Going to a Meeting

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I sat up from bed, stretching, thinking about the full day I had planned. It was the day of the meeting and I knew it was going to be an interesting experience. I could hear my family down stairs getting breakfast going and realized I was hungry. Looking at the clock, I realized I didn’t have time to eat so I entered the bathroom and turned on the shower. As the water started heating up, I gazed at myself in the mirror. My five o’clock shadow was beginning to gray and my hair was getting just long enough it was beginning to curl. With my teeth brushed I stepped into the shower. The steam filled the stall and as the warm water flowed down my body, I began to think about her. For some reason, Kim was often on my mind, I often longed to have her beautiful body wrapped around mine. Her full milky white breasts were stunning and I wanted to feel them in my hands, pressed against my body.

I could feel my cock growing amid my thoughts of her, as it often did. The more I thought about her hot body, the harder I grew. The way she looked me right in the eyes and listened to me was just as much of a turn on as her body. I pictured her walking into the shower with me and pressing her heat against me, this sent me over the edge. My cum exploded out and with it a moan of delight as I stroked myself. If only I was able to be with her. The release helped me relax for my busy day. I stepped out of the shower and dried, taking deep breaths trying to slow my heart down.

Dressed and ready for the day, I gave the family hugs and kisses and headed to the office where I was going to meet up with my team. My co-workers seemed excited, they were chatty and energized. I just hoped their drive would stick with them, knowing it was going to be a difficulty day. As the car drove off, I settled into my seat, put my iPod on and began to listen. As I listened to the man and his calming voice telling ataşehir escort bayan the story I drifted off and began to dream.

I found myself back at work, seeing Kim walk towards me, smiling. Wearing her green sleeveless shirt tempted me to peek to see what color bra she was wearing. Slowly I started unbuttoning her shirt and saw that she was wearing a sheer, tan bra. The lace outlined the top of her nipples beautifully. I let the backs of my fingers run along the edges of her bra and then over her nipples. The pink circles hardened with my touch. Staring up at me with her brown eyes, I could tell she wanted me. She lifted my shirt and I could feel her warm breath on my stomach and the touch of her lips. She planted small heated kisses around my stomach causing me to swell and press against my pants. As my pulse began to rush I was pulled back to reality when the reader told me he was on the next chapter

Finally the car ride came to an end. We all got out of the car, registered, and made our way to the conference room to get ready.

After the meeting I stepped into the main office and leaned against the desk. The office was sparse only having a simple brown desk and a rolling green chair. Nothing on the walls to speak of and the musky smell reminded me of a basement. Still, the calmness of the room relaxed me. I closed my eyes and ran through the events of the day. When I was almost ready to head to the car I heard the door open. Startled I turned around and saw her, it was Kim. She had come the hotel to see me.

Not really knowing how to greet her I smiled and like normal she initiated a hug. It felt good to feel her arms around me, to feel her strength around me. I could tell she believed in me just by the way she looked at me. Without thinking I took my hands on either side of her face and feathered kisses over her slightly opened lips. escort kadıköy Welcoming my kisses her mouth opened and I felt her return the kiss. I sucked her bottom lip in and pulled at it, wanting more, needing more. I felt like I was in the thralls of a dream, this felt too good to be real. Pulling away from the kiss our eyes met and keeping the gaze, Kim let her dress fall to the floor. My heart began to pound and sweat started to seep from my pores as I watched.

Her breasts filled the bra with a since of ecstasy. Reaching down I cupped them and began kissing Kim’s face. I planted small, heated kisses across her eyes, down the bridge of her nose, until I reached her lips. Slightly parted I sent my tongue in and wrapped it around hers. The kiss was glorious. Complete swollen now, I needed to feel her warmth around me. Her hands quickly circled my shoulders as she pulled me closer to her. No women had ever kissed me like this and it made me want feel the complete package of this wonderful woman.

If these kisses continued I was going to explode in my pants. I pressed my cock against her pussy and I could almost feel her heat through my pants. Kim kneeled down and slowly unbuttoned my pants letting them fall to my knees. Sliding my boxers down, she finally released me. Being unable to control myself I ran my fingers through her hair and guided her onto me. The touch of her lips pulled a loud moan from my body. I had needed her for such a long time and now all of the dreams were coming true.

I started to rub her shoulders as she licked me. Kim’s tongue slid under and around my shaft. I could tell she gloried in the feel of my shaft cradled in her warm mouth. So close to climax now, I needed to take her. My eyes shuttered as I looked down and stared directly into her beautiful wanting eyes. I dragged my penis from her wet embrace and laid her down on bostancı escort the desk. One leg at a time I slide her thongs off, revealing her swollen, wet pussy. I ran my hands along her inner thighs, and felt her skin tighten with anticipation. Goose bumps spread across her creamy stomach as I moved my lips towards her. I could feel her heat and as I pushed her knees apart, her swollen pussy greeted me. She tasted sweet as my tongue flicked over her clit. I put my hands on her ass and moved her hips up and when I was centered over her I slid my tongue in. I felt her tighten around me as I moved it in and out of her heat. Moving up on her elbows I saw her watching me. She leaned her head back and let out intense moaning, her breathing grew faster and more labored as I sucked her harder, burying my mouth deep inside her.

My cock was so swollen now; just the sight of her was bringing me close to climax. Forcing my lips from her juicy pussy I stood and began to stroke the outer rim of her hot dripping clit. With her gaze completely focused on mine I pushed into her. I could hear her whimper with delight as I stretched her, pushing deep inside of her. I dug my fingers into her thighs and began to pound her. In a smooth rhythmic motion my cock slipped in and out of her dripping with her juice. Kim’s breasts bounced with each thrust and her moans grew louder. Finally with deep, short thrusts I came inside of her. I could feel her pulsing around me, with heated passion I kept pushing my spent cock deep inside of her until I slid out and laid on top of her.

I felt the AC click on and our sweaty bodies quickly grew cold. Kim’s nipples hardened and goose bumps covered her stomach. Laying there we held each other and once calmed we stood and dressed. Feeling a great since of release, I knew I needed that. The feel of a woman who wanted me just as much as I wanted her was a feeling I hadn’t felt in a long time. I cupped Kim’s face and kissed her soft lips one final time before leaving the office. She smiled a gentle smile at me and softly kissed me back.

With one final embrace we left the office feeling amazing. I knew I wanted more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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