Giddy Up

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It was baking hot today. I wore a white tank top, with my favorite tan button-down shirt and jean shorts. I was on hay duty today. I’m one of the few women they’d put on hay duty, since I’m the strongest. Although it means I’ll be outside today, at least I’ll be with the customers.

That was when they pulled up. In an old dodge pickup, in the front seat, was a 20-something guy, slight shadow, average build, average looks.

But I wasn’t looking at him.

Because there in the passenger seat, hair blowing in the wind, a beautiful smile playing on her lips, was an old, high school fantasy of mine.

Mary. We went to the same school together. She’s beautiful, with eternal blue eyes. She’s blonde, with hair that’s either wavy or straight, depending on how much effort she felt like putting into it that day. She’s not tall, but not short either. Just right. Her body is toned and slender, nice shape. The body of a cheerleader. She has a bright smile, & she always seems happy. Freckles scatter her face. She has a giggle that’ll make your body tingle from the inside out. Ideal in every way. We never really spoke in high school. Just a simple hello every now & then.

Her hair is wavy today. My favorite. She’s wearing a tight gray t-shirt and jean shorts. She’s wearing big brown sunglasses that make her look like a movie star. She steps out of the truck, with her joke-of-a-boyfriend, & into the hot sun.

She doesn’t notice me at first. The blinding sun is behind me & blocking her view. Mr. Average walks inside, & she obediently follows behind. So do I. He steps up to the counter & orders some hay. Perfect. Mike, working the counter, gives me a nod & I duck out before she has a chance to realize who I am. I take my place at the top of the haystack as he backs his truck up.

I begin loading the hay. I pretend to have some trouble & he gets out to help. She watches dutifully from outside. I drop a bail right at her feet, & she gives me a dirty look. She still doesn’t know who I am, so I jump down in front of her to get the hay & give her a smirk.

“Jen?” How beautiful her voice is after all these years.

“Long time, no see, kid.”

“What are you doing here?” She asks with attitude.

“Hello to you too.” I reply with a wounded expression.

“Sorry. Hi.” She rolls her eyes. How cute she is when she’s angry.

“I’m here working. Saving up to build a ranch. How about you?”

“I love with my boyfriend out here. He runs a horse ranch.”

I just sort of nodded in non-interest & continued my work. I picked up the hay bail one handed, walked to the truck, & flung it on. I paused, gave her another smirk, & climbed back on the pile.

Mr. Average was having trouble. I just sort of dragged my feet, ignoring his distress, when he finally complained.

“You think you could give me a hand here?”

I rolled my eyes & helped him out. It seems the hay bails were to heavy for Hercules to carry.

“Let the professionals handle it, Tyson. A man like you could throw your back out lifting so much weight like that.”

I got his hay loaded & they settled back into the truck.

I gave her a smile. “Catch up with you later, kid.” I turned to her oh-so-muscular man. “See ya Hercules.” She giggled.


Another week casino oyna passes & they’re back again. Keeping horses means buying lots & lots of food. Mine eat loads of hay every week. Luckily I get the employee discount.

He wanders in to order his hay, while she waits by the truck.

“How’s Superman doing?” I ask with a sly grin.

“He’s fine. I think his ego may be wounded a little though.” She giggles again. Clearly not concerned for his feelings.

“I think he’ll survive just fine.”

He finished paying for his order & I began loading. I kept smiling at her every now & then. The hay loaded, I climbed down from the pile.

“You got a restroom in this place?” He asks suddenly.

“Inside & to the right. You can’t miss it.” I told him. Poor guy, he seems so out of place as a rancher. I wonder if it’s something he always did, or if it’s some new hobby. I see a lot of rich kids who don’t know what they wanna do with their trust funds, so they buy a horse ranch. They think owning a race horse will get them more money. Problem is, they don’t have one clue how to run it. I just rolled my eyes at her & chuckled.

“So I guess it really has been awhile.” She smiled that beautiful smile at me.

“About 8 years.” Has it really been that long?

“We should catch up sometime. I wanna hear what you’ve done since high school.”

That’s a surprise. “Sure. I work most days. My Sundays are free though. How about lunch?” Lunch is acceptable, right? Nothing too intimate about that.

“Lunch sounds nice. Where should I meet you?”

“How about Rick’s BBQ, say around noon?”

“Sure. I know the place. It’s one of William’s favorite spots.” William, definitely a trust fund rancher.

William steps out of the shop & Mary & I bid our farewells. As she gets in the truck, I give her a wink & a smirk. He gives me a nasty glare. Weak, pathetic, & jealous. Mr. Trust Fund is becoming a regular source of entertainment.


Sunday rolls around. I decide to wear blue jeans & black buttoned down shirt, with my favorite white tank top. Casual, but not grungy. I arrive at the restaurant right on time. She already has a table & I eagerly join her.

She’s wearing a floral sun dress. Much more formal than my attire. It forms to her shape nicely. She’s got on a hint of make-up too. Something she wasn’t wearing the times she stopped by the shop.

“Hi!” She greets me eagerly as I take my seat.”

“Howdy.” I give her that sly grin again, & she giggles.

The lunch goes on without a hitch. We eat. We talk about all the things we’ve done since graduation, & all the things we still wanna do. She tells me how she met Mr. Trust Fund. I tell her I haven’t been dating much.

“Why not? No guy or girl catch your eye, huh?” Mary knew about my bisexuality. I came out around the last month or so of school. I figured, why not? I’ll be out of here soon anyway.

“None that are available.” I say with meaning. She blushes & giggles.

We continue talking for another hour or so, but by 3 o’clock, we both need to be elsewhere.

“I’d better get going. I have to make dinner for William.”

“Is there anything he can do on his own?”

“Not so far.” She laughs. We say our goodbyes as I walk her to her car. “Let’s do this again canlı casino sometime.”

Where is all this coming from? “Yeah, that would be nice.”

“Dinner, Friday?”

“Sure. Around 8:00?”

“I’ll meet you here.”


Meetings at Rick’s became a regular thing with us. It was kinda becoming our place. Finally, one evening, she confessed something to me that threw me for a loop.

“There’s something I haven’t told you.” She looked down. I saw sadness in her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Genuine concern replacing all traces of humor & flirting from my face.

“About 2 months ago, I caught William cheating on me.” She looks up to judge my reaction. The intense anger I felt must have been on my face, because she quickly looked down. I attempted to soften my expression & my voice.

“What happened?”

“I walked in on him & another girl.”

“Why do you stay?”

“I can’t afford to go home or get my own place. I’m sorta stuck. I’ve been looking for work so I could save up & get out of here, but I’m not having much luck.”

“I can probably find something for you in the shop. It’s not all hauling hay.” I said with a smile. I placed my hand on hers. Simply a comforting gesture. She turned hers up & held mine.

We left Rick’s & I walked her back to her car. “Do you think I could come over to your place for a little bit? I’m just not ready to go back into that house yet.”

“Sure. You can follow me over. It’s not far.” She followed me to my little hacienda outside of town. It’s not much. 20 acres. The house is small to say the least. A living room, bathroom, & a bedroom barely big enough for the bed. My stable houses two horses. Most of the money I earn goes into feeding those bottomless pits.

“It’s quaint.” She says with a smile.”

“I think tiny is the more appropriate word, but that’s for your generosity.”

I leaded her inside. We flicked on the television as I prepared a bottle of wine. I don’t drink, but I have some in case of guests. I give her her glass & sit with my soda.

“You don’t drink?”

“Don’t like the taste. I keep a few bottles for special occasions or guests.” I smile.

We watch a few episodes of some sitcom she seemed to like. I didn’t pay much attention to it. I was watching her. I wanted to help her somehow. I see a tear roll down her cheek & catch it with my thumb. I scoot closer & put my arm around her to hug her. “We’ll get you out of this. I promise. No guy should be able to do that to you.”

She snuggles closer & puts her hand on my thigh. “Is there anything more I can do?” I say with just a little definition. I don’t want to take advantage of her vulnerability, but maybe she needs comfort right now.

Her hand slides further up my thigh, just a little. “I haven’t slept with him since it happened.”

I turn my head & rest my lips on her head. I breath in her scent. Vanilla. Sweet & subtle. I hug her tighter. She squeezes my thigh. Both too nervous to make the first move. I muster my courage. I turn off the TV & turn her to me. A gentle kiss on her forehead. Just a brush of my lips above her brow. She sighs. I take that for a signal & continue. With one hand under her chin, the other still on her shoulder, I kiss first her cheek, then her jaw, & finally her lips.

The kaçak casino electricity is staggering! I don’t know who’s need is greater now, but neither of us can hold back now. A wild gasp escapes her lips & mine. She tangles her fingers in my hair. I have one arm around her shoulders, the other on the small of her back. We kiss deeply, passionately, unrelentingly. Our tongues meet. We begin to pant, & we’ve only just begun kissing!

I lay her down on the couch & lay on top of her. We continue kissing for a few more minutes. I slide my hand down to her waist & slip it under the hem of her shirt. I rub the bare skin there for a few moments, slowly getting higher & higher. Meanwhile, both of her hands are tangled in my hair, pulling me closer. Hesitantly, I brush the skin just beneath her breasts. She moans a quiet moan & arches her back. I take my cue & gently squeeze her right breast, then her left. She arches further & I reach around to unclasp her bra. I reach back around & softly brush each nipple, causing them to harden. Now standing at attention, I roll each between my thumb & forefinger. She moans softly.

I break away long enough to remove her shirt & bra along with my own. We fall back into kissing. I continue my stimulation of her nipples. After a few more moments, I begin to kiss down her jaw. I kiss & lick her ear for a couple seconds. She sighs. I kiss down her neck, stopping to nibble at the arch in her neck. I continue down until I reach her nipples. I circle each with my tongue, letting out a small breath each time, causing them to harden further. She arches her back & lets out a small whimper. I smile. I take her right nipple into my mouth. I suckle, I lick, I nibble. I go nuts. She’s letting out quiet little moans & whimpers at first, but as I continue my work on one nipple, then the next, & back again, they become more pronounced.

Finally I start to kiss downward. I undo her jeans. She helps me remove them & her lacy black panties. Clearly she had an agenda tonight. The thought makes me smile. I continue to kiss her stomach, then her left thigh, then her right. Getting so close, yet not close enough.

“Jess.” She pleads. I smile. Finally I dive in. I give one long, solid stroke up her pussy with my tongue. She gasps. My hands replace the work my mouth was doing on her nipples. I circle her clit with my tongue a few times, give it a flick, then circle it again. I stick my tongue deep inside her cunt & roll it around, then return to her clit. I perform this cycle a few times as her moans become louder. About the third cycle, I must have hit her G-spot with my tongue because she arches & moans my name out to the stars. I put two fingers inside her & begin pumping, feeling for her G-spot again. I find it & she begins to buck against me as my tongue continues its assault on her clit.

“Oh fuck, Jesse!” She screams. She takes the hand thats playing with her nipples & sticks to fingers into her mouth & sucks on them. I continue my work. She moves in rhythm with me, pumping as I do. Faster, deeper, harder. She lets out a muffled scream & bites down on my fingers. Hard. I love it! She explodes. I lap up every drop I can get. When she’s finished, I come up to lay with her.

We kiss. Gentle. Sweet. Slow. “Thank you.” She tells me.

“You’re welcome.” I smile at her & kiss her forehead.

“I’d like to return the favor…” She says with a wicked glint in her eye. “…if you think you’re up for it.”


Stay tuned for more!

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