Fucked Dry

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Amy Anderssen

My girlfriend had been away visiting family all week, and I was horny as hell. My day at work had been a real struggle, not just because I couldn’t concentrate – my cock had been twitching away all day, on the verge of an erection every time I thought about her tight wet hole and expert mouth. I had been dying to have a wank, but I remembered her words on the phone – she wanted me to wait, and “it would be worth it” when she returned. “Just think,” she had purred down the line, “why would I want you to wait? Maybe so I can get a big sticky mouthful from you when I get home!”

Now she had been back ten minutes, and we were already in the shower together. I looked at the water running over her dark hair and porcelaine skin and my prick stood to attention. She was soaping me down, pressing her slippery breasts against me and loving the fact that I was obviously desperate to shove my rod in anywhere. She squeezed some more shower gel out onto her hand. It was thick and white, and she started sniggering “Look, you’ll be doing that soon!”. I couldn’t help laughing, but I soon stopped as she moved her hand downwards and began thoroughly working over my balls and the base of my cock. “God, they feel big and heavy today. Don’t worry, all those little critters will find a home soon. I’m going to suck and fuck you dry. Maybe one in the mouth and two in the pussy? Or how about one load in each hole? Hehe. You haven’t been in my ass for, oh, about a year. Have a think about it.”

We got out of the shower and didn’t even bother to get dry. I practically jumped on the bed and she shoved her mouth down hard on my cock, taking it right down to the base straight away. She began aggressively sucking me, slurping loudly, one hand working my shaft. The coldness of her long wet canlı bahis hair on my stomach contrasted nicely with her hot mouth wrapped firmly around my cock.

She lifted her head, rubbed my dick all ever her cheeks and chin, and looked at me. Her face was red and there was saliva from my cock all over it. She spat on the head of my cock and her hand became a blur as it ran quickly up and down the length of my throbbing penis. She leaned over me so that one of her soft breasts rubbed against my tip, and cupped my balls with her free hand. She has small, soft hands, and as one of them kneeded my balls and perineum I was more thankful for them than at any other time (which is saying something).

I was breathing heavily by this point, and she knew I was on the edge of cumming. She took her hand off my cock and sealed her lips around it, bobbing her head up and down frantically. It felt amazing, and as I was just about to cum my whole body tensed, causing me to push her head down hard on my dick. Thick cum spewed into the back of her throat, she spluttered, and it came out of her nose as she frantically pulled her head away. About a third of my cum was dribbling out of her nose, and the rest streamed out of her gasping mouth and down her chin and chest. I felt pretty bad, and braced myself for a bout of yelling, but she merely smiled at me, scooping some of my man juice into her mouth and making a show of swallowing it. She cleaned the rest up with a tissue. I still hadn’t said anything; I was still lying on the bed, breathing loudly, my cock slick and used but still hard and by no means finished. “Don’t worry,” she said, “I said I wanted a big sticky mouthful, and that’s what you gave me. I wasn’t banking on a noseful, though. I’m sure you can make it up to me…” As bahis siteleri she said this last part, she slowly opened her legs, revealing her smooth cunt. I knew what she meant, and I quickly buried my tongue in it. I could tell she was extremely excited, as her pussy was a deep pink colour, contrasting sharply with her pale skin.

She was already wet, and she grabbed a handful of my hair as I roughly licked and sucked her clit and ran two fingers in and out of her tight wet hole. She squirmed, then sat up and came loudly. Usually, at this stage she would tell me to stop, but as I tried to pull my head away she pushed it down hard onto her throbbing clit. She hissed “Don’t stop, please,” and I carried on as before. By now she was writhing around and grinding her cunt on my face. She shouted that she was cumming and screamed out her second orgasm. I could feel her pussy twitching under my tongue, and this time she lifted my head. Her face and neck were red, she was trembling, and it took all of her efforts to turn over onto her hands and knees. I slid myself into her sopping hole and began to fuck her fast and hard from behind. I grabbed a handful of her hair, turning her head around, and she kissed me roughly, tasting herself on my face. I slapped her ass, leaving a red handprint.

After about five minutes of pumping away at her pussy like a piston, I could feel myself about to cum. With my cock glistening with her juices, I was enjoying myself so much that I didn’t want to drop my load just yet. I was about to pull out when my girlfriend snaked her hips, sending me over the edge. Helplessly, I felt semen spray out of me and into her warm insides. It wasn’t a full orgasm though, as I was holding back. I took out my cock and slapped it on her ass cheek, leaving a drop bahis şirketleri of cum on it. “Baby, that wasn’t a full one. I’m not quite done yet. Can I still have your ass tonight? It’s been a while.” Her whole body was heaving with the intensity of our session, and she breathed out one word – “Yes”.

My cock was extremely slippery with her juices and my own cum. I gently pushed the head against her asshole, causing it to open slightly, and pushed in up to the edge of my helmet. We rocked back and forth for a minute, with me advancing in a little further each time. Leaning forwards, I had one arm around her neck and shoulders, and our sweating bodies were slick against each other. Eventually, when I was about two-thirds of the way in, I said “Ok?”. She nodded her head and gasped, in pain and pleasure, as she took me balls deep. I began a steady rythm and she began to relax, enjoying my slow thrusts. My second load, though not huge, was leaking from her pussy, adding to our sensation as my balls squelched against her wet slit and ultra-sensitive clit.

Normally after shooting a couple of loads I would have had a few problems staying hard, but even though my cock was really sensitive and a little sore I was really enjoying myself after our week of abstinence. Her asshole was clamped around my shaft, her back arched to take all my length. I felt the cum rising from my balls and I knew that this was the final one. “Fuck,” I grunted, “You’re gonna fuck me dry.” She replied “Oh, baby, yes, drain your fucking balls in my ass. Come on baby, do it! You can fuck me as hard as you like!” I lifted one knee, grabbed her hips, and began to pound hard, the grip of her asshole milking my cock. I gasped as my cock spasmed wildly, then shuddered as I loosed off a big load right in her ass. My dick immediately softened, and I slipped out of her. We both grinned and surveyed our bed, which was covered all over in wet patches of cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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