Got a Hairy Story For You

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Thoughts of a man and his experience with a natural woman…


“Just so you know in advance, I’m recording this,” I told the man on the other end of the phone. “I think it’s the law that I need to tell you that, and even if it isn’t I think it’s only right, you know?”

“Fine by me,” the man known to me as Barney said. “I tend to talk fast anyway.”

“Whenever you’re ready,” I said, and with that the man began to recount a story from 1951, when he was a young man in between dropping out of high school and joining the Army.

When I asked his age then he said he was, “old enough, and so was Debbie obviously.”

Debbie was the other person involved in this story, and was the woman who was over twice Barney’s age when this all happened. She was the wife of the farmer that had hired him and a bunch of other locals and drifters to pick his crops that year.

Debbie husband was, as Barney put it, “a low-life bastard who treated the help like shit and fucked around on his wife non-stop. Even fucked one of the dudes in the butt, or so the story went. Even the crack of dawn wasn’t safe around Baxter.”

The story isn’t about the husband though, but all about Barney and Debbie. Barney figured I would like the story because it involved something I always write about, which is women and body hair.

“You like them as much as I do,” Barney had said. “I love your stories and thought you might like this one because it really happened.”

I did and suggested he write it himself but he said that being near 80 he wasn’t up to typing and wasn’t a writer anyway, having never gone back to school after getting out of the Army after Korea.

I told him that I wasn’t much of a writer either but would give it a shot as a thank you for his service to our country, since his sacrifice and those of others are what allow me to enjoy freedom to write stuff like this on a website like Literotica.

In the end, Barney did end up writing most of it. For the most part I only typed it and tried to do it justice.


“Working on that farm wasn’t the best job in the world,” Barney began. “The pay wasn’t much and the work was hard, but a job was a job. There was around a half-dozen of us there working, although some came and wet. Drifters, illegal aliens and dumb kids like me. The only bright spot in the place was Debbie, but I had learned early that you didn’t pay too much attention to the wife of the farm owner, a prick named Baxter.”

“He saw a black dude looking at her once – just looking and she was a ways away too – and he tore into the guy, first verbally and then physically. Beat the crap out of the guy with the little baton he had in his jeans while screaming slurs and telling him that nobody stares at Deborah.”

“She was Deborah to me at that point,” Barney explained. “That was what her husband always called her, but I had never gotten close enough to talk to her, although I did look at her when I got the chance.”

“Was she pretty?” I asked.

“Pretty in a very plain way,” Barney explained. “The was a woman who was probably around 40 and had lived out in the sticks all her life. Women like that didn’t wear make-up for the most part, and their were no trips to the beauty parlor, but Deborah was a nice looking lady, sort of like Judy Holliday without the polish. She was an actress back in the day.”

“I can Google her,” I said after admitting I knew the name but not the woman.

“Deborah had strawberry blonde hair,” Barney explained. “Maybe about 5’4″ and a little on the thin side. Like I said, the woman was nice looking but plain, in that way that country girls had. She looked weary, if that makes any sense, although being married to that shit Baxter would take a toll on anybody. I think he beat her. Saw her with a black eye one time, but I don’t know that he gave it to her for sure.”

“Anyway, one day I had to take a leak. There was an outhouse way in the back of the field – no way in hell were we allowed to take a dump in the house but that little sweat-box was so nasty you only used it if you couldn’t hold it. As far as peeing went, if Baxter saw you pissing near the crops he would go crazy, so instead I ran behind the barn like most of us did because it was out of sight of both the house and Baxter who was usually on his tractor.”

“I start peeing and all of a sudden I looked up and there she was. Deborah. Standing there calmly watching me pee, and I admit I was shocked but being young and brash I just kept whizzing away but I did apologize.”

“You gotta go you gotta go,” she said without even raising her eyes from my dick, and then she says, “You sure got a big one for a white boy.”

“Let me stop here and explain,” Barney said. “I did have a big dick – still do of course but it’s rare it works like it once did. I wasn’t blessed with much common sense or brains but as far as a dick went, I got lucky.

“Although to be honest,” he continued, “When I read stories about guys with whoppers having women fall all over them? Well, it was my canlı bahis experience that for everyone that was interested there was another who got scared. Maybe it was because I was a skinny little guy and it looked even bigger attached to me.

“So Deborah makes that comment and looks up and blushes while giving me a little smile. Nice teeth, I notice, and then she reaches up and pulls a strand of her hair away from her face. She was wearing this plain dress, not flattering or revealing, but it was sleeveless and when he raised her arm I couldn’t help but notice she had hair under her arm.”

“Not just a little either. I had noticed this once from a distance but now I was only about 10 feet away so I got a good look. Her armpits were really hairy, and the hair was much darker than the hair on her head. Back then it wasn’t all that uncommon

for a woman not to shave, Not like today.”

“Tell me about it,” I tossed in.

“Deborah – she sees me staring at her armpit and starts to lower her hand but me – I tell her not to.”

“I like it,” I tell her. “I think it’s sexy.”

“Baxter,” Deborah says while not only leaving her arm up but raising it even higher for my viewing pleasure. “The bastard don’t let me shave.”

I was a bit shocked at her calling him that, but I decided to say that I was glad about that because I loved natural women.

“He just wants men to stay away from me and figures that if I’m hairy nobody will want to fuck me,” she says calmly.

“Don’t work with all men, I’ll tell you that,” I said as I looked around to make sure nobody was in sight. “Makes my dick hard.”

“That right?” Deborah said and she smiled when she saw that while I had stopped pissing but my dick was still in my hand and starting to point at her. “Oh man. It’s getting even bigger.”

“You like that?” I asked.

“Make it shoot,” she said, and like a trained chimp I start stroking my cock.

“I’m hairy all over,” Deborah said as she stood there modeling for me with her arm still raised. “You like that?”

“I nodded, and after I did then she reaches down with her other hand and lifts the dress up to her waist. Just like that and there was nothing underneath. Oh, she was wearing white socks, but nothing else, and Deborah wasn’t kidding because she had a huge bush between her legs. Even went over to the insides of her thighs, and she asks me if I like pussies that hairy.”

“I didn’t have to answer because I started cumming. I shot my load all over the ground and Deborah seemed upset because I think she was going to start playing with herself. Just as well because we heard a voice from the other side of the rise, so I zipped up as we scattered in different directions but not before she said something.”

“If you want to do more than look be back here tonight at 10,” she says before running around the barn.

“Now that left me with a problem. Do I come back here and risk getting caught? I mean, the job was important to me but I was too young to die, and if guys get the shit beat out of them for looking at his wife, what would Baxter do if he caught somebody with their dick in his woman?”

“All the rest of the day I kept thinking of Deborah and the way she flaunted herself. She had figured out what turned me on and teased me with it. She probably thought that I was a young, dumb and full of cum kid that was so turned on by a woman old enough to be his mother who had hairy armpits and a jungle between her legs that he would run back here that night like she wanted.”

“I’m guessing that you were back there at 10?” I suggested.

“Wrong. I was there a little after 9, as soon as it got dark,” Barney chuckled. “Went home and took a bath, sprinkled some of my old man’s cologne on me and crept back there as soon as it was dark. The lights went out in the house soon after – remember that for farmers it gets late early – but there was no sign of Deborah for quite a while. I started thinking that maybe I was the victim of a joke, but then the back door opened and she came out.

There was enough moonlight to make it possible to see a little, and as Deborah made her way towards me I cleared my throat very lightly so she knew I was there.

“Hi,” I said, and my voice was shaking like my legs.

“Hi yourself,” Deborah said. “What’s your name anyway kid?”

“Barney,” I said. “And you’re Deborah.”

“Debbie,” she said in correcting me. “I hate Deborah. That’s what the bastard calls me.”

“Okay,” I said, and from then on she was Debbie.

“Let’s go in here,” Debbie said, and she led me into the barn.

The barn had a bunch of seldom used equipment in it. No animals but even so it still smelled like a barn, but I didn’t care because I was half out of my mind,” Barney explained. “The combination of fear and lust had me jumpy as hell, and then after she takes me back into what was used as a horse stall long ago she lights up a lantern.”

“What if Mr. Baxter sees the light?” I stammered, but she told me that the bastard was drunk and besides, she knew bahis siteleri that you couldn’t see the light from outside when you were back where we were.

“Now obviously I knew when she said that, I wasn’t the first farm hand taken back there. The fact that there were old blankets stashed back there was another hint, but I didn’t care about who else had been back there, especially when she took off that bathrobe. I would have stood at the end of a line for this.

“Well?” she says, with her hands on her bare hips, and I take the hint and strip while she watches, and she throws in, “Oh, and by the way don’t call him Mr. Baxter around me if you want this.”

“This” was in reference to her pussy, and she ran her hand through that glorious bush for emphasis while I tried not to kill myself in taking off my socks while soaking in her naked form. I was surprised that her breasts weren’t bigger than they were and they sagged a little but she had big nipples on top of these plump crimson aureolas.

I guess Debbie got tired of waiting because she’s down on the blanket on her knees, rubbing the bulge in my boxers which was damn near peeking out the leg of my briefs while telling me that she loves big dicks.

“The bastard’s dick is puny – no bigger than a thumb,” Debbie said as she kept rubbing the bulge. “That’s when he can get it up. He tried to fuck me before I came out. That’s why I was late, but he couldn’t get it up. You don’t have that problem, do you Barney?”

No, I sure didn’t, and then Debbie slid my boxers down. My boner springs up and smacks her in the face but she just laughs and drags me down to the blanket after admonishing me not to call her ma’am again.

Debbie says she’s wet already because she’s been thinking about my cock all night, and when she rubs it between her pussy lips I can tell she’s not kidding. She asks me how many time I can get it up in a night, and after I tell her I didn’t know she says that we were going to find out.

“Tight,” Barney recalled. “Debbie’s pussy was so tight, and I think it hurt her but she kept pulling me close to her until I hit the end of the trail, and then we were off to the races. I suppose that since I’m the only one still around I could say what an incredible lover I was that time and how I drove her to orgasm after orgasm but that wouldn’t be right, at least not that first time.”

The truth is that I didn’t last a minute, and the only reason I lasted as long as I did was that I could really see Debbie. Hadn’t even touched her, but she felt me twitching and shooting in her and I could see she was disappointed, so I kept going. Kept humping with my dick at half mast hoping for a miracle, and then Debbie arched her spine and reached back towards the wall.

Even in the murky light I could see her armpits, the golden fur filling her underarms and even going a little up the insides of her arms and down towards her sides. I was hard in no time and this time I lasted longer. Long enough for Debbie to cum so hard she almost snapped my duck in two, and as she came Debbie pulled me down and sunk her teeth into my collarbone to stifle her scream.

“Hard enough to leave clear teeth marks in my skin,” Barney recalled. “I would have to wear my shirt buttoned up so no one would see it because that might be tough to explain. Anyway, Debbie was happy and I was in heaven. The answer to how many times I could get it up was 5 that night. Boy, when you’re 18 the blood keeps pumping.”

“After our last romp I’m there on my hip with Debbie on her back, and after I played with her breasts for a minute – really spongy tits she had – my hand went under her arm which I had pulled up behind her head and I lazily raked my fingers through the moist tuft.”

“Sorry if I’m nasty,” Debbie explained. “Couldn’t exactly take a shower before coming out, and getting perfumed up this late might get noticed, so you gotta take me as I am.”

I assured Debbie that she was fine, and while I had noticed an aroma it wasn’t offensive but in fact was quite arousing to me. Debbie smelled very natural and maybe it was the pheromones that made me tingle but I much preferred a hint of fresh sweat to any artificial crap that burns the tongue.

“Oh yeah, I would bury my face under her arms – kissing and licking,” Barney replied to my question. “The first time I did it Debbie laughed. I asked if I was tickling her but she said no but enjoyed the way I attacked her armpits. Fact was she was so hairy she probably couldn’t feel my tongue.”

“You really got a thing for pit hair,” I remember her saying and I admitted it, like there was a point in denying it. Not ashamed of it either, especially when you see some of the fetishes people have. Anyway, Debbie said that guys that want to fuck her usually do it in spite of the hair, not because of it.

I told her, and it was the truth too, that I liked her for her. The hair was just what got my attention. She says she was fine with that but didn’t see the big deal. “After all,” she goes, “you got hair under your arms too.”

“Not bahis şirketleri as much as you do,” I cracked, and then she pretended to be mad and climbed on top of me, pinning me down while proceeding to do what I did to her.”

“Which was?” I asked.

“Debbie kissed and licked my armpits, giggling all the time.”

“You liked that?”

About a minute later Debbie lifted her face from under my arm and makes a face before asking me, “Did you just cum?”

I had, blaming it on the fact Debbie had ground into me while laying on me, but that was only part of it. I did love it, and after that I had no qualms about doing it to women the rest of my life. Very few didn’t like it, and some loved it. I didn’t care if they were smooth, stubbly or hairy, although I preferred the unshaven ones.

“So how long did this last with you and Baxter’s wife?” I asked.

“The rest of the summer,” Barney said. “After the crops were all harvested I kept sneaking back at night, but eventually it started getting cold at night so that pretty much ended it. After that winter I decided to enlist in the service and that was that.”

“Any particular memory that stands out besides that first night?” I asked.

It was around Labor Day, and Baxter had to go out of town for the day – Debbie said it was because he had to go screw a relative in a land dispute. Anyway she had me come over and we spent the day down at this creek way out back. Debbie made a lunch and we spent the day swimming and having sex. Mostly having sex, and if I told you how many times I came that day you wouldn’t believe it. Heck, I didn’t believe it myself.

So it was getting time for Debbie to get back to the farm, and she was resting on her back with her arms linked behind her neck just watching the clouds float by. She was so beautiful – mind you she was a mess by then with dirty knees and feet and her bush? My cum had stiffened in the hair as it drooled out of her and made it look like a twisted statue, all crunchy.

Anyway, I’m staring at Debbie, playing with her armpit hair like I often did and she looks over at me and shakes her head. I shrug my shoulders and admit I’m weird but she nods down at my cock.

“Your dick is stiff again,” she snickers. “What’s wrong with you?”

“In love I guess,” I said while Debbie rolled over and knelt at my hip.

Debbie grabbed my cock around the base and moved her fists up the shaft like kids did on baseball bats when choosing sides. Three handfuls went up to the head – mind you Debbie didn’t have big hands – and then she slid the foreskin down and sucked on the knob.

“Reminds me of Baxter’s baton,” Debbie opined.

“I’ve seen that thing. Haven’t felt it though,” I replied

“It don’t tickle,” Debbie said, but when I asked her if he hit her with it she shook her head but indicated she had experienced it in another way.

“Hey,” Debbie said when she saw the effect of what she had said on my erection. “Wake back up. I’m not through with you yet.”

After she said that she leaned over me and lifted her arm, and after putting my cock across it she clamped her arm down on it. Debbie was laughing, saying I had done everything else to her, why don’t this and claimed she had just invented something. Well, it was new to me but seeing the top of my cock sticking out of the fold of her arm surrounded by hair looked better than it felt.

It took a long time for me to cum but that was fine because watching Debbie vigorous rubbing her armpit around my cock was as exciting as it gets, and when I finally came I shot all over my chest and neck.

“There,” Debbie announced as she straightened up and began pulling on my deflating cock, stretching it as far as she could in an effort to drain every drop of cum out of it. “Now that’s a dead dick!”

Debbie said that as she was getting to her feet to get dressed though, because she knew that pretty soon I would be ready for more no matter how red and sore my cock looked. It was nothing to do with me though. It was all because of Debbie. No woman ever had that effect on me again.

“Did you ever see her again after that summer?” I asked.

“No, and I regret that,” Barney admitted. “After a couple of years in the service I came home to see my folks before moving to where I had been promised a job. Our house was only a couple of miles away and while I was tempted to visit all I did was drive by, but she wasn’t out.”

“Ever wonder what happened to her?” I asked.

Sure. All the time but it was too dangerous with that bastard around. He was a sick puppy, and I did hear a story. Don’t know if it was true or not. Story went that Debbie got pregnant. Now I had asked about that possibility but Debbie said she was safe because Baxter told her the reason she never got pregnant was because she wasn’t fertile. This happened well after I was gone.

Turned out that she wasn’t the one firing blanks, but the story goes that she lost the baby. Somebody said that after she gave birth and Baxter saw the baby he could tell that it wasn’t his on account of – well the pigmentation gave it away – and the baby died mysteriously. Others said the child was still born – maybe because Debbie was getting on in years and probably didn’t get much medical care.

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