Fulfilling Namita

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Hello friends! It is Sudhir again. I hope you enjoyed my previous encounter. After my first experience I was fucking madhu on a regular basis. However, rejuvenated as I was I wanted more variety. By now I had become very conscious of my appearance. Gradually I was aware of feminine behavior and began observing ladies very closely. Soon to follow were minor mischiefs in public places. Hardly did I miss an opportunity to get a feel of a female passing by. Most of the females did not take a liking to it, but a few were more than encouraging.

One fine day I was returning from work when I spotted a pair nice, shapely female buttocks moving in a rhythmic fashion before me. Horny as I ever am, I followed this sex-bomb. I was in for a shock when I saw her entering my building. I followed her into our lift. Since the lift already had a few people inside, it was an opportunity in the waiting. Cleverly I stood beside her. She was extremely fair with cherry red lips and was wearing a body hugging salwar-kameez. Without wasting a second I brushed my hand across her. She smiled at me and said sorry. I took my next step. Shamelessly, I placed my hand on her hips and as if caressing, gently moved it over her buttocks. The smile stayed on. Encouraged by this I went even further and gripped her bump firmly, while my middle finger poked her on her ass-hole. But this time the smile died down and she looked at me with piercing eyes so as to signal enough. I retreated. Since my floor had arrived l got out. Once in my flat I went straight to my bathroom and shagged a couple of times.

For the next few days she always occupied my mind. Little did I know that it was only a matter of few days before I would taste her? As usual I visit my neighbor Mr. Shreenivas Joshi, also a good friend of mine. To my surprise the door was opened by this bombshell. She too seemed equally surprised. At the same time my friend Shree (as we would call him) appeared and introduced her to me. I could not believe it when he said she was his daughter-in-law casino siteleri Namita. Shree then apologized for not inviting me to his son’s wedding. Even as this went on my eyes were fixed on her. While she kept a smiling yet blushing face, her hands conveyed a different message. Her right hand was mending her hair while the left one was adjusting her sari. Cleverly she shifted her pallu to give me a glimpse of her right breast. Certainly she was for the taking, but when!

I began visiting Shree’s place daily. His family was quite free with me and so I used to get into the kitchen on some pretext or another. Every opportunity to touch, caress or pinch her was well utilized. She on the other hand seemed to be surrendering slowly. One afternoon I met her in the staircase. Seeing my chance I deliberately tripped on her. Immediately I grabbed her waist. This whore took a step further and placed her hand on my semi-hardened crotch. Seizing the initiative I placed my lips on her and pressed them lightly. She accepted my move and we kissed passionately. Desperate, she unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. My large tool took her aback. Unfortunately we heard footsteps from downstairs and hence ended our meeting there. But we started meeting secretly in the staircase and continued our encounters.

Despite our frequent short meeting I desperately wanted a longer appointment. Shortly I was to receive one. One Sunday morning I received a call from namita. Her transistor was not working and so she wanted me (an engineer) to fix it. Sensing an opportunity I promptly answered at her doorstep. On seeing her I almost fainted. She was dressed in a dark green sari (maharashtrian type) and a matching tight blouse. Her red lips were on the kill. Her hair nicely tied and complimented by a gajra. My cock began pushing out fiercely. Quickly, I closed the door and followed her into the bedroom. She was alone since everyone had been out of town. Once in the bedroom we embraced each other and soon latched canlı casino on to a passionate kiss. After kissing to our fill, I grabbed her sari and untied it. Her shapely waist and navel made me uncontrollable. I said to myself,” I am going to plant my seed on this fertile field.”

Next, I began to unhook her blouse. Very soon she was in her bare essentials. In a seductive manner she dropped her bra straps and began massaging her own boobs. Unable to control myself I pulled out my cock and ordered for a blowjob. She surpassed all my expectations with grace. Initially she felt my erect tool with her tender hands. Slowly but surely she started massaging my cock. Lowering herself she took my jumbo in her mouth and wetted it completely in her saliva. She kept running her tongue all over my glans penis. It was only my first blowjob but I was in heaven. Gradually a force developed in my dick. With every thrust she gave me it grew stronger. Her tongue kept teasing and tantalizing my cock. Her lipstick was al smeared over my penis. With my ahhhs and ooohs I was enjoying every moment of it. Finally I could take it no longer. My penis suddenly exploded bathing her face with loads of creamy semen.

Now it was my turn to oblige her. I rolled her panties out and got down to her cave. Initially I inserted two fingers into her vagina. It was very taut but very fleshy, which is probably why Niraj’s (her husband) 4 ½” dick was not sufficient. Rubbing gently against her clit, I made it hot immediately. Then I got opened her vulva wide enough and insert my tongue inside her cunt. Skillfully I moved my tongue all over her clit in a rapid fashion. I could literally feel the heat rushing out. A strange yet intoxicating smell pervaded her genitals. This made me even hungrier and I started licking her clit even more vigorously. By now she was moaning with pleasure. Still I continued, as I wanted to push her into a climax, which she had not reached so far. She reached the summit soon, by then her cunt was red hot and kaçak casino it had become considerably wet. Her moans were louder and she cried enough.

As I came to myself, I could see the signs of excitement all over her body. Her white face had turned red. Her body was sweating profusely. All this energized me and my jumbo readied itself for service. I sat on a chair so that my cock was pointing straight above. Then I mounted her over it. Instantly she set off screwing me. Like an expert she carefully inserted my tool inside her cunt and began to work on it. Moving her hips rhythmically she ensured that my tool was well rubbed upon. I complimented her by thrusting up and down. By now my cock was deep inside her cunt. In my excitement I began fondling her breasts. They were untouched by any man before. Soft, succulent and with fitting nipples, they were a lover’s delight. The sight of her boobs made me hornier than ever. In my reverie I gripped her firmly. By now I was literally hammering into her. She too was intensely excited and began mumbling in Marathi,” ajhun joraat (more faster), me ata tumchich rani ahay (I am your queen now, tumchya kadun malaa mul havay (please father my child).” This was incentive enough. My tool could take it no longer. With a big blast my cock obliged her wishes and flooded her with loads of my progeny.

Our multiple orgasms left us exhausted. We rested for a while. While resting I enquired about her husband. She said that he was a good person at heart and enjoyed sex, but he had a lesser stamina and so she was unfulfilled.

Later in that afternoon we fucked each other even more. We tried out doggy style and also had sex while standing. All in all she seemed a perfect wife no.3 for me. For the next two months we continued our encounters. It then that Shree once called me to inform me that namita was expectant. I rushed to greet her. She was with Niraj. I congratulated him (in fact I was to be congratulated). Namita knew what I meant and smiled slyly. Months later she dutifully delivered a beautiful girl child. This was just the first with a few more to follow (but fathered by different males, I will write about them in the next few days).

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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