Going Home

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As she drives on through the night, Missy cannot stop the memories from flowing. The bright stars and warm air surround her. Each curve in the road is familiar to her, etched in her mind as if they are part of her. This is her home. The small winding roads of the country, the total darkness you can only find in a small town. The light of the moon and the stars is the only natural light, her headlights guiding the way for her.

Missy drives on, lost in thought. Sweet music plays from the radio. She has chosen to listen to songs of her youth while making this journey home. Each song brings back a memory, some wonderfully happy and others that are not so fond. She recalls the freedom she enjoyed as a senior in high school and the reckless fun of her college years. Each landmark she passes seems to hold a memory. She slows to take in the scenery, the memories. She knows that she does not have to worry about her safety. The only cars she is likely to encounter this late at night are those of today’s carefree youth. Youngsters who, like she and her friends in their day, are out late spending time with friends. In this small town, the recreation is limited to parties in the fields or a small group of friends parked along the road. She recalls all the wild nights of drinking with her friends, staying out all night… just being free.

As Missy drives further into the night, she lets the feelings flow over her. She relaxes in the comfortable feeling of being home in her environment, away from life’s busy hustle. She has been away for over five years now. She fled the small town when she graduated college, like so many do, in search of something more. She also left to get away from the memories. Memories of her love. Mark.

As the music plays on, she is drawn into the past. The first time they kissed, the passion that they shared. They were high school sweethearts. She learned about love from Mark, about the expression of love. He taught her the joy of making love and of being in love. She never dreamed that they would not be together today. Like most first loves, however, they were taken in different directions. Somehow lost in the transition. She went off to college, and he joined the military. In some ways she never forgave him for that, for leaving her. He could have gone to college with her, they could have been together. But, he had dreamed of the military for years. Nothing could change that need inside of him. Even back then, she knew that what they shared could not take away his need to follow in his father’s path. He dreamed of making his father proud, to somehow feel a connection with his father who had passed away when Mark was a boy.

As Missy pulled herself from the fog of her past, she took notice of where she was. The night had called her here, to the old cabin ataşehir escort bayan by the river. It had been abandoned for years. It was a special place for her and Mark. They used to escape here, to be alone. Not many people knew about this place. Mark brought her here so many years ago. The cabin was part of his family’s property, somehow lost in the generations.

Missy parked the car close to the river, away from the house. She turned off the lights and the engine, just listening to the water flow and the cricket’s chirp. Her senses are overwhelmed with the past. The sounds, the smells, the warm air caressing her skin. The top is down on her convertible, and she leans back in her seat. She sits like this for a long time, just remembering. On warm nights they would hold one another on a blanket after swimming in the river. Missy could not fight the urge to submerge herself in that river once again. The memories are just too strong tonight.

She quietly climbs out of the car, cautious not to disturb the nature that surrounds her. Mark always taught her how to be gentle with the environment. She slowly removes her clothes one piece at a time. She thinks of Mark’s fingers unbuttoning her shirt, as he had done so many times before. She slides her pants down, and steps out of them. The sandals she wears came off easily and the feeling of the earth under her feet comforts her. She reaches behind her to unclasp her bra, allowing her full breasts to bask in the moonlight. She sighs in pleasure at the feeling of freedom. Her nipples harden automatically in the night air. Her fingertips slide underneath the waist of her panties. The silky material slides over her hips, and her hands follow as she guides them down. She savors her touch as she removes her panties. She steps away from her clothing and slowly makes her way to the riverbank.

The sound of the river becomes louder, more enticing as she gets closer. She uses her toes to test the water. It is cooler than she remembers. Tonight it doesn’t matter. She slowly wades in until most of her legs are submerged. The water laps at her hips, sending shivers through her. She can feel her nipples hardening into tight little buds in response to the cool water. The water flows between her thighs, lapping against her center. She stands like this for a while, letting the water caress her.

She takes a cautious step further into the water. The sensation of the cold water is a shock to her groin. She can feel the water flowing against her, stimulating her. She slowly reaches down to open the folds of her pussy, allowing the current to stroke her. She closes her eyes and gives herself to the feeling. One hand comes up to wet her breast. She can feel her nipple growing even harder and longer. She pulls gently at it, stretching escort kadıköy it. The pleasure evokes a small moan from her. She slowly pinches her nipple, twisting it. The shivers of pleasure run through her. The hand she uses to hold her pussy open to the water begins to moves slowly. Her clit is swollen and hard. She can feel her juices on her fingers, flowing now even in the water. She slowly slides a finger inside, pressing against her clit with her thumb. She starts to finger herself, sliding in and out. Her eyes are still closed as she recalls the times she and Mark played in this very place. Her fingers are still manipulating her nipple as she imagines the fingers moving inside her are not hers, but Mark’s.

The sounds of the river hypnotize her. Missy feels as if she is the only person on Earth right now. She is jolted back to reality as she feels a warm, moist mouth surrounding her free nipple. Her eyes fly open, adjusting to the night. She is overcome with fear, and then sudden confusion. Mark is standing nude before her in the water. His mouth on her breast, like so many times before. He moves his mouth to hers, their kiss deep and passionate. She pushes away, intending to find out why he is here. He feels her withdrawal and places a finger on her lips. His eyes plead with hers, and she understands that no words should be spoken. She gives in to the memories and to the desire. Her body melts into his, as the water surrounds them. She kisses him for what seems like an eternity, her arms around his neck. The feeling so familiar and free, as tears begin to run down her cheeks.

Missy’s fingers trace along his jaw line as they kiss, reacquainting herself with him. She feels his soft moan at her touch. She kisses him deeper, if possible, needing him so much. Her mouth gently sucks at his tongue, bringing it in and out… mimicking the act of love that she wants from him. She breaks away from him, her mouth moving down his neck. Her kisses set him on fire, her mouth moving to just underneath his ear where she licks him over and over. His hands are all over her as his desire overwhelms him. He cups her breasts and runs his thumbs across her nipples roughly. They feel on fire under his touch. He takes them in his fingertips, pinching them one after the other. Her moans excite him even more. His lips lower to taste her, taking one nipple in at a time. He uses his tongue to lick her nipple roughly. He sucks at her nipple, as her hands pull his head closer. Harder and harder he sucks, knowing how she likes to be touched. His teeth surround the tiny bud, softly biting and pulling it into his mouth.

Missy moves her hands between them, into the water. She is desperate to feel his cock in her hands. His cock is hard and long, pressing against her hip. Missy takes bostancı escort it into her hands, softly stroking and gripping him. Her fingertips move up and down his shaft, reaching lower to caress his balls. She lets her hand venture even further. She gently explores him under the water. The soft spot between his balls and anus calls for her. She presses there, knowing the pleasure he feels. Her pussy is hot and throbbing, as he suckles at her breast.

Suddenly, Mark moves away from Missy and lifts her at her hips. He holds her there, her body buoyant in the water. Their lips meet again, so full of need and desire. As they kiss deeply, Missy feels the tip of Marks cock press against her pussy under the water. She reaches down and moves the head of his cock up and down her slit, over and over. Even through the water she can feel the heat of his precum on her pussy. She rubs her hard clit with his cock. Pressing harder against him, she grinds her clit against his manhood. She feels her orgasm building deep inside. Mark feels it too, in the intensity of her kiss. He guides her hips, and forces his cock deep inside her pussy. He can feel the muscles clenching and squeezing at him as she cums around him. His cock is suddenly bathed in her hot juices as she melts around him. Her body shakes, and he holds her tight against him. They are still as her orgasm subsides, her pussy still quivering around his hard cock.

She folds her arms around his neck, and after a while slowly starts moving herself up and down on his hard cock. Her legs are wrapped around his waist, and his hands are on her hips. She moves against him, fucking him harder and faster. The water flows around them, lapping at their bodies. The water swirls around her clit and massages his balls as they move together. She moves faster on his cock, her pussy so hot and tight around him.

Missy breathlessly whispers to Mark that she wants him to fuck her harder. Her words fill him with need. He grabs her hips roughly, his fingers digging into her flesh. He pulls her hard onto his cock and buries himself deep inside her. He uses her pussy for his own pleasure, pulling her back and forth on his cock. He grinds her groin into his own, enjoying the feeling of his cock buried so deep in her. Mark thrusts into her as he holds her hips steady. The cool water against his cock after each thrust in to her hot pussy drives him wild. She leans her head back, arching into him. He feels his cock deep inside her, brushing against her sweet spot with each stroke. Faster and harder he fucks her, as their moans carry through the night air. He feels his orgasm building, and moves into her deeper and harder. Just as he explodes inside of her, he feels her pussy melting around him. Her pussy grips his cock, milking him. His cum is hot and forceful as he pushes his cock all the way inside of her pussy. The cling to one another as the intensity passes. Her legs are still wrapped around him, his cock still buried deep inside of her. The water and night sounds surround them.

They have both come home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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