Fun in the Rain

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On a warm Sunday afternoon in mid July about 3 o’clock twenty of us who had been playing softball regularly gathered for our weekly game. We were a mixed crowd ranging in age from say 20 to 35.

The field was located near the town high school. It was well maintained as it was also used for league baseball games.

A few at a time the cars began arriving and parking at the edge of the road. Drivers and passengers alighted carrying bats, and gloves. Some one had a bag of softballs. There were two other guys each carrying one end of a chest full of ice and bottled water.

Jill and her sister Jackie were quite attractive. Twins with long blond hair, blue eyes, five foot six they came dressed in tight tops, shorts and sneakers. They were well endowed up top and curvy.

Another girl was Janet. She was taller than the twins by perhaps an inch. A girl with long legs and a slim figure, she was less curvy and had smaller boobs than the Benson twins.

Michelle was another tall girl. She stood five foot nine. She had auburn hair and hazel eyes. Her face being her best feature was cute.

Krista had long, flowing light brown hair. At 19 she was the youngest there and the quirkiest.

Carrie was the only other girl in the group. She casino oyna stood five foot five with brown eyes, dark wavy hair that fell onto her shoulders. She had been a member at a local gym for years. That was obvious to look at her.

Fifteen guys came out to the field. Most of us stayed fit although none of us would ever win a body building title.

Two team captains, Mat Sully and Paul Jamison gathered by home plate to pick their players. The rest of us gathered around.

“A coin toss,” said Mat.

Paul nodded agreement. “I’ll take heads.”

The coin hit the ground and determined that Mat would have the first pick in the “draft.”

“I’ll take Steve.”

The six foot 23 year old with athletic build walked a few steps to take his place next to his captain. Of all the players out there he was clearly the best. He had a strong, accurate arm from the outfield and range chasing down fly balls. He generally could catch anything within 50 feet of him. He was also a consistent hitter with some power.

Paul chose Michael, another good all around athlete.

The girls were chosen last though some of them were not too bad.

There was a little wager on this game The losing team, assuming they took the bet seriously, might canlı casino be embarrassed.

The game had progressed to the fourth inning. A lot of runs had crossed the plate. At times a team in the field thought it may be out there forever. The score by then was 12 to 7. it was after 5 pm guessing from the position of the sun.

The sky behind home plate suddenly became quite dark, the sign of a torrential down pour about to begin. We were enjoying ourselves too much to just let a little rain bother us.

We played through the first sprinkles. Then it came harder.

It was kind of a private area. There trees beyond the outfield. The only building was the vacant school

Krista displayed her sense of humor, if one could call that. She could certainly not be called a slut which is why her deed was so unexpected. If anything she was sweet.

The rain had been coming down hard by this time. Soaked like we all were Krista proceed to get up from the bench and pull off her shirt over head head then her bra, sneakers, shorts and panties. We all looked at her nude body.

“This feels great! Lets all get naked.” She was giggling and running arounbd the diamond through the rain. Her idea caught on quickly.

Before long all of us stripped kaçak casino naked. Clothing and underwear were piled in heaps in the grass and the mud next to bench.

We decided to continue the game. Needless to say it was a little difficult to concentrate when watching boobs bounce.

There was a pond near by. The bet, had the sky remained blue, would have required the losing team to skinny dip. There were houses in the distance opposite the small beach.

For several minutes we all stayed naked. Inhibitions went away.

Life can be full of surprises when people let go of their inhibitions. No one would have taken Krista Pollack for a lesbian We had all been naked for just a couple of minutes when she revealed it.

With one finger she began to rub her clit. Then it went inside her. The guys watched.

“I want a girl. I want another girl’s pussy so badly!”

No one responded imediately. At least most of the others were straight that except for Joe Hood and myself. Comfortable with our homiosexuality we began stroking each other’s cock. Before long we indulged ourselves and each other in sixty nine.

Krista finally got her wish.

“I’m bi,” said Michelle and went to her. Before long soft moans became audible screams.

The rain had come down for, i’d say almost an hour, then began to clear. We all concluded that it was tie to head for home. Clothing, such as it was, became limited to the bare essentials, pants.

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