Halloween with Tygre Ch. 01

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She showed up just as I expected. She warned me days earlier that she’d be wearing something I would not be able to resist easily, and she was right. The corset cinched her already small waist even closer, accenting her bust line and making her ass even more delicious. She had thigh-high boots on, and nothing else covering her nether regions but a graceful thong of lacy material, barely enough to cover her mound. My mouth watered, seeing her. I willed my eyes to raise up to hers, and I controlled my voice pretty well.

We hugged closely, and kept holding each other as we spoke closely into each other’s ears.

“Mmmmm, Tygre, you look unbelievable.”

“Trey, what happened? You didn’t dress up this year!” she pouted.

“Well, I saw the pictures from last year, and they left me more embarrassed than anything else. Plus, this year I really concentrated on the music — all my efforts went towards that.”

While I spoke, Tygre buried her face in my neck, nuzzling it and threatening to bite it. She kept giving me chills with her little nips.

“That’s ok, I won’t mind as long as I can dance.”

I was still holding her against me. I couldn’t help it. Her body was too delicious to let go. I wanted to reach down and hold her by her ass, that object of uttermost worship in my dreams in the dead of night, but there were too many others around.

“Trey, I don’t know how much longer I can keep from doing things I shouldn’t with you.”

“Well, you sexy little minx, you find a dark place and come find me later.”

She gasped. “Do you mean it? Really?”

I just grinned, wanting to see where she took it.

Her eyes were shining as she said, “OK, you asked for it! You better watch out.” And with that, she turned away, looking back at me as she slapped her own ass and sashayed away from me.

My heart was thudding in my chest. I could feel each beat distinctly. What was it about her? We were obviously totally incompatible. She had said so herself. Yet every time I was in her presence, something about her, some force or gravity pulled me into her, made my cock hard, my mouth dry up. I needed her like rain on a drought-plagued African nation.

What had I started?

A few hours later, I looked up from the decks to see her writhing on the dance floor with Julie. The two of them became one mass of female flesh. I couldn’t really tell where one ended and the other began. It turned me on immensely — here was my ex-lover, the best sexual partner I ever had, dancing with a sexual object of desire so strong sometimes I couldn’t speak. It was a combination I found very difficult to look away from. As I watched, Tygre’s hands roamed down Julie’s body, brushing her neck, breasts and belly before wrapping around the tops of her thighs. Julie leaned back into Tygre’s body. They almost kissed. I wanted to beat off right there.

I turned back to the music. After some time passed and I thought it was safe, I put on a track to end the set and got ready to take a break. As I turned around to leave, there she was, standing, waiting.

“You ready?”

“Ready for what?” I tried to ask, innocently.

“You know what. Come with me.” She turned and began walking.

I got pretty scared. What about my wife? What about my marriage? What about this rock hard cock that didn’t care anything about that, what about my eyes which could not leave Tygre’s full luscious asscheeks as they bounced away from me? I wanted to bury my face in them, maul them with my hands, slide my tongue up her ass, lick her pussylips, breathe in her scent, suffocate in there. What was she planning?

I followed at a discrete distance. She entered a small room I hadn’t noticed before, There were some people I didn’t know inside. She crossed the room, again with me following by about 4 feet. I tried to be nonchalant about where I was going, keeping an eye on her but trying to be unobserved to be following her. She opened a door, turned and looked at me, and then stepped through it, closing it behind her.

I waited about 2 minutes, watching to see if anyone was looking. No one seemed to care about me or Tygre at all. Considering they were all strangers, the coast seemed to be clear. I was thinking fiercely — should I go in? What would happen if I did?

I threw caution to the wind, decided this was my one chance to experience what had to be a fantastic sexual experience, and crossed to the door. I opened it to darkness, and walked in, closing it behind me.

As my eyes adjusted, I kartal escort saw that the room was a very small chamber, about the size of a large bathroom. There was a small couch on one side, a dim neon lamp high on one wall. Tygre was sitting on the couch, her legs crossed, boots rubbing together with a seductive sound. Her arms at her sides, she looked at me and licked her lips.

“Wondered if you’d have the courage.”

“Well, I had to find out what you had in mind. I still have control, you know. You don’t call ALL the shots,” I responded.

“Oh yes I do.” With that, she stood up, reached behind her and undid the clip that held her hair together. It cascaded down over her right shoulder. I shuddered to see the lust in her eyes.

“So, I hear you really like asses. Julie told me all about you. I’m afraid you have no secrets left, you horny bastard.”

“Uh…well…” I stammered. What exactly had Julie said? “Yeah, I guess that’s true. I mean, I love sexy women like you, so all your parts are golden with me.”

“But you really like THIS, right?” She turned around and bent over straight-legged, putting her hands on the couch cushion. Her fantastic ass pushed out, the cheeks forming perfectly round melons. The thong was stretched tight over her lips, meaty cuntlips that begged for kisses.

I froze. The moment of truth. What does an honest man do? It depended on what I was honest about — a promise made 3 years ago under radically different life circumstances, or honest about my needs as a horny red-blooded man confronted with a sexual being the likes of which he had only dreamt about?

Obviously, the honesty was clearly about the latter.

I collapsed to my knees right behind her. Taking her cheeks in my hands (they shook with excitement, to feel the soft skin trembling underneath them), I leaned in to smell her sex. Lovely. There seemed to be a faint trace of perfume, perhaps applied to her inner thighs. I kissed each one in turn, leaving little traces of saliva from my lips, licking softly. I heard her moan.

Slowly I worked my way closer and closer to her pussy. Still covered by the thong, it beckoned, getting wetter by the minute. I could smell her musk start to get stronger as her body prepared itself for penetration. I had no idea if that would happen tonight or not, but at that moment I didn’t care. All I wanted was my tongue on her and my fist on me. That would be enough.

My cock fought to get out of my clothes. I didn’t want to rush things, but a little stroking wouldn’t hurt. I undid my zipper and fished out my dick. She laughed when she saw what I was doing.

“Don’t you dare come. I have plans for that.”

I was still licking her inner thighs, very close to her lips now. Slowly stroking myself, I rubbed my tongue on the fabric right over her clit. She pushed back onto my face with another moan. After a little more of this, she stood up quickly.

“Fuck this shit,” she said. She hooked her thumbs in the underwear and slowly, while looking me in the eyes, slid them down over her long legs.

She dropped them next to her on the floor. “Don’t think I’ll need this anymore.” She sat back down on the couch. “Now, get back to work with that wicked tongue of yours. Feel free to put it anywhere you want. And I do mean anywhere, you sick pervert.” She laughed. Sitting back into the couch, she lifted her feet until her legs were spread apart and her feet were both on the couch in front of her, to each side. Pushing her own thighs apart near her legs joining, she looked at me.

I moved over to her. Looking right at her, I moved my face slowly closer to her. Her lips parted, her tongue peeked out to wet her upper lip. So fucking sexy. I couldn’t wait to suck on them, her lips and her tender red tongue. I moved in. She moved forwards slightly. Very, very slowly, agonizingly slowly, our lips met. I closed my eyes in reflex to make myself focus on the extreme sensations of sexual arousal coursing through me.

At first we didn’t move. This kiss had been prolonged for such a long time, I don’t think either of us could believe it was happening. I was the first to open my lips. Following me, she opened hers and snuck her tongue out to meet mine. We began what turned into a 6 minute long kiss. It seemed to go on forever, lips meeting, parting, meeting, tongues exploring, teeth pretending to bite, breathes exchanged. Then it seemed over before it began.

I backed away slightly, my breath coming in deep gasps. I could see her chest maltepe escort bayan surging as well. At that moment, I knew we were going to fuck. It was inevitable.

She scooted out to the edge of the couch.

I moved closer.

“No,” she said. “Take your shit off. I want you naked for this. I want all of you available to me.”

I stood up and removed all of my clothes. Once I was naked I stood back up to look down at her. She leaned forward until my cock was inches from her mouth. She looked up.

“You want that, don’t you? You want my mouth on you. You want that hot hard cock inside my mouth, down my throat. You want those balls rolling around in my mouth, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I croaked.

“Maybe later. Right now we’re fucking. I need that cock.”

She leaned back again. Her words inflamed me, made me harder, made me almost drip pre-come on the floor. My balls were massive eggs, inflated with sperm.

“Should I?…” I motioned to my dick.

“Oh, yeah, probably, but I don’t think I can wait that long. Besides, I don’t have one handy, and I’ve decided I don’t care. I want to feel *you*, not some fucking latex.”

With that, she reached out and grabbed me by the balls. She pulled me down to the couch, then turned around to face the back. Up on her knees, she arched her back and thrust her ass out.

“In me. Now.”

I took my cock in my hand and held it out straight from my body. Moving closer, I took the chance to rub it up and down her ass crack, inviting as it was. I wondered briefly if there was any chance to work my piece of steel she had created up her ass. Then, after a few swishes against her cunt to get the head nice and wet, I placed it right at her entrance.

“Are you sure, baby?” I asked.

“Hell yes, I only fuck people I love. Now, do it!”

I moved forward. The head entered her. She was extremely wet. There was no stuttering or rubbing, nothing but sweet slick friction as I moved into her depths. Hot and wet don’t begin to describe the sensational feeling of her velvet walls surrounding my cock and caressing it to climax. I had to breath very deeply to make sure I didn’t shoot off immediately. Again I wondered what it was about this sexy fucking bitch — she had such an effect on me! She did indeed call all the shots — I had lost all control.

I thrust forward with my hips, making sure my entire cock was buried in her deep sex. The lips grabbed at me, her fluids surrounded me. I was in heaven. Finally! After so much waiting I had what I needed for so long! It was almost too good to be true.

Moving in and out to the sound of her moans and cries, I added my own. My hands restlessly moved over her cheeks, feeling the skin, reveling in it. Her back arched, shoulders rolled. She flung her hair back, forcing me to grab a handful and tug at it to raise her head up. She growled.

“Now who likes it?”

“I do, I do…oh yeah, I really fucking like it,” she moaned through gritted teeth. I released her hair and held the backs of her shoulders with my hands, pulling her against me.

“Your cunt is so beautiful, I never want to leave it,” I told her.

“Mmmmmm…good, because I plan on that hard piece of meat to be in there a while,” she said. She moved her hips around in tight circles, making me crazy.

I grabbed her hips to get a better grip and pulled her body roughly. Her cheeks shook and bounced with the repeated contact. My cock was slick with our combined juices, sluicing in and out with that friction I was quickly becoming addicted to.

Pulling out completely, I decided I had to see what we both tasted like. I dropped my head down, spread her cheeks with my hands, and licked from the top of her asscrack all the way down to her clit, thrusting into her asshole a few times and also into her folds. I licked the lips, bit her thighs right next to her cunt, and moved my tongue back up to her back door.

Rimming her generously, I again desired to plunge myself deep into her asshole, stretching it obscenely and feeling that incredible tightness squeeze me to orgasm. But I decided not to push my luck — better just accept what was given freely. I could beg later.

I pulled my head back and pushed and prodded at her succulent body until she sat down on the couch in front of me.

I moved back to her lips and her entrance. I licked slowly and firmly in a circular motion around her clit, teasing it without directly touching it. Her hands were holding my head against escort pendik her pussy, making sure my lips couldn’t leave it. My nose was buried in her mons, and when I moved down to see how far I could slide my tongue into her, my nose would brush right over her clit. When that happened she’d squeeze her thighs together and I could hear her groan.

My hands reached up and touched her breasts and nipples. I pinched them, rather hard actually, pulling them slightly away from her body. I figured she was the sort of woman to enjoy such a thing, if done sparingly and at the right time. I was right. Her chest heaved and her hands came up to cover mine while they played with her. I dropped her nipples and ran my hands down the sides of her body, caressing her skin, rubbing hard into her muscles.

My tongue and mouth was still busy. I took my hands and hooked them behind her knees. Pushing up slowly but firmly, I communicated silently to her she was to expose herself totally to me. Her hips rotated backwards as her legs came up closer to her chest. Eventually I flattened the tops of her thighs against her stomach and chest, pinning her there like some sort of fuck toy or a blow-up doll. To me she had become this gorgeous objectified delicious pussy, waiting to be devoured again and again.

She was totally vulnerable. She had no way to escape my mouth, cheeks, nose and chin. My tongue had total control over her sweet wet pussy and tight contracting, spasming asshole. The little orifice looked hungry, lonely. I kept making sure it knew it was loved, dipping my tongue into her ass, French kissing her back door. Making love to her there with my mouth made my fucking dick so hard and my heart race. It was so dirty, no matter how many times I did it. I loved it.

I’d then slowly lick from her asshole up through the puffy engorged lips to the top of her cleft, moving right over her clit. She’d clench ever time I got to the top. I was having a great time. My hands were free because after a little while holding her legs back, she used her own hands and arms to keep her legs cocked back, spread apart and totally out of the way. Very kind of her, allowed me all sorts of dirty, perverted liberties with her pussy and ass.

I smacked her cheeks around a little to make sure she knew where I was and who was in control at that point. She seemed to really enjoy the spanks, but I didn’t have time to turn her over and go to work, redden those maddening globes, teach her some fucking manners for making my balls so ridiculously blue. I was pretty pissed off at her for that actually, I wanted her to know how much my testes needed to unload in her, on her, cover her with come.

My hands ran up and down the backs of her thighs and her calves and shins. I rubbed her feet while I licked her cunt. With two figures buried in her, I licked and licked, causing all sorts of things to happen to her vascular system.

She was thrusting her ass back pretty urgently, and I decided I better get her off. Basically, I wanted to know what her pussy felt like gripping my cock after she came.

I began rubbing her clit by placing my fingers right above it and pushing the loose skin down over it, avoiding direct contact. Her thighs shook and she groaned in appreciation, letting me know I was on to something. Meanwhile, my mouth was working everywhere it could reach. I sucked on her lips, bit her ass (pretty hard, in fact), rimmed and invaded her asshole. At times I simply laid my head on her ample ass, just to feel her shake, closing my eyes in bliss as I stroked my lover.

I could feel her getting close. My mouth become more urgent, but I kept my clit strokes even and controlled, unvarying. Her muscles tensed, she began to mutter something under her breath. I listened closer.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah…” she kept repeating. Her hips continued gyrating, she pressed back harder on my hand and face. My tongue was feverishing lashing her asshole, my fingers stroking her clit, and I took my other hand and inserted two fingers deep into her cunt. I reached up inside her to press against the wall opposite her diaphragm. I wasn’t sure if it would work on her, but I had nothing to lose by trying.

“Yes! Yes!” she cried, “fuck yes, so close, so close, oh fuck coming, coming, I’m commmminggggggg….!” I watched her whole body squirm and writhe in delight as the electricity shot through her. It felt like she got shocked. Her body completely tensed up, locked up. I could barely tell she was breathing. I kept rubbing her gently, prolonging the agony. I was kissing her asshole now, her cheeks, leaving a trail of spit across her ass as I tried to love as much skin as I could.

Her come stayed with me for many days afterwards. Now it was time to get mine.

To Be Continued…

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