Guilty Pleasures Pt. 01

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There’s nothing like rough hands sliding up your back under your shirt, unless it’s smooth hands sliding up your front at the same time. There’s nothing like two pairs of lips, one nibbling on either side of your neck. My bare skin hit the cold air as my shirt hit the ground, and immediately goosebumps sent a prickling sensation all across my chest. There was a second where nothing happened and all I could do was breathe and wait. His hands were on my hips and his body was pressed against my back, I could feel how hard he was against my ass and I almost growled because I wanted it. Her hands traveled over my collarbones and shoulders slowly, leaving a trail of heat behind them, and her eyes were glued on me so intensely that I had to look away. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck and I struggled not to make a sound or move. I stood perfectly still as a blindfold was lowered over my eyes and tied behind my head, there was nothing but the sounds of their breathing around me. A hand pressed gently on the center of my chest, making me step back until I felt the bed behind my knees, I sat down. Nobody touched me, nobody said a word.

There was another pair of footsteps. I could pick out the heavy stomp of his, the light shuffle of hers, and another step almost like a long-strided tiptoe. I immediately knew who’s steps they were, Alia. I knew her thin, long fingers that ran over my cheek and made their way to my chest still dotted with goosebumps, i knew her lips that pressed against mine possessively, she’s being brave today, I thought as she whispered something in my ear too soft for me to quite understand. I could hear the three of them step away and talk but I couldn’t understand exactly what was being said, i strained to hear anyway, with no luck. I pouted, impatient and unhappy with being left out of the conversation, this made them laugh so i pouted harder.

The talking stopped soon after it started and I could hear them walking towards me again, my skin began to heat up. I felt somebody crawl behind me on the bed, I felt her hands run up and down my back, just barely scratching me with her nails so I leaned back into them almost begging her to leave red marks all over me. I heard knees pop, somebody was kneeling in front of me.

The knot holding my sleep shorts up was untied at an agonizingly slow speed, I reached to untie them myself but drew back when my hand was given a sharp smack. It was so hard to sit still, it was so hard to wait and not see what was happening. When my shorts fell I stepped out of them carefully and just sat, again nobody touched me or said a word but I could feel their canlı bahis eyes on me. I started to feel uncomfortable so i shifted from putting my weight one leg to the other, still nobody moved.

After what seemed like an hour but was probably only a few minutes, I felt a pair of hands grab both of my arms and pull me back until I was completely on the bed. She was behind me, I could feel his fishnet shirt that she had pulled on brushing against me and I shivered at the new feeling on my skin. I felt Ashia’s hands run from the tops of my feet, up my legs and thighs, and finally rest on my hips. She took her time, exploring my skin and letting her fingers linger over my scars which made me bite my lip to keep from sighing. As she brushed her lips over my hipbones I felt him switch to the spot behind me. I knew the sound of the rope and I obediently clasped my hands behind my back, excited to be tied up again. It didn’t take him long to secure knots all the way up my arms so that I couldn’t move them, there was more shifting and I felt the fishnet pressed up against my back again, I leaned back into her chest. Alia’s tongue was flicking over my hipbones and I let out a tiny whimper, this must have pleased her because I felt her lips bend into a smile against my thigh.

She started to kiss my neck from behind me, slowly and softly. I could feel her lip ring touch my skin every time and the sensation made me shiver. Tiny, sharp, cold pricks started from my fingertips and worked their way up my arm, he only pressed down enough to hurt a tiny bit. Alia’s tongue had moved from my hipbones and I couldn’t tell where she was until she slid her arms under my knees, bent my legs, and rested her hands on my hips. I squirmed as I waited to feel her tongue on me again, her hands held my hips down with force.

Her neck kisses and the pinpricks from his toy were nothing compared to Alia’s tongue flicking over my clit for the first time. My whole body shook and my eyes widened underneath the blindfold. I wasn’t expecting her to do that. Everything happened all at once after that. My neck was being bitten by two sets of teeth, one much more forceful than the other, and when one mouth left my neck I felt it on my chest a second later licking and pulling on my nipples.

Alia’s mouth between my legs was not skilled, but it was desperate, and the fact that she was doing this to me made my mind cloud and my back arch with excitement. I wished for a second that I could watch her but decided there would be time for that at another point. My lips formed her name but no sound came out, the feeling of her tongue, combined with the bahis siteleri two other people who were touching me, was enough to get me off in less than five minutes. All I could do was try to catch my breath.

After my breathing returned to normal, Alia kissed me. I could taste myself on her lips and her tongue, then she was gone, I wanted more. I lifted my head to find her but had to lay back down to keep my balance while they moved around me. Now he was behind me, I knew because his skin is always so warm. I felt the fishnet shirt brush against my knees and the cold of her nipple rings poking through the tiny holes in the material. Her hands gripped my thighs. Alia’s hands were on me again, just running over my skin with a barely-there touch that made me want to lift my body up against her hands. His hands began at my lower back, moved up on either side of my spine, and settled around my neck. He didn’t squeeze, not yet. Not until her tongue was pressed against me, I couldn’t stay quiet, not when I was this sensitive. I knew this tongue, I had had it twice, and I had kissed these lips countless times, she was good at what she did and I tried my hardest not to writhe under her touch. His hands started to squeeze and I could feel it getting harder and harder to breathe. With my hands tied behind my back I couldn’t really struggle against him, so I gasped both in pleasure and for air. Alia’s hands were soft against me and contrasted his strong grip on my throat. He didn’t let go until I had come a second time, and when he did I gasped and sighed at the feeling of blood rushing back to my head making me feel deliciously dizzy. Alia continued to kiss me and I groaned at the feeling of her teeth digging into my lower lip.

There was more shifting and when I squirmed on the bed I felt his hands press my hips down, clearly telling me to stay still. I felt two mouths lower onto my chest and I felt his breath between my legs. Every single touch made my body jerk now, so even his breath on me was an intense sensation. I didn’t know long I would be able to last. I moved a bit and he quickly turned me over and slapped my ass with an open palm, I cried out just a little as he slapped the other side just to make it even. He obviously wanted me to stay still but I shifted again. The smooth leather tip of the riding crop ran down my spine and made my stomach flip, I tried to prepare myself for what came next. I heard the whistle of the crop through the air just one second before it made contact with my skin, leaving a fiery mark. I gasped and grinned, I wanted him to do it again, harder.

He rolled me back over and teased bahis şirketleri instead, running his tongue over me lightly and flicking the tip of his tongue so that my stomach clenched and I whimpered just a little, kissing my hipbones and my thighs, then biting down on my thigh so hard that I’m sure he left a bruise that would last for a while. He bit my neck again and the feeling made me cry out and grab onto the sheets beneath my hands. He ran his beard all over my legs and stomach. I was waiting, he knew that and he loved it. So he took his time taking his shorts off. I heard the sound of material sliding against skin and my heart rate picked up, all of my senses were on edge and I laid there blind and gasping for air and just…more. I felt him pull me closer so that he was comfortably between my legs, and then I felt him slide inside of me. It always hurt at first, just for a second, but I loved it. I groaned as he pushed himself all the way in. He knew exactly what I wanted, to be fucked so hard that i couldn’t walk. And that’s what he did. I still had two mouths and two pairs of hands running all over body, and him pushing me onto my side or lifting my legs and touching the back of my knees, a spot I didn’t even know existed. I couldn’t stop the sounds coming out of my mouth, I couldn’t catch my breath or form any words. I wanted him to use me.

I probably would have screamed when I came, but Alia’s mouth was firmly on mine and her teeth were clamped down on my lower lip so hard that I could feel it beginning to swell. He kept going until I came yet again and my body was shaking, my insides were on fire, my chest was heaving. He didn’t stop though, he leaned down and whispered “my turn.” The first words I had heard since the blindfold was put on. His breath in my ear and on my neck only made me want more.

He kept going, I heard his breathing get quicker and small sounds come from deep in his throat. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, burying his teeth in my shoulder. I wasn’t long until he stopped inside of me, breathing heavily. He pulled out slow and I groaned. I wanted to do it all again but I had nothing left, my body was exhausted. The blindfold was removed but I didn’t have the energy to open my eyes. the ropes were removed but I didn’t have the motivation to move my arms. I felt him pick me up like I weighed nothing and set me down in the bathtub, he turned on the warm water and left. I heard Alia’s footsteps before she came in the bathroom, and I heard her take off her clothes before she got in and started to wash my hair and body. Her hands wandered, she washed every inch of me and because we were sitting it was easy for me to push her backwards and kiss her until we were both breathless. I wanted to taste her and soon both of her hands were in my hair pulling me closer as I made her moan my name over and over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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