Gabrielle’s Secret

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I moved to the big city to become a model. And I know what you’re thinking, this sounds like the beginning of a bad porno where the young innocent girl sleeps with agents to get a deal, but you’re wrong. Originally I’m from Massachusetts, not far from Boston, where I lived with my parents and younger sister until I moved to New York when I was twenty. I got a job in a bar waiting tables while I did a few modelling jobs on the side, the only problem was that I was a little more top-heavy than most agents liked. They all loved my shining, thick copper hair and my wide emerald coloured eyes, my tiny waist and long slender legs and even my porcelain satin skin. But the huge breasts weren’t doing it for them. Finally despite my generous yet perky D-cup breasts I landed the perfect job, as a Victoria’s Secret model. My parents weren’t thrilled that I posed half naked for millions of people but they understood that I loved my job and I managed to keep my dignity and self respect. I loved my life living in an apartment in Manhattan, just by Washington Square, with my roommate Nicola but I did miss it at home. Which is why I was thrilled when I discovered I had a clear schedule so I could go home for Christmas, I packed a bag for a week and climbed into my car for the long drive home.

The ground was covered with crisp white snow when I arrived in Salem, my home town. The bared trees were covered with the pristine flaked and yet more were still falling from the sky. When I parked outside the grey, large two story house on the harbour where I had grown up I was really reluctant to get out because it felt so cold. But I wrapped my thick scarf around my neck and zipped my thick duffle coat up to my neck before climbing out onto the sidewalk, I had forgone my usual high heels in favour of thick soled snow boots for the weather and I was truly grateful as I felt the icy ground beneath my feet. I was halfway up the steps to the front door when it was pulled open and my mother stepped out with a thick woollen shawl wrapped around her small shoulders, she ran out to help me and soon I was in the welcome warmth of the wide hallway in out house. My Mom doesn’t look like me, her hair and eyes are the same colour but that’s where any and all resemblance ends. While I’m five foot seven with mile long legs she’s only five foot three, with an almost scrawny figure. But she’s a warm and loving person and as she hugged me I relaxed into her.

“Gabrielle, I’m so glad you decide to come home for the holidays.” She pulled back to smiled widely at me just as my Dad came bounding downstairs, he was where I got my height from as he stood at almost six and a half feet tall. His dark hair had flecks of grey at his temples and his previously lean figure had gained a little more weight since the last time I saw him, reminding me how long it had been since I last saw any of them.

“Daddy.” I grinned widely as he too hugged me. “You look good.”

“And you look beautiful, as always.” He kissed my cheek. “How you doing baby girl?”

“Starving, I’ve been driving all say. The traffic was murder.” I set my suitcase on the floor by the door and tugged my coat off.

“I’ll make you a sandwich, your sister is up in her room.” My Mom waved me away and I jogged up the stairs to my sisters bedroom, she was laid out on her pink bed sheets with a pair of noise cancelling headphones over her ears and a magazine resting on her knees. Her seventeen year old bedroom was the same as when I left, three pink walls and one white wall loaded with a bookcase, mirror, closet door and several posters. Her white and pink checked bedspread was neatly made and the room was surprisingly neat, I could even see her white carpet. The only thing that really had changed was her. Her dark brown hair was shorter, coming only to her shoulders, her figure was fuller and she was taller with longer legs. She was quite hot really.

“Hey, Evie.” I called as I went in and sat on her bed.

“Gabby!” She grinned widely and ditched her headphones. “When did you get back?”

“About three minutes ago.” I grinned. “Don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything.” I hugged her tightly.

“I’m so glad you’re back, I’ve been going crazy here on my own.” She grinned up at me. “Hey I’m going out tonight, do you want to come?”

“Where you going?”

“Bar in town, a few of my friends are coming too. It will be fun.”

“Go on then, I’ll change first though.”

“Into what?” she asked worriedly. “I don’t want you upstaging me, not that you would but you know how you look.”

“I’ll stick with jeans and a nice shirt.” I smiled “What time are we leaving?”

“Nine.” She shrugged. “We we’ll walk to the bar so we don’t have to worry about driving”

“Walk? It’s freezing outside!”

“It’s like five minutes away, don’t be such a pussy.”

When I stepped into the bar behind Evie several men glanced my way curiously, being a new face in a local bar grabbed attention, but it was only when I pulled my coat off that the looks returned in earnest. I had decided on a pair of skinny jeans that lovingly hugged my ass and thighs, super high heeled ankle boots and a glittering black t-shirt ataşehir escort with a completely lace back and no bra. I knew I looked hot with my hair curled and the tight outfit but Evie looked better, she was wearing a blood red body con dress that showed her new, fuller figure to an incredible advantage. And from the salivating teens at the bar it was working.

“Come on, I’ll introduce you.” She lead me over to a group sat around two tables by the pool tables and whistled for their attention. “Guys, you remember my sister Gabrielle.”

“Hey.” They all smiled, some flirtatiously and some politely but with no real interest. Evie told me all of their names but none of them really stuck, I was ushered into a seat whilst Evie wandered off with a guy to buy some drinks and the guy next to me immediately smiled at me.

“So how come we haven’t seen you with Evie before?”

“I haven’t been back to town for like a year.” The music wasn’t really loud so I didn’t have shout to be heard, unlike the clubs in New York.

“Where have you been?”

“I live in New York, I moved there four years ago.”

“How old were you when you left?”


“Yeah, you’re seven years older than Evie right?” He grinned. “You were a cheerleader.”

“And you were ten when I was a cheerleader.” I laughed.

“And I’ll always remember being able to see up your skirt from standing position.” He grinned. “and in case you missed it, I’m Craig”

I hung out with Craig and the two other guys that came to join us for a couple of hours before excusing myself to get some peace and quiet, if such a thing was possible in a crowed bar, but I did manage to find an empty stool at the end of the bar and flagged down the bartender- a tall, sexy, dark haired guy with sparkling blue eyes.

“Hey, what can I get you?” He asked with a wide smile, his full lips parting to reveal straight white teeth.

“Just a diet coke please.” I had had enough martinis, especially if I wanted to walk home in a straight line.

“Not drinking?” He asked as he retrieved a glass.

“No, it wouldn’t look good if I got hammered on my first night back in town.” I glanced over at my increasingly drunk sister. “And someone needs to watch out for Evie.”

“I normally keep an eye out for her.” He looked over at her. “She’s young and I watch over all the young ones.”

“She’s also underage.”

“And I don’t serve her, but her friends are older and at least here I can look out for her.”

“Thank you, I appreciate you looking after her.”

“How do you know her?”

“I’m her sister.” I grinned, he cocked his head to the side and frowned at me.

“Her sister? But that would make you Gabrielle Monroe.”

“The one and only.” I smiled and took a long drink of the icy diet coke he slid in front of me.

“I remember you.” He smiled widely. “You used to baby-sit my little brother.”

“You might have to be a little more specific, I baby-sat a lot of people.”

“Will Callahan, he’s the same age as your sister now.”

“Oh my God! Yes, I remember him.” My smile widened as I realised who the gorgeous specimen in front of me was. “So you’re Luke Callahan?”

“Do you even remember me?” He grinned.

“Of course I do.” Luke was a couple of years older than me and had been in college so I hadn’t seen much of him but what I had seen I had loved, he was tall and handsome back then but he had now filled out impressively. I had caught him looking at me several times as he came and went from the house whilst I was babysitting but we had never even spoken to each other, then he had moved out of his parents house when I was eighteen and I hadn’t seen him again. Until now.

“You look… good.” He looked me up and down. “What are you doing now?”

“I live in New York, actually.”

“Yeah? Got a good job, I always got the feeling you’d do something good?”

“I’m a Victoria’s Secret model.” I smiled when his eyes widened, it was he predictable reaction to my career.

“Really? That’s… cool.”

“I like it, there is so much variety and adventure involved.”

“Adventure, huh?” He chuckled. “I’m not sure I want to know what that means.”

“It isn’t like you think.” I laughed. “I’m not one of those models that sleeps with the photographer on every shoot, I’m talking about a different kind of adventure.”

“Care to elaborate?” He leant on the bar with a small smile, after a glance that assured me the bar was covered I also leant forward.

“I once did this shoot where I wore this black lace slip, it had long sleeves and a high neck so it covered from my collarbone to mid thigh.”

“Doesn’t sound very Victoria’s Secret.”

“Let me finish.” I admonished flirtatiously, I used to have a huge crush on Luke and from the interest gleaming in his blue eyes I might be in with a shot tonight so I was going to jump on it. Or him. “I wore it with nothing but a black thong, a tiny scrap of lace that barely left me covered. Through the lace you could see the thong and my skin but you could also catch a glimpse of my nipples.” avcılar escort He gulped and I smiled knowingly. “It was a huge turn on knowing they could all see me, that they all wanted to see more, but that they wouldn’t. Once the shoot was over I put on my robe and left.”

“That was adventurous?” He gulped again.

“Very, some other shoots went similarly. Especially the ones where I was with another girl.”

“Jesus.” He muttered under his breath.

“I like being subtly adventurous.” I leant forward so I could whisper in his ear, with my full lips against his ear. “Like tonight, I’m not wearing panties.” It was true, I had no panties and no bra on tonight. When I pulled back Luke’s eyes strayed to my chest where my nipples stood out against the tight fabric of my top, I really was very hot and bothered and the lust in his eyes wasn’t helping. “So where are the bathrooms in here?”

“Down the hall.” He pointed. “But those things are a dump, especially on a Friday night, why don’t you use the one upstairs?”

“Show me?” I fluttered my eyelashes at him, he nodded and let me behind the bar so we could walk up the stairs together. No one noticed as we disappeared together.

His apartment was nice, all open plan apart from two doors at the back that presumably lead to the bedroom and bathroom, masculine and tidy.

“This is nice.” I smiled and ran my hand over the back of the leather sofa. “It is a lot neater than my apartment.”

“You’re not neat?” He asked curiously.

“God no.” I laughed. “There are bras and panties strewn about all over the place, my roommate Nicola is also a model, make up and skincare products have nearly swallowed the apartment.”

“You live with another lingerie model?” He smiled.

“Yes, which many of our male friends love coming to visit.” I laughed. “Where is this bathroom?”

“Just through there.” He pointed, I slipped into the bathroom and examined my reflection in the mirror over the tidy sink. After touching up my make up and fluffing up my hair I stepped back out into the living room, Luke was leant back against the wall, his strong biceps straining the sleeves of his black t-shirt and his dark hair falling over his forehead.

“Everything ok?” He asked huskily.

“Perfect… except, well it’s really loud downstairs and my ears are beginning to ring.”

“You can stay up here for a while if you like.” He offered. “I don’t mind.”

“Thank you.” I sidled up to him until our chests brushed together. “I really appreciate it.”

“You’ve really changed, grown up.” He murmured quietly. “You were hot in high school but now you’re really something.”

“Want to see more?” I whispered by his ear, when he smiled I stepped back and pulled my shirt up over my head. Revealing my full, perky breasts to his gaze. He shed his own shirt and I got my first look at his deliciously tanned, muscular chest and abs. He rested his palms on my bare waist and pulled me close so he could cover my mouth with his, the kiss was hot, wet and furiously seductive. He backed me against the wall so he could reach down to cup my breasts, he pinched my nipples hard causing me to gasp into his mouth. I loved having my nipples played with, toeing the line between pleasure and pain. His hands moved to the snap on my jeans and he pushed them down over my hips, one of his large hands cupped my smooth shaven pussy and he pulled back from the kiss with a groan.

“You really aren’t wearing panties.” He groaned. “That’s so fucking hot.” He thrust one finger into my waiting wetness.

“More.” I gasped, reaching for the snap on his jeans. His erection sprung free, long, hard and thick I couldn’t wait to feel it inside me.

“Bed.” He muttered against my nipple as he flicked his tongue over the hard tip.

“Too far, sofa.” I pointed to the leather sofa, he slid his hands under my thighs so he could lift me up and let me wrap my legs around his waist, pressing his rock hard cock against my sopping wet pussy. Once at the sofa I jumped out of his hold so I could kneel on the sofa with my chest against the back cushions and my legs spread widely, I felt Luke come up behind me seconds before he slipped three thick fingers into my gaping pussy. “Now Luke, now!” I arched my back and thrust my ass out towards him, encouraging him to push that gorgeous cock inside me. He did. The swollen head easily slipping in thanks to how wet I was and then his throbbing shaft filling me with just the right amount of pressure without it being painful. He was delicious. His fingers toyed with my nipples and clitoris as he thrust into me, building an intoxicating rhythm that had me coming with a loud shout. He thrust into me one more time, filling me impossibly until I felt his cock jerk as he came, thick bursts of cum filling me until it began seeping out over his cock to drip down my thighs.

“I should get downstairs, Evie will be wondering where I am.” I murmured once we had cleaned up and I was zipping up my jeans.

“Sure.” He passed me my shirt. “I better be getting back down to work too.”

“Thanks.” I pulled my shirt on avrupa yakası escort and slipped my feet into my shoes. “I’ll see you around.”

“Yeah, hey how long are you in town?” He asked as we headed for the stairs.

“Not that long, I need to be getting back to work in a little over a week.”

“Well I hope you have a nice Christmas.” He stopped me with a hand on my arm when I reached for the door. “And this was… incredible.” He murmured huskily as he looked down at me with those gorgeous blue eyes.

“I certainly hadn’t been expecting that when I came out tonight.” I gave him a quick kiss on the lips. “See you around.” I slipped back out into the bar and looked around for Evie, I spotted her in the corner with her mates and made my way over to them. “Hey, I’m going to head home. Will you be ok to find your own way back?” I asked once I reached her.

“Yeah, Brad will give me a ride home.” She gestured to the guy who’s lap she was sat in, he nodded and pointed to his drink- lemonade.

“Great, see you all later.” I whirled out of there and pulled my coat on.

The next day Evie and I were sent to the supermarket, she followed me around the store leant heavily on the shopping cart with a pair of sunglasses covering her eyes.

“They know I’m hungover, this is their punishment, they want to torture me.” She groaned.

“Of course they do.” I laughed as I picked up a box of cereal. “It’s their way of teaching you a lesson about drinking.”

“So they did it to you?”

“Yep.” I nodded and threw the cereal into the cart. “Don’t worry, we’ll finish this up and then you can go and bury your head under a pillow.”

“Thank God” She groaned in relief, I laughed as we turned the corner. Our cart bumped into someone else’s and I looked up with an apology on my lips, that was until I saw that it was Luke and his brother Will.

“Hey, sorry about my sisters poor driving.” I laughed, Luke smiled warmly at me as his eyes devoured me.

“Not a problem, I think of worse people to crash into.” He winked at me.

“Hey bro, introduce me to your honey.” His brother grinned at me.

“She isn’t my honey” Luke rolled his eyes at me. “And you already know her, this is Gabrielle Monroe.”

“No shit? Damn, you look good.” Will looked at me more closely.

“Well thanks.” I grinned.

“Can we please stop the flirt fest? I’m dying here.” Evie groaned from behind me.

“Hey Eve, having fun there?” Will teased.

“If I could move my head without wanting to puke I’d kick your ass.” Was her reply.

“For God sake, go and sit in the car.” I handed her my keys.

“I love you.” She took them and moved off slowly.

“Hangover?” Luke guessed.

“Bad one, it’s almost amusing.”

“And how’s your head?” He asked me as his brother examined a box of Pop-Tarts.

“Perfectly fine, I didn’t drink that much.” I smiled widely.

“And the rest?” He asked in a hushed voice.

“Blissful.” I smiled seductively.

“Glad to hear it, you need… anything else just call me.”

“I might take you up on that.” I laughed. “But I’m kind of busy today.”

“Me too, Christmas is my busiest time of the year.” He sighed. “Lots of people drowning their sorrows in alcohol.”

“The build up is my busiest time of the year, with the exception of maybe Valentine’s day. Lots of men buy lingerie for their wives and girlfriends.”


“What does lingerie have to do with you?” Will asked curiously.

“I’m a Victoria’s Secret model.”

“Shit.” His eyes ran over me with interest. “So… you got any shots I could look at?”

“Buy the catalogue.” I smiled.

“Oh I will.” He murmured, his eyes fixed on my chest.

“Hey.” Luke smacked him on the back of his head. “Don’t be a perv.”

“Like you haven’t looked.” He grumbled.

“Go do something.” His brother told him, Will wandered off after another glance at my tits.

“For what it’s worth you can look at my tits whenever you want.” I told Luke with a smile.

“Promise?” His voice had gone quite gravely and rough, very sexy actually. Flashbacks from the night before flashed through my mind and my body tightened and tingled with arousal.

“Mmm, if you weren’t busy tonight I’d say you could do more than look”.

“I’m not busy now.”

“We’re in a supermarket.”

“There’s a bathroom.” We had steadily moved closer to each other so that we were now almost touching.

“You’re suggesting we have sex on a toilet?”


“Damn that’s hot.” I breathed. “Meet me in five minutes.” I found a clerk and asked if I could leave my shopping cart behind the checkout, luckily he was male and preoccupied with my rack and nodded stupidly. I ran off to the ladies bathroom and found a clean cubicle while I waited for Luke, he arrived after a few minutes with a sizable bulge in the front of his jeans. Yum. We came together in a frantic, bruising kiss, our bodies rubbing sinuously against each other as our hands reached for each others clothes. My button down shirt was opened and spread wide so Luke could run his hands over my black lace bra, meanwhile my hands were tugging his plain black t-shirt up to reveal his hard abs. His hands moved down to the button on my jeans and he barely flicked it open before spearing his hand through my panties right to the core of me, thrusting two fingers into my sopping wet pussy.

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