Friends (Who Fuck) Ch. 01

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Having towelled myself dry I realised I hadn’t brought any change of clothes into the bathroom.

Walking back along towards our bedroom my mind wandered to an episode of ‘Friends’ which I’d recently seen again where ‘Rachel’ found herself enjoying the experience of being naked around her flat.

I’m not sure if it was just the liberating feeling of not being ‘restrained’ as I moved, or the sudden thought of Jennifer Aniston, but I could certainly feel the blood starting to flow to my prick.

I was tempted to lie on our bed there and then and jerk myself off, well my wife Lynne was away again on one of her regular business trips, but I knew I really ought to grab myself something to eat before logging into what was bound to be a very boring sales presentation.

One of the advantages of being a home-based salesman was that I could break up the day by going for a run, as I had just done, or to the gym.

Our house was set well away from any neighbours and couldn’t be over-looked and so I decided to enjoy this new liberated feeling a bit longer and walked back to scope up my sweaty running stuff to take downstairs to the utility room.

I knew I’d left a pair of socks in the lounge the previous evening and so I meandered in there, retrieved the offending items and deciding I ‘really must do this more’ I almost found myself whistling as I now made my way back towards the kitchen.

My mood had considerably lightened since before going for my run, the thought of sitting through a presentation for half an hour or so on a product that I already knew thoroughly prompting me to go out and blitz a quick 4-5 miles to clear my head.

As I now breezed into the kitchen my whole demeanour changed in an instant as I was startled to see Vicky standing there, a broad grin suddenly appearing on her face as I did a quick ‘double-take’ and she, rather obviously, looked straight down her eyes fixing on my longer-than-normal-looking cock, happily dangling and swinging below.

“Well, hello” she smiled, as I stood there transfixed for a moment before dropping the clothes to the floor and, in a rather comical fashion, moving both my hands to try to cover my groin area.

“Hel..Hello..what are you doing here?” I sort of stammered.

Her eyes moving back up, Vicky lifted a holdall she was holding and said, “I’d tried the front door but there wasn’t any answer.”

She worked part-time as a dental nurse and was presumably either on her way to or from there as she was dressed in a ¾ length white lab coat which, for some reason, made her look even more sexy than usual.

“Sorry, I was in the shower.”

“So you don’t always walk around like that?” she smiled.

“No” I replied, shaking my head and half-laughing, aware that although I felt really uncomfortable my blooming cock was starting to stiffen once more.

“That’s a shame, I’d have to come round a lot more often if you did…especially if you also leave the back door ajar.”

My prick jerked and twitched at this and we just stood looking straight at each other for a moment or two.

“Well it looks”, Vicky said, taking a step forward and putting the bag we’d leant them onto the kitchen table, “as though ‘someone’ is pleased to see me.”

‘Them’ was her and Mark, an old mate, who had been with Vicky for nearly a year now after his wife had left him. I’d actually known Vicky at school, some 25 years ago, where she was one of the cutest girls in our year but only seemed to go out with guys from the year above.

When Mark had told me that he’d hooked up with her I ‘congratulated’ him and confessed that, along with half the other boys in our school, I’d had the hots for her back then. She had an elfin-looking face and a rather naughty, suggestive smile even at that age.

Mark works shifts and so we don’t see that much of each other but the few times that I’d seen him and Vicky she had certainly still looked very attractive.

Her slighty-pointy face gave her a similar look to Jennifer Aniston and her shoulder-length hair was cropped in a similar manner. Only about 5’4″ tall, she was slim but with a shapely looking backside and quite a large-looking bust for her slight frame.

They seemed very happy but she was certainly a bit flirty, once commenting on my ‘impressive’ physique as she felt my pecs through the tight-fitting t-shirt I’d been wearing.

Mark didn’t actually help matters by rather bragging that she was “virtually a nymph” and that they’d done ‘it’ several times a day when they were first together.

Her words now had made my cock spring even further to attention and, as she took a step towards me, her gaze dropped again to where I was struggling to hide my now, rock solid erection.

“Don’t you think” she grinned, taking a further couple of slow steps forward, “I should say ‘hello’ properly?”

I gulped, trying to gather myself but feeling totally transfixed to the spot as Vicky edged even closer, her gaze moving back up me as she reached out to slowly halkalı escort run a finger-tip down my chest.

She was now so close that I could feel her breath on me, her gorgeous smell filling my nostrils as her eyes followed her finger-tip back down and then continued so that she could quite obviously see my enlarged, purple helmet sticking out from above my hands.

“” she smiled, “verrrry niiice…looks like I should have said very pleased to see me,” she grinned in a very satisfied, cat-whose-got-the-cream sort-of-way.

“But…you’re my mate’s…” I started, emotions swirling, my head virtually spinning, as I took a slight backwards movement.

“Yes”, she smiled, stepping forward once more and lightly pressing herself into my body, “but what he doesn’t know….” and, as she let it trail off she ran her finger-tip down me, only this time it went from my flat stomach to then touching and gently rubbing the tip of my cock, causing it to twitch and jerk excitedly.

My head felt like it might explode now and I closed my eyes, as if trying to pretend that this wasn’t really happening, gulping several further times.

Closing my eyes, however, only made things worse as it just heightened the sensation of Vicky now rolling the underside of her finger more firmly around the head of my cock as I also felt her press her soft, delicate lips lightly against my neck.

“This can be…could be…our little…secret” she was breathing as I tried to block out just how good this was feeling and force myself to do something to stop it.

“Or, should I say, our big, hard secret.”

“But….” I started, but immediately stopped as I felt her cool hand now slip inside mine, her finger-tips running down to grope at my balls whilst her thumb and the palm of her hand pressed firmly against my shaft and the helmet.

“With Mark’s shifts” she breathed close to my ear, “I do get frustrated…very frustrated.”

“But…” I tried rather feebly again.

“I know” she continued,” you’re happy with Lynne and I’m happy with Mark…this’ and she now wrapped her slender fingers around my shaft and gently wanked me a couple of times, causing me to groan deeply, “would just be our bit of dirty, secret, fun.”

Vicky Jarvis was holding my cock! Vicky Jarvis was wanking me!!

As I moaned and arced my head back she again kissed at my stretched out neck, this time more firmly and pressing her body more closely to mine.

“You’d actually be doing him…and me….a favour…by stopping me getting involved with anyone who might want more than just that.”

I had moved backwards a fraction further which meant that I was actually now pinned against the kitchen wall as this sexy, 41 year old woman, gently kissed her way from my neck to my shoulder, then round to my chest as I tried to find the strength to scream ‘NO!’

Her slim fingers now let go of my straining cock and she pulled my ands apart and away as she began to kiss her way down my chest and stomach, her hair lightly brushing against my skin as she did so.

Opening my eyes I looked down just in time to see Vicky, now kneeling in front of me, pull my cock towards her eager looking face.

She looked up at me, as if giving me one last chance to put a stop to all this but there was no way I could stop now.

The smile on her face as I didn’t make any further, pathetic attempt to do so was a big turn-on in itself and I literally trembled as I watched and felt her trail her tongue along the under-side of my shaft and then enclose her soft lips around the head of my cock.

Vicky Jarvis had my cock in her mouth! Vicky Jarvis was sucking my cock!!

“Ohhh…my…god” I breathed, for the first time reaching down to touch her, as if acknowledging that I really wanted this too.

The truth is that although my wife and I were very ‘happy’ as Vicky had said, we had become rather stuck in a sexual routine, one which didn’t include oral sex any more since my wife had ‘confessed’ that she actual wasn’t very keen on it a number of years before.

So, to now have my prick being lightly kissed and sucked by such a cute, sexy lady, in such an expert way was a dream come true – I had actually dreamt of Vicky a few times, and thought of her when having sex with my wife, but would have never done anything to actually try and instigate what was now happening.

I moved my hands from her shoulders up to play with her hair as Vicky continued to just kiss and lick at the tip of my cock, seeming to enjoy the taste and reaction she was getting from it twitching and jerking at her loving caress and by the guttural moans and groans I was emitting.

“Fuck…that’s good…so good” I breathed as she lapped at the tip before once more just placing her lips around the helmet and lightly sucking at it, tickling the very end with that marvellous tongue of hers.

“God…Ohhh, god…I might come just like this,” I warned her, concerned taksim escort that I could just explode at any moment and not sure how she’d react if I came in her mouth — something my wife had never let me do.

Rather than making her stop, Vicky just slid her soft lips firmly all the way down my shaft and began to suck back and forth along the length, one hand cradling my balls and the other pulling me to her by my bare backside, as she urgently sucked me.

I’d never had a women get so obviously worked up and frantic whilst giving me a blow-job and it didn’t take very long for me to feel my orgasm about to hit.

“Going to come…going to come…going to….ohhhhhhh” I trailed off as my cock spurted load after load deep down the throat of this sexy lady.

Vicky just held herself there, now groping at my balls with both her hands as if to encourage every last pump-load of come possible down into her welcoming, hot mouth and throat.

As I looked down to enjoy the sight of her with her mouth still clamped around my cock I lightly placed my hands to her face so that I could feel her now slurping at my prick and moving her mouth up and down me once more.

“Very…nice” she smiled, removing me from her mouth but kissing at and along my shaft.

“VEEERY nice”

“I’m sorry…” I started to apologise.

“What for … I wanted you to come in my mouth?” she smiled up at me as she got to her feet, pressing her slim, lithe body to me as she trailed the palm of her left hand all around my naked body.

“I meant…for coming…so quickly…for doing this at all” I replied, pangs of guilt already starting to form, as the high of such a mighty orgasm rescinded.

“Well, you didn’t really ‘do’ anything, did you?” Vicky breathed. “I was the one ‘doing’ the ‘doing’ so, if you now feel guilty about any of this, we can just stop and that will be that.”

As she was saying this, however, she was looking up at me, snuggled into my naked body with her left thigh now traipsed over me, a mix of innocent, helpless little lady and wanton, sexy vixen on her face.

“Well, ‘he’ seems to have made up his mind” she sort-of pleaded, lightly rubbing her finger-tips over my just spent cock which was already showing signs once more of springing back to life.

Her touch made me groan once more and any pretence I might have had about ending this went completely out of the window as I quickly moved my face down to hers, clamping my mouth onto hers.

As our tongues probed, Vicky began to urgently wank my rapidly hardening prick and pushed herself even firmly into me, pressing me against the wall as she rubbed that stunning body of hers against me.

My hands dropped to her small, round arse and kneaded at her buttocks as we snogged like a couple of horny, rampant teenagers.

I fumbled with the front of her lab coat, desperate to get at her tits but Vicky manoeuvred herself backwards, taking me with her, until she was standing against the kitchen table.

As she kissed forcibly at my neck I finally managed to undo several of the buttons on her coat and, as it gaped open, I was surprised to find that was naked underneath.

“Do you…always…dress like…this?” I managed to gasp, as she kissed at me and I groped at her large, heavy breasts, squeezing them together and plying them firmly with both my hands.

“Nope…but I was hoping…to find you in” she answered, in-between our snogging, “…and then when I saw you…through the lounge window…”

My head again span at the realisation, and initial anger, that she’d planned or at least hoped to do this, but that was then swamped by the feeling of pleasure and lust at such a thought and I drove my tongue even deeper into her mouth as I pressed her back against the table.

Vicky was pulling me down onto her, her hands running all over me as I felt the underside of my cock press against her and her push and grind back up against me.

She seemed desperate for me to be inside her and urged, “Fuck me…fuck me now” as she pushed me off and away from her so that she could quickly unbutton the rest of her her coat and kick off her shoes.

“Fuck, you’re gorgeous” I breathed as she just lay back on the table, spreading her legs and looking back up at me.

My gaze went from her perfect, pouting fanny lips, up to her tits and then to her pleading wanton face.

“Fuck me…come on fuck me.”

As I stepped forward, she reached down and slipped a finger into herself.

“See how wet I am…wet for you” and she trailed her finger down my nose and into my welcoming mouth.

I sucked greedily at it, enjoying the sweet taste and the musky aroma of her.

I felt my helmet nestle against her entrance and, looking down, it would have taken just a slight forward movement to drive deep into her.

Although I was desperate to do so, I also wanted to plunge my tongue into her slit; to lick at her and nuzzle her; to taste her and bury my face into şişli escort her.

Part of me was also still angry at how she had contrived and controlled this situation, and so I wanted to make her wait, to take some of the control away from her.

As I’d been gazing at her fanny and admiring her triangle of natural, pubic hair, Vicky had spread her legs even wider and continued to virtually plead; “Come on, fuck me…I need your prick inside me.”

The parting of her legs and the widening of her fanny lips, however, made me even more keen to clamp my mouth to her and I quickly dropped down, pushing her legs slightly further apart as I plunged my tongue into her.

“Ohhhhhhhh”, Vicky groaned loudly, as I pulled her down onto me by her slim waist.

Usually with oral I would have gently kissed and licked all around her fanny before slowly easing my tongue into her, but this was different; this was sheer animal lust and I could feel Vicky now pushing herself down onto me, grinding herself onto my face and tongue.

My nose was nuzzling against her clit and she was virtually squealing as she now virtually fucked herself on my face, her juices flowing over me as she bucked and writhed, pulling me even more forcibly to her by the back of my head.

“Fuck yes…fuck yes….ohhh, yes,” she yelled as I held my tongue fully inside her, merely flicking the very end to lick and tickle at her as her orgasm obviously hit and I was covered in her come.

I eased back slightly so that I could greedily lick and lap at her whilst also looking up and seeing her clamp her eyes shut and arch her head and back off the table.

Her pubes were all matted and I quickly licked and kissed all around her fanny, before lapping back at her slit.

Her slender neck looked so hot and inviting stretched backwards and exposed, however, that I somewhat reluctantly moved up, quickly kissing at her stomach and then her breasts, before lightly, and then firmly, kissing all around shoulders and finally up to her neck.

Vicky seemed to still be coming down from her high and she initially just sighed and groaned at my touch, but now she arched her head back even further and pulled me to her, running her hands through my hair as she moaned even louder.

The underside of my shaft was now rubbing against her slit, her pubes tickling at me as I was getting more and more worked up, finally moving up from her neck and falling once more onto her welcoming mouth.

As we snogged deeply, Vicky was pulling me onto her with one hand whilst running the other all around my back and side.

I was supporting the back of her head with my right hand whilst firmly massaging her right breast with my left hand. Tweaking her erect nipple made her gasp and then I felt her shift slightly, bringing my helmet to her entrance and, in one swift movement she wriggled herself downwards, drawing me into her.

The intensity of our kissing eased as we both seemed to concentrate on enjoying the glorious sensation of me sliding smoothly into her, both of us sighing and then gasping once I was fully impaled inside her.

My head was spinning this felt so good, her fanny seeming to hold me in a soft and yet very firm, vice-like grip as I felt her tongue once more urgently probing my mouth as she pulled me down to her.

With her tits digging nicely into my chest I just held myself there, pressing down onto her body, as I now felt her contract and then flex her fanny muscles against my cock.

“Ohhh yea,” I groaned pushing myself up away from her so that I could look back downwards and enjoy seeing myself fully impaled inside her — fully inside Vicky Jarvis!

This was something I’d dreamt and occasionally wanked about as a 16 year old and here I now was, my cock shoved right up her as I also reached down to cup and massage her breasts.

“Fuck that feels good,” she virtually purred, closing her eyes as she wiggled slightly against the very base of my cock, rubbing her clit against me and groaning in pleasure as she did so.

“So good …so big…so hard,” she breathed, wiggling further before opening her eyes again, the look of lust and contentment on her face a massive thrill and turn on for me.

I lowered my mouth back down to hers, enjoying those tits and large, erect nipples pressing against me once more.

We were both groaning and I could have easily just stayed like this, rutting against each other as my hands roamed all over her sexy body, but part of me still wanted to take some control of this situation and so I pushed myself back up and, holding her by her waist, began to slowly ease in and out of her.

“Fuck yes…fuck yes….fuck me…that’s it, fuck me” Vicky encouraged, as I slid back and forth, slowly increasing the pace.

I looked back down to enjoy the sight of my cock moving in an out of her, wanting to capture the image of my prick fucking Vicky Jarvis.

Any fears that I’d had that I might just shoot my load within moments of entering her had disappeared as my cock felt so enlarged and rock solid that I felt like I could slip in and out of her for ages.

I wanted to ensure that I made her come and I started to really pump into her, my movements making the kitchen table move as I banged her harder and harder, a very small part of me still angry with her.

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