Gillian Joins the Club Ch. 02

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A House in the Country

Joe sent the email that night and had a call the next morning on his cellphone from a cheerful young female voice at the “club,” which had no apparent name. The appointment was made for that same evening.

Joe and Gillian arrived around eight o’clock at a beautifully renovated farmhouse some 20 miles away, and a few miles beyond city limits. Joe had told Gillian that, based on Dave’s description, it was more like a small resort in the country, not a chic urban sex club. The only identification was a gold medallion with a cursive “A” on the front door. Joe turned the knob and opened the door for Gillian.

They were greeted by a perky young blonde woman. She looked about 19 and was built like a college cheerleader. Maybe she was, Joe thought. He recognized her voice from his earlier phone conversation. The girl—Joe had trouble thinking of her as a woman—introduced herself as Peggy and ushered them in to the club director’s office just off the front porch.

“Angela, this is Joe and Gillian Franklin,” Peggy said. Gillian’s breath caught when the woman Peggy had spoken to rose from behind a large oak desk and walked toward them eagerly and confidently, her heels echoing on the gleaming, hardwood floor until she reached the thick wool rug where the Franklins stood. She extended a white, perfectly manicured hand, adorned with red-painted nails, and beamed a glossy, matching red smile. A luxuriant pile of hair framed her face and hung in waves to her breasts. Like Gillian’s, Joe thought, only red.

“Hello Franklins!” she cried energetically. I’m Angela Jefferson.” She took each hand in turn. “I am so very pleased to meet you Joe and Gillian. I love that name, ‘Gillian.’ Sexy. Please make yourselves comfortable.” She gestured to two leather-upholstered armchairs.

Joe and Gillian looked at each other. Gillian’s expression seemed to say, “OK, here we go,” as she and Joe sank into the chairs. The cushion was so soft and deep that Gillian’s short black skirt rode up, fully revealing the tops of her stockings. She reflexively tried to tug at the hem to pull the skirt down, then gave it up and crossed one leg over the other, letting a smooth strip of white skin show between her skirt and her thigh-highs.

Angela beamed at Gillian, and then Joe. “I have to say, you are a beautiful couple. I’m so glad you’ve come to us. We adore Dave and Carla. Would you like a drink? I’m having one.”

She crossed to a small bar beneath the large window, which looked out on the countryside, bathed in the early summer twilight.

“Thank you, Ms. Jefferson,” said Joe, eyeing the bottle of Macallan. “I’d love a glass of that scotch.”

Gillian cleared her throat, but when she spoke it still came out a bit hoarse. “Me too.”

“Ahh, good taste. We’ll make it three,” Angela said, and poured three tumblers half full. Joe figured it would cost at least $20 apiece in most bars.

He caught Gillian’s eye and mouthed, “Classy.” But Gillian looked scared.

“And please call me Angela,” the redhead purred.

Angela eased herself back against the edge of her desk and took a long pull on her scotch. The couple stared at the sweep of her firm, luxuriant body, nearly bursting from her sleeveless, cream-colored dress, which ended just below mid-thigh. She wore no hose or stockings and her perfect legs and fit disappeared into exquisite four-inch heels that exposed her perfect, painted toenails.

Angela took her time with her drink, gazing out the window, seemingly giving them time to drink in the sight of her.

Finally she turned her gray-green eyes on them and said, “My secretary filled me in on why you’ve come to our club tonight. I’m sorry for your trouble, but your misfortune may turn out to be very good for all of us. A win-win, as they say.” She laughed—a, mirthful, gentle sound.

She looked at Gillian.

“I’ll get right to it. Mrs. Franklin—may I call you Gillian?—I can see immediately that Dave was right. You are certainly what we would categorize as a Triple-A attraction, our highest and most expensive category.” She swirled the scotch in her glass as she eyed Gillian. “About 28 is my guess, a perfect age. You have beautiful dark hair but your skin is fair. That’s a bit unusual, and anything unusual is to be treasured. Your figure is excellent. You obviously take good care of yourself and work out regularly. Your breasts are above average in shape and size, but not too big. You might be surprised to know that most men don’t actually prefer extremely large breasts, but all men like big red nipples. Judging from your skin tone, I’m guessing that I at least have the color right.”

Joe marveled at her assessment, which was right on, and found himself mentally measuring Angela’s breasts against Gillian’s. A little smaller, but not much. He imagined they were as perfect as the woman’s legs.

Angela continued her verbal inventory of his wife, who was fidgeting in her chair. Joe saw that casino siteleri she had already drained most of her scotch and must be feeling the effects. “Your legs are long and shapely and I saw when you came in that your bottom is firm but not hard. Men love some cushion back there.” She winked at Gillian. “Women too.”

Gillian giggled nervously.

Angela went on, “Your face is a joy to look at even when you’re nervous and blushing. The blush makes a delightful deep pink color that rises from beneath your blouse, up your neck. It’s quite lovely and endearing.” Angela took another long drink. “I find that I am quite smitten with you. You are an extremely beautiful woman.”

“Thank you,” Gillian said, almost a whisper. Then followed quickly, “So are you. I mean, beyond beautiful.”

Angela beamed her glossy smile. “Yes I know!” She giggled, and her eyes seemed to laugh too. Joe was sure he had never heard anything as sexy as this woman’s laugh. “It’s my business to be beautiful and to find other woman who are equally so. And you’ve simply fallen into my lap!”

Then she added, more seriously, “But there’s more to it as you might imagine.” She put down her drink, crossed the room to Gillian and, to the couple’s astonishment, leaned over and put her face close to Gillian’s. She put her manicured index finger beneath Gillian’s chin and gently tilted up her head. Joe could see that Gillian was breathing hard, her breasts rising and falling as the redhead leaned in even closer.

Angela said softly, “To succeed in this business and make money, a lot of money, quickly, you must not only be willing to do many things. You must, in fact, enjoy doing them.” She was so close that the two women’s lips were almost touching. Angela whispered, “Intensely.” Gillian released a little whimper.

Then Angela stood and reached out her hand. Her manner was again all business. “Stand up, Gillian. I want to take a proper look at you.”

Gillian took the hand and stood, unsteady on her heels. Angela said, “I’m going to undress you. I hope that won’t make you too nervous, but I can undress as well if that would make you more comfortable.”

Gillian swallowed hard. “Yes, please. I—I would like that.”

Angela’s smile was wide and gorgeous. “Very good.” She turned around. “Could you unzip me please?”

Her hands quivering, Gillian eased the zipper down the redhead’s back to the crease between her firm cheeks. Joe could see the crease perfectly as it was now clear that Angela wore nothing beneath the dress. Her back still to the couple, she lifted the dress from her shoulders, and let it drop in a silky puddle around her stiletto heels. She took a step backward, now naked but for the heels, and bent over, taking a long time to pick up the dress, while Joe admired her now naked bottom, the dark line separating the two round globes and just a glimpse of her sex underneath. Angela carried the dress to a closet behind her desk and hung it up. Inside the closet Joe could see a collection of dresses, suits, and silk and satin lingerie.

Angela turned and faced the couple. Gillian and Joe stared at her as she walked toward them. Like many redheads she had alabaster skin that almost shimmered. Her full, high breasts were adorned with deep red nipples. A small tuft of red hair crowned her otherwise shaved mound, leaving her coral pink lips on full display. It was, Joe thought, as if she’d stepped from an illustration for “the perfect woman.”

“Now your turn,” she said as she reached for the buttons on Gillian’s blouse and undid each of them carefully. She opened the blouse and gazed at her heaving pink bra. Angela laid the blouse neatly on her desk, leaving the bra in place. Then she pulled Gillian close and reached behind her, sliding down the zipper of her tight skirt and working it free of her hips until it slid down Gillian’s legs to her feet. In addition to the bra, thigh-highs, and black pumps Gillian wore a matching pink thong. And now, nothing else.

“What a delightful ensemble,” Angela remarked. “You have good taste. The pink is a perfect color for your dark hair and fair skin.”

She moved in and pressed her naked breasts against Gillian’s reaching around to unfasten the bra. She pulled it down Gillian’s arms and tossed it on the desk. “Mmm, I was right. Big, fat, red nipples. Luscious.” She leaned over and said, “I wonder if they get even harder.” Gillian gasped as Angela pressed her red lips around her right nipple and sucked, then backed off and flicked it with her tongue before sucking it in again. She leaned back a bit and the tit released from her lips with a “pop.”

Gillian whimpered, “Oh god.”

Angela moved to the other breast, plumping it with her hand, and repeating her sucking and licking technique. Gillian’s chest heaved as Angela sucked, vacuuming Gillian’s tit into her mouth, up and away from her chest, then releasing it, and watching it wobble to rest, the engorged nipple looking painfully swollen and erect. canlı casino Angela stood back and admired her breasts and nipples, now stiff, red and sensitive. “Lovely,” she said.

Then Angela knelt and ran her hands up and down Gillian’s hips, finally slipping her fingers into the waistband on either side of the woman’s thong panties. The waistband came over Gillian’s round bottom and hips, but the strip of fabric wedged against her pussy and between her cheeks clung momentarily. Angela let it hang there as she looked up into Gillian’s wide eyes and smiled. Then she gave the panties another tug and let the tiny piece of fabric drop to the floor. She gazed at the site before her, murmuring, seemingly to herself, “Shaved bare. Oh it looks so good on you.” Then she leaned forward and pressed her red mouth against Gillian’s slit.

Gillian groaned as the redhead’s long, pointed tongue split her cunt lips apart. Angela grabbed each ass check and pressed the captive woman against her face. Gillian responded by tilting her pelvis up and rubbing herself against Angela’s mouth. Angela slurped at her, moaning. She pulled back for air, gasping. “God, you’re swimming in juice and you taste… so… good.” Angela turned Gillian around and pushed her toward the desk, crawling toward her like a cat after its prey.

Joe’s cock had been growing painfully hard in his pants. He unzipped and freed it, and began stroking as he watched the scene unfold.

Gillian’s ass reached the edge of the desk and Angela pushed her up onto it, then put her hand on Gillian’s chest and pushed her back until Gillian was reclined on her elbows. Angela lifted her legs and opened them wide as she positioned Gillian’s heels at the edge of the desk. Then she was on her, opening Gillian’s wet slit with the fingers of both hands and attacking her splayed pussy with her tongue.

“Juicy, juicy, juicy girl,” she said between licks and sucks. “I could eat you for hours.” Gillian grabbed the back of Angela’s head and pumped her pussy against the redhead’s face. She squirmed as the orgasm took her, moaning, “Ooooooh!”

Angela backed off to watch Gillian’s spasms, her tight stomach muscles quivering. Joe knew those were the big ones. Angela leaned back in, flattening her tongue against Gillian’s slit. Gillian tried to pull away, whimpering, “I—I need a break. I can’t take it,” but her heels slid uselessly on the slick, hard surface of the desk as Angela held her tight.

“You can,” Angela said emphatically. She raised her hand and brought it down hard, squarely on Gillian’s swollen pussy lips.

Gillian shrieked and lurched backward, slamming her legs together and curling into a ball on the desk.

Angela laughed as she grabbed the squirming woman’s knees and wrenched her open again. Angela looked over at Joe, “Come here and hold her legs apart,” she commanded. Joe moved in behind Angela and took Gillian’s legs, his hands just above the ankle straps of her heels. He held them wide as Angela gave Gillian several more quick slaps on her bright red cunt, making wet, rich, fleshy sounds.

Gillian yelped and twisted as she tried to escape the blows. She looked pleadingly into Joe’s eyes, but her husband was now complicit in this exquisite torture, and his eyes were intense and hungry. Joe held on tight, moving closer and pressing his hips against Angela’s smooth butt cheeks. His iron cock slid between her legs, bumping against her outer lips. Angela wiggled her butt, causing the head of Joe’s cock to enter her drenched canal. She pushed back, consuming him.

“Your husband’s cock just went into my pussy, Gillian,” Angela said. “He’s fucking me now. He’s fucking me while he holds you open for me. His nice hard cock is deep in my pussy.” It was true. Joe couldn’t control himself as he began to move his hips, pressing in and pulling out of the gorgeous redhead.

Angela pushed her middle finger into Gillian’s pussy, which was so naturally lubed it gave no resistance. Then she added her index finger, then her ring finger. Gillian groaned and grabbed at her own tits, twisting and pulling her stiff nipples. Angela pumped her hand, hard and fast, filling the room with sloppy pussy sounds. Every few pumps she would pause, fingers jammed into Gillian’s hole, and rub her thumb back and forth across her clit. Gillian was no longer trying to get away. Now she was pushing herself against Angela’s pistoning fingers, supporting herself on her elbows as she lifted her ass off the desk. When she did, Joe could see a wet smear a foot wide on the polished wood.

Angela looked deep into Gillian’s eyes and the brunette stared back, her own eyes wide and a little frightened. “You see,” Angela said. “I told you. You can take it. You can take more. Now what are you going to do? What are you going to do all over my fingers?”

Gillian whimpered, “I’m going to come so fucking hard!”

“And then what are you going to do to me?” Angela asked, fingers continuing their assault.

Gillian kaçak casino groaned. As she shook with another orgasm she squealed between gasps, “Gonna eat your beautiful, red-haired pussy!”

Angela leaned her head back and laughed. She rose, releasing Joe’s throbbing dick, and pushing him aside. She pulled Gillian up from the desk, then climbed on, taking her place, her soft white ass in the puddle of Gillian’s secretions. Like Gillian, she put her heels on the edge of the desk and opened her thighs, her glistening flower-petal cunt lips beckoning to the other woman.

Gillian pushed out her tongue, eager to taste the wet flesh. She moaned into Angela as she covered her completely with her mouth. “That’s it, darling,” Angela cooed as Gillian began to lap at her. “Lick it nice and sweet, just like that.” She inhaled sharply as Gillian found her hard bud. “Ooh. That’s good. You’re a natural. I knew you would be.” In a few short minutes, Angela was bucking herself against Gillian and groaning, deep and guttural. “Oh yes. Don’t stop. Just keep licking me.” Gillian did, her tongue plowing deep into Angela’s core.

When Angela’s second orgasm subsided, she nudged Gillian back. “Take off your husband’s pants and put his cock back in me.” Gillian did as instructed, fumbling Joe’s belt apart and yanking down his pants and boxers. She pulled him toward Angela by his outstretched shaft, then got behind him and pushed him toward Angela’s spread legs.

“Go ahead baby,” Gillian murmured in Joe’s ear. “I want to watch you.” In fact, she did more than watch. As Joe sank into Angela, Gillian reached under and cupped his balls, gently squeezing and massaging them. When he pulled back, she caressed his length until he plunged back in. She knelt and stared, captivated by the sight of her husband’s thick member thrusting in and out of another woman’s cunt. At one point she grabbed his cock and put it in her mouth, licking the juices and swirling the head. Then she redirected it back into Angela.

Angela put her hand between her legs and rubbed at her stiff clitoris. Gillian took the hint. She pushed Angela’s hand aside and replaced it with her mouth, her tongue mauling the hard, sensitive bud until Angela arched backwards and groaned, “Ahhh, fuck that’s good. Yessss. YESSS!”

Joe figured he was about ten seconds away, which Angela seemed to know instinctively. She nudged Gillian aside, who moved reluctantly, as if she couldn’t bear to pull her tongue away. Angela then placed a foot on Joe’s stomach, her heel pressing against his abdomen, and pushed him out of the way.

She leapt off the desk and pulled Gillian close, driving her tongue deep into Gillian’s mouth. Gillian folded herself against the redhead, reaching around and kneading the cheeks of her white ass. After a few minutes of deep, wet French kissing, Angela pulled back and gave her a wicked grin, spun her around and pushed her shoulders down toward the desk. With a cry, Gillian caught herself on the edge and hung on. Angela dropped to her knees behind Gillian, put her hands on Gillian’s inner thighs and forced the brunette’s legs apart. The spread position and the high heels pushed Gillian’s ass up as she held on to the edge of the desk. Joe could see wet smears down each of her legs, halfway to her knees.

With her thumbs, Angela opened the brunette’s cheeks to reveal her puckered hole. Gillian gasped, “Oh, oh, now what?” Angela glanced back and smiled at Joe for one heart-stopping moment, and plunged her tongue into the little opening, wriggling it like a relentless pink worm until she had about two inches embedded in Gillian’s hole. Gillian squealed. “Ahhhh, fuck! Joe! Joey! Oh god, she’s got her tongue in my ass! Oohh, nooo!” Gillian’s legs quivered while the redhead held on and worked her tongue in and out.

Then Angela reached a hand toward Joe. “Bring me that cock,” she demanded. Joe rushed to the side of the two naked women and held out his cock, still slick from Angela’s juices and the head dripping with pre-come from his near-orgasm. Angela took it in her fist, then plunged her mouth over it. “Ahhh!” Joe cried. With Gillian still bent over the desk, Angela pressed her long, manicured middle finger into Gillian’s back hole, then massaged it obscenely in and out as Gillian cooed and gasped. Angela took Joe deep into the back of her mouth, into her throat, as Joe pressed forward to give the woman every centimeter.

Joe felt the come boiling in his balls and Angela pulled off, gasping and leaving a thick trail of saliva dripping from Joe’s cock. “Fuck her. Fuck her ass now.” Angela moved aside and Joe positioned himself behind his exposed, vulnerable wife. Angela crawled under Gillian.

“Tell him what you want, Gillian,” Angela commanded. Gillian mumbled something, seemingly unable to form words as Joe ran his wet prick head around her puckered asshole. He had butt-fucked his wife before, but not often, and her hole always looked so tiny and tight. He wondered how it would ever get in. Angela repeated, “Tell him, Gillian!”

“I want you in my ass!” Gillian cried. “I want you to shove your fucking cock into my asshole!”

Angela laughed. “Verrrry good,” she purred.

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