Girl Meets World – Fun with Maya and Uncle Josh

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Girl Meets World – Fun with Maya and Uncle Josh
Girl Meets World – Fun with Maya and Uncle Josh

Riley Matthews arrived home after hanging out with Lucas and Farkle at Topanga’s Café for smoothies. They were the only three there when Maya didn’t go with Riley to hang out with them. Riley’s parents and her little brother Auggie were out of town to visit Cory’s parents, so Josh was there to keep an eye on Riley and make sure that she doesn’t mess the apartment up. When she looked around for Josh, she didn’t see him in the apartment. Riley began to think if Josh was out on a date with a really cute girl that he met at NYU.

“Uncle Josh.” Riley calls out Josh’s name.

Riley began to hear noises coming from the bathroom. Riley walked over to the bathroom door to check out the noise, it sounded like a girl giggling. Could it be that Josh invited a girl over? Without making any noise, Riley opened the bathroom door. Her eyes grew big from the sight of something that she couldn’t believe seeing with her own two eyes. It was her best friend Maya, sitting in the bathtub with her uncle Josh, completely naked and making out. Josh was sitting right behind Maya as his hands began to wander through her wet, nubile body. Maya releases a soft moan from the feeling of Josh gently squeezing her developing breasts.

“Oh, my gosh.” Riley whispered.

Maya grins at Josh while he continues to fondle her breasts. Riley has never thought about seeing her best friend naked, especially with her uncle. Riley tries not to look but she couldn’t keep her eyes from the hot sight. It was actually turning her on. The innocent brunette began groping her breasts through her adorable floral dress. Josh begins to kiss Maya passionately, slipping his tongue inside her warm, wet mouth to pin her tongue against his. Josh stops fondling Maya’s breasts and moves his hand down to her pussy and began rubbing her hard. Riley moves her hand underneath her dress and starts to rub herself through her panties. Josh rubs circles against Maya’s clit harder and faster while Riley masturbates in front of them.

“Josh.” Maya moans.

Riley sticks her hand underneath her panties and continued to rub herself hard while fondling her breasts. Riley licks her lips from thinking about joining Maya and Josh. She knows it’s wrong to fantasize about her own uncle, but if it was Lucas and Maya having sex with each other she would join them in an instant. Josh stops rubbing Maya’s clit and began to notice Riley masturbating in front of the doorway.

“Riley, is that you?” Josh asked. Riley removes her hand from her panties and fell through the door.

“Riles, what are you doing here? I thought you were hanging out with Farkle and Ranger Rick.” Maya said.

“Well, I was. Then since you didn’t come, I came home to hang out until I noticed my uncle rubbing you down there in the bathtub.” Riley said.

“So, you decided to masturbate from the sight of us?” Josh asked.

“What? No.” Riley bahis siteleri lied. Maya began to notice Riley’s cheeks turning pink. She was blushing to the fact that she was watching her uncle and her best friend.

“Riley.” Josh gave Riley a look.

“Oh, alright! I was watching you. I thought it was hot seeing you two and I wanted to join you.” Riley said.

“Riley, I’m your uncle. I don’t know if it’s right.” Josh said.

“Don’t worry, Joshie. She can join us. Maybe you can tell us what to do to each other and watch us and you could get really turned on.” Maya said.

Josh agreed with Maya as he thought about that proposal. He even thought about fucking both Riley and Maya at the same time. Even shooting his hot spunk all over their pretty faces.

“Alright, Riley. You can join us. But remember, this is between you, me and Maya.” Josh said.

Riley smiled as she walked over to the bathtub and started to strip down. First, she removed her denim vest and pulled her dress over her head, revealing her cute purple pony-printed bra and matching panties. Next, she started to remove her black studded cowgirl boots and her pink kitten-printed socks.

“Wow, Riles. You look pretty cute in your bra and panties.” Maya said.

Riley began to unhook her bra and let it drop to the floor, exposing her perky A-cup breasts in front of Maya and Josh. The brunette then turn around to face the door and started to pull down her panties while bending over, giving the duo a glimpse of her cute pussy and tiny ass. Riley faced Maya and Josh and climbed into the bathtub to join them.

“The water’s warm.” Riley said.

“Yeah. But don’t get too comfortable, we’ll be taking this to your room.” Maya said.

“Alright, you two. Time for you to have some fun with each other in front of me.” Josh said. “Maya, I want you to kiss each other.”

Maya presses her lips against Riley’s and started to kiss her passionately. A smirk appeared on Josh’s face as he watched Riley and Maya kissing each other. Riley runs her fingers through Maya’s wavy blonde hair and deepens the kiss. This was like his personal lesbian porn movie to watch. Riley straddles Maya’s lap and continues to kiss each other and moaned into the kiss. Maya sucks on Riley’s tongue and fondles her small breasts.

“You two are so hot.” Josh said as he starts palming his cock from the sight of his niece and her best friend’s hot lesbian session.

Riley starts to enjoy the feeling of Maya’s soft pink lips pressed against hers and her hand squeezing her breasts.

“Let’s take this to your room, Riles.” Maya said in a seductive tone.

Riley hands Maya the pink bath towel to dry herself. Maya motioned her finger for Riley and Josh to follow her into Riley’s room. Maya lies down on the bed and spreads her legs wide for Riley and Josh. The uncle and niece duo kneeled in between the attractive pale blonde’s legs and lapped at her pussy. Maya starts to fondle her creamy white breasts while enjoying tipobet güvenilir mi the sensation of Riley’s tongue and Josh’s tongue touching her clit. Riley felt Josh’s tongue against hers and locks her eyes onto Maya’s blue eyes.

“Mmm. You two are doing so good.” Maya moans. The blonde rubs her left foot against Josh’s back.

“Lick her tight little ass, Riles.” Josh commanded.

Riley stops lapping Maya’s clit and starts to lick her tight pink pucker while Josh laps at her clit. Riley sticks her tongue out and proceeds to push her tongue in and out of Maya’s ass. Josh begins to taste a bit of liquid leaking out of her pussy. She was close to having her orgasm from being pleasured by the uncle and niece duo.

“Mmm, Josh. Riley. You two are going to make me cum.” Maya starts to cum hard in Josh’s mouth while Riley continues to tongue-fuck her ass faster.

“Did you like that, Maya?” Josh asked.

“Oh, yeah.” Maya pants.

Josh held Maya’s slender legs up lines up his hardened member in front of her opening while Riley hovers her pussy over her face. Josh slips his cock inside Maya, making Maya yelp into Riley’s pussy. Riley held onto her headboard as Maya starts to lap at her tiny pussy.

“Maya.” Riley moans.

Josh pushes deeper inside Maya’s soft, cozy, wet pussy. It kept an excellent grip on Josh. Josh brings his mouth to Maya’s foot and started to suck on her pretty toes while Maya rubs her swollen clit. Wanting to be the first one to cum, Riley starts to grind on Maya’s face while Maya feasts on her pussy like delicious treat.

“Wow, Riles. That is so hot. Cum all over Maya’s pretty face.” Josh said as he pants heavily while fucking Maya harder and faster.

Maya sticks her tongue in and out of Riley’s pussy and continued to tongue-fuck. Riley screams loud as she cums all over Maya’s face while Maya cums all over Josh’s cock. Riley climbs off of Maya’s face while Josh brings his cock over to Maya’s mouth and ran the tip against her lips. Maya starts to lick the tip of Josh’s cock while Riley watches in amazement. The sight of Maya lapping at her uncle’s cock was making Riley extremely horny. Maya smirks at Riley as she continues to watch her sucking on Josh’s cock to taste her sweet nectar. Riley and Maya both begin to lick and suck on Josh’s cock and balls, making him moan in delight. Josh watches the wonderful sight of Riley and Maya sliding their tongues up and down on his throbbing cock.

“You two are so beautiful.” Josh moans.

Riley shoves her uncle’s cock deeper past her gag reflexes while Maya laps at his balls and taking a ball in her mouth and sucking on it. Maya and Riley start to make out with each other with Josh’s cockhead trapped between their tongues. He was ready to lose it. Josh wanted to cum all over Riley and Maya’s faces. But he doesn’t want to cum yet. Riley and Maya stop making out with each other as Riley lies down on her side with Josh behind her and slowly perabet slipping his cock inside her tight, tiny little pussy. Riley winces in pain from the feeling of Josh inside her virgin pussy. Maya goes in front of Riley’s pussy and starts to rub her clit while lapping at Josh’s balls.

“Maya. Oh, god.” Riley moans. Maya continues to rub her best friend’s clit while licking her future husband’s balls for a couple of minutes until she uses her free hand to gently squeeze them.

“I bet you want to shoot your hot cum all over Riley’s body, don’t you? Do you love feeling my hand cupping your balls? It’s such a hot sight seeing you fucking my best friend.” Maya talks dirty to Josh.

“Play with your pussy, Maya. I want to see you masturbate in front of us.” Josh said.

Maya grins and leans back on the headboard and licks her fingers and began to rub her clit in a circular motion while watching Josh fucking Riley. Josh continues to fuck Riley harder and deeper while he watches Maya circling her clit harder and faster.

“You like watching me, huh? You want to watch me finger fuck my pussy?” Maya moans.

“Yeah. Baby, finger your pussy for me.” Commanded Josh. The blonde rebel slowly inserts her finger inside her and moved it in and out of her teenage pussy. Maya held her left leg up and continues to finger her pussy harder and faster like a piston while watching Josh thrusting into Riley harder.

“Oh, my god! Fuck me, Josh. I want you to fuck me harder. Make me cum.” Riley moans.

“Does my adorable super klutz want to cum for Josh?” Maya’s moans intensifies as her orgasm takes control.

“JOSH!” Riley cries.

Her body started to shake as she starts to cum all over Josh’s cock. Maya pumps her fingers inside her wet slit one last time until she starts to squirt all over her fingers and all over Riley’s bed. Josh pulls out of Riley as Maya climbed on top of Riley in the 69 position. With her best friend’s dripping wet pussy facing her, Riley starts to lick Maya’s clit while Josh fucks her. Maya roars like a lion in heat as Josh fucks her dripping wet slit harder.

“Oh, my god. You two are making me extremely wet.” Maya moans from being fucked and licked by the uncle and niece duo.

Riley laps faster at Maya’s clit and Josh thrusts harder into her. Maya starts to lick Riley’s clit while Josh pulls out of her pussy so Riley could taste the blonde’s sweet pussy juice before he sticks it back inside her. Josh leans down and kisses Maya passionately while he continues to pound her swollen opening. Josh kept a lock on Maya’s blue eyes while kissing her.

“Your pussy feels so good, Maya. I want you to cum all over my cock. Do you want to cum with me?” Josh pants.

Maya could only nod. Riley began to taste a bit of liquid leaking out of Maya’s pussy. Her walls clench tighter around Josh like a vice and her cum surrounds his cock. Maya screams out Riley’s name as she bit down on her clit gently, making her squirt her juices all over her face and Josh’s cock. Josh pulls out and shoots his load all over Maya’s ass and in Riley’s mouth.

Both girls were covered in sweat and cum. Riley gently nibbles on Maya’s thigh and licks some of Josh’s cum that was dripping down her thigh.

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