a small thin strip of hair left above their slits where the rest of their cunt’s were completely bald!
“Yeah. We shave each other. We’ve also practised how to do this with each other too!” Said Hermione as she approached Ron and Ginny approached Harry. Ginny and Hermione dropped to their knees in front of Harry and Ron, opened their legs, picked up their balls and started fondling them and rubbing them. Then, the girls both grasped the base of Harry’s and Ron’s cock, leaned forward and licked the pre-cum that had amassed on the heads of their dicks. The girls swallowed the pre-cum and engulfed halfway down the cocks of both the boys.
Harry and Ron moaned in unison as Ginny and Hermione started bobbing their heads up and down, running their tongues around helmets of the boy’s dicks. Ron turned to Harry and said,
“This is what Hermione did for me the other day. I don’t think that I could ever grow bored of this!” Ginny and Hermione lifted their heads from Harry’s and Ron’s lap and said,
“If you like that, then you’ll love this!” After Hermione had said that, she and Ginny dived down again and didn’t stop inserting their boyfriend’s dicks until their chins rested on the boys balls. This time, Ron and Harry let out a yell pleasure as their dicks were consumed whole by the women at their feet. As Ginny and Hermione deep throated their boyfriend’s, their hands slipped down to their pussy’s and they started fingering themselves. The boys could see that Ginny’s and Hermione’s hands had disappeared, but they couldn’t see where. Hermione and Ginny fingered themselves for a couple of minutes and then, at the exact same time, pulled their hands out and stuck their fingers into their boyfriends mouths.
Harry and Ron started eagerly sucking on their girlfriends pussy flavoured fingers until they couldn’t take anymore sucking from them. The boys both mumbled around their girlfriends fingers that they were about to come and Ginny and Hermione pulled back until just the heads of the boys cocks were in their mouths. The girls kept sucking until they felt the cocks in their mouths explode with cum shooting onto their tongues. Hermione and Ginny both swallowed the first two shots that came in their mouth’s and then allowed the last couple to pool on their tongues.
Ginny and Hermione both pulled the dicks out of their mouths and showed them the cum on their tongue’s before swallowing their boyfriend’s thick loads.
“Holy Shit!” Exclaimed Harry.
“I told you it was good!” Bounced back Ron. Ginny and Hermione then leaned towards each other and kissed, trying to get any left over cum.
“So,” said Ginny “About our arses.” and her and Hermione both stood up and turned around so that Harry and Ron could get a good look at them. The girls then looked at each other, smiled whilst spreading their legs out and bent over a bit to show off their pussies from behind. Harry and Ron were stunned once again, and their slowly deflating dicks immediately stood to attention once again. Then the girls did something really unexpected, they grabbed their arse cheeks and pulled them apart to show off their puckered arseholes.
Harry and Ron almost lost it right there, only the stunning blowjobs two seconds earlier kept them from shooting all over the floor.
“What do you think?” Asked Ginny, but neither of the boys could muster any words yet. Both of the girls sucked their fingers and slid them up their own tight arseholes.
“Mmm! Ooo!” They both moaned. Ginny pulled her finger out and pulled Hermione’s hand away and slid her finger up Hermione’s arse.
“Mmm! Nice and tight! What would you boys give to do what I’m doing now? Would you make us cum?” Harry and Ron nodded stupidly. “Good!”
Both Ginny and Hermione went over and slid their boyfriend’s dick’s into their pussy’s, right up to the balls. Hermione and Ginny yelled in pleasure and began riding the dicks that were in their sopping wet pussies. They reached down to their clits and started rubbing furiously so as to make themselves cum quickly. This had its desired affect as they both squirted pussy juice out of their cunt’s and slumped forward onto their boyfriend’s chest’s screaming with pleasure. When they had calmed down, Ginny stated,
“That’s just act one!” She picked up her wand and freed Harry and Ron from their confines and her and Hermione turned round and spread their arse cheeks again. Ron and Harry got to their knees behind Ginny and Hermione and started eating the pussy’s in front of them, with their noses resting on the arsehole in front. Their tongues snaked down their lips, sipping at the girls hole and running down to their clits.
Ginny and Hermione started moaning and threw their head’s back and rolling their eyes into their skull’s. Both Harry and Ron looked at each other and nodded, they grasped the girls arse cheeks and spread them open and began tongue fucking their arseholes. No sooner had they done this, Ginny screamed,
“I‘M CUMMING!” and squirted her cum all over Harry’s chest and face. Hermione, seeing Ginny do this followed suit and came all over Ron’s front. The girls stood up straight on shaking legs. Hermione picked up her wand and conjured a tube of what looked like tooth paste.
“What’s that?” Asked Ron.
“You’ll see.” Said Hermione with a wicked smile. She turned around and squirted some of the contents of the tube onto her fingers, she bent forward and started rubbing it onto and into her arsehole, getting two fingers comfortably in there. Hermione threw the tube to Ginny who did the same as her. When they were done they went forward, got on the bed at the edge on their hands and knees and stuck their arses into the air.
“Come on boys! You can’t be that slow!” Said Ginny playfully. Harry and Ron looked at each other and grinned. They approached their girlfriend’s from behind and put their rock hard cocks to the girls arseholes. Harry slowly pushed forward, and when his cock head went in, he stopped so that Ginny could get used to it.
“Don’t stop! I want it all!” Harry, not one to refuse his Ginny, pushed slowly until he was up to the balls in Ginny’s arse. Ginny looked back over her shoulder and winked at Harry.
“Fuck me big boy! Hard and fast!” and that’s exactly what Harry did. He pulled his dick out about halfway and slammed it back into Ginny back passage.
“OH FUCK THAT‘S GOOD!” Ginny screamed. Harry looked at his sexy girlfriend’s arse full of cock, and got back to work, splitting her in half.
Ron looked at Hermione as she looked at him over her shoulder and said,
“Do it like that! Don’t hold back!” informed Hermione, referring to Harry and Ginny. Ron took his queue, grabbed his dick at the base and aimed for Hermione’s dark back passage. He touched the head of his dick to Hermione’s arsehole, and then slammed in as hard as he could, right up to his balls.
“OH FUCKING HELL!” Hermione screamed at the top of her lungs as her arse was suddenly full of cock where the second before, it was empty. Before Hermione could instruct Ron further on how she wanted to be fucked, he ripped his cock out half way and started to relentlessly pound away at her arse, driving it in like a pile driver. The whole shack was full of the sounds of two couples fucking each other into oblivion, screaming and moaning in pleasure. Hermione had resorted to resting her face on her hands and was just enjoying the fucking that Ron was giving her tight back entrance, where Ginny had resorted to pounding back to Harry swearing and turning the air blue.
“OH FUCK! FUCK MY ARSE LIKE I’M A FUCKING WHORE! TEAR ME UP WITH YOUR MASSIVE COCK AND DON’T STOP UNTIL MY ARSE IS FULL OF YOUR CUM! OHHHH! Do you want me squeeze your cum out and suck it off my hand? Do you? See the cum from my arsehole swirling about in my mouth?”
“Oh God yeah!” Harry desperately replied.
“Well then FUCKING CUM UP MY ARSE!” The last part was an order.
Hermione was still laying on her face, whimpering at the onslaught that was Ron’s fucking. She could feel his balls slapping her clitoris, bringing her closer to that magical place between Heaven and Earth, between life and death.
“OHH! OHH! DON’T STOP! DON’T STOP! I’M ALMOST THERE! I’m almost there!” Hermione’s shouts reduced to whimpers again as she neared her orgasm. She reached down between her legs and started rubbing her clit and her pussy lips and then shoved her finger into her pussy.
“Oh fuck Hermione! I can feel your finger on my cock!” Exclaimed Ron at this new feeling. Hermione looked back at Ron and gave an exhausted smile.
She pulled her finger out of her cunt and went back to her clit, she rubbed it just a couple of times and then,
“OH! OH! OH! RON! I’M CUMMING!” As Hermione said this, her pussy exploded with juice all down Ron’s legs and in her orgasm, she clamped down with her sphincter muscles around Ron’s dick and pushed him over the edge too.
“OH FUCK HERMIONE! I’M CUMMING IN YOU!” These words just intensified Hermione’s orgasm until she was blind from cumming. Ron was emptying his impossibly full balls into his loving girlfriend’s arsehole, filling her up to the brim. Shot after shot rained into her tight back passage until she passed out from the pleasure. When Ron had finished cumming, he rested onto Hermione’s back and said in an exhausted mumble,
“Hermione, I love you so much!” But when Ron didn’t get a reply, he looked at her face and saw her crashed out.
Harry had seen Hermione having her time stopping orgasm, and this pushed him over the edge.
“OH FUCK GINNY!” Was all Harry could say before he started firing off wads of jizz into Ginny’s tight little arsehole. Ginny felt his first load hit her colon, causing the chain reaction to her orgasm.
“OH, OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!” And just like Hermione’s back hole, Ginny’s clamped down on Harry’s cock, causing his last few spurts to be held in his dick like a cock-ring, and when Ginny’s arse slackened just enough, Harry fired his last few spurts back in like his first shots.
“Harry, I love feeling you cum in my arse!” Ginny said tiredly.
“I just love everything about you!” Was his retort. Harry leaned down, and still with his cock up Ginny’s arse, they started kissing with wild abandon.
“Ooo, my arse is tender.” Ginny laughed. Harry took his queue and pulled his dick out of her. Ginny stuck a couple of fingers into her arse to plug it whilst she turned around and engulfed Harry slimy cock in her mouth. She cleaned off all of his remaining cum and swallowed it, taking Harry’s dick out of her mouth. Harry leaned down again and kissed Ginny. Sitting next to Ginny, Harry waited from the last part of the show. Ginny stood up with her fingers still in place and bent over in front of Harry, pulled her fingers out to show him how gaped she was before she let her arse go back to normal.
“God you’re Hot!” Harry exclaimed. Ginny scrunched her nose in appreciation at Harry’s compliment. Ginny squatted down, putting her hand behind her bum and pushed out all of the cum from her arse she could get. It fell out into her hand with a splash, and Ginny ran her finger up her arse crack to get the last of it. She turned to Harry and tipped the content of her hand into her mouth, and there was a lot. Ginny had to swallow some before she could show Harry again. She opened her mouth and Harry saw as her tongue played with his thick cum. Ginny finished by closing her mouth and swallowing the whole lot left in her mouth and showed Harry her now clean and empty mouth.
Ginny then noticed that Hermione and Ron were asleep on each other, so she went to investigate. Harry followed and nudged his mate who woke up, and in a daze, pulled out of Hermione’s arse. This woke Hermione as well, but before she could spill the contents of her arse, Ginny stuck her fingers into her bum. Bringing Hermione back to reality, she stood up and nodded to Ginny who nodded back. Hermione placed one leg on the bed and Ginny pulled her fingers out and opened her mouth under Hermione’s open arsehole. Ron’s cum slipped from Hermione’s arse and right into Ginny’s mouth.
Ginny got on to her knees and Hermione sat on the floor, resting against the bed. Ginny got up close to Hermione who tipped her head back and opened her mouth, Ginny then let Ron’s cum slip from her mouth and straight into Hermione’s. Having got the lot, Hermione turned to Ron and swallowed exaggeratedly and then started kissing Ginny so as to get any remaining cum. Harry, after enjoying the show, looked at his watch and realised that it was very late, said to the others that they had better get back.
The foursome got dressed and they tiredly trudged back to the Gryffindor common room, where they went to bed and fell asleep instantly. Before Harry fell asleep though, he couldn’t help but think of how coordinated Ginny and Hermione were when it came to sex and reminded himself that he should find out how. All other thoughts ceased as he fell into a deep sleep.

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