Good Neighbors Ch. 143

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We walked into the room. We were both dressed in the clothes we went to the party in. As I started to undo the bow tie, she looked at me before she undid her new necklace. She placed it on the nightstand, then proceeded to sit on the bed to unlatch her shoes. As she looked over at me, she smiled.

“Do you really want me to marry you, Leo?”

I looked at her cautiously before smiling.

“I never say things I don’t mean, Beloved. I thought you knew that about me.”

She smiled.

“A girl needs to be sure. Does this have to do with my present situation?”

She laid back on the bed, without her underwear before hiking her skirt up. I walked over and bent on one knee before starting to kiss up from her knee along her inner thigh before teasing her. I could hear her breathing get a bit more erratic as my tongue teased closer before I climbed up and kissed her deeply. She returned it before looking me in my eyes.

“I mean it though. Why ask now?”

I sighed before laying next to her. One arm went under her neck and rolled her to face me while the other went around her waist.

“Because I have been thinking about it for a while. The last few months really. At first, it was an idea. But with everything we have been through together, it became more and more of a thought. You gave me more to think about when you told me yes with the ring. It just felt like time. Tonight, when you slapped me across my face…”

“I’m sorry about that, Leo. I didn’t mean to…”

I kissed her. When she calmed down again, I began speaking again.

“You were comfortable enough with me to do that. You urfa escort knew me well enough to help me snap back to who I am. You have seen me at my worst. Yet you still stayed by my side the whole time. You have had every opportunity to run away, but you didn’t. In my mind, I need you so much. I need you close to me as much as possible. I’m not worried about everything else. I don’t need the company or anything else. I need you.”

She pushed me so I was on my back before straddling me. I was still partially dressed, but not able to slide between her legs like what would have been expected. I could feel the heat of her privacy on me though. She pinned my hands to the bed, so they were on either side of my head before she leaned in and kissed me.

“I need you too. My God, Leo I never thought I would say that to anyone after Mitchell died. I need you so much. Do you know how wonderful it feels to wake up with someone who loves you completely? Of course, you do because Missy did. But it felt so much better after Mitchell died when you did. Oh my God the way you hold me first thing in the morning. Just having that feeling of protection around me, like no one could hurt me. And the fact you let down your guard around me. Even your coworkers notice when you are not your usual brooding self. A girl just has to know though. I’m sorry I doubted your words for that moment. Please forgive me.”

I kissed her back before letting my hands slide behind her to unzip her dress. As it started to fall, I could see her smile brighten. She sat up so she was straddling my waist as she took the urfa escort bayan dress and threw it over the edge of the bed. There she sat in just her smile. She pulled the bobby pins from her hair and did the hair twirl thing to loosen things up. She looked at me with that sexy stalker look in her eyes.

“I’m going to make you forgive me, Leo. Or should I say Romeo?”

She started to crawl backwards until her head was where my belt was. She started to undo my belt as she taunted me. I tried to help, but she stopped me.

“No. This is my present. I get to unwrap it.”

She undid the belt before undoing the zipper underneath. As she reached inside to pull me out, I pulled myself up on my elbows and smiled.

“I could get completely naked for you. It’s only fair.”

“You could. Or you could sit back and let me enjoy my present.”

I watched as she twirled her tongue around the head of my cock. She was looking at me the entire time before she took the head between her lips. As she started to slide down more, she reached and grabbed my hand to put in her hair. I could see her eyes smiling when my fingers slid in. She pulled up just enough to speak.

“Help me please you, Master. I’ll be alright.”

I pushed gently and felt her take a bit more of me down her throat. We kept like that for a bit until she pushed my wrist away as she pulled back. As she rose, she lay next to me on the bed.

“I want you to take control, Master. I am yours. All yours. Take your submissive. Show me that I am everything you want, please.”

I climbed on top of her. I slowly escort urfa rubbed my cock over her cunt, teasing it with just the head. She started to moan a little before I looked at her. I could feel something taking over me as I slid the first couple inches inside of her. Her eyes turned to the look of fear as I growled a little bit. I placed both of my hands on either side of her head before pivoting my hips and driving my cock deep inside her. She moaned a bit louder that time.

I stayed like that for a good few minutes, thrusting every bit of the beast’s rage into her pussy like it was what violated me. She lay there accepting it, moaning for me, allowing me to see that she wanted it all. It was as I was raising up that she took my right hand and placed it on her throat.

“Please, Leo” she begged breathlessly.

I squeezed her throat as I started to pull back on my strokes. I could see the smile on her face as I did that. It was at that moment I felt the beast leave me. I undid my grip as I leaned down and allowed my lips to touch hers. We started kissing more passionately as I kept my cock inside her. It was as we pulled back from the kiss that she smiled again.

“You did it. I never thought you ever would, but you did. Now fuck me, Leo. Fuck me like we’re already married.”

I started fucking her more in earnest while she thrashed a little. It wasn’t long after that moment when I exploded inside her pussy. I lay next to her, but before she allowed me to cuddle her she slid down and took my cock back between her lips. As she slid back upwards for me to hold her, she commented.

“Every good girl knows she needs to clean up her mess.”

She smiled after that before we kissed again. As we looked through the window from the bed and saw the city begin to quiet, we didn’t ask any more questions about the future. We had each other and for that moment that was everything.

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