Frozen Cream Pops

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Nadia was just pulling her delivery truck of ice cream into the back of the grocery store when she noticed a very handsome man looking straight at her. Nadia could not tear her eyes away from the man. She decided to go up to him and find out what his name was.

“Hello,” she said then continued, as she extended her hand toward the man, “My name is Nadia and you are . . .?” she asked.

“Duncan. Duncan Straight. I hope you don’t mind I couldn’t tear my eyes away from you since you are so stunningly beautiful” he said.

“Thank you very much for the compliment. I have to deliver my ice cream load to the store but when I am done may be we could do something like lunch” Nadia suggested.

“Sounds fine by me,” Duncan responded as he watched Nadia open up the back of her delivery truck.

Forty five minutes later the ice cream had been delivered and Nadia was having the store manager sing the invoice canlı bahis for the ice cream delivery she noticed Duncan was leaning against her truck. Nadia quickly walked to her truck and asked Duncan what he was in the mood for Chinese or Mexican food.

“How about we make our own ice cream,” Duncan suggested.

“How can we do that?” Nadia inquired.

Duncan leaned into her right ear and whispered something seductive to Nadia. Nadia blushed a full beet red color then shook her head up and down signaling that she definitely liked Duncan’s idea.

Duncan had Nadia follow him to his nearby apartment in her truck. When they got in his apartment Duncan started pulling Nadia’s shirt and jeans off hardly holding back his desire for her.

Nadia helped him by unbuttoning her shirt and unzipping her pants before Duncan could tear them off of her. As soon as Nadia was standing there naked in her sneakers bahis siteleri Duncan tore off his own shirt and jeans totally forgetting about his own shoes which he had forgotten to take off. Nadia took off her sneakers and Duncan reached down and slipped his sneakers off as well. Duncan got down on his knees and started to pry Nadia’s legs open with his hands as he searched with his tongue flicking and licking at the inside of her thighs until he found her red swollen button of a clitoris.

“Oooh, that feels good,” Naida said as Duncan increased the intensity of his tongue ministrations upon her clit.

Next Duncan got up and positioned Nadia over the arm of his couch as they were in his living room and he plunged himself deeply within Nadia’s waiting steamy and hot and very wet cunt.

“Oh yes, harder, faster,” Nadia screamed as Duncan released his cum deep within her.

Ducan once again whispered bahis şirketleri in her ear and Nadia smiled as she blushed once again.

Holding her hands underneath her, she quickly made her way to the kitchen with Duncan leading as he took out empty ice trays. Nadia placed an empty ice tray underneath her to catch some of Duncan’s cum load. She was going to make home made ice cream pops with Duncan’s cum, which Duncan had suggested to her when he had whispered in her ear.

When Nadia was done with the ice cream trays she put them in the freezer. Thirty minutes later the cream pops were done. Nadia told Duncan that she would like to put the frozen pops inside of her. Duncan smiled widely and said he wanted to watch her do that.

Nadia sat down at the kitchen table and popped out a frozen treat. She slid the treat inside of her slick cunt and then took another one inside of her.

“Wow, you are amazing.” Duncan said and he started to kiss Nadia fully on the lips.

Nadia ended up putting 6 of the frozen treats inside of her that day.

It wasn’t until a month later that she found out that she was carrying octoplets.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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