Fucked To Pregnant My Sister-In-Law

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Hi friends, I have slept with my sister-in- the persuasion and will of my mother-in-law and my wife.

My sister-in-law was married for over five years, but had no issue and she had got herself tested and found fit to conceive, but her hubby had problems which he was not accepting and his parents wanted to have his second marriage.

Here my wife was pregnant for five months and the doctor had advised her to complete bed rest.

Therefore, my wife had requested her mother to come to our house, but my wife was very smart and she, realizing my extreme needs, told me that “since my father was not well she couldn’t come and stay here.”

But she said she would request her elder sister to help us out.

Then she spoke with my sister-in-law and told her that since she has been advised bed, and rest and she cannot have sex with me and she could seduce me and have a baby which will solve the problems of both the sisters.

But my sister-in-law was not willing for it, seeing that she directly spoke with my sister-in-law’s husband.

He finally van escort agreed to this, and he forced her to have a baby with me. Then after one week, my sister-in-law and her hubby came to our house, and he left the next day.

A few days passed like this and my wife would crack coexist, and-in-law with me in front of her sister, who would laugh away.

One day my mother-in-law called my wife and asked about progress. She said nothing till now to which she scolded her and said, sister-in-law and “you have no time, do it fast else she would speak directly.”

That night I got to an office party and when I returned, my wife kissed and hugged me tightly. I returned by which I got charged up. She could see an erection in my pants.

So I slowly moved her away, reminding his doctor’s advice. I said, “You are too cruel, pity my Dick.”

She said “darling, I allowed you to fuck me till now even when it was paining but I can solve your dick’s problem if you agree with me.”

Then she told her sister and said “only escort van you can save her house and now that her hubby has also agreed to it, please help her.”

I said, “give me some time to think over, “, then she put some oil on and started rubbing my Dick up and down till I ejaculated.

Three-four days passed, and it was a Sunday and we were still in bed. My sister-in-law brought tea for us, and my wife asked her to have tea with us. She sat on the bed next to me, and my wife always slept naked and covered with a bedsheet.

The moment her thighs touched my legs, my Dick started growing.

My wife told my sis to see how big his banana has grown just by your touch. My sis-in-law said “I didn’t touch it.”

Then she said, “What are you both waiting for?”

And she pulled off the bedsheet, which made both of us naked. My Sis in Law immediately pulled back and covered himself.

She said, how both of you have been given enough time, now you will have to do it right now. “

Then she asked her sis to kiss van escort bayan me, she gave a kiss, then I also kissed her, and we three sat together, cracking, non veg jokes, then my sis-in-law got up, my wife said: “what a man you are, hold her and fuck her. “

I said, “you rest here. We will go to the bedroom.”

She said, “to this, remove her clothes right here and fuck her in front of me.”

And now I could not resist seeing her sexy body. My Dick was roaring to fuck her.

I started playing with her boobs with both my hands and simultaneously kissing her.

Now she also was getting hot and kissing me, then I put her nipple in my mouth and started sucking, seeing both of us in action. My wife, too, was getting horny, and she held my penis and slowly started rubbing it.

Seeing this body, I went on top of my sister-in-law and started fucking her. My wife said, “don’t leave here today and fuck her till she gets pregnant, let her hubby know how to fuck a woman.”

This charged me and I was thrusting my Dick deep inside her as she was moaning deeply. Finally, I was finished as my cum went deep inside her, filling her pussy.

I fucked her for one month until she tested pregnant and then after she left us. I enjoyed myself a lot with her and I miss her now too much.

Love you and thank you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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