Getting Even with My Ex

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-But this is dirty, how do I…? How can you ask…?

-Lick it. Lick it well.

-But this is… I can’t imagine…

-Do it

-This is…


-I can’t…


A firm but gentle slap rang across Sud’s left cheek as I looked her in the eye and signalled she’s not going anywhere until she does it. Her beautiful face had drool and precum allover it. Mascara ran upwards towards her scalp. Lipstick was smeared. The red faded into a pink. Her hair was sticky with dried spit. She had a look which expressed a bit of fear, a bit of eagerness and a lot of confusion. I held her head firmly and guided it between my legs. She closed her eyes, tight shut and dived into her new place of work. Very tentative and measured licks commenced.

I let her do it for few minutes.

Very unkindly, I pulled her up by her hair. I flicked her left cheek with my finger in a stinging manner. She was taken aback. I moved very close to her face.

“Listen bitch, you have to learn to do this. Push out your tongue.”

She pushed out a little.

“More, like a dog.”

She pushed out more.

“Keep your eyes open, look where you are going and what you are licking. Got it?”

I flicked her again. She nodded.

“Make long strokes. Clean up good. I want to hear the sounds. And when I ask, look at me. Now get back to it and show me you are a good bitch.”

I pushed her back down. She was unable to finish her sentences. She couldn’t. I was grabbing her by her hair and thrusting her head in place. There was no respite for her. She had to learn. I wanted her to learn to do it. I didn’t ever imagine I would ask any woman to lick my asshole. But with this one, I had to. It was pure domination. It had less to do with the curiosity. It was more a desire to own this woman. Her body. And do despicable acts of debauchery to it, with it.

Sluurrrrp. Sluuuurrrppp.

“Yes, that’s like it. You will get better. I will make you get better. Keep at it.”

She was a perfectly respectable woman. She was a mother of an eight year old kid. But she was only 35. She was a friend to me many years ago. I respected her as a friend then.

Sluuurrrrp. Sluuuuurrrrp.

“You were born to do this Sud. You will do this to me everyday. Every day from now on.”

She was an art teacher who taught kids painting and other artsy skills. She was a woman of culture who could talk paintings and artists for days and keep listeners captivated with her succinct delivery and polished mannerisms.

“If I knew that mouth would feel so good licking my hole, I would have had you do this a long time back. Ah yes, keep at it bitch. You are doing good.”

10 years forward, I was teaching her how to rim me. She was a reluctant student. I was a firm teacher. As her tongue started probing my ass, jolts of pleasure shot up my spine. I closed my eyes to feel it. But I opened them again to see this woman’s face. It was messed up with saliva, her saliva, mixed with my precum, drool that came off my cock and drool that came off my ass. This MILF was slowly learning how to eat ass and shedding her inhibitions. You can tell by the intent in her strokes. She probed deeper. She let go of her hands that she was using to part my ass cheeks. She was leaning in. I loved that. I had now total ownership of this woman, her MILF34C tits and large round ass. She was pretty, and with all that drool on her face, she looked incredibly slutty. She looked familiar. Like someone I knew.

I was holding her head and sliding it up and down my crack like a giant wet ball of tissue. Cleaning my ass. In that moment, my mind was taking a victory lap. I had achieved a month long goal. From making contact to having her clean my ass out with her tongue, I had done it. From my vantage point, I could see the glowing palm prints on her voluptuous ass and the bite marks on her tits and shoulders. I had been harsh on her for the past two hours. She didn’t deserve to be treated like a cockslut. But she was.

She was a nice person and a good mother. She was a friend in the past. But she was paying the price for someone who wronged me. Who she looked like. Who messed me up.

She was my ex’s older sister.


One month ago:

Sud: I can’t believe I am seeing you after so many years! You didn’t tell me you moved here! What’s wrong with you?

Me: Oh well, you know what happened, so it was awkward.

Sud: That’s a long time back! You know things happen. Fuck all of that. I am so happy you are here. You have to come home and meet the family.

I spent two years getting over my ex who dumped me. I moved halfway across the world to avoid everything that reminded me of her. And then, fancy running into your ex’s older sister! That wasn’t fun. Things came rushing back. I was truly in love with this girl. It was along term relation and we broke up just as we were getting ready to move to the next level. Over calls and text, I reluctantly started to respond to Sud. She was close to me back then. She got married adalar escort and then we started talking less. And then I broke up with her sister and I cut her out. When I was dating her sister, she would talk to me a lot, about guys and take opinions on life and guys and want to know what I think. I think she found me mature for my age. I was about 8 years younger. As we talked more and more, I could feel a chemistry developing. She was leaning into me with her stories and normal ‘share your day’ conversations. Her chats and behavior indicated to me that she is lonely and with the right game here, I can get her to admit what she wants. It is attention. I played nice when I talked but hard to get otherwise. Over conversations, because I was close earlier, I came to know that the sex has dried up. The husband is missing most of the time, is tired when he is not and in general doesn’t care a lot for her. She lost weight to become the buxom babe she was when I was dating her sister. But things still didn’t work in the bedroom department.

Now I had an idea. It started to take root in my mind. I was aching to understand my plan with her. What did I want? Why was I even talking to her?

My ex was a hot woman. She was naive and very submissive. While I groomed her to be more confident in life, I enjoyed her submission in bed. She wanted to please me and was very obedient. I was her first and she gave her best to me. She shed her inhibitions from being extremely shy and not knowing what an erect dick looks like to swallowing cum without a blink. We grew more and more intimate, she was scared of doing the deed but she did everything else to ensure that I was satiated. I enjoyed that part of her. She grew from a conservative shy girl to a woman who sought to keep me happy and my balls empty. She went from careful handling of erect cock to sucking and tugging in sync with a smile, tongue play, eye contact. With that face bobbing up and down my cock, sometimes smiling, sometimes dead serious – I am going to make this explode in my mouth look – few years of my life were spent in oral heaven. She went from panicking on seeing cum to swallowing load after load like it was honey. It boosted my ego to think that the hottest girl in high school did that to me. And when we broke up, in my darkest moments, it pinched me, hard, that she was doing that to other men now- that some other guy was looking down to see her beautiful face planted on his manhood, sucking away with a look only she can have.

My ex was 5.5 feet. She was leggy with a huge ass and 32B tits. Sud was a smaller woman. She was barely 5. I used to describe her as fun size. But boy was she curvy in those days. She was very polished in her ways and dressed elegantly. With her figure, anything she threw on made her look insanely hot. Her ass could barely be contained in her pants and her boobs were always looking to break free. I didn’t have any thoughts about her back then, but now when I was revisiting memories, I wondered how she would be now. Now I knew what I wanted to do with her.

I wanted to fuck her.

I wanted to fuck her out of spite for her younger sister. I know it doesn’t make sense now. But it did then. A lot of sense. If I could fuck Sud, I could somehow get even with my ex. I didn’t want to be gentle about it. I had a woman whose urges had no outlet. Who was my ex’s sister. My mind was a dark place. I wanted to fuck her because she was related to my ex. Because she looked like her. Because that was the closest I could get. I wanted to ravage her. Why? Maybe because I wanted to offload that anger with that, once and for all. I wanted to be rough with this woman and make her please me. It was a seed I couldn’t control the growth of. It took hold in my mind.

I started watching rough porn where the women were obedient and subservient and willing to please. I wanted to break this woman down to be those sluts. I wanted to slap her face with my cock. I wanted to paint it with my cum. I wanted to manhandle her body. I wanted her to slobber away on my cock. For a day. I was sure when I was done, she will never call me again. So one day is all I had to make the closest person to my ex be my fuck slut.

A week later, Sud texted. “I am making chicken. Come for lunch.”

First meeting. Pleasantries were exchanged. I met the husband after long. 10 years. The kid is grown up. Talk of old times, carefully waded around my history with her sister. The husband then excuses himself and goes for his afternoon nap. We get talking. We reconnect and bond. She shares things about her life. I am looking at her talking. But in my mind, I am imagining how I will be ripping this conservative but hot MILF into a slut. We part for the day after our chats.

I am good with women. I understand and talk well. I listen as well. I start getting more texts from her. And the conversations start flowing even more. My thoughts keep drifting during our chats to her plump ass bouncing on my cock, and my hands on her big tits. She calls again a few days later, asking to meet, because she is “in anadolu yakası escort the area”. I know she is getting closer. No touches, just talk and talk. More texts. Vulnerability. Insecurity. I counter that with reassurance. Jokes. About the husband, about sex, about boring sex. She laughs at all jokes. She responds in a way that confirms my assessment of her state and the marriage.

Third meeting, at her place again. She hugs really tight and is getting a little more touchy with gestures and unnecessary emphasis on being close to me. I can sense it now. Anyday now, anyday. This time when the husband excuses himself for work and kid goes to play, she sits very close. I can sense the heat in her now. You can just tell. I have to play her a little longer.

I don’t reciprocate that much. Let her do more. I need to break her.

She texts that evening, needing opinion on summer dress. It has a deep cut for cleavage and a waist hugging booty emphasizing drop. My mind is telling me, I am playing this right. I am straight with her and I reply — “you look like a MILF. Those boobs and that ass. Oh my god. Delish.”

She sends a blushing smiley and says “behave.” I respond that she should send the pictures to her husband then. She says, “hey, I am kidding. I want your opinion!”

6 other pictures follow. All of them skimpy and all I can say is her husband won’t like it if he saw them on my phone. I am again pushing the limits, and say “well if those don’t get you dick, nothing will.” She says, “you are an ass!”

Fourth meeting in 3 weeks. The husband is not at home. She is wearing the skimpiest of shorts. I can sense the seduction. But I am trying to break her down. She jabbers along a lot of stuff. My mind is fixated on getting her to make the final move after which I can get my whip out to train this bitch the way I want. My mind is running wild trying to peel those shorts off her plump ass. In my head, that ass is bouncing on my dick and Sud is screaming out like her sister.

She keeps touching me casually, sitting very close, talking in her polished way and making her voice sound sensual. I can sense all of it. I am thinking to myself that this is going very well. I let her do it and wade deeper before I make a move. She is dancing into my plot. While she is being all touchy feely, I surprise her.

Me: Sud, I am not 20 now. I know what you are feeling. But you must know, if you want it from me, you have to tell me clearly. Don’t drop me hints. Tell me clearly.

She is flabbergasted.

Sud: What are you saying? I can’t understand.

Me: Really, that’s what you want to say here? Well, if you don’t want to tell it aloud then I am going to leave now because it will be awkward

Sud is trying to frantically cover up.

Sud: Why? Hey, what’s wrong?

I got up to leave

Me: Ok, if you want to be all immature about it, you can continue with someone else. I don’t have patience for this. Thank you for lunch. I will go now.

I proceeded to walk away from the couch.

And then it happened. She snapped.

She held my hand gently and said, “Stop. I want it.”

Me: What do you want?

Sud: You know what I want. Why do you want me to tell it? I am not that kind of a…

Me: Tell me clearly. Or forget it.

Sud: I want to sleep with you.

Me: See. That is what I want you to do. Just be open.

Her face was red and she was not looking at me. She had crossed a line in her mind. You could see that on her glowing face. I sat her down on the couch and sat next to her. I put my arm around her. She wasn’t looking at me. She was looking down.

Me: Sud, we are not going to sleep together.

She looked at me with a puzzled expression.

Me: I am going to fuck you. Do you understand? If you want sex, you go to your husband. If you want to fuck, you call me. I am rough in bed. I want to be pleased. With every inch of your being. I will use every inch of it.

My hands slowly gripped her hair and pulled it tight in a bunch to make her face me.

Me: You will not waste a drop of my cum and you will do what I ask you to do. If you don’t give me what I want, I will stop and you can go back to getting under your husband. I will do things that your husband doesn’t and you will do things for me that you don’t do for him. Do you understand?

She was hot and flushing. She was confused at the language and surprised as to the direction her life is taking. I tugged on her hair again for an answer.

“Yes,”she quivered.

I could feel her tremble and the hot flushes on her neck.

Me: This is a lot to process and you need time to think. I am gonna go now. I don’t know what you wanted to do here. And frankly, I don’t care. This is the only way I want it. You can call me if you want this. Otherwise, this never happened.

With that, I gave her a kiss. Intense, deep, passionate and rough at the same time.Her lipstick was all over her face and my lips. I could feel her breathe heavy like she ataköy escort wanted to be touched more and felt up. She moved in close. But I was very controlling in what I wanted her to feel. I wanted her to get a taste and nothing more. Then let this woman get wet for days. That’s how I wanted it. I could feel her craving for a male touch. Then abruptly, I got up and left.

No text from her for two days. Radio silence. I was going crazy in anticipation. I knew I had played it right. I had, right? Now she has to just buckle up the courage to take the step. Will she? Did I push her too much too soon? Shit, I had overplayed my hand.

One more day passed.

And then a text from Sud popped up. “Come for lunch tomorrow. I am cooking chicken.” I smiled at my phone. I said a “oh yeah” to myself.

I replied with a curt “Sure”

The day arrived. I had to take care of a few things. I wanted to be groomed to perfection. And I also knew controlling my ejaculation would be difficult. The impulses would be strong. Sud was pretty and had a body with curves for ages. I am a sucker for that. And she was my ex’s sister. Those were too many boxes to check for a quick ejaculation. Nope, can’t let that happen. So I decided to numb my cock down to minimum sensitivity. I didn’t want to enjoy this day with my cock, I wanted to experience this with my eyes and mind.


Sud opened the door. She looked at me straight and smiled. She was wearing a buttoned top and a pair of tight jeans. Her hair was tied up in a bun. She was wearing some makeup and a bright red lipstick.

I smiled at her for a second.

Sud: Come in.

I entered and closed the door behind me.

Sud: Can I get you some water?

Me: I am fine.

Sud held my hand and was taking me to the bedroom, “this way.”

I stopped her, pulling on her hand firm.

Me: No. That is for later

Sud: I thought you would want…

Me: Shh, I am not your husband. I don’t need a bed. I need this.

I grabbed her ass rather tight. It was soft and supple. She was shocked at my brazen self. I turned her to the wall and pressed my body to her. She was panting.

Me: Do you feel that? That is an erect cock in my pants.

Sud: unff

Me: You know what it is going to do now?

Sud: unfff

Me: Do you know what it wants?

Sud: uunnffff

I turn her to face me and gently slap her flushed face. She wakes up from her spell.

Me: Reply when I am asking something. Respond. I want you to be responsive.

I start undoing her buttons as she stands there not knowing what is happening. It was evident she hadn’t had anything other than vanilla in her life. The intensity was alien to her. The last few buttons were stuck. I tried for a few seconds. Out of frustration, I tore the top apart and she was shocked. She couldn’t react. The buttons bounced on the floor. She wanted to say something. I shut her up with a kiss. I squeezed her tits up while I did that. She had a bright red bra. Lacy. She wanted to be admired.

Me: I like that you dressed up for me.

I turned her back towards the wall and roughly tugged on the pants. They are tight and take time to come off. I unbuttoned the front and reached in. The panty is lacy as well It has nice smooth feel to it. I am pinning her to the wall. My mouth is biting her shoulder.

Sud: Slow… why…You are so…

Me: I am so what?

Sud: So.. No one touches…

Me: Yes

I finally pull that jeans down and pin her back to the wall. The panty is lacy.It has barely a string. Her ass is like an onion. Plump, round and big. It was supple to the touch. I love palm prints on asses. I am gonna dig this one. I place my erect dick on her crack as I pin her. She lets out a moan. I am kissing her on the neck and shoulders while feeling her tits up. They are soft and huge. Bigger than my palms. She is moaning now. I find her nipples over her bra and tug on them. Twist them a little. I squeeze those heads.

Sud: Unff. Oh god. Your palms are so… Why are you so…

Me: What?

Sud: Brute! Why are you so rough? Oh god I am dripping…

Me: So you do like it?

Sud: Unnnfff

I squeeze her ass hard and plant a firm smack on one of her ass cheeks. The whole mass jiggles.

Sud: Yes, yes I like it. No one touches me like this. It is so dirty. Oh god.

I can see some marks form on her body because of my bites. My cock is throbbing hard. I grab her by her hair. She is shocked by how I unkindly drag her by her hair and make her walk beside me. We pass a mirror on the wall in the living room. It is a big mirror. I admire the scene quickly as we walk by. Sud is small next to me. When she looks at me watching us in the mirror, she holds up her palms to cover her boobs even though she is wearing a bra.

I lead her to the sofa. The kid’s books are lying there. I just sweep them down to the floor and sit. She is looking at me. Her hands are covering up her boobs. Instinct, perhaps?

Me: Kneel.

She collapses onto her knees. I get rid of my pants. My boner is peeking from the underwear. She is looking at it now, biting her lips. I release my cock from the underwear. And it springs up. She has a look on her face that tells me she is contemplating if she wants to take the leap or she has already come too far to step back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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