Game On

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Dear Dr. Jocelyn,

It all started when I bought that damn game. Or rather when I purchased that game machine that started all the problems.

Let me slow down a bit. Dr. Jo, my name is Cherry, and I’m writing about something that occured recently and I feel I have to tell someone.

You see, my boyfriend Dan and I have lived together for about eight months. We both work full time, he in the computer industry, and I manage a cosmetics store. Although we are both in our early twenties, we have a nice townhome and get to travel to nice places when we get a break.

But that is part of the problem, we both work so much that we don’t get to see as much of each other as I would like. Things got worse last year, when Dan and his buddies began playing video games in their off time. Whenever I would make it home by eight or nine at night, Dan would be gone at one of his friends.

So in an effort to keep him at home, I bought a game system for our living room. It was the worst thing I could have done. Not only would Dan play games when we were supposed to have dinner, but he would spend time on the phone looking for game tricks when he was supposed to be in bed with me.

As a result, our sex life lessened. What had been a three to four time a week occurence was down to one, maybe two nights. Sometimes it was once every two weeks. It wasn’t so much the less frequent sex, but Dan was paying less attention to me than he had previously.

That said, I still thought of it as a minor annoyance. After all, Dan is a great guy. That is until the tournaments began. He would take our machine to someone else’s home and hook it up and all the guys would play together. When the “playoffs” started, the guys decided our place would be a good place for the first round. For some reason, I forgot about it.

That was two weeks ago. I came home to a a living room full of seven guys playing games and making a mess. I had just worked twelve hours and my regional boss chewed me out for an accounting error I made. I was pissed.

“Dan, do you think you could clean up a little bit”

“Sure hon, just as soon as I finish this game” he said, not even bothering to look up.

He and his buddies were so engrossed in what they doing, he didn’t bother to look up at my handful of groceries.

“Oh, and there is all that food you asked for in the back of my car”

“Yea hon, sure thing, I’ll have anything you like”

Now I was furious, he didn’t even realize I needed help with the groceries.

This didn’t go unnoticed by his friend Dez. Dez was a friend he played soccer wtih, before Dan became a sedentary video game nut.

Dez popped right up, and got the groceries out of my hands.

“Hey, Cherry, let me give you a hand”

“Thanks, I’ll get the other bags”

“No, no, let me get those. You just relax.”

I shouldn’t have been surprised. Dez was always nice, especially to women. When all of us went out to dinner with the soccer team, Dez always remembered to open the door for his date, and was sure to include her in all the conversations. Unlike most of the guys there, he didn’t bother her with guy talk.

He also didn’t flinch when I caught him looking at my cleavage that night. Dez just smiled and looked me straight in the eye. He made me nervous and smile all at the same time.

I finished putting up the groceries as Dez brought them in. We chatted for a bit while the guys finished up their game. I found out he was still dating the same girl from that dinner and that he was traveling to Europe for part of the summer.

When the guys dispered out, Dan was still finishing the game. Three guys took off, and two were headed out to the car. Only Dez remained.

As I walked him to the door I thanked him for helping me again.

“It was the least I could do, seeing how you were nice enough to let us use your place. And sorry about Dan, he just gets zoned in to those games”

Then he opened his arms for a hug. I did. When he broke we both paused for a second. I looked at his handsome face and wavy hair for a second…in my hesitation, he leaned down and gave me a quick peck on the lips. A quick peck that left me totally flushed.

I didn’t know what to do except look in the living room. From the sofa, Dan had a clear view of the front door. When I snapped my head around, he bahçelievler escort was playing his game.

“Bye Cherry.” Dez said, as he released me from his firm grip.

I was confused. Was this just a quick friendly kiss? After all, it was right in front of my boyfriend, and Dez did have a girlfriend after all. Maybe I was misinterpreting everything. But it was just the way I would catch him looking at me. Staring sometimes, and he didn’t seem to hide it. But it was a friendly peck, not for an extended time. Something a friend would give another friend..something one would regularly see in Europe. Perhaps he was getting in the spirit of his trip.

And the next week went as all weeks go, me at work, Dan at work, then at home…Dan playing his video games. I had Saturday off after a long work week, and decided to run errands, which included a trip to the tanning salon.

When I returned home, I thought Dan and I could enjoy an early dinner and movie. When I saw all the cars lined up, I realized that wasn’t going to be the case.

Upon entering the house, it seemed Dan had invited all the guys back for an impromptu game. When I told him I was home, he didn’t even both to look up…as usual. How could he not notice me? I was wearing his favorite sun dress, tanned, had my nails painted for him, so we could enjoy a special night and maybe some fun afterwards. And as had been the case lately, he ignored me, only ackowledging my presence with a “hey babe.”

I went to the kitchen to get a drink for one of the guys who asked and started to make my way back. Around the corner came Dez, apparently back from our restroom. His prescence startled me, and I felt that same flush feeling again.

“Hi Cherry, don’t you look nice today.” he said as he looked me up and down.”

“Thanks Dez, I finally got an off day to pamper myself”

“Well it worked.”

I didn’t say anything more, feeling vulnerable around this him. Instead I went to give the drink to Brian, Dan’s thirsty friend.

“Thanks Cherry, how have you been doing?”

“Real well Brian, just working lots of hours at the store, this is my first time to relax in a while”

“Oh yea, everyone needs to be relaxed” I heard Dez say walking behind me. “Hey Danny, I’m gonna give Cherry a massage.”

“Good idea man, she’s been workning an awful lot lately”

I can’t believe my boyfriend just agreed to let one of his friends give his girlfriend a massage. I guess he thought Dez was just being nice. He trusted him, but I knew then his intentions were not innocent. He would probably get a bit touchy.

Dez took my hand, and led me to the sectional. He sat down, and placed me on the floor facing away from him. He put his hands on my shoulders and begans to squeze just right. I followed his instructions as he told me where to move my head to give him access- I felt like jello in his hands.

Dez moved from my shoulders to my neck and back again. For some reason I closed my eyes and let him work his magic. In the background I could hear the sounds of the guys and the game.

“You smell so good” he heard whispered in my ear. I opened my eyes and the guys were still playing their game. When I didn’t respond, Dez took it as an opening. He leaned forward and kissed me on the neck. My red hair was up, he took full advantage, kissing the back and side of my neck ever so tenderly. I was too frozen to move.

Just then, the guys game ended. Dez pressed on, no longer just massaging, but fondling my neck, shoulders, arms and sides. When I did nothing to stop him, he began rubbing his hands up and down the sides of my body.

“Hey Dan, Dez is making your life easier over there, you ought to pay him”

“Yea man, thanks, Cherry has been putting in some long hours lately”

The guys were taking a break to switch games, and were talking to us like normal, as their friend pawed me right in front of my boyfriend.

Dez played along, pretending to be my boyfriend.

“Its ok honey, don’t let work stress you out” he said in a real silly tone. Then in front of them, he leaned down, and kissed me quick on the lips.

Everyone started laughing.

“He’s got you down Dan.” one of the guys chimed in.

Little did they know that Dez was trying to make me hot, trying to break down my defenses.

“Hey bahçeşehir escort Cherry, let Big Daddy make it better for you” Dez said. All the guys laughed as he bent down again, and kissed me longer. When he stopped this time, he let me hair down and mussed it up a bit, then put his arms around me and kissed me full on the lips for a few seconds. When he let go I was breathing heavy hot as hell.

The guys were cracking up, slapping knees and Dan was laughing harder than any of them.

“You are too much man” Dan said.

“Oh shit, the game is loaded, let’s go”

The guys went right back to their game as Dez went back to massaging me, this time licking my neck and brushing his hands against the side of my boobs. I could feel his erection as I leaned back to relax. When I did nothing to slow his advances, he turned my face in his hands and kissed me full on the mouth, this time sneaking in his tongue. I kissed him back full, too far gone to stop him.

“What are you doing” was all I could get out before he pressed his mouth to mine again.” Surely the guys could hear the sounds of our lips smacking and tounges mingling.

“Dan is right here.” I whispered, to silent for the guys to here.


Dez was groping my breasts now, his arms completely around me.

“I love your big tits…..kiss me some more.”

I did as I was told, only to make myself hotter.

When I came to realize this was getting out of control, I turned away to see if we were getting caught. But Dez was too quick, and bit my lower lip, pulling my head back towards him.

“What about your girlfriend?” I managed to get out.

“All I’m corcerned about right now is you”. he continued, “Unlike some other person we know.”

I turned around, and Dan and his friends were so engrossed, they didn’t see the liberties Dez was taking with my body. It made me hot to be so naughty with my boyfriend in the same room.

Dez leaned down again, not even bothering to kiss me this time. He ust tounged my mouth, while moving one hand inside my dress, squezzing my braless tits and pinching my nipples. The other hand fell to my thighs, rubbing them with breathtaking intensity. I was helpless to his actions, captivated by his brazeness.

“Let’s go upstairs”

“Are you crazy Dez.”

“No, we’re going upstairs right now!”

Dez stood up. Taking me once again by the hand.

“Hey Dan, were going upstairs to complete the massage, I don’t have enough room down here to do her right.”

When Dan actually looked up this time, I figured for sure he would put an end to all of this.

“Sure thing man, its probably too loud down here anyway”

I couldn’t believe his naivety. I had my hair down, was sweating, my nipples were visibly hard, and one of my boobs was hanging halfway out of my dress.

“See you guys after while” as he turned back to play his game.

Dez led me to the stairs, “guiding” me by putting his hands all over my ass. I could’t stop him if I wanted to, but now I didn’t .

He continued to rub between my ass cheeks as I went up each step slowly. Making it was hard, as Dez knocked me down several times, crawling all over my body, relentless in his kissing and groping.

By the time we made it to the top of the stairs, Dez had his hand under my thong, rubbing my sopping wet pussy. When we entered the room, we didn’t even bother with the pretense of the massage.

Dez pulled the spaghetti strings of my dress down over my large breasts, and kept sliding it ’til I was naked, except for my underwear. He took a step back and locked the door, as I stood before him with a sheer yellow thong, moist with my juices.

“Danny is out of his mind, to let you come up here with a guy like me.”

“I can’t believe this is happening” is all I could say.

“Take off your panties Cherry, I want to see all of you”

As I pulled down the thong, there was a strand of of liquid from my pubic hair to the material. I felt embarassed and moist all at the same time. He removed his clothes, his muscular frame looked chiseled with his boxers doing little to conceal what looked to be a big dick.

He came my way and backed me to the bed. When I bumped it to and began to recline, he pushed me hard and parted my thighs in one bakırköy escort quick motion. Before I could do anything, his head was buried between my legs, sucking on my cunt like a man posessed.

I let out a yell, no longer caring if my boyfriend and his pals could hear or not. It had been weeks since I had sex, months since Dan had taken the time to go down on me. Dez was devouring me, licking my clit and pinning my legs to the bed.

The animalistic fashion in which he took me drove me crazy. When he began to chew on my clit, I started to climax. I grabbed the back of his head and held on for dear life.

“Oh Dez that feels so fucking good, you’re making me cum”

They might not have been able to make out the words, but surely the guys downstairs could hear my moans.

Dez responded with no words, but rubbed his face in my flesh as I thrust up to cream all over him. Not one to waste a good orgasm, Dez got up, pulled down his underwear, and relased a thick, hot cock.

He buried it inside me, and I responded by wrapping my legs and thighs about him, excited as he kissed me and told me all the nasty things he was going to do to me.

The old bed Dan and I had yet to replace began squeeking, even louder than when he and I had sex. Dez had apparently been bound and determined to get his dick in me, and dicking me right he was.

“Who’s fucking you good baby? Dez demanded.

“You are Dez…you are”

“You gonna cum for me baby?

“Oh yea Dez, fuck me deep”

He kept fucking me hard, and I clasped my ankles around his back. Now it was apparent that he was providing what I needed for such a long time…. a young girl with a clueless boyfriend.

“Cum for me again Cherry, let it all out”

“Oh yea Dez, give it to me” I screamed as the bed was now one big noise.

This time when I came, wrapping my arms around him and holding him close. It was like a series of blasts going off in my pussy, and I experienced a multiple orgasm for the first time in my life as a tear rolled down my cheek.

I was far past caring as Dez reversed positions not missing a beat, and I found myself bouncing on top of his dick. I leaned forward to let him suck my nipples, and finally, I felt him shoot his load in me, triggering what I thouight was the last of my orgasms.

“Go start a shower, I’ll be right there”

Dez knew I was past questioning him at this point. He didn’t know, but nor did he care if Dan or his friends knew what was going on. He knew more than anyone in that house, that he could do what he wanted, and no one would think to question him. Most of all, he knew a girl like me wanted a guy like him, and after sex like that, I would do anything he said.

I got up and headed towards the shower. My dress and thong laid in the same heap we left them in. Dez immediately followed and pushed me in the shower as I attempted to get the water on.

Dez soaped my body, and told me to relax while he washed my hair. As he ran his hands through my it, I closed my eyes and realized that none of my boyfriends, including Dan, had ever thought to do such a thing for me. All the while, he kept telling me how beautiful I looked, and how horny I made him.

When I opened my eyes, he put my hands down towards his dick. It was already hard again, and I got down on my knees to suck it. Dez and I spent the next thirty minutes fucking doggy style, with me plastered up against the shower wall, and finally with me pinned to the shower floor.

We dried each other off, Dez still rubbing my pussy with the bath towel, until he got me off one last time.

We got dressed, and I put on a change of clothes and headed downstairs with him. The guys were finally done with their games, and were packing up.

“Feel better Cherry? one of them asked

“As a matter of fact I do”

“Good hands Dez” Dan added, as if he was complimenting some athletic move.

“Ok, honey, try not to get too stressed while Big Daddy is in Europe, I’ll be back for your next massage later” said Dez continuing his act. Then he once again took me in his arms and gave me a big kiss on the lips.

The guys broke up again, laughing as the piled in their cars. Dan made his way upstairs, unaware of my hair being wet, our bed unmade, and my clothes lying on the floor.

We’re back to our normal routine…work, video games, and sex once a week or so. He’s a good guy, honest, idealistic, we get along well, and he’s actually fairly good in bed.

But Dez in due back in four weeks. He knows my boyfriend and his friends have an impression of him. But he knows I know the real him, and worse that I like it. What is a girl to do?

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