Harem Room

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Big Tits

Bluish purple silk draped down from the ceiling covering the walls. Thick plush green carpet covered the floor. To his right was a bed on the floor made up of colorful fully pillows. To his left the silk was drawn back to show a bathroom. Mirrors covered the walls & ceiling. A huge bluish green tiled hot tub could be seen from where he stood. Between the bed & bath was a low table. With ripe fresh fruit in a bowl on top of it. Behind the outer door way was a large wooden trunk. And strange clothing hanging above it.

He couldn’t see her. But, from the bathroom she called out that he should change into the outfit hanging next to the door & put his clothing in to the trunk. After looking at the baggy black pants & flowing black robe. He finally fingered out what was up. A mischievous smile formed as he quickly changed. To play the part of the master in a harem.

With sure & almost dominating movements he stretched out on the bed. Not giving him time to get too comfortable. A woman entered from the bath. She was dressed in light green baggy see through pants that were held together by ties at her waist & ankles. Along with a matching half shirt that tied on one shoulder & at each side. She also wore a veil covering her lower face. He could just make out her dark red lips under the cloth. Her eyes were down & a few short strands of her red hair fell in front of her face. The rest of her hair was longer flowing down her back.

She walked with the grace of a big feline. Upon reaching his side, with one smooth movement she lowered her self to her knees. Her hands rested on her thighs. Which were slightly parted in a teasing manner.

“is escort kartal there any way I can server you master” her voice was just above a whisper when she spoke with out looking up.

His eyes roamed over her body, starting with her nipples, that just showed but were already hard, & ending with the dark area between her legs, that he couldn’t quite see clearly,.

With a strong demanding voice he spoke only one word. ” grapes”

He laid back on the pillows making her lean over him to feed him. With only one grape between her fingers she gentle pressed it to his lips. &softly traced their shape. He opened his mouth to except the little treat. He sucked it out of her fingers the swiftly trapping one finger with his sharp teeth. His lips closed around it & claimed it with his tongue. Chills ran down her arm to her belly ending lower. He could see her dew gathering, damp, & sticky in her crotch. When he heard her suck in a breath he let the finger go. Their movements were repeated, over & over, until all of the grapes were gone. & her crotch was soaked. Her musk could be smelled easily. He smiled inside & commanded her again with one word.


A whimper escaped her lips as she stood & moved to turn on the music. A 6 disk c.d. Player was hidden behind the silk by the door.

Soft flutes & bells started out then a steady beating drum could be heard. With a slow easy tempo. She positioned her self in front of him. Erotic sways of her hips started. Followed by her hands moving with minds of their own. As if they belonged to her lover. They gently cupped her large breasts. Her fingers maltepe escort caressed the hard nipples. Her head was tilted back & a soft moan could just be heard. The tempo slowly increased building towards a feverous climax.

Her hands moved in different directions one sliding inside her pants. & the other first untying one side then the other then moving up to untying the shoulder knot. It then floated to the floor. Giving him a clear view of her large tits & hard rosy nipples. A light sheen of moisture covered her upper body. Her body still kept pace with the music as her first hand slipped between her legs causing her to kept them apart. The cloth around that area was darker then the rest from her excited juices that flowed. She eased her hand out showing that it was coated with her dew. Her other hand had removed her veil while he wasn’t looking.

One wet dripping finger was sucked into her opened mouth. It came back out cleaned of her juices. She cleaned them one by one. The beat of the drum picked up still more speed, causing her dance to became even more erotic. With unbelievable flexibility her hands slide down her slick body to untie her ankle knots. Just when it seemed the dance couldn’t get any faster it’s tempo grew. She was panting at this point. Suddenly her pants were gone. Leaving her dancing only in her hair. She explored herself creating her own climaxing pace that matched the beat perfectly. In one great movement she orgasmed with the music. & crumbled to the floor gracefully. Trying to catch her breath. He gave her only a minute or two before he removed his robe & commanded her to remove his pants. pendik escort bayan

With her teeth she untied & pulled his pants off. She began at his left foot massaging & licking her way up his body. Then with out touching his hard pulsing cock. She continued up his belly to his nipple. Gently biting on her way up to his neck, & then down the other side down to his right foot, straddling his body without letting her touch his. She moved her self to her knees between his legs, with her face just above his crotch. Her hands caress his inter thighs moving to his balls, with her lips following.

All without touching his purple swollen cock. He could feel himself swell even more as she sucked on one the other hanging ball. He thought he would explode when she sucked both deep into her hot mouth. While her tongue was doing things he didn’t know could be done. She then hovered just inches above the head of his cock. It move towards her inviting lips of it’s own cord. But, she moved too.

He could feel her every breath. Suddenly after what seemed like forever her tongue swiftly darted out to lick down one side & up the other. Just as he thought he could take no more. She licked & sucked him into her mouth as far as it would go. Then she moved & sucked harder drawing him deep down her throat. Slowly she eased it back out then in again. With her tongue swirling all around it. Like with her dance her speed increased. Building him to a orgasm like he had never felt before. When he climax she swallowed it deeper. So he could not only feel her suck, lick but, also the muscles in her throat open & close on the head. Then she licked up every drop.

Standing up she asked if he would like a bath before his dinner. He answered by standing & leading her into the bathing area. So she could wash him her self. He was smiling & thinking that this trip was just perfect for their first anniversary.

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