Getting caught, second time!

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Getting caught, second time!
Another True Story, Getting caught

This happened about 3 months after I got caught at a rest area. This time I decided on my trip up to northern Wisconsin, I would change my route. I dressed as usual and started my drive. The sun was just about coming up, and as always when I drive to Greenbay, I dress up. I love passing semi’s and hope they look down into my truck and see me dressed. I would even hike up my skirt to show the top of stockings, especially on my right side with a little skin showing. What a turn-on!

As I drove, cars and trucks passed me cause I was doing 65 mph in the left lane with the cruise on. Usually, after a while, I get brave and just drive in my bra and panties hoping someone would get an eye full of me, but I had not done so yet. As usual cars/trucks would come up behind and then pass.

Except one, it was a cop. He turned on it’s flashing lights. Oh shit, I thought how can I get out of my clothes, heels, and wig and put on my pants and shirt without drawing attention to me moving around like crazy in front of a cop. My heart was going a mile a minute as we pulled over, I could have died right there and then! I don’t dress to interact with people. I don’t care if someone sees me at a distance but close up, face to face not so much. Here he comes up to my window. He looks at me and says, “good morning miss er sir could you step out of the vehicle and step behind your truck?” I said, “could I put on something else?” He said, “no you’re fine.” I said, “how embarrassing.” He said, “you’ll be fine.”

Why didn’t he ask for my driver’s license? What about the squad having a dash cam? So I got güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri out and went to the back of my truck with traffic passing, scared like all hell that I’m going to jail dressed like this or going to get a ticket and be embarrassed. I saw no cam, but as fast as I was walking, I could have missed it. I was sweating like hell. I said, “could we stand on the side of my truck, so I’m not seen by everyone who passes?” He said, “sure.” Boy was I glad of that. I stood with my backside against my truck, and he stood to face me. He said, “the reason I pulled you over was I heard a trucker talking on his CB radio to another trucker.” “It was about a chick with a short skirt on that he just passed.” “But the other trucker said that’s no chick it’s a guy dressed like a girl I could see him in my mirrors as he came up alongside.” “So since we don’t get many crossdressers in these parts, I just had to see for myself since I have not come across one in my few years of being a police officer.”

“Can I ask you some questions about how you dress?” I said, “sure.” What was I going to say no, he has me at a disadvantage. As he asked and as I answered I felt more and more relaxed and noticed something very strange. He was getting a bump in his crotch area. The cop had a hard-on! He was getting off on the dumb questions he asked. I was starting to get a hard clit myself now, seeing his bump. His question was, “do you wear guy’s underwear under your girl clothes?” I said, “no if I dress I dress all the way in bustier and panties.” I thought that was it and we would be out of here in a second. But then he said, makrobet güvenilir mi “show me.” I said, “excuse me?” He said, “I want to see what’s under your clothes.”

Now I’m thinking he is going to see my hard clit that might be pocking out of my panties, so I started to lift my skirt, and he said, “no take the blouse off and drop the skirt.” I said, “you got to be k**ding, here where someone could see me?” He said, “no I want to see it all, the bustier and panties and whatever.” He said, “so show me if others see they will only get a second to see!” I took off the blouse and dropped the skirt and stood there as he looked me over. I could feel my hard clit in my panties and his eyes looking right there.

“Are we done I said, and he said no turnaround and assume the position!” I thought he was crazy. But I turned and put my hands on the truck and spread my legs. There I was with my g-string on, ass cheeks exposed to him. I thought he better not try to frisk me. No such luck! All of a sudden he was feeling my tits and then my ass and then pushed his hardness against my ass. As he kept it there his hand went to my bump and even found my clitty head sticking out of my panties. He ran his thumb over and over my wet tip. Grabbed the shaft and gave it a tight squeeze. I could have squirted my juice right there and then. He asked, “do you always get hard wearing woman’s clothes?” I said, “mostly, but with you telling me to undress I got hard pretty fast.” “Show me!” “Show you what?” “Pull your panties aside and let me see you’re hard on.” “But but.” “No but’s about it show me now.” I did what he told me to do I pulled tipobet aside my panties, and my sissy clit was fully erect and exposed. “Well, that is very hard and wet.” “Wet?” Any more of this and wetness will shoot all over the place. We stood there what seemed like forever without a word. My clit was standing at attention and dripping more now.

“Well, that hardness looks like it needs attention.” “Stroke it!!” “Please, can I just go?” “Nope, not till you stroke it.” “But my clit might shoot a load” “So what just get to stroking it.” I’m stuck here, so I just start stroking it. “Nice, you can stop we don’t want an accident.” He said, “one last thing a slut like you must have an e-mail?” I gave him my e-mail address, and after I thought about it I should have given him a fake one, but too late. He said, “thanks I’ll e-mail you soon, you can go on your way.” I pulled up my panties. Then started to get into my skirt, but he said, “oh no just put your clothes in the passenger side door and walk to your door and leave.” Cars were passing my truck like it was a parade. So many saw me in my string and bustier. I went as fast as I could. I was still hard as I drove away thinking he was going to masturbate right there on the side of the road in his squad.

As I drove I put my blouse and skirt on. I drove a short distance and pulled off on the next exit and found a road that was not well traveled. I found a nice spot to stop, got my video camcorder out and turned it on and pulled up my skirt and played with my clit until it squirted my hot sissy juice. What a terrible and exciting experience!! He did email me and asked if we could cam together sometime. We never did.
You can find pics of the experience I did at another time to kind of show you what happened. Also a vid of me playing till I shot my load. This was the second time someone saw me close up and interacted with me.

Hope you enjoyed my experience as much as I did.

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