General’s Bitch

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There was a huge war going on between two most powerful kingdoms of the medieval period. The Champan and the Sanato Kingdom had been eyeing each other for more than centuries and finally the two super powers clashed on the borders of Champan. Finally after waiting for few centuries, the Sanato declared war against her main rival, tripling whom, would result in total power dominance over the entire region extending from present Russia, crossing over China and India and on the west, extending up to the Atlantic Ocean, that is, everything except the present American region. That area was still not discovered back then. On the first day, the Sanato attacked the border guards by surprise and took over the region with ease, but by now, the news was spread over the entire region, so proceeding further would be a real challenge for the army.

The General of the Army was surprisingly a girl and under her influence lots of women also joined the army, working hand with hand to fight off the enemy. Morrigan was the name of the General, who was her late twenties, 29 years old, standing at 6’2″ tall, of robust health. She was muscular but her muscles didn’t make her natural curves dead. She was a brunette and without any doubts one of the sexiest women from the entire kingdom. Lots of guys tried to tie knots with her under holy matrimony or any other relation but she gently brushed all of them aside, because she was a lesbian. And another reason for her slowly becoming a lesbian was, guys from that time were dominant by nature and expected girls to crawl under their order. But she was a dominatrix herself, so she preferred to see young cuties doing everything they can to please her, how these kitties drool over her ass, begging for the permission to kiss it.

Morrigan was resting her tired body on the bed she made herself on the wet ground by packing hay together. Her people set a camp around her tent, so that she can rest by herself at a distance from the main army, since she preferred lonely atmosphere rather than hearing a bunch of people chatting among themselves. Just when she was able to close her eyes finally, she heard someone trying to sneak inside her tent. Her hands slipped at her side and pulled the knife out of the sheath almost from reflex and waited for the intruder to come inside. She finally saw someone of girly shape pulled the tent entrance curtain aside and entered the tent with slow steps. The moment Morrigan saw the person she was assured that the person was not at all someone skilled so, she was a little relieved and in one jump, she placed herself next to the intruder and placed the shiny edge of the knife against its throat, locking the hands by her strong grip, “Who the fuck are you, not some kid I hope!”

“Do… don’t kill me please. I didn’t mean to frighten or attack you, my lady, I promise.” Someone with girly voice spoke out, stammering through each word. Morrigan pulled the curtain on the entrance of her tent aside and as the moonlight directly fell inside the other person’s body, Morrigan saw a girl, barely crossing her 18th, standing under her grip, shaking with fear. Morrigan, smiled to see no signs of weapon on her hand or any sheaths hanging from her waist. She patted her tits, ass and also her crotch and then started to pat everywhere, searching for something meant to be hidden, after seeing no sign of anything suspicious, she threw the girl towards the rough ground beside her bed and slowly walked up to her own bed, sitting on it, with a frown above her long dark eyes. Morrigan yanked the poor girl’s head backward, grabbing her hair tightly.

“Obviously not someone trying to kill me, and also not someone trained enough to be an army girl. Tell me who are you, or otherwise I will end up cutting this beautiful long neck of yours from the rest of your body.” Morrigan ran her hands along her long neck, as she started to push the girl for her personal information. Morrigan was curious about the tiny girl sitting in front of her still shaking. She was okay for a girl but tiny in comparison to Morrigan herself, standing at only 5’7″. Her tits were thrusting outward, pressing hard against the small light leather armor, she wore. The black hair covered most of her face, when she looked downward, searching for an appropriate answer, while staring at Morrigan from time to time, looking through her shiny pear like black eyes. Morrigan pushed her for information again, “Tell me, who you are cutie. I don’t have all night looking at you trembling like a piece of paper inside a hurricane.”

Seeing no other way to escape, she started to tell, probing Morrigan about herself, planning on being honest all the way. “Miss Morrigan, I don’t know how to say this, but well you see I fell in love with you. Your legends spread all over our country sometimes even more than the legends of the Royalties. And you seemed so strong and yet tender, brave casino siteleri and someone who fights for her country and people whom she loved. So, when I heard you are setting off to fight the Champan army I wanted to help you with your conquest. I know, I don’t have any skill in fighting or something related to war, but somehow I wanted to come with you, to know where you, to be at your side. To be able to well, worship you, Miss. I wanted to do all those things, so I managed myself a job as a cook at one of your ships that dropped us along the shore.”

Thanks to the darkness that now prevailed inside the tent, since the curtain was preventing the moonlight to flood the inside of her camp with her shiny silvery light, which made it impossible for the tiny girl who was now blushing from blurting out all of her feelings for the strong lady sitting in front of her, to see Morrigan was trying her best not to burst out with laughter, hearing the childish emotional fantasy of the young girl. She placed her left palm on one of her tits and squeezed it firmly, while stroking her long black hairs and asked her again, “How old are you cutie and how did you manage to get these armors? I believe cooks aren’t allowed to wear armors. And well you chose the lightest armor possible, I can feel your soft tit on the other side of the armor, and you thought you can skip inside the army and fight beside me, wearing one of these? ”

The girl moaned softly and looked away from Morrigan, focusing her eyes on the shining moon on the other side of the tent, peeking inside, from time to time, as the curtain was strolling from one side to another, under the light breeze trying to cool the warm temperature of the atmosphere. “I am 18, miss, just few months earlier. And I am sorry, because I stole it from the ship repository, when there was no one around during the fight, my lady.” She was unsure, whether Morrigan was listening to her or not, as she was fondling her tits, squeezing it with more strength than before aimlessly, as if her actual mind was somewhere else, so to gain her attention, she added, “Well, as I said Miss, I don’t know anything about war; I just wanted to be with you, when you are fighting, to look at your eyes and well, maybe something more miss and you can call me Leliana.”

Morrigan hummed at her, “Leliana, you know that stealing is bad don’t you? And well, you stole something from king’s armory which made you a traitor to the flag, don’t you realize this, you little asshole? You let your childish fantasy to take over your reasons and you did such a horrible crime.” Morrigan smiled to herself, when she heard the girl swallowing hard with fear trying to wet her dry throats. Morrigan had more influence over the country than the King himself, she was an outstanding warrior and general and also she made reforms to many laws herself which was later on announced during the court by King himself. “Well, but I can excuse your offense for this time, since I think you haven’t thought through it. Strip out of this armor and kneel in front of my bed, Leliana. You fantasize over me as your cruel and caring mistress, right? Then starting from this point, I want you to obey my orders.”

“Okay miss, Morrigan” She mumbled before walking at a side, turning her back to the general she would be ‘working’ under. Apparently, the order wasn’t so erotic, but Leliana didn’t miss the catch, that Morrigan wanted to see her naked. Well, Leliana didn’t have a body to disappoint others, she let the chest armor fall on the ground, letting her black hair curl up, hanging in locks all over her back, her tits pointing outwards, and then she let the light leather skirt, meant as an armor fall on the ground after her check armor, revealing the thin cloth covered round and fleshy butt of hers.

She walked towards the entrance and pulled the curtain aside, letting the gray moonlight wash her body, illuminating it perfectly for her mistress to adore and admire. If Morrigan was the sexiest girl of Sanato kingdom then Leliana would be the next one. She turned facing Morrigan and allowed the cool breeze to play with her hair, strolling them all over her face, she enjoyed the cool breeze of the night for a while before pulling the thin cloth covering her privates and she turned inside, kneeling obediently in front of Morrigan.

Morrigan smirked inside her mind, “Good, this girl isn’t some teen innocent girl; she sure knows how to tease someone. I thought this war to be rather boring and nonsense, soldiers would die trying to overpower the other on the order of some power hungry fool controlling the country. But now, I think, this battle maybe good in some sense, at least for me.” Though Morrigan was the virtual ruler of the Sanato, still there were some rules that officially she must abide by. She started to rub her finger tips on her crotch slowly ascending its way up to her tits. canlı casino Morrigan was so horny inside, to touch Leliana’s round fleshy tits and then two long nipples pointing outward from the body of sexually excited Leliana. Morrigan started to roll her nipples in between her fingers both at the same time, before she started to pull them gently. She played with her nipples for sufficiently long time, long enough to make her nipples sore, as Leliana was panting from the continuous moaning, she was all sweaty and her sweat made the aroma of her body more erotic.

Morrigan was all sweaty too, but she chose to keep her clothes on for a little longer, to establish her supremacy over her. She started to slide one of her hand down along Leliana’s body, till it reached her clean shaved cunt, while with the other hand she kept on squeezing her tits gently. Morrigan rubbed Leliana’s tummy for a while, letting the young girl moan and moan like a bitch in heat, before she slipped two of her finger at the same time inside her juicy drooling pussy. Leliana groaned from pleasure, when Morrigan started to rub the free fingers of her hand over her clitoris. Their game didn’t last long, before Leliana cummed all over Morrigan’s finger; she let her head lean backwards as she was panting for breath. The orgasm was very much intense as Morrigan allowed Leliana to be excited for a long period of time, from the moment she ordered her to strip. Leliana leaned and placed her mouth gently over Morrigan’s tits. Morrigan took her fingers out of Leliana’s dripping cunt and started to suck them off gently, “Hmnn, just as I expected, my innocent army bitch is sweet in between her legs.”

“Don’t expect me to be this kind to you from tomorrow and onwards, honey, this is just an initiation. I know, girls like you love or more specifically crave for humiliation and other kinky abuses, you will be getting lots of that tomorrow night. But however, you will not be without any abuse, today as well.” Morrigan sat on her bad, and with a firm grip she pulled Leliana by her hair and placed her across her lap, her butt pointing towards the ceiling of the tent. “For stealing and trespassing inside my tent at night, I will deliver few smacks on your ass honey, stay still and try not to howl like a fox.” She added meekly under her breath, “Oh, how much will I enjoy spanking this cute bubble butt till it changes its shade to pink.” She laughed lightly looking at Leliana’s trembling eyes; her entire body was shaking with anticipation, waiting to get spanked by the girl whom she loved the most, “Ready, my cute girl?”

With the slight nod of affirmation, Morrigan broke the silence of the night by smacking her palm against, Leliana’s left butt cheek followed by a yelp from Leliana. Morrigan loved the way, little waves spread out from Leliana’s butt right after she smacked her. Morrigan giggled and repeated the process on her right butt cheek. Morrigan was grinning from ear to ear as she leaned and started to whisper, “You are so soft honey. I bet this is your first spanking, enjoy the process, it may hurt a little, but soon you will be able to get a grasp of it, and soon after that, you will have a sexual lust for getting your ass spanked. So tell me, my little doll slut, do you want to take your full punishment, or do you want me to stop, it’s your choice this time.” Morrigan ran her fingers up and down Leliana’s sweaty ass crack while occasionally rubbing her butt cheeks to ease the pain. “I am waiting for an answer Leliana.”

“Yes, Miss Morrigan, I will take my full punishment. I was a naughty bad girl back then and I want to repent over my misdeeds, so, yes, this is my decision.”

“Ok, Leliana, don’t complain if it hurts from now on, after all it was your choice.” Morrigan continued to spank both of her butt cheeks in alternating manner, one after another. She spanked the butt in front of her, until it turned into pinkish shade. Leliana was fighting under Morrigan’s strong arm that was holding her in correct position. But, Morrigan was an experience spanker, she knew pretty well, how to keep her steady and still in the position. She started to speak to, Leliana who was whimpering from the pain in her ass, something she never felt before, slowly but with certain strength behind her words, “Well, really? You wanted to repent over your misdeeds or did you beg for punishment, because you liked the idea of getting punished and used or humiliated by woman older than you, or rather just ME? Tell me, you don’t need to hide anything from me you silly little pink butt.” Morrigan figured the spanking she delivered is enough for Leliana right now, so she started to massage her butt, while waiting for an answer.

“Partly from both Miss, I was so ashamed when you told me, that what I did was wrong, so I wanted to take the punishment, but on the other hand, when you smacked me for the first time, I kaçak casino was afraid, but after that I wanted YOU to spank me again and again, I was gagging to get your firm hand land on the soft cheek of my butt.” Leliana confessed to her mistress, Morrigan. Leliana buckled her hips upward when she felt Morrigan slipped her hands under her ass and was now playing with her cunt again. Leliana felt like a little bitch and was also too horny to ignore the urge to hump her hands, so she started to press her crotch against Morrigan’s hand gently at first, but soon she started to rub her pussy up and down vigorously along her mistress’s strong but soft hand until she got smacked hard on the butt again, making her sulk a little.

“Not so fast, my baby. Don’t you think you owe me something? Hmnn?” Morrigan finally let go off her armor type leather skirt and presented her naked cunt in front of the spanked sobbing girl. Her cunt was clean just like Leliana’s; she leaned back, letting her body rest on the bed, as if she was sleeping. Suddenly she sprang both of her legs around Leliana’s neck and pulled her head into her cunt, dying from the urge to get touched by something. Morrigan smirked when she made Leliana bend her upper part of the body, while kneeling in front of her. She clamped her head totally in between her legs, her cunt and Leliana’s face was so close, she was feeling her breath on her pussy lips, “Go on, kiss me, lick me, make me cum, honey and I shall allow to you relieve your sexual urge, for the second time, tonight.”

Leliana continued to breathe heavily over her mistress’s pussy making her moan deeply with each breath. She finally decided to place a kiss on her cunt, she wrapped her lips around Morrigan’s pussy and kissed it gently, to Leliana, she felt she haven’t tasted anything like Morrigan’s cunt before. She felt to crawl inside her mind, and started to shower Morrigan’s lucky pussy with kisses. Morrigan also clenched her legs tightly against Leliana’s head while she started to hump her cute face. One of her hand unconsciously slipped inside her chest armor and started to squeeze her round tits, making herself moan with every squeeze, sometimes also enjoying the firm pinch she was delivering to herself on her long erect nipples. While Morrigan placed her other hand on Leliana’s head and started to push her head firmer against her crotch, she felt her orgasm building up inside her body, waiting to bathe her with waters of pleasure.

Morrigan howled softly, before squirting out her girly juices. She held Leliana’s head tightly against her crotch, forcing Leliana to parry her lips and she was filling up her mouth with her cum. After her orgasm dwindled, Morrigan let go off Leliana’s head, as she spread open her legs, allowing Leliana to pull back from her cunt. Morrigan was surprised to feel Leliana placing another kiss on her dripping cunt, before pulling her head back. Leliana was panting from the sexual experience both of them shared within this small time period. Morrigan stood up and patted her on the head, “Go ahead, and rub yourself to another orgasm. But you must do it squatting down with your legs spread and facing the outside world. I will be back shortly.” Morrigan wrapped the skirt around her waist once again and stepped outside of her tent; she wanted to enjoy the moonlight a little bit all by her.

Walking a little bit, Morrigan turned around to see through the entrance of her tent, Leliana was obeying her orders perfectly. She closed her eyes and let the cool breeze hit all over her body, while she was playing with herself like the naughty little girl, her mistress wanted her to be. The moon light was directly incident over her body, illuminating her every movement and expression, while she rubbed herself to another orgasm. Morrigan chuckled to herself and continued to stroll forward aimlessly under the silvery moon, “My baby doll, will make me enjoy this time with her. But she must prepare for some hard time, which will be faced by her pretty soon.” She looked at the moon and sighed, “If only I were a wolf, I could have wandered through the uncharted forests of the world.” She continued her evening walk, planning her battle the next day, coming up with a strategic idea to defeat the Champan’s soldier the next day.

She didn’t record for how much time did she stroll outside, looking at her army soldiers from a distance, seeing them sharing their life stories with each other, she smiled to see everyone more or less happy. She didn’t know how many of them will die on the next day, or how many of them will be injured, but she knew that for the time being they were happy with what situation they were in. When she returned to her tent she saw, Leliana made herself a bed right next to Morrigan’s using the spare quilt from the corner of the tent and was sleeping with her thumb inside her mouth, suckling it, as if it was her mother’s nipple. She giggled softly seeing Leliana doing something so childish, but she brushed Leliana’s black long hair and relaxed her body on her own bed, before closing her eyes, letting her mind slip into the dreamland.

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