Further humiliation for the farmer’s wife

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Further humiliation for the farmer’s wife
Further humiliation for the farmer’s wife

The farmer’s wife had never let go of Harry during his weeks of apprenticeship, not for a moment. She had structurally mistreated him, 24/7, and now Harry planned never to give her a moment of relief either and to mentally and fysically try to break her.

His strong feelings of revenge had destroyed every human touch in him, that much was clear. And to be honest, for what the farmer’s wife had done to Harry, no retaliation would suffice. So Harry went on with quid pro quo, as the Romans used to say.

The biggest butt plug he had had up his ass, to stretch him even more, causing a disfiguring prolapse after a few days, he had now shoved into the farmer’s wife’s ass. It took him some effort, because even the farmer’s wife’s orifices had their limits. But he pushed with force and the butt plug suddenly entered the ‘gate’, got stuck and did not come out.

Harry planned to transform the farmer’s wife into a pig. That’s what she would be, no more and no less. He would feed her with potato peels and turnips. And with what Nell, the farmer and he would produce as excrements. So that what they had eaten would be cradled-to-cradle, when it was fed to the farmer’s wife. Sustainable farming …

But a pig should not have hair on its head. So Harry had a nice chore for the farmer. He was ordered güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to shave his wife’s head, her pubic hair and her armpits. He would have to use his own razor and Harry would see to it that the farmer’s wife would not obstruct his process by kicking or beating her husband. That was how the workload was divided.

The farmer was not too happy, because his wife would remember all he did to her, even though he only took orders from Harry. If she ever got her freedom back, he had better make himself scarce. Because he was in no position to refuse Harry’s orders, he took his razor and started with his wife’s head.

He started removing her hair with long strokes. First “onnatop”, and then on the sides. Harry picked up some of the hair that had landed on the floor and stuffed it into the farmer’s wife’s mouth. A funny sight it was, her hairy mouth. Like some extinct a****l species. Tasmanian devil?

The farmer ended up with a bald head and he continued with her armpits and then her pubic hair. Harry had to restrain the ‘victim’ all the time, so she would not get seriously hurt by the razor used on her. The farmer did a good job, as if he had shaven women’s heads before. If so, his former ‘models’ would have been easier jobs than his own struggling wife.

Harry prepared his own little bowl of shaving cream and started removing makrobet güvenilir mi the last bits of hair on her body. Because she had hair all over the place. On her shoulders, in her neck, on her legs and on her belly. When he had finished, she really resembled a pig, and that was exactly what Harry wanted.

The only area that was not 100% hairless were her labia, because they had a pole with fish hooks attached to them that was seriously in the way. And the farmer was not allowed to temporarily remove this. The pole and the stretched labia were too kinky a sight, Harry thought.

What was still missing to make the picture perfect, was a big nose ring. With which she could be tied to the fence, or anywhere else. He asked the farmer if he had tools to make labels in cow’s ears. ‘Yes’, the farmer answered. ‘I also use them to make extra holes in my belt, if I gain too much weight.’

That was exactly what Harry needed. He ordered the farmer to go and get the nose piercer. And to bring Nell on the way back, because they could use her assistance. Perforating the farmer’s wife’s nose bone would be no easy task. And better safe than sorry on the personnel count.

The human nose has a hard bit of bone to it and a softer part on the front. Harry wanted to enter the ring through the softer part, because then there would still be some room for stretching tipobet the ring. This idea made him horny, and he wandered who had become the bigger sadist. The farmer’s wife, or he?

Harry did not think it necessary to properly clean the farmer’s wife’s nose, to prevent an infection if she started bleeding. Also, he wanted her to feel every second of the ‘operation’. He ordered the farmer to keep his wife’s ugly round head as far backwards as possible. Nell was asked to restrain her legs and prevent her from kicking like a donkey. Even though her labia were attached to a wooden pole now. With 12 rusty fish hooks …

Harry took the equipment, pulled her nose forward a bit and pierced the soft skin with some force. The farmer’s wife’s reacted immediately and all her kilos were shaking as if an earthquake had hit her. She seemed to pass out and her body sagged into relative silence. She was like a huge balloon that had lost half its air.

Harry has found an old nose ring that had been used on a cow and he quickly shoved this metal object through the bleeding hole in her nose. The pig-like face was nearing completion. Some labels in her ears and the job was done. The labels would be a project for another day of torturing the farmer’s wife, though.

What had once been the matron of the farm, had now been reduced to a huge lump of flesh. Naked in a stable, tied to the fence, with a shaven head, with her labia hooked to a pole, twelve times. And then there was the humiliating nose ring now. The tables had turned for the farmer’s wife, to put it mildly. And there was more to come, considering Harry’s unstoppable feelings of revenge. They were far from over.

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