From Kendra to Kyle, with Love

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Author’s Note: This one is a sequel to a story I wrote a few years back entitled “Kendra’s Present”. I hope you all enjoy this one just as much.


Kendra Christiansen had wandered the entire mall, trying to find the exact perfect present for her Kyle, her boyfriend-lover of the past 3 years. As money wasn’t really an object, she’d even considered things like a Porsche, a trip around the world — but realized they weren’t quite the right gift for the handsome attorney. Those were gifts he could afford to buy for himself, she wanted something truly unique and special. Something like the man himself.

Kyle Richmond was undoubtedly the love of her life and he had brought a lot of joy into the pretty blonde’s life. Part of that joy was due to the fact he’d been the attorney that had told the then-25 year old she had inherited over 2 million dollars that her long-dead parents had invested for her.

Kendra had enjoyed a great deal of the money since inheriting it, but her own sensible nature had overcome the urge to splurge, at Kyle had teased her. She bought a nice-sized Condo, a new car and some nice clothes, went on some trips, but left a sizeable portion of her money in investments that Kyle oversaw for her, one of which was partial ownership of the mall she was now exploring. Kendra was now worth well in excess of 5 million dollars.

Kyle himself wasn’t hurting for cash — so buying a gift for the dapper, 44-year old attorney was always problematic. Last year, she’d bought him some stock and luckily, the market hadn’t hurt his investments. The year prior, they’d gone on a week-long trip to Hawaii that had featured lots of time in bikinis and lingerie and a naughty little threesome with an island honey to cap it off. This year …?

She looked around the lingerie store and thought a splurge for herself, then a week in lingerie as his own personal sex toy might make for an interesting gift. A pretty salesgirl who likely was no more than 19 or so approached her, a lovely smile crossing her pretty face.

“Hello, I don’t think I’ve seen you in here before, but some of my friends know you. You’re Kendra Christiansen, you’re one of the owners of this mall, right?”

Kendra nodded.

“Hi, I’m Prynzzess — it’s my real name, blame it on my Mom.” the girl smiled “She owns this store. Is there something I can help you with?”

Kendra returned the pretty girl’s smile. It was rather infectious and the girl’s eyes sparkled, she was adorable and sexy at the same time. Exactly the right type of girl to work in a store that sold pretty things.

“You sell very sexy lingerie, I’m looking for some things for my boyfriend.” As Prynzzess shot her a quizzical look, Kendra laughed and said “I meant, that I can wear for him. I want some sensual clothes, shoes and some naughty, trashy things, I want to give him a — very memorable week.”

Prynzzess smiled. “Oh, the porn star fantasy week?” The curly-haired blonde giggled. “I did that for my girlfriend last year.”


“I go both ways. I have a girlfriend at the moment, although if she doesn’t get her shit together …”

“Drama Queen?”

“You have NO idea. Anyway, what did you have in mind?”

“My boyfriend is a rather successful attorney — literally, the man who has everything. I wanted to give him a week that will leave him weak in the knees — and other areas — for a long time to come.” Kendra smiled.

Prynzzess took Kendra’s hand and pulled her aside. “If you’re interested in a one-of-a-kind gift, I can provide one. It’ll be unforgettable, but I will say, it won’t come cheap.”

Kendra listened to Prynzzess outline her plan and her eyes widened as her smile grew. No, it wouldn’t come cheap — but it would provide Kyle with a birthday gift he would never forget.

Kyle Richmond had been sulking all day. There weren’t too many things casino oyna that got to him, but having someone forget his birthday was one of them. It was the only day of the year he considered his. His family knew it and always made sure to call and send a card and have his gifts on time. He thought his girlfriend knew it too. Matter of fact, this type of behavior was quite unlike Kendra, who normally did remember such things. His mind started to wonder and he figured his sometimes-devious girlfriend had something up her sleeve.

He was about to pour himself a drink of very expensive Scotch when there was a knock at the door. He opened it to find a very attractive young woman standing there in a trench coat with a large red bow tied around it. “Happy Birthday Kyle!” the young woman said brightly. “I’m Prynzzess — yes, it’s my real name and I’m your gift — from Kendra with love!” Then she whispered “Umm, can I come in? It’s really cold out here!” The young woman’s teeth were beginning to chatter.

Knowing that Kendra had indeed met his expectations, he ushered the pretty girl inside. He offered her a drink, which she declined, then she explained.

“Your girlfriend met me at the lingerie store where I work and she was looking for a really unique gift for you. When I explained that I needed money for tuition and for my dues to a sex club I belong to, she kept paying attention. Essentially, for 2 days a week, I am your servant.”

Kyle looked at her with a puzzled expression. “Miss — Prynzzess, is it? I’m afraid I don’t understand.”

The younger girl smiled and explained. “I belong to a very naughty Sex Club and some of the other girls and I came up with this idea to earn some extra money. We’d hire ourselves out as servants . On a day of the client’s choosing, we go to his or her home and cook, clean, do laundry — whatever needs doing. After that is done, we provide the — extra service. That is to say, we’re their sex toy or sex slave or whatever you want to call it for the remaining time. Kendra thought it was a really kinky idea, besides, she says for such a perfectionist at the office, you’re a slob at home.”

Kyle smiled, his girlfriend had his number. “Kendra’s cool with all of this?”

Prynzzess nodded.

“How long is this arrangement for?”

“Either party can end it at either time, but you have me exclusively for one year.”

“You mean — you’re my maid and my lover for one year?”


“And in that year, you can’t sleep with anyone else unless I say so.”

“No, although most of the girls say that if their clients are male, they don’t mind them sleeping with other girls. I have a girlfriend, but we have — issues, so it’d be okay.”

“The girls. How many of you are doing this?”

“Hmm. Haven’t counted. Maybe — 25?”

Kyle was a bit staggered “You do realize that in a way, this is a form of prostitution?”

Prynzzess smiled. “One of our girls is a law student. We’re getting around it by charging the client the same fee a maid or cook would get for 2 days of work. We’re throwing in the sex for no extra charge. So far, we haven’t had any complaints. We’re all pretty hot looking chicks. Come on Kyle — look at me, aren’t I yummy and fuckable?”

“Uhh — yes, you’re lovely, but …”

“Look stud — here’s the deal. For the next year, I essentially belong to you. Two days a week of unrestricted sex. You want me to come to your office and suck you off under the desk, I do it. You want me to bring home another girl and share you, I do it. You want me to fuck a girl you bring home, that’s a big 10-4. You want to DP me, no problem. Whatever you want, so long as no one gets hurt. I’m your own, personal little toy, what’s so awful about that?”

Kyle sighed. “Nothing, I guess. It’s just hard to believe that it’s all real and Kendra is cool with it.”

“Oh, I’m very cool with canlı casino it. I think it’s hot as hell.”

Kyle turned around and grinned. He wasn’t completely surprised to see his girlfriend standing there in a black lace teddy and stiletto heels, at times, he knew there simply wasn’t anything Kendra wouldn’t do for fun. Early on in their relationship, he’d been a bit stuffy, but Kendra was having none of it. She had simply fucked the stuffy right out of him.

Kendra walked over to her lover and said plainly “Why are you being such an idiot and refusing to fuck this lovely young lady? Don’t you know it isn’t polite to refuse a birthday present? Tsk.” Kendra smiled. “Oh well darling, I guess I’ll just have to show you what you’re missing.” While Kyle’s eyes widened, Kendra went over to Prynzzess and opened the coat to reveal a very sexy black negligee with garter and stockings and heels. Those were all the garments the curly-haired ingénue was wearing. Kendra began to kiss and caress the younger girl, their lips meeting, dashing around and putting on quite a show for him. He had been quite happy to find out his girlfriend was bi-sexual on their little trip last year and she and Prynzzess looked very sensual as they explored each other and began to get more into it. Kendra was right — was he a fucking idiot ?

Kyle began to undress, but saw Prynzzess approaching him, a lovely demure smile on her face. “Please sir, allow me — I’m here to cater to your whims,” she smiled as she unbuttoned his shirt. She smelled nice, a subtle scent of perfume wafted to his nostrils. She undid his shirt and kissed his neck and down as nimble fingers began to undress him quickly. He could feel Kendra’s eyes watching them, but he knew he could handle them both, although Kendra’s wild nature could be intimidating at times. Lord, did this little cutie know how to turn a man on though.

“Excuse me, Miss Voyeur …” Kyle teased Kendra “… but would you care to join us?” Kendra nodded and got off the couch, her own lips grazing along Prynzzess’ slender neck, hands playing with the little naif’s delicate, perfect breasts and enjoying the sweetness of the other girl’s body pressed against her own. She wasn’t ever going to reveal just how much this little gift had cost her, but she was now fairly certain it was going to be worth every penny.

“Aren’t we in the wrong room for this?” Prynzzess murmured as her two playmates kissed her sweetly. Both grinned and each took one of her hands and led her to Kyle’s bedroom, which Kendra had recently helped him redecorate. Prynzzess, still playing her new role as servant, turned down the bed and got in, reaching out for them both. Kyle got there first, taking her in his arms and kissing her and tenderly exploring her body, while Kendra ran her hands up the girl’s long legs and under her negligee to tantalize and tease her already-wet pussy. Prynzzess let out a long sigh and everyone present knew this arrangement was going to be beneficial to all. Everyone’s adrenaline was pumping and they were all sexually charged.

Kendra was now feasting on Prynzzess’ moist little cunt and she could see the girl now had Kyle’s cock buried deep in her throat. It had all been a blur, she had barely noticed Kyle getting entirely naked, but Kendra tried hard to keep one eye focused on her boyfriend and their new playmate and one eye on the spot she was gingerly licking. This little nymph had one yummy pussy, that much was certain. She tried to get as much of her own teddy off as possible while still continuing to lick her nubile young playmate.

“Sh-shouldn’t I … be doing all the work?” Prynzzess panted as she momentarily removed her lips from Kyle’s cock. She helped Kendra get out of the teddy and now everyone was in the proper state of undress. Kendra resumed licking Prynzzess’ warm pussy almost immediately.

“Consider this a job perk!” Kendra kaçak casino grinned and resumed eating pussy. She was almost cumming herself as she took in the view of her lover being sucked by the petite blonde. Kendra’s tongue delved deep and took more of the sweet nectar produced by Prynzzess’ heated pussy.

“Okay, I need a pussy to fuck and seeing as how you’re my toy, I think I should try you out first. However, my slut-girlfriend, as the nasty whore she is …” Kyle knew that profanity always got Kendra’s blood boiling “… I think her cunt needs licking, so Prynzzess, you are to bury your face in her pussy and not cum up for air until she’s cum. Don’t worry, my little bitch, you’re going to have lots of cums tonight, I promise you!”

Prynzzess knew the year to follow was going to be fun, so she let herself get into position on all fours, her face already in Kendra’s blonde muff and licking fervently. She had been having an affair with dark, sensual Ida, her mother’s best friend. No one but the two of them knew about it, but the lessons she had learned from the older, sensual black woman had not gone to waste. Ida had taught her all the skills of making another woman happy. If only she had not always moaned and groaned about “corrupting” the younger girl — Prynzzess was most happy when she was allowed to be a fuckslut, given time, she might have exceeded her teacher’s skills. As she licked pussy and felt her new Master nudge her entrance, she wondered if perhaps bringing Ida here for a night with Kyle and Kendra might not just open her eyes to reality. That was a thought for another time.

“Ohh fuck, Master Kyle, that feels so good in my … my …” Prynzzess groaned.

“Your what ? Say it bitch, I am sure Kendra will enjoy hearing you speak like the little slut you are!” Kyle groaned as he began pumping into her cunt heatedly.

“Yes Master! My cunt. Fuck me with your big cock while I eat Mistress Kendra’s wet pussy!” Prynzzess groaned. Now she really went to work, she wasn’t going to tell the other two, but this was her first girl-man-girl three-way and it was beyond her imaginings. Having a hard cock dicking her like there was no tomorrow while having a yummy juicy pussy to lick, it was the utmost!

Kyle looked over and when Kendra’s eyes opened, he blew her a little kiss. Prynzzess was the gift that kept on giving, plus she was going to make his home life a little tidier, that was a nice little plus. Her tight pussy snapped around his cock and he could see just what a phenomenal job she was doing on his girlfriend. From the very first day he’d met Kendra, she had been providing him with such joy, he just hoped it would always be that way.

Kendra watched her lover as he fucked Prynzzess in a smooth, controlled manner. She had complimented him on previous occasions, that he always seemed to sense the way a woman enjoyed being fucked, the pace and manner and today was no different. Their little toy was groaning and Kendra was fairly sure she was about to cum.

“Are you about ready to let it go, fucktoy?” Kendra grinned.

“Oh God, yes!” Prynzzess groaned loudly.

“All right — you may cum now, but in future, you may not come before Master Kyle or myself, are we clear on that?”

“Oh yes … Mistress Kendra!” Prynzzess moaned, now totally immersed in her new role.

“Then … you may cum!”

Those words were just the trigger to make Prynzzess cum. She let it all go and that, in turn, sent Kyle over the edge. He pulled out and shot his load all over Prynzzess’ smooth buttocks and back, while she was cumming, her tongue had hit Kendra’s clit in just such a manner as to send her into a frenzied orgasm. A very nice way to enjoy a birthday, Kyle thought to himself as Prynzzess went to get warm, wet cloths to clean them up.

Kendra snuggled close to Kyle and kissed him. “Happy birthday, baby. Oh, when she comes back, she baked you a cake — it’s out in the car.” Kendra continued. “Prynzzess is a woman of many talents darling, as you’ll find out. Luckily for you, she tells me that she saves her best talents for the bedroom.”

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