Getting Pampered

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I lead you into the bathroom. The lights are out but the room is glowing with candles. The tub is full with hot water and big fluffy bubbles.

You feel me taking your clothes off. I’m touching you and even though I’m not doing it in a sexual way your skin is rippling in excitement. You knees buckle as I pull your thong down and you feel my hot breath on your skin.

I take your hand and help you into the tub. I surprise you by not joining you but instead sitting next to the tub. I your soap and wash ball and proceed to wash your body. Spots like your back I use my hands and use the soap like a massage oil and I feel you melt in my hands.

Turning you around in the tub I pull the plug and lean you back a bit. Making sure the water is nice and hot I start soaking your hair. I work a thick lather up before I slowly rinse it out. Taking your hand again I help you stand up and I rinse your body off.

I give you a towel and you wrap your hair in it I start drying you off with another one.

When I’m happy ataşehir escort with my work I have you enter the bedroom and lay face down. I hear you moan when you feel the warm oil splash against your skin. I work the oil into your skin, first one leg then the other. As I work further up your thighs I notice how you so nicely part your legs for me. I look up and my cock jumped as I see your pussy lips coated in your juices.

Fighting every urge to just dive tongue first into you, I just graze your lips with the tips of my finger and pull my hands away. You start to protest but I assure you that I’m not done. Quickly stripping down I straddle one of your legs and put some oil on your ass. I work your ass harder then your legs, knowing that the movement is causing your clit to grind into the bed.

When your ass is nice and shiny from the oil I close your legs and straddle your ass. My throbbing cock fit perfectly in your ass cheeks. I grind it in as I start massaging your back. As my hand avcılar escort kneed your back I feel you pushing your ass against my cock. I want to just move my hips in a way for me to slide into your warmth but I’m not done teasing you yet.

Rolling you over I start working on the front of your legs. There’s no shyness now. Your legs are open enough that I can see your hard clit and your juiced just flowing out of your pussy. My mouth is just watering staring at your pussy.

I try to stay focused on the massage, working your legs but still teasing your with gentle brushes of my fingers.

Crawling up your body I straddle your right thigh, pressing my knee against your pussy. Your body jumps at the contact and my knee is instantly soaked in your juices.

It doesn’t take me long to reach your breasts. Lovingly I work the oil into your skin making your breast shine and your nipples rock hard. I feel them rake my palms as I run my hands over them. As I caress your breasts you avrupa yakası escort start moaning and grinding your pussy against my knee.

Spreading your legs, I tease you even more by parting your pussy lips and press the head of my cock against your clit. As I go back to massaging your breast I start to grind against your clit.

I feel you bucking against me, trying to get my cock into you.

My cock is soaked in your juices. Sliding over your clit. Finally you buck hard enough and we both moan as my cock slides into you balls deep.

I try and go nice and slow but you’ll have none of that and start telling me to fuck you harder.

The room is filled with our moans, your wet pussy sucking my cock into you and my balls slapping your ass.

I can’t take much more. The way your pussy is squeezing my cock, milking it, has me on the verge of cumming. That’s when you scream out that you are cumming and I feel your juices shoot out and soak my balls. I couldn’t stop after that, two hard slams and my cock erupted inside of you. I could feel streams of cum shooting out of my cock deep inside of you.

When my cock finally stopped jumping in you and started to go down I pulled out. Immediately you feel our combined juices run out of you down to your ass.

Last thing I remember is your beautiful smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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