Gotta Keep This Job

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I had been summoned to the medical suite at my office at the end of the Friday dayshift of my second week on the job, and I showed up with a great sense of trepidation. It had been hard finding this job, and I just had to keep it. But I’d scored drugs for a short time when I’d been in college, and I knew this company had a strict drug policy. I hoped that they hadn’t found out about that—or that they wouldn’t find out about it in this surprise appointment.

“Come in here, take off all your clothes, and sit up on that table,” a perky young nurse told me. “The doctor will be in to see you in a minute.”

“Take off all my clothes?” I asked dubiously.

“Yes. Don’t worry. I go off shift now. It will be just you and the doctor.”

“Great,” I thought, as I followed her direction. I didn’t know why I felt self-conscious. I was in great shape and wouldn’t have minded the cute little nurse knowing just how great shape I was in and how well-hung I was.

But I was in shock when the doctor walked in. It was Larry, my boss, the owner of the company.

“Mr. Sturgis,” I stammered. “What . . .?”

“Oh, didn’t you know,” the handsome young redhead said, “I’m the company doctor too. It saves a lot on the medical bills. Now, let’s see what we have here. Everything seems to be in order and in good shape. Yes, in very good shape, I’d say. Here, put this in your mouth and cough for me.”

He stuck a wooden tongue depressor in my mouth, and I coughed for him. He ran long, elegant fingers up and down the sides of my neck and prodded around the top of my breast bone. Then, in turn, he lifted my arms, pushed a finger up into my arm pits and gave my arm muscles a good feel.

“OK, very good there,” he said. He whipped out a stethoscope and listened to my chest.

“Take deep breaths and hold them,” he said. His stethoscope went to one nipple, and he laid his hand over the other one.

“Cough,” he commanded. I obliged.

Then after a long time, he reversed the stethoscope and the hand over the other nipple and commanded me to cough again. I obliged again, hoping he hadn’t noticed that my nipples were hardening up from the attention.

“Good full chest,” he said. “Lungs seem fine. casino oyna Not a smoker, are you?”

“No,” I answered too quickly. That had been another one of my vices in college. But I’d also been on the swim team and had developed a deep chest and lungs.

His hands glided down the sides of my torso, and he put one palm over my belly and left it there for a minute. I had no idea what sort of new examination technique this was, but I was mortified that it was causing me to have a half-hardon.

He had a hand on my balls, and I flinched as he rolled them.

“Cough,” he commanded, and I did so.

“Everything seems in fine shape here,” he said. “In fine shape.”

He had his hand on my dick and was flopping it around gently. “Get it off regularly?” he asked.

“Uh, yes, regularly enough,” I answered. “Uh, Mr. Sturgis. I mean Dr. Sturgis . . .”

“Would have liked to stick it to that cute little nurse who was just in here, would you?” he continued.

“Well, yes. Wouldn’t anyone?” I responded, embarrassed. I was doubly embarrassed, because my cock had thickened and lengthened significantly at this suggestion.

“Sorry about that,” he said with a laugh. “I was just checking to see if everything was in working order down here. It sure seems to be. That’s good news. Now, I want you to lay back on the table and draw your knees up to your chest. I need to check your prostate.”

He was putting a glove on his hand and dipping his fingers into a jar of lubricant.

“But, shouldn’t I stand and lean over for . . .?”

“Naw,” he answered. “I have my own procedure for this. It’s less painful this way.”

So, I lay back on the table and drew my knees up to my chest. It seemed like quite a while before I felt anything else, but then there was his cold and wet gloved finger working its way into my asshole. I knew when it had reached my prostate, because he was rubbing me there, sending strokes of pleasure through my balls and dick, and I felt precum forming on my cock helmet. A moan escaped my lips.

He withdrew his finger, but I heard him mutter something about thinking he’d felt something odd in there and needing to probe farther.

And then he was probing canlı casino farther, but it seemed like he was probing with a bigger finger, and then I realized that he had both hands on my knees, squeezing them.

I lurched up in pain and surprise, but he already had his dick far enough inside me to maintain leverage, and he just kept unwinding his hose up my ass chute. My legs shot down and my torso came up, and I flailed around as his strong hands grabbed my shoulder blades. His long, slender hands wrapped around the sides of my pecs, and his thumbs landed on my nipples. His white doctor’s coat was open and he otherwise was naked. He had a good build, and there was fluffy red hair covering his pecs and working its way down his belly.

I cried out in pain and frustration as his cock continued its journey up my ass canal until I felt his pubic hair tickling the insides of my thighs.

“Oh, God. Sturgis. Don’t . . .”

“I already did, Mark. You’re already split and filled. Can’t go back now. Just calm down and enjoy it.”

“Enjoy it?” I screamed. “Get off me, you . . .”

“Get off you, or what?” Sturgis asked with a heavy laugh. “I’m already in you, and I’m going to fuck you regardless. You can either enjoy it or fight it, but you are already fucked. I’ve had my eye on you since we interviewed you for the job. Why do you think you got the job over all those others?”

I was fighting him now, but he was too strong, and every time I tried to move, his dick went a little deeper into my ass.

“Stop fighting for a minute and listen to me.” I stopped moving. He moved his torso into mine, and his chest hair felt silky against my bare skin. My cock was throbbing against his belly. “Do you think you were picked because you were the most qualified? No, you were picked because you were the most desirable. And do you think you were picked only because you are a stud?”

“I don’t understand. Why . . .?”

“You were also picked because you had a drug history. You were picked because if you want to keep this job, you are going to let me fuck you now. And you are going to let me fuck you again and again, if I want to. Do you understand?”

“But, but . . .” I whimpered.

“How kaçak casino badly do you want this job, Mark?”

A long moment of silence and then I whispered, “Badly.”

“I didn’t hear you, Mark. How badly do you want this job?”

“Badly,” I almost screamed back at him. “I gotta keep this job.”

“And what do you want me to do to you so you can keep this job, Mark?”

“Whatever you want,” I whimpered after a moment of contemplation.

“Tell me you want me to make love to you, Mark.”

“I want you to make love to me, Larry.”

“Like this?” Sturgis asked, and his lips went to my nipples, which he started to ravish with his tongue and teeth.

“Yes, like that,” I moaned.

“And like this?” he asked as he set his cock in action. Stroking me, first shallow and deep and then in longer strokes that brought his cock helmet almost to the rim of my asshole and then glided in again down to the hilt.

My cries of “Oh, God, no, you’re splitting me,” turned to moans of pleasure and “Yes, yes,” as my ass passage calibrated to the size of his rocket and ripples of pleasure ran around my ass walls.

“I asked you if you wanted it like that,” he said in a hoarse voice.

“Yes, yes, like that.”

“Deeper and harder?” he asked.

“Yes, yes, deeper and harder. Plow me. Fuck me.”

I no longer was thinking just of the job. I was thinking of having a piston alive inside me, filling me and stroking me in waves of pleasure.

His lips went to mine, and I opened to his tongue. I was gasping for breath and groaning and moaning. He was completely turned on by my compliance. He turned me on the table and pumped me in a side split while he stroked my cock with his hand. In my excitement and nervousness at the newness of all this, I came quickly, which set off his ejaculation as well.

He pulled out of me, buttoned up his coat, swept his pants off of the floor, and turned toward the door.

“Let’s see how well you can do with a blow job tomorrow. Say ten in the morning in my office? We’ll see how permanent we can make your job from there. If you can learn to suck as well as you take a fuck, I see a quick promotion in your future.”

And then he was gone. I lay there and collected myself and tried to pull the shreds of my pride back together again.

But what was I to do. I gotta keep this job. And truth be known, I was looking forward to my next session with Larry.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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