Fun in the Afternoon

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I was recently widowed, now living alone. Sure, had friends and family members that were there for me. However, I really needed a little more than that. I had the “urge to merge” but did not know where to look. So of course, I went online.

Yeah, I was looking for sex, but a little more than that. Not sure how to describe it. I was surprised at how many women, and men were on these numerous “dating” sites. Some seemed to be quite unbelievable, or risky, at least in my line of thought. When I see a picture without a face and the line, “Let’s fuck” or something like that, I’m not going there.

I was not really looking to find a serious relationship with a woman, it seemed too soon. Now I’ve always been a little curious about having a “fling” with another guy. I remember back when I was a kid, me and the neighbor boy would find the old man’s porn stash in the basement, and we would jack off together. It was fun, but no strings attached, that’s for sure. So, I thought I might take a look at a “men looking for men” site. I wasn’t looking for the younger guys, more somebody my age.

I was surprised at how many men on these sites would show pictures of their cock, and not a whole lot of anything else. Like they are trolling or something, that wasn’t for me. However, I did find a couple of guys that seemed interesting, about the same age, and in the area. So, I made contact.

Started “chatting” with a few, even exchanged phone numbers. Talked with one or two, but did not make any physical contact. Then there was Ken, we seemed to hit it off, at least on line. We agreed to meet up at the local Starbucks, have coffee and see if we wanted to go from there.

Well it went pretty good. We discovered we had a lot in common; both of us were widowers, living alone, and liked dogs! We both had a mutt at home, and thought the world of them. So, we set up another meet, this time at a local park, where we could walk with the dogs and talk, away from any folks that might be listening in to our conversation. That meet up also went quite well.

The next time we met was also at the park, but this time no dogs. It looked like it was going to rain. Ken invited me to sit in his car with him, so we could talk without getting wet. As we were sitting there he asked, “Is it okay if I hold you?”

I responded with “Of course it’s okay” and he gave me a hug.

Next thing I casino oyna know, he slips his hand onto my thigh, and slides it up to my crotch, and gives my cock a squeeze. He then puts his hand inside the waist of my slacks, and takes hold onto my dick. “This is what I want to hold, it feels good” he whispered to me. He then just sits there and gently squeezes my cock. This of course, is making my cock rise to the occasion. He then says “Good, you’re getting nice and hard” I opened my slacks and zipper to give him easier access, and let him continue.

After a minute or two of us just sitting there, and him playing with my cock, he says “I’m sorry, but I really need to be going. Have errands to run and other things.” He removes his hand from my crotch, gives me another hug and says “Button up; we can continue this at a later time.” I’m a bit shaken up by this, but I do zip back up, button my slacks and I get out of the car. He says “I’ll give you a call later this evening” as he starts the engine.

“Great” I say, and sort of stumble back to my car, nursing a hard on, hoping that nobody can see the condition I’m in.

That evening, Ken does call and invites me to his place on Saturday afternoon. Said we can grill up some burgers and hotdogs or something, and I say “See ya then, looking forward to it”.

I arrive at Ken’s place about 2:30 PM, and was surprised to see another car in his driveway. I ring his doorbell, and he answers the door, invites me in. He is wearing shorts, but no shirt. He says “Let’s go out to the back porch, want you to meet somebody” as we head to the back of his house.

As we get there, I see another guy standing there, also shirtless and holding a beer in his hand. Ken says “Tim (that’s me), this is Stan, a good friend of mine”.

Stan says “Good to meet you, Ken has told me a little bit about you” as he shakes my hand.

“Hi Stan, Ken didn’t mention you at all to me” I said, looking over at Ken.

Ken just smiles, “Well I wasn’t sure you would come by if I did” and he gives me a hug.

We all sit down out on the porch, sipping on a beer, when Stan says “Ken, come on and get comfortable like we are, take off that shirt”. As it is a bit warm, why not and take off the shirt and sit back down with them.

After a bit, Ken suggests we go to the living room, and get even more comfortable. “Stan and I have known each other canlı casino for almost a year now, met him online, just like I met you. I’ll let you in on a little secret of ours; we like to sit around in the nude. What do you think? Shall we strip down, and see what comes up” he chuckled.

Well, what the hell, why not. Next thing you know, all three of us are sitting on the couch in the nude, and drinking a beer. Ken then gets up; says he is going to put something on the TV, and starts up a DVD.

Stan gives a little yell “Hell yes, put on something exciting, lots of fucking and sucking” and sure enough, a porn flick is now on the TV. It’s a “Chicks with Dicks” video, she males in action.

Ken says “Tim, I think you’ll get a rise out of this one” as he sits down next to me.

Ken reaches over and takes hold of Stan’s cock, which has indeed risen. He says “Tim, Stan’s got a nice one here, that’s quite a head he has on it”, as he pumps on it.

I look over, Stan is just sitting back sipping on his beer, watching the movie and smiling. “Ah, yes that feels so good, keep it up” he says to Ken.

On the TV, there is a lovely Asian Ladyboy, showing off her ass, as she is bent over sucking on another Ladyboy’s cock. My cock is also rising to the occasion. I reach over and squeeze Ken’s dick, which is pointing straight out. He has a big cock, bulbous head, and I’m sliding my finger up and down the underside of it.

“Yeah Tim, that’s the way, join in the fun here” says Ken.

With his other hand, Ken reaches over and starts to jack off my dick, but slowly. Stan looks over at us, puts his beer down and stands up. His cock is standing tall, as he kneels in front of Ken, I let go of Ken’s dick, and Stan starts to lick it. Ken just sits back, and moans. Stan is licking that cock like a lollipop, and then he pops that head into his mouth. I just back and watch, as I start to frig my own cock.

About a minute later, Stan is standing again, he dick pointing straight as an arrow towards Ken. Ken reaches out, takes hold of Stan’s cock, leans forward and sucks it into his mouth. Gives it a few head bobs, and Stan sits back down. Ken now reaches over to me, and takes my cock in his hand. He bends over and gives the head a lick.

Ken then sits back up, says “Oh yes, this is going to a good day” and looks back at the TV screen.

I figure I should get into kaçak casino this too. I get up, go over to Stan, kneel between his legs and start to play with his cock. I bend slightly and lick the head and then suck it into my mouth. It feels almost natural to be doing this.

Stan looks down at me, says “You’re doing fine, just don’t get carried away, I don’t want to cum yet.” So, I stop, give the head another lick and go sit back down.

The ladyboys in the movie are fucking and sucking away. We three are sitting there with our cocks standing tall watching the movie. I reach over and take Ken’s rock hard cock into my hands and start to pump him again. Stan also lends a hand, to tantalize Ken’s dick.

Ken sits back, moans and says “Oh, oh, I’m cumming” and he shoots his cream all over our hands. I continue to pump him, making sure every drop is out. Stan’s hand is covered in cum; he licks some it off and then sort of pours it back on Ken’s dick.

I sit back; Stan then comes over to me, kneels and takes my cock into his mouth. “I want you to shoot your cream right down my throat” he says as his head starts to bob up and down on me. Oh, this feels wonderful, one hell of blow job.

I feel myself getting ready to pop, warn Stan and he says “Do it, I’m ready for it” and just about deep throats me. I suddenly burst, cum is shooting into Stan’s mouth, I’m in heaven.

Shortly after I cum, Stan stands back up, Ken reaches over and starts to tug on Stan’s cock. Pulls him over closer to him, and starts to suck on it.

Stan groans and says “Yes, yes, I’m going to cum” and he shoots his cream all over Ken’s face. Ken attempts to lick some of it off, but it is still dripping off of him.

Ken then says, “Damn, that was fucking great” gets up goes into the bathroom and cleans off his face. He comes back, turns off the DVD and TV, and sits down with me and Stan on the couch.

After a few minutes and we all catch our breath. Ken says, “Okay, what do you think about starting the grill, and having something to eat”.

Since the grill is in the back yard, the three of us put our shorts back on and head out to yard. We all pop open another beer, and get the fire going.

As Ken is grilling up the burgers, he says to me “After we eat, why don’t you go home, get your dog, and come back over. You can spend the night, and you won’t have to worry about the pup.”

“Sounds like a plan” I reply.

Stan says, he can’t stay the night, but will hang around until for another couple of hours or so.

It was a fun afternoon, I wonder what the night will be like!

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