Halloween Night

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My name is Rebecca, but everyone’s always called me Beck. I wanted to tell you about my Halloween adventure I had last year.

You see, I was always the fat chick in high school. You know the one that everyone wanted to be friends with but no one ever wanted to date? After graduation, as I started college, I did something about it. My first year of college, I dropped all my extra weight. I’d never felt better about myself. As my second year started, I started thinking about Halloween. This was my first Halloween that I was going to get to wear a sexy costume.

I shopped for months looking for the perfect costume. I finally decided on a sexy witch. It was cut really low with a short skirt and had a sexy little cape hanging down my back. I nervously viewed myself in the mirror, unable to believe that was really me. Even though I had lost so much weight, this was the first thing I had put on that was revealing. Nobody had really taken notice of my weight loss, because I continued to wear baggy jeans and t-shirts, but, tonight, everyone would notice me.

I walked across campus to the fraternity, stopping just as the house came into view, watching as everyone was going inside. My knees started shaking, as I saw all the cute girls going in. It took me a few minutes to convince myself that I do look as hot as they do now. When you grow up as the “fat chick” it’s hard to get over that mentality. I finally took a deep breath, stood up tall, and headed towards the door.

I saw several heads turning as I approached, but had a hard time believing they were looking at me. As I stepped inside, I looked around, trying to find anyone that I might know. I made my way to the kitchen and picked up a beer, sipping on it as I made my way through the house. I started getting used to all the guys staring, and it felt nice. Then I saw him.

I knew who he was, his name was Chris. He was the star quarterback, everyone knew who he was. He was dressed in a toga, with a gold vine of grape leaves wrapped around his head. I couldn’t believe he was staring at me. I turned around to see who was around me, just to be sure. Yes, he was looking at me. There was no way I could talk to the quarterback, so I quickly turned and went into another room.

I was in such a hurry, I ran right into Dracula. I slammed into him so hard, it threw me backwards, and I would have landed in the floor if he hadn’t wrapped his arm around my waist, steadying me. I felt a blush creep up my neck and face as I güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri became more aware of how tightly he was holding me against his hard body.

“Are you ok?” he asked.

I nodded and he released me. We started talking and he asked me to dance with him. He took my hand in his as he led me through the throng of dancing teenagers. Just as we got to a spot, a slow song came on. I was secretly thrilled that he was wrapping that arm around me again, as he pulled me close. We danced about half the song, still making a little small talk, when he stopped and turned his head.

It was Chris, behind him, asking to cut in. My knees trembled as he handed me over. I couldn’t believe he didn’t even ask if I wanted to. I guess no one questions the quarterback. He looked down into my eyes as he started dancing with me.

“I’m Chris,” he said.

All I could manage to get out was, “I know.”

He paused before asking me, “Aren’t you going to tell me your name?”

Once again, I felt that blush creeping up my neck and face. How stupid could I be? However, I just couldn’t get my brain to control my mouth. I finally spit out, “Beck.”

He smiled, the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen on a man, “It’s nice to meet you Beck.”

Just then, the song changed to a fast beat. Bodies began thrashing around us, slamming against us. Chris smiled broadly and began jumping up and down. I suddenly felt so relaxed, and joined him. Everyone that was dancing was moving all over the floor, threading in and out of everyone as the music just seemed to carry us through the room. I was acutely aware of the various hands as they touched every part of my body, just as my hands were reaching out and touching all they could as well. Bodies were pressing and rubbing and grinding against each other.

Suddenly, the song stopped and the room went silent. Everyone stopped dancing and seemed a bit dazed. I felt flushed and hot and started searching for a door that led outside. As I took a deep breath of the fresh night air, I felt very confused. My body was feeling things I’d never felt before. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I felt like every inch of my skin was screaming to be touched, my lips were aching to be kissed. It was so new to me, to feel this way, I didn’t know what to do or think.

As I stood there trying to figure myself out, someone grabbed my hand and started pulling me out to the parking lot. I turned and saw that güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri toga-clad body slightly ahead of me, leading me to his car. When we got to the passenger side of the car, he pressed me against the door as he started kissing me. I could feel his hands on my body but my emotions were so dizzyingly overwhelming, I was helpless to stop him. He opened the car door, sat me down, and walked around to the other side.

I sat there, still stunned. My mind was having an extremely difficult time wrapping around everything that was happening to me tonight. I looked over at Chris and he smiled at me, giving me a wink, as he continued speeding down the road. I started looking around the car, and happened to look down at my costume. Somehow my nipples had found their way out of the top of my dress. My face flamed a bright red color as I quickly adjusted my top. Then I began to wonder where we were going, as I watched the campus light disappear far behind us and trees began to cover the road we were on, making the night even darker.

He pulled onto a dirt road, the tires spitting gravel behind us as he raced down it. The car fishtailed as he slammed on the brakes and stopped. It was pitch black outside the car, the trees were so dense all around us. I looked over at Chris. He smiled at me and said softly, “I want to show you something.”

He got out of the car, and my heart pounded against my chest. I screamed when my door was thrown open, but Chris grabbed my hand and started pulling me down the road. He seemed to be looking for something. Just then, he took off running through the trees, dragging me behind him. The brush was scratching my legs and pulling on my clothes as he raced through the trees. When he stopped, there was an opening in front of us.

The moon was shining brightly into this little clearing. The grass looked so soft and thick. There was a lake there also. It looked so beautiful and magical.

Chris pulled me close, kissing me, as he lowered me down into the soft grass. All fear had left my body and was quickly replaced with a deep desire like I’d never felt before. His hands and lips were all over my body. When he started to remove my panties, I sat up, about to stop him, but his kiss assured me that everything was going to be ok.

The rush of emotions that fled through my body was more then I ever expected as his fingers touched my moist pussy. It was the first time another hand, besides my own, had ever güvenilir bahis şirketleri touched me there. He gently rubbed my clit as his tongue danced around my nipple. I gasped as his finger plunged deep into me.

He stopped to pull his pants down, then lowered himself over me. He looked down into my eyes as he rubbed the head of his dick over my clit. I’m sure he could tell I was still nervous, but I couldn’t tell him this was my first time. He pressed gently against my pussy, carefully pushing himself into me. Fear and pain etched across my face.

When he was completely inside me, he stopped and waited. The pain was leaving me and was being replaced with the greatest pleasure. He asked me if I was ok, and I nodded. Slowly he pulled back out, and just as slowly slid back in. I never imagined something could feel this wonderful.

As he picked up the pace, the pleasure I felt overwhelmed me. I began to thrust my hips into him, matching his strokes. I could feel an orgasm building up inside me unlike any I had ever given myself. I screamed loudly as I let it take over, just as he grunted and pushed his seed into me.

He rolled off me, laying on the grass beside me. Both of us exhausted, panting. I turned my head towards the lake, enjoying the beauty of the moon reflecting off the surface of the water. Everything seemed so perfect.

However, after we caught our breath, that quickly changed. Chris got up, took my hand, and pulled me over to the lake. I was thinking he just wanted to do a little skinny dipping at first. The water was so cold, I tried to back out, but, without a word, he continued to pull me further into the water.

When we were about waist deep, he turned to me. The look in his eyes terrified me. I tried to take a step back, but he quickly grabbed my hair and thrust my head under the water. I struggled and fought him with everything I had in me. I got out of his hands a couple of times, but each time he only grabbed me more fiercely, pushing me back under the water.

When I had absolutely no fight left in me, and the coldness started to overtake my body, I remembered the stories from last Halloween. About the young college girl that came up missing. Her body being discovered about a month later, drowned. Her killer was never found.

Well, my killer was never found either. It’s been a long year, living in this strange body. When your body passes through everything, it takes a lot of practice to figure out how to pick something up, but I finally got the hang of it. Now, I just sit here, in this little clearing, waiting with my limb about the size of a baseball bat. I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again. Mr. Quarterback will not claim a third victim this year. With any luck, he’ll pay for the lives he took the previous years as well.

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