Going My Own Way Ch. 01

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Opportunity Knocks.

I had been married to Richard for nearly fifteen years. We were no longer getting along, not been for five months. We argued our arguments got worse

The reason for this change in our relationship was Richards mother passing away. I should say the implications of his mother passing away.

Matilda had died suddenly at just shy of sixty-five. Richards father had not been around for thirty-five years, leaving Matilda to bring him up from the age of five. They had lived in a substantial house set on ten acres of land in Suffolk near Orford. They had lived with Matilda’s parents, as his grandparents spoiled him.

We got wedded and set up home together in East London as we both worked there.

Richards mother continued to live with her parents and looked after them both till they passed away. Matilda was the sole beneficiary of their wealth. Including their house.

Richard decided we were going to move to Orford, into his mother’s home with her passing. I didn’t want to, so we argued. He insisted that we should.

We both worked in publishing, meeting through our work, our earnings allowed us to trade up apartments to a three-bed from a single-bed. As we were doing ok we bought an off-plan apartment in Ipswich as an investment. Both apartments were modern and needed no work on them. The house in Orford needed gutting, in my opinion.

We were good together, life comfortable, sex was good, I was happy living in London, with lots going on, even Ipswich was lively, unlike dead Orford. I referred to it as Gods waiting room. Considering Richards mother and two grandparents had died in Orford. I was insensitive. We had a blazing row.

Our Tennent in the apartment in Ipswich had vacated the property. We had decided to redecorate it and put it on the market. I hadn’t been to the apartment since just before the first time we let it. I had some leave to use up from work, so after another shouting match and thought, I threw some clothes, tools and odd things in my car, I left for Ipswich, telling Richard I had had enough, that I was going do up, then live in the apartment. We had another row.

The reality was far from simple our apartment located on the Waterfront in a good position was in a state. We had let the place partly furnished, partly furnished being a fridge freezer and a bed, which I didn’t fancy sleeping in or on.

I ordered a mattress and bedding online to fit the king-size frame we already had in the master bedroom. A couple of days after. I was making the bed and looking forward to sleep in it and not on the floor in a sleeping bag.

I had cleaned the bathroom, shower room and kitchen by now.

I listed paint and other materials that were needed, armed with a scribbled güvenilir bahis note. I took a trip to the local suppliers, which was within walking distance.

The guy who was serving me was pleasant and attentive. He was, I guessed, ten years my junior, thirty-ish. I noticed his deodorant, his muscular physique and his grooming being clean-shaven and clean. Whether it was having a non-confrontational conversation or the need to communicate with someone, I don’t know. We got into a bit of banter. We were flirty with each other.

He put all my purchases on a trolly and asked where I had parked. I smiled with embarrassment. “I walked here, err….., I need to go back and get my car.”

“Where do you live? I don’t mind dropping it off to you, a half an hour, the depot will be closed for the day,”

I gave him the address, explained to call the apartment on the door entry system.

Feeling emboldened, I smiled and said, “my name is Claire. What’s yours, my saviour?”

“Rod, if you want to wait, I can give you a lift back home, Claire.”

I nodded my agreement as he loaded the delivery van. He then rushed around the paint depot, tidying up and locking the front of the shop. We exited through the rear door after he set the building alarm.

In the van, for the two-minute journey to the apartment entrance. I notice the van was tidy, had a fragrant air freshener. I also viewed Rod. He looked as good as my earlier assessment mmm…, hunky. We unloaded the delivery on a flat trolly and took it up to the eighth floor to the apartment in the elevator.

He unfolded one of the dust sheets I had bought and stacked the tins of paint and other purchases on it. Thanking him, being more forward than I am usually, I kissed his cheek and pressed my body, to his firm body.

“Do you want a drink? I can offer tea, coffee, beer or white wine.” I asked as I moved to the open kitchen.

“Tea, please have you just moved in? you haven’t got any furniture.” Rod enquired.

I set the kettle off to boil, opened the balcony door and pointed things out to him, including the paint depot. I made the tea and, while it brewed, I asked if he would like to see the apartment as I took his hand and lead him to the bathroom, the guest bedroom, the en-suite shower room finishing with the master bedroom. I explained that I was going to do the place up to live in or sell.

“I had to buy a new bed. I’ll be getting the rest when I’ve completed decorating” I patted the bed next to me, indicating I wanted Rod to sit with me. He sat close. Yes, he smelt good.

“Well, Rod, are you married? In a relationship? Or available.” If I had embarrassed him, he didn’t show it.

“I’m single, not in a relationship and haven’t been for türkçe bahis twelve months or so. I live in Felixstowe in a small flat. I am also house trained”. He smiled.

“There are no seats, so I’ll get the tea and bring it through.” I wiggled my bum as I walked back to the kitchen. I hadn’t been as blatant as this since before getting married.

Rod had made himself comfortable had his shoes off had his when I returned, putting the cups on a cardboard-box, that I used as a bedside table.

Rod had removed his shoes and sat with his back to the headboard. “I hope you don’t mind,” indicating his legs with a wave of his hand.

“Not at all it’s this or the floor and a wall for a backrest.” I hopped onto the bed, sidled up to him, our thighs touched.

“I’m married, just separated hence the apartment, I work in London, I am reassessing that and lots of things. I have booked a month of holiday leave to decide what I’m doing.”

I passed him his cup of tea. I drank mine. I thought about the risk I was taking. We were sitting on my bed, inviting him to sit on my bed, sitting so close, legs touching, sitting so close. We finished the tea. I leaned across him to put my cup on the box. “You smell nice, Rod.”, I whispered a little breathlessly. I kissed him, pecks, then mouth to mouth tongue duelling kisses. He responded. It’s always a risk showing your feelings having just met. We both slid down the bed so that we were face to face kissing with me on top. His hands were squeezing my bum he pulled me to his body. I could feel his cock, hard against my taut body, turning me on. Not having sex for months fueled my libido. I straddled him, rising to throw my legs over his hips, grinding my cunt into his cock. I could feel my wetness. My panties soaked.

I wanted him badly, not remembering the last time I reacted like this to a man. Down, his taut body l slid, unzipping his trousers and snaking my hand in his fly and fished out his hard throbbing cock licked it from bottom to top several times. His aroma was earthy and wholesome. To get at more of him, particularly his balls. I undid his belt and waistband. He watched me with a broad smile on his face as I pulled his trousers and boxer shorts off in one swift movement. I held his cock in both hands and wanked him as I sucked, kissed and licked his ball bag. I love doing this, as it’s subservient to my lover. Rod seemed to be enjoying the teasing of his testes as I sucked and slobbered each in turn and wanked him. Keeping eye contact, he moaned a loud “ahhhh, that’s so good, Claire.”

Using one hand, I struggled to push my panties down, it being more awkward as they were damp. I finished their removal by kicking them from my legs. Concentrating on engulfing Rods thick six-inch güvenilir bahis siteleri cock in my mouth, I soon had utterings of oohs and ahhhs as I deep throated hard cock.

Feeling his body tensing, I eased up on my oral administration and licked the head. Getting turned on and concerned about my possible slutty behaviour and my body appealinging to him. Doubts with my age. I just leaned forward and kissed his lips forcefully. I whispered, “I hope I don’t disappoint.”

Not confident of baring my body, I straddled his hips once again and, by holding my skirt out of the way, making contact with a cock for the first time for months. My labia saddled his cock my juicy wet cunt lips nestled around his manhood. I rode his rock-like cudgel as he gripped my bum cheeks and pulled me to him. My seemingly oversensitive clit grazed the ridge of his cock crown. My mind took every sensation of every stroke in, pressing the overbearing nearing orgasm onward to the conclusion. Eyes squeezed tightly shut, gasping for air, I rode Rod, using him as a masturbation aid coming with ecstatic force driving me to continue and come again only with just a little less intensity.

Before I had recovered from my climax, Rod rolled me over aimed his wet cock at my cunt entrance. Sensing my need, coupled with the stimulation of my wet pussy riding his cock, no doubt his primaeval need.

He pushed his juice lubricated cock into my stimulated, wet cunt as I wrapped my legs around his torso opening myself more to him, fucking me hard and quickly for ten minutes or so. He kissed me repeatedly, fondled my still clothed tits, smiled between kisses, face to face, we fucked each other, both pursuing our needs.

I climaxed again, a mind-blowing explosion of sexual fulfilment for me. I felt hot come spurts inside me as Rods face contorted in a mixture of what to me seemed pleasure, pain and disappointment, which morphed into a broad grin. We had not spoken. There had been no need for words. In silence, interrupted only by laboured breathing we, just lay together savouring our feeling as Rods cock ‘wilted’ and plopped out of me as I leaked his sperm.

Rod eased his body down my body. I was still in a sexual stupor, spread on open-legged with our combined sexual excretions slowly dribbling from my pussy as he licked and sucked my inflamed labia, my hole, the source of his apparent need as he sucked the cocktail from my cunt until none remained. Rod was an accomplished lover. Not content with the pleasure he had given, he assaulted my now prominent engorged clitoris, probing it, sucking it and licking it till I was coming once again.

“Thank you, that was amazing,” I whispered as he held my face in his hands. We kissed fiercely. He passed the cocktail of our come into my mouth, a first for me I never had this before. It was a little kinky, forbidden, therefore stimulating to me. We both ran out of energy, still with arms wrapped around each other. We both drifted off to sleep.

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