Halftime Show

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The afternoon began innocently enough, with a gathering of friends, eating good food and looking forward to the game. And things ended with a great come-from-behind win by the underdog Giants, more food and drink, and friends parting ways again, wishing each other well until they met again. The middle was where things got interesting.

I should probably introduce myself before diving into this confession. My name’s Jane, and I’m 26 and single. I’ve had a few short flings with ‘Mr. Right Now’ over the past few years, but still haven’t found ‘Mr. Right’. In place of that fulfillment, I tend to throw myself into my work. I also tend to have more guy friends than girl friends – you’ll often see me at the bar with the guys after work, as I’d rather shoot the breeze with them than go shopping with the girls. And I generally enjoy my role as the girl who’s considered ‘one of the guys’.

And I’m a huge sports fan – which is how I came to be invited to my friend Steve’s Super Bowl party, as the only unattached person there. Steve invited his friends Jim and Rob, and all three guys brought their girlfriends – Sarah, Michelle, and Kate, respectively. They were all nice, I’d met them before, but they definitely weren’t football fans, and promptly congregated in the kitchen, where I was sure they’d stay and chat through most of the game.

So this is how the afternoon began, with me and the guys in the living room, getting a quick start on the beers in front of Steve’s big-screen TV, and the girlfriends blabbering in the kitchen and occasionally bringing out a new platter of food. The first half was fairly uneventful, unless you were Tom Brady, in which case you found yourself quite busy being dropped by the Giants’ defense.

At halftime, the girls piled into the room, each claiming a seat next to their respective boyfriend, and we chatted about the ads during the game and how much we each liked or hated Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Today, after a few days to ponder my actions, I realize it was probably right about then that the sheer quantity of beer I had consumed overcame my better judgment.

As the guys made a playful attempt to raise the ire of their girlfriends by praising the hotness of the cheerleaders, I was overcome by the desire to prove to these guys that I could be just as sexy. While the other women in the room responded to the guys as you might expect, with playful mock punches in the shoulder or brief feminist lectures about the negative message cheerleading sends to young girls, I leapt off the couch, stood in front of the TV, and began a half-silly, half-sexy dance to the music of the halftime show.

Steve chuckled, and Kate even cheered me on, realizing I’d gotten the last laugh on the guys. Slowly, in time with the music, I unbuttoned a few buttons of my blouse, giving the guys the occasional glimpse of my 36C tits in a sexy black lacy bra. I had always been proud of my tits, and judging by the erections that began to grow for both Jim and Rob, I was right to be…

Wait – the guys were actually turned on watching me dance for them? As Sally and Michelle canlı bahis went back to the kitchen, obviously not able to stand the heat in the living room, I found myself reveling in the fact that I had made these guys hot with my little strip-tease. They actually found me sexy? Not just one of the guys to pal around with? I decided to see how far I could take this.

I sat back down on the couch next to Steve. He and I chatted for a few minutes as we watched the show, and then he headed into the kitchen to start the burgers – the girls had done all the rest of the cooking, but when it came to good old-fashioned meat like burgers or steaks, Steve always insisted on being in charge.

With him gone, I decided it was time to see whether Jim or Rob would actually follow through on what their cocks had started. I got up and made a rather obvious point of the fact that I was headed for the game room. Steve had a great pool table, as well as a couple of vintage arcade games. Once in the room, I took one more risk – if anyone did follow me here, it could only be for one reason, so I proceeded to take off my jeans and leave them on the edge of the pool table.

I picked up a pool cue and racked up the balls, and then proceeded to break, leaning over the table wearing just my unbuttoned blouse and matching black lace bra and panties. After a few more shots (jeez, I’m a lousy pool player, especially after several beers!) I heard footsteps approaching in the hallway. Who would it be? At this point, I was so turned on I would have fucked anyone who walked through that door – even one of the girls – but I have to admit I was particularly pleased to see Jim.

He had a sexy, athletic build, about 6’2″ with wavy blonde hair and blue eyes. He was obviously pleased with what he saw as he entered the room, as he quickly approached me and pulled me into an embrace. “I was admiring these,” he said as he took my tits in his hands, “wondering how good they’d feel.”

“And?” I asked, rubbing his cock through his jeans.

“Just as good as I’d hoped. My god, Jane, I never realized how hot you were!”

One hand now left my breasts and shifted to my leg, stroking first my inner thigh, then rubbing my panty-covered clit. As I enjoyed his touch, I let his cock go just long enough to unfasten his belt and unbutton his fly. As soon as I had his bulging cock free of his boxers, I went down to my knees and took him into my mouth.

Inspired by the risk of being caught to work quickly and quietly, I bobbed up and down on his length in long, smooth strokes. He wrapped his fingers around my long red hair, gathering it into two ponytails, and gently guided my motions until I was taking his entire shaft into my mouth, gagging slightly as he pressed into my throat.

Once I got used to having his whole length pressing into my throat, I began to fondle his balls as well, and he quickened his pace, thrusting in and out of my mouth much faster than before. I had always loved to suck cock, and I was thoroughly enjoying sucking Jim’s, but I also wanted him inside of me. I wanted him to press me against bahis siteleri the pool table and enter me from behind, and then fuck my brains out. Would he agree?

Pulling away from his cock, I looked up, still on my knees, and asked, “Should I stop here, so you have something left to fuck my tight little pussy?”

He responded by pulling me up off my knees, hoisting me up onto the edge of the pool table, and rubbing his cock against my panty-covered clit. I couldn’t wait any longer, and pushed my panties to one side, guiding his cock into my waiting pussy. I wrapped my legs around him as he began thrusting into me, one hand working my clit as well.

“Oh, god yes, Jim, that’s so good. I want you to fill me, give me your cock! I want you to fuck me from behind too, and fill my pussy with your cum. Do you understand?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Hey,” said a new voice, “What are you two up to in here, anyway?”

Just as quickly as Jim and I had found a rhythm, we froze in place, his cock buried inside of me, as we both turned to see Rob standing in the doorway.

Before either Jim or I knew what to say or do, Rob spoke again, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell, as long as you let me join in the fun and festivities!”

As Rob quickly unzipped his jeans and stepped out of them and his boxers, Jim hoisted me back down off the pool table. Rob leaned against the table, and I started to get down on my knees to suck him, but Jim caught my arm, keeping me on my feet. As he came up behind me, I spread my legs and bent down at the waist to take Rob’s cock in my mouth. Jim gave his cock a rest and began pleasuring me with his fingers, lubricating them easily with my juices, and then finger-fucking me fast and hard as I bobbed up and down on his friend’s cock.

Once Rob was fully hard, I straightened up again and we changed positions. Jim climbed onto the pool table and knelt in front of me as I took him into my mouth, spreading my legs so that Rob could slowly press into me from behind. I could hardly believe that I was in this situation, fucking and sucking two guys at once, and found it to be an incredible turn-on. I had my first orgasm in this position, with Rob pounding me from behind and reaching around to stroke my clit as Jim forced his cock deep into my throat.

After coming down from my first release, I decided it was time to make the most of the situation and live out a long-time fantasy of mine: double penetration. I tried to come up with a clever football-related way of asking whether they’d be into such a scenario, but finally gave up and just came out with the question.

“So, guys, I’m feeling really slutty, and would love to have you both fucking me at the same time. Would you be up for something like that?”

“Isn’t that what we’re doing now?” Jim asked.

“No, I don’t mean fucking my mouth…”

Jim seemed a little shocked, but Rob quickly replied, “Oh, yeah, Jane, anything you want. I’d love to fuck your tight little asshole until I cum. Jim, you’re more old-fashioned, you can have her pussy.”

While Jim watched, Rob again pushed me down, my bahis şirketleri hands and forearms on the pool table, and spread my legs further apart. He lubricated two fingers in my pussy juices and began pressing them against my asshole. After I relaxed enough to allow him in, he quickly shifted from his fingers to his cock, very slowly pressing into me, inch by inch. I had to quite literally bite my tongue to keep from crying out in a combination of pain and pleasure.

Once he was buried inside of my ass, he gradually pulled me into a standing position and I lifted my foot up to the edge of the pool table, changing the angle and sensations in my ass, and giving Jim better access to enter my pussy. Jim had climbed down off the table and was stroking himself as he watched us, and was now obviously quite ready. Kneading my tits as he did so, he pressed into me slowly, letting me catch up with the sensations of two cocks inside me at once.

I couldn’t believe the incredible feeling of tightness, of fullness. A moment’s pain was quickly replaced with an incredible wave of sensations as they began taking turns moving inside of me. Rob moved very little, instead circling my waist with his arms, holding me upright as I began to lose control.

Jim, originally shocked at this scenario, was now thrusting hard and fast into my wet pussy. I started talking dirty to him to spur him on. “Do you like fucking a dirty little slut like me with your girlfriend right in the next room? I want you to make me cum, do you hear me? Fuck me harder, and fill me with your cum!”

Rob was the first to cum, his cock overwhelmed by the combination of my tight ass and the feel of Jim’s cock also inside of me. After shooting his load, he remained inside of me, maintaining my incredible sensations as I experienced one of the most powerful orgasms of my life.

As I bucked uncontrollably on both men’s cocks, Jim finally came as well, filling my pussy with more cum than it could handle, leaving streaks dripping down my inner thighs as he pulled out of me. The three of us gradually pulled apart and collapsed against the edge of the pool table, recovering from the incredible fucking session.

Once we remembered where we were and that we should probably rejoin the group in the living room – one at a time – we got dressed and came up with our subtle living room re-entry plan.

In spite of our sneaky return – Rob went first, Jim then pretended to be coming from the bathroom, while I waited a few extra minutes – I was sure the others in the room would notice my flushed cheeks, would smell the sex on my skin as I sat down next to them.

But before long, the game got exciting – that great fourth quarter with the Giants’ comeback, complete with the spectacular pass by Eli and equally incredible catch by… that’s right, David Tyree. The girls – seemingly oblivious to my sexual exploits with two of their boyfriends – actually seemed to enjoy the end of the game. Everyone had a bit more to eat, and then we were on our separate ways.

A few different thoughts raced through my head as I arrived home that evening. Would I be able to reprise my role as ‘one of the guys’? Just how many beers had I actually had, and how much of a headache would I have the next morning? And maybe I should go to Steve’s Oscar party this year after all?

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