Getting Published

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Big Tits

Holly’s deep brown eyes were expectedly watching her possibly future boss find the words he was trying to tell her. Her rounded face looked bright with hope, her being eager for some great news.

“Well, Holly,” he began whilst he adjusted his neck tie, almost as if he were adjusting his confidence in front of her to piss her off, “I think you’re at a good – er – stage, but there’s one problem with your capitalization.”

A problem with her capitalization? Taken aback, Holly asked what was wrong with her grammar.

“You don’t – uh – capitalize a certain word. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t, but I can’t publish a writer that doesn’t always capitalize this word. Especially since it’s a name!” Nervously, his large hand readjusted his tie once more.

“What word are you talking about, sir?” Holly asked impishly, her mind scattering for an explanation.

With a straight face, the publisher bored into her brown eyes with his green orbs and replied, “You didn’t capitalize the name ‘God’ 2 of the 5 times you used it.”

But surely the editors could catch it and fix it when some of the work was being rewritten for publication?

Bringing this to his attention only upset the publisher further. “I refuse to publish anything that may upset devout followers,” he firmly stated, his nose turning up to her.

“Sir, you publish erotica,” her blunt voice pointed out with honesty. The publisher took offense and ordered her to get out of his office immediately.

They sat in silence for a few moments, staring each other down with abhorrence and disgust. Holly couldn’t believe what she had just heard, and she refused to accept his explanation and rejection.

Gulping a breath of courage, Holly stood up with her purse in hand and headed towards the large oak door. Her white hand reached for the handle before her slim fingers locked the bolt with a snap. She was going to make him see her way.

“What on earth are you doing?” the publisher asked in a panic as she advanced on him, her hand pulling out a strap on dildo. The scarf around her neck was soon tightly wrapped around the publisher’s wrists, keeping them tied together as she pulled him to his feet.

Her hands roughly bent the publisher over his desk and started to undo his belt and pants. His large, white ass was fully exposed to her, his semi-erect cock smashed against his desk.

“Oooh,” Holly cooed into his ear as a finger slowly stroked from the base to the tip of his cock. ?It looks izmir escort bayan like someone’s a little excited.”

Despite his hardening cock, the publisher fought against his heightening arousal with nonchalance. “What are you talking about? I’m not excited,” he lied flatly. A small squeak flowed from his lips as Holly’s expert finger circled around his slit. She smirked in satisfaction as she saw his spine shiver with excitement.

“Sir,” she began as her hand finally gripped his shaft softly, “you seem very uptight about the words in your publications. As a lover of the English language, I completely understand your concerns, but that doesn’t mean you have to have an author completely perfect with a manuscript.” Now, her voice had slowed down to a sexy whisper, the shivers in the publisher’s spine doubling as her free hand worked on his hanging balls.

His sac was swollen with cum and Holly licked her lips devilishly. Dipping her head, her tongue sucked one side of his wrinkled sac, her hand and mouth causing wonders he had never known to ignite in his loins.

The publisher moaned with thick arousal, wanting his cock to be stroked within the confines of her warm mouth or her wet pussy. His want was slightly numbed when she gently bit the curve of his ass.

“You stay right here,” Holly ordered, her sweet voice turning hard. The publisher stayed bent over his desk as he heard the young woman fumble around with her purse, the sound of contents being squeezed out of a bottle clearly filling the room.

Another squeeze of the bottle was followed with a sharp cooling sensation over the publisher’s rear end, the gel slowly rolling over his skin.

“Relax, sugar,” her sweet country voice begged of him as her hands worked the gel into his skin. “You’re so tight about things,” she whispered, a finger circling his tight rose bud, “that I think we need to loosen you up a bit.”

“Oh no! Oh please, no. Don’t do that!”

Despite his cries, Holly knew that the man was aroused, his hard cock drooling with pre-cum over a stack of manila envelopes and down the side of his desk. A small spot was beginning to form on the plush carpet of his office as more cum began to flow from his purple cap, Holly’s finger gently entering his hole.

The lube she had poured onto his back entrance allowed her finger to slide into him easily, his ring hugging her finger as she fed his ass her digit. Within seconds the guy was moaning for her to continue. “Oh, please Ms. Rae,” buca escort he wept. “Please, make me come for you.”

Holly smiled wide, her mind set with teaching him a lesson. “See? I knew you liked this! Just promise me that you’ll reconsider publishing my story and I’ll take care of you,” she chirped with a grin.

She pushed two more fingers into his asshole and he panted for air. His moans were beginning to grow louder with the quickening speed of her sawing fingers. He was close to releasing his load, but Holly retracted her fingers and pulled her hand away from his stiff cock.

The desk and Holly’s hand were covered in a large amount of pre-cum, but his sac was still swollen with stored up cum, the base of his meat thickened with a load of sperm. He moaned painfully, the tease of an orgasm so close that he could taste it, but the little bitch hadn’t let him release his load.

He felt something being put around his neck and felt a small train of some sort of string slide across his back as Holly walked around in front of him. Now her prim skirt was gone, her panties soaked through with precious pussy juices. In her hand was the handle of a leash, the publisher realizing that she had put him in a leashed collar.

“You are getting just a little too hot there mister,” she teased him once she sat down. Her white legs opened to show the almost transparent gusset of her thin panties.

The hand free of his leash pulled her panties off to the side and began to slider her fingers up and down her moistened lips. She pulled and massaged the skin of her mound as her other hand slipped down the front of her dress shirt to play with her milky tits. Her creamy skin molded underneath her nimble fingers as she toyed with her luscious body.

“What are you doing to me?” he questioned her, his eyes transfixed on her pink slit, her arousal glistening on the beginning of her soft thighs. Holly stood up to roll the fabric of her panties down to her ankles. She gingerly stepped out of them and began to adjust her strap on to the width of her hips.

“I’m waiting for you to cool off before I make you loosen up,” Holly grinned simply. Her hand stroked the ridged length of her pink dildo. She spread lube until her plastic prick glistened lewdly in front of his face.

Without being ordered to, the publisher sucked the fake dick into his throat; his neck bulged as he easily took the entire length. Holly was pleased to see him acting so well and let his mouth enjoy the treat she izmir escort was about to give him.

The publisher eagerly attacked the hanging cock, the strap on digging into Holly’s tender clit. More juices leaked from her slit and dripped onto the carpet as her clit was stimulated so consistently.

Suddenly, she pulled the piece from his mouth. “That’s enough of that. Don’t want you getting too excited and spewing yourself before I get my way with you,” she commented, her hips wiggling about as she strutted around his desk in her heels.

His ass was still loose from the beginning of her lesson so Holly placed the head of her fake cock as the entrance of his asshole. Despite the man’s efforts of his searching hips, he remained empty. The lack of her pounding hips made him start into a tantrum. Holly was not pleased with his behavior.

Her hand gripped a large amount of his hair and pulled his head back, his leash tightening as she rolled it in her hand. “None of that now,” she instructed him. “If I remember correctly, I made a proposition with you. Now, tell me you’ll reconsider publishing my work and I’ll make you come.”

The publisher battled for air before she let go of his graying locks. “Fine, fine, I’ll reconsider it! I’ll even publish it and let my team work on some of the vocabulary! Please, just fuck my ass,” he cried with tears welling up in his eyes.

With that, Holly sunk the entire length of her cock into his ass. He moaned with gratitude as his hips wiggled around on the rigid plastic now stuck in his ass. She pumped her hips slowly as he worked his body furiously. The jerks of his hips against her rocking hips made the flat of her strap on grind into her aching clit, causing her body to tense with an orgasm.

Her fingers tightened around his drooling cock and furiously pumped him, squeezing the tip as she jerked him off through her sexual bliss.

He felt her juices spray out of her seeping cunt and dampen his skin, her rapid hand and pounding hips sending him over the edge. His back tensed into an arch as the cum stored in his sac flew out of his prick. Cum shot onto the manila folders beneath him and sprayed back onto his thighs, each thick rope of cum sprinkling his skin until his empty cock lurched forward.

Holly pulled out of the publisher and wrapped a couple tissues around the strap on before putting it back into her purse, the collar soon following suit. She quickly covered her bottom half with clothes and untied him. She unlocked the door and turned to her publisher. “Thank you for reconsidering my story, sir,” she smiled sweetly before leaving the man in a heap on his own desk.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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