Going to the dogs.

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It was Mayas first day at a new school and it had gone well. She had decided to walk home even though it was getting dark. She had gone two blocks and had decided to take a shorter path down an alley. She was half way down the alley when she heard the clack of claws behind her. Looking back she saw a pack of eight large dogs. She started walking faster as she heard voices behind her. Looking back a group of young males were following the dogs. Before she could decide to run the dogs overtook her. The dogs knocked her down and began worry her skirt and blouse. They soon had them off of her and in shreds around her. Laying naked on the ground in the alley. The young men stood back and watched as the dogs stripped her.

She begged them to stop the dogs but they only laughed. One of the young men told her that unless she wanted to get bitten she had better pleasure the dogs. Crying she rose up onto her hand and knees and at that time the first dog mounted her. She screamed as the dogs large , long cock was driven deep into her virgin pussy. She opened her mouth to scream and her head was grabbed and forced down onto a dogs cock of a dog that was laying on its back under her face. She was forced to eat dog cock as she was fucked by another dog.

Her mouth and cunt was illegal bahis filled by dog cum from multiple dogs and she had multiple orgasms. Once each dog had used her each young man filled her womb with their sperm. She hated that a dog had taken her virginity but she also worried that she maybe pregnant. Then she was gagged and one young man brought out two water hoses out and shoved one deep into her pussy and the other went into her anus. When the water was turned on her body was soon filled with water.

Her stomach expanded painfully as did her bowels. That is when her bowels emptied. Cleaned out each young man took a turn filling her with their fertile cum. They super glued her pussy shut and her anus. They left small openings to piss and shit out of then forced laxatives into her. Once she had shit it all out hoses were used to masturbate her. Now too exhausted to fight she heard cameras taking pictures as she was again fucked by the hoses , dogs , and the young men.

She was finally rushed to the hospital where the doctors and nurses used liquids to open her anus and cunt. They injected her with sedatives to do this but she woke up to soon and found herself being molested by the doctors and nurses. All three of her holes were filled multiple times. And other patient illegal bahis siteleri were coming in and fucking her. Every so often a vaccuum hose went up her asshole and cunt and she was cleaned out as well as masturbated by the hose.

She found that she could not move and then one nurse said let us take her to the local zoo and film her getting fucked by animals. They loaded her into a vehicle and droveto the closed zoo. They explained to the on duty keeper who agreed to let them in to the zoo. The first animal was an old lion. They smeared female lion juices on her cunt and the old lion mounted her. He fucked her roughly then went off to lay down.

They then placed into the zebra enclosure again rubbing juices from zebras. This smell aroused the male zebras who all fucked her for hours. The keepers were carefull to monitor this and finally removed her. The last thing they did was push peanut butter up her pussy and allowed a young elephant to push his trunk deep into her. The trunks movements were visible in her womb thru her belly. She was masturbated thru many orgasms.

Then they moved her to the monkey cage and sprayed her with female monkey juices of females in heat. The male monkeys went crazy. The first monkey came up behind and mounted her his long canlı bahis siteleri slender cock pushed violently into her rapidly fucking her finally finishing and leaving her but the next monkey quickly took his place. She whimpered as she watched the eight young chimps waited their turn. When they all finished she had passed out so the keepers took her out. They again cleaned her up and then they put her into a zoo ride where she would be ridden by zoo visitors unbeknownst to them.

All weekend she was gagged and the ride fucked her front and back all day. She was not aware that those males that used the ride were being pleasured and their sperm was funneled into her pussyactive. Three months later she started feeling funny and discovered she was pregnant after getting tested.

She had no way of finding out who the father was so during the first month she after knowing she was pregnant the other keepers would drug her and have various animals fuck her. Then one of the female keepers who did not like her fist fucked her until she had ten orgasms. Her pussy took awhile to close up back to normal.then she was dressed in a very short black skirt with two vibrator dildos one in her pussy and one in her anus. Glued in place they left her in the zoo during the day walking around with her body being ravaged by the vibrating dildos. Walking around the zoo she was finally discovered and watched by a group of people having very powerful public orgasms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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