Halloween Cums Once A Year

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It was the first time we attended one of the resort’s dances and we planned our costumes for maximum effect.

Michelle wore a very short plaid skirt, a white cotton blouse that buttoned up the front and had long tails to allow it to be tied under her breasts, tiny ruffled socks and school girl heels. Her hair was in two pigtails with a ribbon bowed around each one. No underwear.

I wore a long chefs apron emblazoned with the slogan “Will cook for sex”, a big puffy chefs hat and flipflops. Nothing else.

We sat in tall swivel captains chairs at the bar and did a lot of people watching. The costumes ranged from full cover ups to a man wearing only a cowboy hat and boots with a holster around his waist.

As the booze started to flow and the music started couples began to dance. Following a few beers and several dances I suggested that Michelle retie her blouse under her tits. She readily complied and as she sat in the chair she hooked her heels on the cross bar of the chair causing her skirt to ride up and when her legs relaxed her knees fall apart. There she sat with her tits on display and given the height of the chair her pussy was in plain sight of anyone passing by.

Several guys were paying close attention to her charms and when a particularly well built bare chested young man wearing an Indian loin cloth asked her to dance she glanced at me with a little smile. I shrugged and nodded my head suggesting she go for it and enjoy. They stayed out on the floor for a couple of dances and then a slow dance started. She quickly looked my way and once again I just shrugged.

When the song ended she rejoined me with the man in tow. She was flushed and his loin cloth was making a little teepee. We introduced each other as Mike (me) and him as Craig. As Michelle hopped up on the chair her pussy winked at us and it glistened suggesting that more than her chest was warm. Craig thanked Michelle for the dance and when we didn’t suggest that he join us for a beer he wandered off escort bostancı through the crowd.

Michelle leaned close and told me how turned on she was after dancing bare chest to chest with Craig and feeling his dick getting hard as it pressed against her. I told her to look down at my apron and said she wasn’t the only one turned on.

We had a beer, watched the other partiers and danced to a few songs. My apron prevented us from dancing bare chest to chest and I noticed Michelle’s gaze often seemed to be searching the crowd. I knew immediately that she was interested in more dances with Craig. When we returned to the bar she saw him sitting at a table with a few people but there didn’t seem to be anyone special with him. I told Michelle to go over and bend at the waist and ask him if he wanted to dance again. With her tits out and her ass exposed as she bent over, Craig quickly excused himself from the table and took Michelle out on the dance floor. During the fast dances Craig twirled Michelle causing her skirt to flair up and her tits to bounce. He always spun her into his arms and his hands were busy squeezing where ever they happened to land. During the slow dances I could see her hand dip below his loin cloth and one time she brought her finger to her mouth and sucked something off of it. Her nipples were rock hard and pointed as she rubbed them across Craig’s chest.

After about 10 minutes of dancing they walked over to me and Michelle said she had to get some air and could we go outside and sit by the pool for a while. I grabbed our beers and we headed out the side door to the dark pool area under the ramada. It took me a moment to realize that Craig had followed us outside.

After a few minutes of cooling off it felt a little chilly but we were reluctant to go back into the dance hall. We could still hear the music and Craig asked Michelle if she felt like another dance out there. Michelle murmured that perhaps that would warm her up a bit. Craig pulled ümraniye escort her to her feet and pulling her close start to sway with the music not dancing so much as rocking back and forth. Her tits were pressed against his chest and their groins were hard wired to each others movements. Michelle’s hands slid down to hold his tight ass cheeks and Craig’s hands were doing the same to her.

Her head rested on his chest and when she turned to smile at me she whispered so that both of us could hear that she wanted to touch and taste his dick. Craig looked at me and I gestured that he should stand on one side of the lounge chair while Michelle sat facing him with her legs spread so he could stand between them and I would stand behind her on the other side of the chair blocking the view of anyone who might wander out of the dance hall.

Michelle hiked up her skirt so Craig could look down and see her wet pussy between the valley of her tits and reached out and lifted his loin cloth to reveal a very hard and dripping dick. It wasn’t a monster but it looked cut and nice sized and clean shaven. His balls were tight as Michelle cupped them with one hand while wrapping her other hand around his shaft. She stroked his hard dick gently and played with his balls getting the feel of it and how he responded to her touch.

Pulling him closer she leaned forward and with the tip of her tongue she licked the precum off the end of his dick. He shuddered which lead her to pull him close again and opened her mouth to take in the head of his dick. Closing her lips tight around the head she moved her hand to stroke him and abandoned his balls to reached around to squeeze his ass and hold him in her mouth.

They both let out a little moan as he started a gentle rocking motion that matched her strokes. I knew that she was flicking her tongue all around the head of his cock and pressing the tip of her tongue into his pee hole. I leaned forward to get a closer view of his dick in her mouth kartal escort bayan and cupped her tits and played with her nipples.

Michelle started grinding her ass into the cushion and rocking back and forth. Their breathing was getting ragged and Craig started grunting and jerking and I knew he was about to cum.

All of a sudden he tensed and gave a shake and Michelle pulled her mouth off his cock catching a large spurt of his cum in her mouth and on her lips and them directed the next spurts across her tits and chest. She continued to stroke him and again played with his balls and then she licked along his entire shaft and balls almost causing his knees to buckle. Finally he stopped cumming and Michelle released his balls to rub his cum into her tits and skin. It had dripped on her blouse and her tits were shiny with it but she wasn’t through with him. She motioned me closer so she could lean back into me, spread her legs and told Craig that he should lick her very wet pussy. He knelt between her legs and placed his mouth over her pussy and started licking her clit and pussy.

I lifted my apron and rested my very hard dick on her shoulder while squeezing her cum covered tits and nipples. I could see the top of his head as he buried his face in her pussy making slurping sounds. She ground her hips into his face and asked if I liked seeing her suck a strange cock. Answering that I loved it she turned her head and licked the head of my cock as she started to shake and hump harder. She was close and grasped Craig’s head in both hands and pulled it tight against her sex as she spasmed in orgasmic delight.

After several minutes during which we all collected ourselves Michelle said she wanted another beer and needed to pick up our towels. I was surprised that she wanted to return to the dance because there was evidence of what we had be up to but she didn’t care and wanted people to know what a slut she had been with her young stud. Some folks grinned and smiled and some didn’t notice a thing and after a beer she thanked Craig telling him that perhaps she would see him at another dance and told me to take her back to the room and fuck her until I filled her cunt with my cum.

It was a Halloween to remember. We can’t wait until next year.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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